Full Name: Watcher

Aliases:  The Traveler

Age: unknown. lived many life times but is now unaware of them as the
memories were integrated and transferred to another soul and have
become forever lost to him.

Gender: male

Species: Eladrin or High Elf

Height: 6ft

Weight: 180

Eye Color: varies depending on the plane and magics he has been utilizing recently.

Hair Color: varies.

Distinguishing Marks: Depending on life and moment, various marks may
appear or skin tone may change

Personality/Disposition: Friendly yet cautious to those he feels may
threaten his family and empire and always vigilant and watchful.

Place of Origin: The Gates of The Moon aka Ysgard

Titles: Watcher, Traveler

Occupation: Planeswalker/Prismmage

Sexual Preference: Straight

Marital Status: Single.

Spouse: n/a

Realm:  Ysgard, (Gates of The Moon)

Alignment: Neutral

Deity: none


Watcher was born in Ysgard and traveled the length and breadth of his plane for many years seeking to understand fully the natural secrets of his race. He studied under many different elves seeking to understand his power and purpose. In his first life his name was much different though this is a guarded secret. He was cast out of faerie because at his coming of age he was required to choose a patron or have one chosen. He would not worship any of the celestials as he felt all had been petty in various ways. He would learn from them but not under them. As a result he was removed from Ysgard and banished for a long sum of years. During this time watcher traveled and amassed more power. Gathering all the power he could amass he sought answers in the planes. His powers progressed. Learning to become ever more adept as he met others of his kind who left of their own volition or had also been cast out. He learned to control his magic through all components and how to use a crystal or glass to control the various colors of magic. Instead of utilizing one school he became a master of many over many years. He kept few associates or friends but knew many on his travels. Finally he awakened to being able to use the mana in a new way. He could in fact control the very nature of reality, as the planeswalker spark first manifested. He began to realize his potential. He traveled back to Ysgard and there they forgave his earlier insolence as they knew him also to be true of heart. Yet he steadfastly refused to acknowledge any as patron. They now understood why. Planeswalkers never would.
The other gods were as kindred. Timeless clestials but in mortal frames. They couldnt revere that which they didnt fear, only respected. So the gods knowing him to be one of similar mind asked for his help. Sending him forth into the planes seeking out injustices. Watcher lived many lives. Each time becoming a different entity to do a task for the gods. His body and energy allowed the other gods to work through him. Because of this he had to become many races at various points and was many things over the course of his existance. When he was self aware he would hear these voices inside his head. Talking to him of the lives he had lived. It was too much to bear. He finally nearly was ended. A living relative in last life as a Fenris Werewolf Took upon him some of his power and memories, so that he might be free of the other god’s sigils.
Their power nearly destroyed his mind. He had done too much in their service. As a result, he lost the majority of the memory of these lives he may one day remember some of his true life. He has been told through prohecy that he will. But has not seen how. The were became a planeswalker as well and recieved a small piece of him in the process which he believes is also part of the prophecy.
After his reborn status he became a traveler and a neutral force. Realizing that as much as he wanted to do good action upon the worlds created harm as well. He must be balance. His soul had integrated becoming truly one within himself. His true self was again whole. It was at that time that he had begun traveling to the various realms searching for the stones of power. He had heard there was one which would lead to a lost world from before time. In that place there was said to be a dragon one who could wield balefire a force similiar to banefire. one of the only forces which could counter it. Part of the prophecy said he had to meet him. So his travels took him out to begin looking for the stones….

Watcher is an immortal planeswalker. Though time and memory loss has
some of his abilities. He has fought long to protect the planes and
those he felt needed saving.

Planeswalker Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Planeswalkers are proficient with
Simple weapons, and one Martial weapon of their choice. In Watcher’s
case, this is the Katana.
see link

for the table…

Immunity: Planeswalkers retain any immunity they had from their home
plane, indefinitely. As Watcher is From Ysgard/Feywild respectively
this is similar to a celestial dominion similar to the prime material
plane. But with much more latent magical energy. So as such Watcher
is capable of withstanding much larger amounts of magic being leveled
at him or utilizing much higher amounts of magic than normal.

Endurance: Once this state has been learned or achieved Extra
hardness toughness to extremes of hot cold and all elements and

Master of Planes: Once this state has been learned or achieved, a
Planeswalker may planeshift as a Free Action. He also understands,
speaks, reads, and writes all languages.

Leadership and Spell Penetration: Once this state(s) have been
learned or achieved,
(spell penetration should be an attempted action and also be prepped
for in combat, there is a chance it will fail. However, before combat
is intitiated should be agreed whether to use dice or not. If allowed
can use d20 system.)

Ultimate Spell: Once this state has been learned or achieved, a
Planeswalker can now tap the true potential of his loved mana color,
allowing him to use its ultimate spell. In his case this is Banefire.

