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Dark Tower RP Carrendar Dynasty (1)

Re: RP : The Dark Tower. September 03, 2013 12:17AM The Northern Tundra The sprawling compound was reminiscent of a cold frozen pyramid from a distance. Smoke billowed from the top of the main chambers and many lower huts that … Continue reading

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Some of the Favorite Tattoos I Have Done

Some of my Favorite Tattoos I’ve Done Over the Years My good friend Kenny’s late parrot who passed and his tribute to her. A beloved dog named Autumn who passed. Was commemorated in ink.  I thought this was wicked fun to … Continue reading

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My Roleplay Rant

My Roleplay Rant… OK, Watcher the Typist not the charchter is here. Some may know me as Felix or Del. Others even by my real name which to be honest I hate… sorry, even my closest friends call me Felix. A-L-A … Continue reading

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