How Not To Write a Book

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A Day in the Life of Shareen A.

Of course – as a writer – there is no dream sexier than flaunting the title of your latest best selling novel.


It has always been my dream/erotic fantasy to be invited on Jon Stewart to discuss the the depth of my characters and the boundlessness of my super genius.

He would smother me in praise – maybe even read my book.

And I would lap it all up like a starving street cat. Basking in the glow of total affirmation – because if you aren’t on Stewart, you are nothing.

So naturally, when I discovered that a certain conference (designed solely for those in our exclusive club of prospective authors) was coming to town – I simply could not resist.


Dressed for success – I strode into the conference room a measly 15 minutes late. Not necessarily the first impression I was looking to make. Creeping in like…

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