Banefire: Mana is dispelled in a 60 ft cone at a target. The mana can
be drawn directly from the plane or from an external source. Banefire
isnt sbject to normal evasion or spell resistance. As such it is far
more deadly and may actally remove a person from the very fabric of
existance if not countered effectively. As it cannot be treated
through any natural resistance, even gods are subject against it.
Though it has been said they can create their own.
Timeless Body: Once this state has been learned or achieved a
Planeswalker no long ages as regular mortals do as their body is
infused with the magic that flows within them. (as Timeless Body)

Parting Gift: has the ability to bestow upon one person/creature the
powers granted by his Planeswalker Spark. They are able to Absorb
Mana from their environment, planeshift, shoot Mana blasts, enchant,
and become immortal. However, bestowing this causes the Planeswalkers
spark to ‘hurl’ him from that plane. The Planeswalker is no longer
able to visit that plane, only view it. This becomes the ONLY
limitation to Plane Shifting a Planeswalker has. A Planeswalker may
grant a Parting Gift once per plane he visits. If the person/creature
the Planeswalker is giving the Parting Gift to has a dormant
Planeswalker Spark, this instead awakens that persons spark and no
penalties are incurred.

Can Use spells as relating to the colors of mana available in the
plane he is currently in or any mana he has stored.
He was effectively a master prism mage before becoming an unlocking
his true potential as a planeswalker. This is what allowed him to
learn to master the planes within the feywild and become what he is.
As such like any mage he is limited only by his own imagination
personally and the available mana he can draw from.

heres a list of some of the spells he may know

(though he’s not limited by this. im simply giving an example of
spells i may use depending on colors of mana available and amount of
mana i have stored.)

His hated mana is Blue. His loved mana is Red.
Does not like relinquishing his will to others as he was used for many years by other gods as an instrument due to his power.

He does not fear it but tends to react quite quickly towards those who try to usurp his will or others through magic or ill conceived means.

Further he is elven in ancestry though he is immortal in terms of
age, he is definitely not unkillable. He is simply hard to kill
because he does not age anymore as most others do. This is do to the
planescaping abilities he has acquired during the many lifetimes he
has lived.

Wizard Robes, and Oaken Wizard Staff with Prism Shard.
Prism allows him to more easily focus mana through it to different
energies but is not essential for spell casting.
Many do not realize this tho and think it is the source of his power
and might.
The energy in fact coming from the plane he is actually residing in
at any given time.
However, it is also a Self Sustaining Mana Crystal.
It generates 1 mana of his choice per hour.
He also keeps upon his person a self storing mana crystal. This is
for the mana that he exudes.
Any that he chooses to utilize during inactive times can be stored up
to a max of 20 mana of varying colors.
(note before any t1 combat it should be discussed the color and
amount that has been stored.)

Soul Reaving Katanas

pair of katanas
matching set, made by a monk named Kain Doshi years ago whom he knew
when he lived his past life as a Fenris Were.
made from unrefined steel and skyiron.
weapons are over a thousand years old.
made for durability/sharpness physically, further they were enchanted
using the blood of true murderers and convicts. The tortured souls
and powers of each criminal has been sealed within the blade by their

both weapons have pisonic intelligence and are soul reavers
as such they can link the powers of the souls they reave directly to
(Upon the change the swords themselves also strove for mastery and
was a personal battle. Watcher in the end won the swords respect as
he had a similiar temperment and respect.)
The swords themselves can teach new skills and or abilities
When someone is killed with the blades, he learns one of their skills
or abilities.
he can also call upon the swords rage to increase the swords power in
combat. making the strike hit harder at the last instant the moment
of actual impact.

they also can put out an orb of darkness of 25 feet when unsheated
and in action by the will of him via
a simple telepathic message, as the swords are tuned into him
through the blood ritual that created them and can repond
to his thought and direction.


Name: Dekarta (Grey Wolves R/P)

Age: 50

Gender: male

Species: drow
Height: 6ft

Weight: 180

Eye Color: black.

Hair Color: black and red.

Distinguishing Marks: tattoos aver black and silver toned skin.

Personality/Disposition: Distrustful of most Others

vigilant and watchful.

Place of Origin: Menzoberranzan


Occupation: Battlemage

Sexual Preference: Straight

Marital Status: Single


Realm: Wanderer

Alignment: Lawful Evil



Dekarta was a member of a minor noble house of Menzoberranzan. His family in much debt to a much more powerful house were forced into a tough decision, be slaughtered or willingly give up their first son. Dekarta was given to them who were trading him to a pair of Fey’ri enchanters in exchange for knowledge and tomes that were lost for many thousand years. The Feyri conducted many experiments on Dekarta. He was taught how to utilize magic of both the shadow and Necromancy Schools as well as other dark magics that worked directly with his blade enhancing his fighting prowess in battle as a battle mage.
Finally he was left to wander or so he thought anyways. At various points these parents gathered dark power or information. Somtimes even taking his very soul for brief excursions to the nether world.
He had vague dreams of these trips and these journeys and sojourns gave him increased powers and prowess in battle but at times he worries they robbed him of his memories and his very soul.
Animate Dead: As in Fresh Corpses

Bestow Curse: Can Create Minor Invented Curses Upon Objects or People.

Cause Fear: Creates Fear based energy attack

Clone: Creates a clone from the creature from a piece of their flesh.

Control Undead: Control Existing Undead Creature, depending on strength and age chance it may fail.

Attach Shadow: As a swift action, touching his shadow may attach it at the point of contact (usually his feet). Such a shadow remains stuck to him even if there is no directional light to cast it or no surface to cast it on.

Stomach of Shadow can sustain herself off the shadows within her body. She no longer need eat or drink, and a single hour of sleep provides her with the benefits of a full night’s rest, although she still needs to not adventure for eight hours to recover her mysteries.
Also, his bodily fluids become inky. Her blood, sweat, saliva, and similar fluids are usable as black ink. At his option when releasing the ink, it may glow as bright as a candle in any sufficiently ominous color when in darkness. Sweat, saliva, tears, and similar fluids are water-soluble. The ink in her blood, however, is not.

Umbral Eye : can see in any kind of darkness, even magical darkness, out to a range of sixty feet.

Shadow Guide: can cast Shadow Walk once per day as a spell-like ability. ie. Dimension Door that passes through the shadow plane, at will.
Shadow Blood: needs not sleep and is immune to poisons and diseases that don’t specifically target shadow creatures. She also has a reduced need for breath, and can hold her breath for a minute per point of constitution.
Revealing Shadows: can see invisible creatures as though she benefitted from a permanent See Invisibility spell. Also, her Shadowsight ability becomes Extraordinary.
Eternal Shade: forever remains, as he is then, a immense shadow of his former self. he stops aging and will no longer die when she reaches her maximum age.

Combat Casting: War is hell. For a battlemage, close combat can be a hell all its own, with enemy soldiers trying to disrupt their casting, or kill them outright. A battlemage receives Combat Casting, to reflect having to all-too-often cast defensively.

Linked Spells: This ability is one of the hallmarks of the battlemage class, allowing them to release a rapid-fire stream of spells. A battlemage is able to intertwine the casting of his spells in such a way that the verbal and somatic components of one spell become part of the same components of the second and subsequent spells. As long as the battlemage has spells prepared, he can continue unleashing spells at an accelerated rate. There is a risk of being interrupted, which spoils the series, and means that the battlemage is out 2 or more rounds of work.
Armored Mage: they may use a;; ty[es pf armor and shields. A battlemage must still keep at least one hand free to cast spells.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Battlemages are trained in a military fashion, and are expected to contribute more to an engagement than just spells. Thus, they receive roughly the same amount of weapon proficiency as a cleric. If group proficiencies are used, a battlemage receives Basic weapons, plus three more groups. Battlemages have proficiency in light armor and light shields, but must keep one hand free if they wish to cast anything. They receive no spell failure chance as long as they stick to light armor and light shields.
Sunlight is a natural weakness of drow as they hate the sun and are used to darker locales. they arent killed by it as vampires might be, but are physically less strong or able in full sun.

Holy based attacks do greater damage as he is a dark type mage, see abilities.


Trained in the use of swords and shields, has both.

The sword is strong polished steel and forged in dark forges.

Its blade is poison enchanted, and is a minor magical weapon.

The Shield is a medium grade shield that covers most of him. Also made of dark steel.

He also has a bag of holding with various spell components and other minor magical items in it.

his clothes are a basic tunic and trousers with elvish boots.


Name: August (Rosas Spinis R/P)

Age: real age is 18, but is an orphan and really does not know his
actual age.

Sex: Male

Race: Lycan, Poly-Therian Shifter

Birthday: Unknown, looks to be around 18

Hair Color: blond

Eye Color: brown

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 180 lbs athletic and muscular build

Fashion Style: trousers and tunic

Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: has a mark in the shape of a crescent moon

on his leg, seems to be some sort of birthmark. will explain this more

later in storyline.

he has a general disdain for authority but respects those who fight

for the underdog. has a general dislike for bullies though has been on

the run for awhile, so does not like getting involved in others

messes. He recently found the traveling circus troupe and has sought a

place within as it seemed a logical place to hide as he can work

easily with the troupe and perform as a shapechanger for crowds as

part of the act. Seeming nothing more than a simple illusionist.
Magical Abilities:
can shift into different animals.

during these periods he sees as the animal and has some memory of the

events though not as we would normally remember the events.

can also shift into a half form where he is part animal/part man.

in this form he retains much more memory but is monstrous and is seen

as such. he is also driven in rage and may kill others.

physically stronger/faster than average humans. but not overtly so in

his human form. in other forms has normal strengths/weaknesses of each


Weaknesses: In human form his caring for other and empathy could be

said to be a weakness. In half forms his monstrous killing appetites

and rage can lead others to hunt him. As an animal he may be easily


Likes: The underdogs and those on the fringes of society

Dislikes: Bullies

History: August has little memory as a child. He has some memory of an

orphanage and then he was sent from it to a dark castle. His memories

there are almost all gone and he somehow escaped. Hes been followed

through several countires over a few months and traveled quite a long

way until arriving in England. He found the troupe and thought this

might be the one place he could hide, right in plain sight


(Blood of Kings- Game of Thrones based Roleplay)

Status: Alive
DOB: NOV 1st
Name: Brandon Brax
Species: Demon
House BlackStone
Acting King Joffrey Brax – Son
Selene Brax- Daughter in Law
Rose Blackstone Brax – Wife
Tempest Brax – Granddaughter
House Affiliation: House Brax
Weapon: “SoulStealer” was obsidian and said to be forged within the blood of known criminals as they lay dying it was quenched in their blood and their agonizing screams were bled into it one at a time. The blade itself brings darkness and terror and its 10 ft of forged obsidian edged steel is known to create a darkness as it draws near and allow the deamon to wreak his vengeance upon the battlefield.
Abilities: (Fear/Awe/Presence as Greater Fiend)
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Shadow Magic (only his own)
Rank: Former King, has been away.
Pre-War Before the war: Being a demon of wrath is not without its advantages. Being cunning and angry his enemies were shown little or no mercy at his sword. His own shadow rose up to fight beside him as he grew of age his angrew grew so great. Becoming the living incarnation of wrath. His ambition knew no bounds as he left to conquer and consoldate his rule.
He had left Joffrey and Selene to manage affair of Brax and Blackstone. He has now returned. Having been sated at killing a lot of his rivals for sometime he wants to help Joffrey consolidate more power for the House. He also believes the real power does not necessarily reside in the crown but in the house. He wants to see what Joffrey has done in his absence.


(Rosas Spinis Roaring Riches Roleplay)

Name: Ferdinand Prescott (Fred the Bartender)

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Race: Demon~Shifter Hybrid

Birthday: november 1st 1895

Hair Color: blond

Eye Color: blue

Height: 6 ft 5 inches

Weight: 230 lbs athletic and muscular build

Fashion Style: roaring twenties and a stripper the repetoire and wardrobe is stocked!

Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: mole on his inner thigh lightly above his cock that looks oddly enough like a smiley face.
A partier at heart, Fred likes to talk to everyone with a with and banter. The owner of a local meat shop called Fred’s Fresh Meat near the butcher shop, he converted a speakeasy behind his establishment, which he works in after hours as both a stripper and bartender.
he uses his shifting abilities to become the fantasy of his top clients doing “private shows”. For the most part he likes to run the bar and keep to himself and not involve himself in the larger politic unless its truly advantageous, but even he knows money does not always equal safety. He is a smart businessman and does not do anything usually without careful research.
Magical Abilities:
can shift into different forms, as he is a hybrid of a polytherian and demon, he can assume varying human looks and styles with ease.

Telepathy and telekinesis – He can read some minds. He can influence an object’s movement with his mind as well.

Seeing reapers and other intangible or ethereal beings.~ Like angels, demons can perceive entities that are invisible to human beings.

Can resurrect or heal people, but only if a deal is made.

Capable of overpowering Alphas; a group of demons captured the Alpha Vampire on Crowley’s orders, though only after it had been injected with enough dead man’s blood to bring down a nest of regular vampires, and when they all attacked at once, his mothers explained he can do this but has not as of yet tested the blood born gift.


Demonic strength and Endurance.
Weaknesses: Money at times, and witty beautiful women.

Likes: clever and dynamic people, good times and a good party.
Dislikes: Rudeness

History: Ferdinand is the birth son of Lady Fanny Prescott and August in London. He is a hybrid and was raised in her ancestral home, then as he grew older traveled to new york city to seek his own fortune. born from riches he had a knack for making money and spending it!
working as a bartender he soon owned his own bar, though this was kept quite low key as he posed as both a stripper and bartnder there to maximize his profits.


Name: Ikrim The Mad Cook ( A Pirates Life Roleplay)

Aliases: The Cannibal, Ikrim,

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil (Opportunist)

Origin: Isles of Estrion, Now a Cook on the Devil’s Mystery

History: Ikrim was captured as a young age by slavers. His mother and Aunts were known to be medicine women in his tribe. There were repeated raids upon outlying villages. They would murder those who were older, his father was killed along with one of his aunts. His mother was raped. Then she was put aboard with him in a tight ship along with many others. As they traveled it took much longer than expected and many were being killed off, to feed the rest. He grew angry and a taste for the meat he was eating slowly grew. After they arrived in the mainland, he realized his mother was one of those he had eaten. It drove him mad. He started beingvisited by spirits. The same who saw his mother and aunts. It seemed he too had the gift. Though it was rare that one such as he were to get the gift. They were usually known as witch doctors and taught by the rarest of the families. But he was mad. His powers coming on even more strongly when he feasted on the flesh of his enemies. He ended up killing his owners and escaping one night. Managing to make it to a nearby pirate group. With his knowledge of the sea and the powers he was able to show, the knowledge of the sea and seeming ability to draw wind, they readily took him on… one his only condition. He be allowed to work as their cook. And no-one to know from where he had come. He was known to very few, and didnt want to be known.

Knowledge of The Flesh:
After eating the flesh of a person he gains knowledge from their life, some of their skills and abilities.

Martial Combat: knows basic hand to hand combat having trained with tribal leaders since a young age

Scimitar/Spear Specilization A Traditional weapon in the tribe was a Halberd/Scimitar as was the spear. both were weapons required to be mastered.

has normal pirate gear to include even a gun with basic powder now. as he has been traveling for sometime now.
halberd, tribal short spear, and hard leather full armor.


Name: Jalal Fredonia (Dark Ages Roleplay)
Age: approx 500 yrs old, from the original atlantis. was a royal child sent away.
Sex: Male
Race: True Atlantean Undead Slayer
Birthday: Unknown

Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6 ft 2 inches
Weight: 200 lbs athletic and well built
Fashion Style: open vest and robe with trousers.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Magical Tattoos

Personality: neutral good. cares little about rules more about getting the job done.
Magical Abilities:
Marks of Heritage
(wooden stake creates protection from vampires and undead creatures)
Flaming Sword, ( allows the creation of a mega damage sword weapon upon activation) * note mega damage vs standard damage
standard damage would be stuff like machine guns etc, mega damage weapons or creatures are those who cannot be affected by standard damage or attacks. ie, magical creatures and extremely powerful or resistant armors, creatures, or alien intelligences etc.
(can fly track by smell and has nightvision and can attack with raking claws doing standard damage but moves very fast and speaks telepathically with the undead slayer)
Eye of Knowledge,
(allows undead slayer to speak and write all languages upon activation)
Knight in armor
(allows mega-damage armor to form around the undead slayer. the armor is transparent and will appear non existent. his own hand can pass right through it, but to all other it is as solid as mega damage alloyed metal.)

Other Powers/Abilities:
Cannot be physically transformed by any means, including but not limited to metamorphosis potions and spells, transformation rituals, petrification turn to mist, growth or reduction, curses or wishes or other spells or enchantments.

Continue to grow as adults:
usually about an inch a century approx. live usually around 500-1000 years though time may actually be longer as time works different when traveling through dimensions

Sense Vampires:
Can sense the presence of Vampires or evil intelligences within a 1000 ft radius, but cannot pinpoint the exact source of the sensation. Can also recognize an individual vampire in most cases by sight.

Operate dimensional pyramids: Can use pyramid doors created for travel between the worlds by the original atlanteans, and can also operate the key traveling stones.

Sense Rifts or Portals:
can sense existing gates or doors

Ley Line Phasing: can make doors using dynamic energy from any ley line within any dimension, or use its latent energy.

Sense Ley Lines and Ley Line Nexuses: feel where ley lines are, to utilize their enrgies.

Immune to fear and posion based spells or enchanments
Strengths: A dimensional walker he has lived long and can summon many different tattoos and abilities. He is called to search for evil intelligences and thats what hes best at hunting or killing.
Weaknesses: His own dedication to his cause, his guilt over his family and races faults and wrongs. He blames himself, his parents and his entire race for what happened to earth and has taken it upon himself to pay back for these sins. this makes him reckless.

Likes: Fighting evil, Killing vampires and splugorth.

Dislikes: whining

Jalal, was from a royal line. His father was part of a council of elders. Those responsible for the great rift originally opened upon earth in the time of Atlantis. When the great rift opened it moved the pyramid doors to south america and allowed many alien intelligences such as the vampires into Earth. The magical energy was vastly depleted and he was sent through the door before the final cataclysm. As a result the great plagues occured many died and Atlantis sunk or so they thought. In reality the Splugorth took it over. His familys true enemies. His father had advocated the dimensional exploration, against many others advice. He had helped the masons help create many of the devices they used for traveling. As a result they attracted the attention of the evil. He was among the first to begin taking the pain of the tattoos upon himself and become a undead slayer. To atone for his father mistakes. His father died trying to stem some of the damage. Now he would try to hurt the evil across the universes and dimensions however he could. He had travelled for what seemed like a millenia. He knew in reality it had been, but for his body it had been about 500 years. He was getting older now, still hale and strong but he was old for a slayer. They said he should retire, but he refused. He was a man of honor. He would continue to ply his trade till they plied his sword from his cold dead fingers. He had received word of a dark magic being used in a new dimension and felt something there across the expanse. He didnt know what was going on, but after the meeting decided to investigate…


Name: Logain Ablar (Canon Charchter in Memories of Time R/P)
FC: Mel Gibson

Age: 35
Sex: Male
Race: Human

Race/Charchter Class Ashaman Ruler of Black Tower, Sealbreaker

Hair Color: Dark and curling, shoulder length.
Eye Color: Grey
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: none

Personality: A man of strong will he resisted compulsion for a long time even among linked channelers.

Magical Abilities: Channeler of great power.
Logain also has the ability to see ta’veren. He states as much when he describes seeing Rand surrounded by light. Other characters such as Nicola and Siuan Sanche have also described ta’veren this way.
Strengths: Very tuned to earth and fire weaves
Weaknesses: Likes to believe in the good of people
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Traitors

Logain falsely declared himself to be the Dragon Reborn shortly before the events of Winternight in the Two Rivers. He had previously been a minor noble in Ghealdan, but King Johanin and the Crown High Council stripped him of his land and title when he proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn, though recently he has started wearing his coat of arms. Rand al’Thor first saw Logain in Caemlyn as he was being taken to Tar Valon to be “gentled,” or cut off from his ability to channel. After the gentling he was kept on the grounds of the White Tower and observed at all times; most men (or women) do not live long after being severed (it is called gentling for men, and stilling for women). However, after the deposing of Siuan Sanche as Amyrlin Seat, Min Farshaw rescues Siuan and Leane Sharif (the former Keeper of the Chronicles) from the dungeons of the Tower; along the way, they find Logain, who has also escaped, and take him with them to Salidar to join the rebel Aes Sedai. On the way there under name Dalyn, he gets them into trouble with Gareth Bryne when he starts a fire in Admer Nem’s barn and steals some gold to help them. He runs away and Siuan, Min and Leane are caught and put to trial. They believe he has abandoned them, but when they are being driven to Gareth Bryne’s manor after the trial to serve out their punishment, Logain knocks the driver unconcious with a thrown rock and rescues them.

Once they are in Salidar, he tells the “Little Tower” that he was set up as a False Dragon by the Red Ajah. This story is a lie concocted by Siuan as part of her personal revenge against Elaida; this causes a stir, to say the least, as the Red’s ostensible purpose is to find and gentle men who can channel. His story never changes substantially.

Once Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne Trakand arrive, Nynaeve studies him, Siuan, and Leane, claiming she can find a way to Heal the separation from the One Power they all have suffered. The Aes Sedai permit her to try simply to appease her, because they believe there is no way she can find a way to Heal such a thing; in fact, no one ever has, even in the Age of Legends. However, she does in fact discover a way to do so; restoring his, Leane’s, and Siuan’s connection to the One Power, although the two women suffer a huge loss in their capacity to channel for reasons unknown to the characters. (Robert Jordan has stated that this is due to being Healed by a woman; a man Healing them would have restored full strength in the One Power. This was confirmed in a later book when an Asha’man restores stilled Aes Sedai to full strength.) After having his ability to channel restored he is shielded at all times by six Aes Sedai but manages to escape with the new Amyrlin Egwene al’Vere’s help. She and Siuan Sanche arrange it so that of the six Aes Sedai shielding Logain, only three have Warders. Mint tea is brought to the Aes Sedai and the Warders as they guard the tent holding Logain and the six Aes Sedai, containing a “small addition” that cannot be tasted, presumably forkroot.

After finding the Black Tower and becoming an Asha’man he finds himself at odds with Mazrim Taim and sets out to locate the Dragon Reborn to let him know of the trouble brewing back at the Black Tower. He has bonded two Aes Sedai: Toveine Gazal from the Red Ajah and Gabrelle from the Brown Ajah, who were sent to capture the Asha’man.

On his way to locate Rand he comes across Lord Davram Bashere, who agrees to accompany him. Logain finds Rand and has with him not only Bashere, Aes Sedai, Asha’man, and soldiers, but Loial and Karldin as well. He reports to Rand that Taim has gained control of the Black Tower and some of the Asha’man. Rand listens to this news and tells Logain that he has cleansed saidin, before sending Loial, Bashere, and Logain to negotiate with the Seanchan. Logain seems to believe that the cleansing was a mercy of the Creator and not an act by Rand al’Thor and Nynaeve al’Meara.

Logain acts as Rand’s lieutenant although he demonstrates a strong degree of independence of spirit. He learns a number of deadly weaves from Rand during this association (or rather, from Lews Therin after Rand loses control). When Lews Therin won’t let go of saidin he reveals to everyone present that Rand is drawing in too much of the One Power.

He is sent by Rand as his ambassador to the Sea Folk. There he calls on the Sea Folk’s part of the Bargain, which is to provide as many ships as possible and to supply over one million people with food and supplies in Arad Doman. News of the Amayar mass suicide arrives, for which Logain doesn’t show much remorse, reminding them of their priority to the Bargain first. He is one of the six to accompany Rand to his meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. A fight soon breaks out when the Daughter of the Nine Moons truthspeaker is revealed to actually be Semirhage in disguise.

Back at the Tower, Logain has been bringing back together those who would support him and stregthen the tower. Those who followed Taim are being summarily given a choice to be bonded to Aes Sedai and strengthen the connections between the Towers or else face death as they were traitors at the last battle. The red ajah of the tower is being treated much the same and being forced to be bonded to the Ashaman forging a stronger alliance between the two. Taim is still out there now a Forsaken and the first of this age.


Name: Dark Fellow (part of Blood of King’s Game of Throne’s R/P)
Species: Human, infused with warlock blood
House Affiliation: House of Tulsyar
Firemarsh Lands, Island Of Bravvos
Rank: Guild Of Death, Faceless Man
Pre-War Prior to the war was taught the ways of the guild and was sent on various missions to assassinate key people. Faceless ,em are not recognizeable. keu things to note about them they do not worship the old or the new gods. if any of the gods are seen to be given any note it might be the stranger or “death” death in all forms are revered throughout their temple on bravvos. Death is said to be the end of the natural order and as such all other gods are but false idols. Taught to take out specific targets and make them look accidental and not take out any others. these members are highly prized and costly. They use both arcane arts and disguise to change their appearance. upon levels of the order they drink blood of warlocks who are sacrificed in order for faceless men to be created. Faceless men are also subjected to various poisons and are immune to poison. they like to use posions as part of their repetoir as well as sveral other methods and are taught essential methods to make things look naturally done.
Post-War: After the war his work in the guild became more sporadic as the coffers were less full and the kingdoms were in recovery mode. Death waits for no man as they say however and targets would never dry up however. He was called by the guildmaster to the central council chambers to pick up a scroll dictating a new target.

Name: Magnus (Blood of King’s R/P)

Species: Warlock

House Affiliation: House Brax

Rank: Warlock, now owed a favor by King Brandon.

Pre-War : Was the son of two who were notable magic users. He only knows the names Dorothy (his mother) and Jebediah (his father) not which house they were from or the manner in which they died. However he knows both were killed by the Casterlys and tortured as well.

Post-War: Recently helping King Brandon Brax with some incantations, hoping to align himself more fully with the house. His true aims are unclear to most. However he seeks to gain a name for himself and bring down pain and hurt to the Casterly’s whom killed his parents. He believes Brandon may aid him in this.
Can Imbue objects with various powers using alchemy and sorcery.

Uses runes in this can draw them directly on himself for temporary effects or objects when creating more defined process for a more permament effect.

Senses Being Type via a stone he carrys and its sensastion.

Wears plain black robes and carrys a gnarled staff.

He perfers to look simple and unimportant.


FC : Stuart Townshend ( River Marked New Generation RP )

Quote : “Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore, Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.”

Name : Stephan Jabobs
Sex : Male
Creed : Vampire
Age : 225
Apparent age: 25
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Brown
Height : 6ft 2 inches
Weight : 190 lbs
Likes : causing trouble, making money and hanging out with his friend carmen
Dislikes : Authority, Rude people and Demons.
Strengths: (Enhanced Speed, Strength and Agility.) Nightvision, Can sense others of non human variety and usually tell their nature as well. Telepathy with others of his kind. Light telekinesis, small objects.
See strengths, blood sucking. also immortal.

History : Stephan lived and worked in Lousiana for the last 100 years before that he was from overseas and not much is known. He has known Carmen for many years. Has been her longtime vampire friend and has worked as a Private Investiagtor for a firm in Lousinana for sometime. Recently events occured which caused him to both lose his job and move. A demon who he was contracted to follow was messing with an election ballot. He got the information for the client, however the demon thinking to stop the transfer of information destroyed the firm. Killing his boss and co-workers. Stephan got paid and passed the info along then went underground. He resurfaced a few months later in Derry New Hampshire to look up his old friend Carmen. She had been at him for over a year to come work for her. Now was the time to take her up on the offer it seemed.


Name: Ts-zak (Dark Tower R/P)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Tattooed Monk

Origin: Northern Estrion Frozen Tundra (destroyed monastery)

Alignment: LAwful Neutral


Ts-zak was among a group of monks an order dedicated to protecting the Northern Tundra. They studied martial combat and were tattooed all over their bodies with magical tattooes. They were also trained in blind fighting and stealth. There is a strict code by which they must all live. The monastery is destroyed when rift portals open. Dark beings which are much stronger than the monks attack and destroy the place. As he was on a scouting mission at the time he was not in the direct combat when they came through. He was not able to find any others from the monastery but escaped with his life. His powers are fueled by spirit and chi, using inner energy and life force to direct his attacks.

Blind Fighting
:can fight withiout sight and feel or sense movement. as if his mind eye expects it. using chi or inner energy to allow him to detect the slightest variantions in bodys movements, sound, temperature etc.

Stealth Movement
:allows monk to move or sneak up on a target to gather information or scout an area.

Chi-Force PowerStrike: can direct a channeled strike from his fist, legs etc into a target using additional force points. (prep can be used to allow for more force to be built upon)

Runic Tattoos:

Tattoo (Su or Sp): Tattooed monks gain their powers from the magic tattoos that eventually cover their bodies.
All tattoos are magical, and the abilities they bestow are supernatural (except for the crescent moon). A tattooed monk in an antimagic field loses all benefits of his tattoos. Unless the effect of a tattoo is continuous, activating a tattoo is a move action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.
(all tattoos will last 5 rounds of combat unless otherwise stated, and require a somatic gesture to activate hence a full turn of preparation to cast.)

Arrowroot: A character with this tattoo can heal wounds in another character by touch.

Crane: A character with this tattoo gains a gradual immunity to bodily decay. When a tattooed monk first gains this tattoo, he gains immunity to nonmagical diseases. When he gains his next tattoo (whatever it may be), he acquires immunity to poison as well. When he gains his next tattoo, he no longer takes ability score penalties for aging, and he cannot be magically aged. (Any aging penalties he may already have incurred remain in place.) Bonuses still accrue, and the tattooed monk still dies of old age when his time is up.

Phoenix: A character with this tattoo gains spell resistance. If active depending on stength of caster may totally negate or decrease the effectiveness of a spell. Depending on Strength, Power and type of spell.

Moon, Crescent: Once per day, a character with this tattoo can use ethereal jaunt as a spell-like ability.

White Mask: A character with this tattoo is immune to detect thoughts, detect lies, and any attempt to magically discern his alignment.

Nightingale: A character with this tattoo can heal wounds, either his own or others.

Falcon: A character with this tattoo is immune to fear (magical or otherwise).

Dragon: Once per day per tattoo he possesses, a character with this tattoo can use fire breath dealing fire damage to a single target up to 25 feet away.

Other abilities:

As hes just starting to realize his chi can affect the environment he can now do a few simple things. these are detect portals, recognize otherworldly beings, and he will be working up to actually being able to summon his first one. he hasnt yet. hes becoming highly sensitive to other planes and their influence upon this one, especially given the destruction of his home. Senses something is following him. He has since followed south in Estrion towards the Capitol much has changed and his body has been changing. He has acquired new powers and abilities as well.


1) Kill only if necessary. Do not recklessly take life.

2) Never take that which is not given freely.

3) Do not corropt the body with the flesh of another.

4) Let true words always be uttered from thy tongue.

5) Do not corrupt the bodys temple with drink or other substances.


Name:Lord Ash Flamewarden
Face Claim: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
“Quote” “The eyes are the mirrors of the mind, and eyes without speaking shall confess the true secrets of the heart.”
DOB: unknown but is a libra
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Race: Fairie
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6 ft 5 inches
Weight: 200
Birthplace/Homeland: Gates of the Moon Ysgard.
Current Residence: Looking to establish a place among the court of the Madira.
Housing: Has a permament residence in Ysgard and is independently wealthy.
Occupation: Uses Vocal talent to his advantage as a “Life Coach when in the real world” in Ysgard he is a King.
Affiliation: none currently
Family: none here
Allies: none in this territory
Enemies: None currently seeking as he is an unknown. In Ysgard his only enemies are in the lower planes.
Likes: Wit
Dislikes: Rudeness
Weapons: Long Sword, Silver will not touch Iron
Fashion Style: Dresses like a Classic Mogul when in the real world, sometimes in a 3-piece suit others in workout gear. When in court he is usually in his natural attire looking the dark handsome devil of a dark king hes always been.
Tattoos: A twinned dragon down his shoulder blade and a snake down his calf.
Piercings: none
Markings: none
Transportation: the finest cars in the real world.
Abilities/Skills: he has the power of voice and can manipulate others with it.
those of human kind are bound by him and very influenced. those of the fae or celestial kinds are charmed by him.
he is also well versed in combat and the sword and was trained by the line of kings.
Ash Flamewarden was raised in Ysgard along with his three brothers. He was the eldest and meant to succeed the throne. Trained in battle from a young age his brothers and him fought to defend the realm. As they grew they took positions as wardens throughout the realm and his father eventually retired making him the King of Ysgard. The Celestials of the realm blessed him well as he followed the path and had been trained and blessed as the line before him. He ruled well. However he had no bride. He sought throughout many realms as the staircase allowed passage to many places. He looked in on many different places and people, seeing their hearts and forms. One day he spied a new territory. So he came to investigate and see what this land had in store for him. Once friend to Magnus in Bravvos he had returned to the Nightlands to see what had happened in the last 20 years. Mangus was no longer in Bravvos and he had no word of him. He heard of a new Fae kingdom in Wintervine and decided to start his search there among his kind.
Full Name: Drakkar Dragonspear

FC: The Undertaker
Race: Trollborn

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance: Bestial in appearance he is considered ugly by most other humans but is very much human. Tattoos to cover horrible burns that were on arms and legs.

Weapons: Enchanted Magical Set of of Bastard Swords Each has a seperate power. The left one is a fire enchanted weapon and does enhanced magical fire damage upon mental command of the wielder it will ignite or remove its flame. the right blade is an ice blade it creates and ice effect which works the same way by will. both blades were forged to only respond to Draghar, not another wielder.

Armor: Mithril bracers, Mithril breast plate and leggings as well as a mithril head piece shaped like a dragon all are blackened as he prefers anonymity.

Special items: Bag of holding. (has some gold in it along with rations and other survival gear,)

Physical Abilities: Blind fighting training, Martial combat, two handed fighting, training in bladed weapons and proficient in most weapons as well as escape techniques restraints and interogations.

Magical Abilities: none

Strengths: Physically stronger than most humans, Can Lift approximately 1000lbs from the ground in deadlift. also a little more resilence to damage. Skin is similiar to that of stone see DnD spell StoneSkin A racial ability not a magical one.

Personality. Dislikes rudeness.

Back Story/History: At a young age he was born deformed. A bastard from a noble house and the son of a whore he knew not who he really was and still isnt aware of it. His mother was part troll. As a result of this pairing it created something unique in the world one of the first troll-born in many thousand years. He was much taller than most humans and far stronger. He was picked on for his appearance as he was much uglier than most. He became a black knight as he did not want to be seen, selling his sword to those who would pay the most and protecting freely those who deserved it. He hated bullies. He took the name Dragonspear to instill fear in his enemies, he still does not know his true last name. As the new war has come hes traveling to Blackfog to sell his sword in the coming battle.

Re: Character Biographies
October 22, 2013 05:47PM
Name: Magdeline “Mags” Alvise
FC: Mila Jovovich
Themesong: []
Age: 165
Sex: Female
Race: VampireQuote : “My cruelty knows no bounds!”Occupation (Mob/profession/job/etc): Underling and Sister of SquizzyHair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Tattoo of Demonic eye on her lower back Deceptive, Vindictive, Cold, Calculating, Witty, LewdMagical Abilities: Vampires can develop a range of abilities and some are described as superhuman strength, enhanced senses, hypnotism, damage resistance, regeneration, animal control, shape shifting, wall gliding, and immortality.
Superhuman strength often refers to the strength of ten human men. This makes vampires difficult to battle in hand-to-hand combat. They have enhanced senses such as hearing, smell, and sight compared to human. These are basic abilities of a vampire but some of the most important. Some vampires have a hypnotic gaze that if humans stare into it they can be controlled by that vampire. Normal blades and guns cannot injure a vampire. Only if a weapon is holy and made of specific materials can it hurt a vampire. Also if a vampire happens to be injured their regeneration is much faster than humans in that their wound will heal very quickly. Vampires can control certain animals that are in a short radius of them. Some examples of animals are bats, rats and wolves. Some vampires can change into bats or mist. They would change into mist so that they could get through small cracks. Vampires can also climb walls without any equipment, in a similar fashion as a spider. Vampires are immortal which means that they do not age with the passing of time. The drinking of blood rejuvenates them. Some of these abilities listed can be found on the vampire time line.
Further as a result of the time spent as a demon she loves pain and has a greater resistance to it. In fact enjoys it.Strengths: Ability to read people, manipulate, martial arts, was trained in a variety of combat styles before moving into the household and adopted as a sister, so good at hand to hand combat, blind fighting, escape techniques. Knowledge of Explosives.
Weaknesses: Her care for her brother Vincent. He is the only one who she has any empathy for.
Likes: Causing pain. Hurting others. watching people bleed, blowing things up.
Dislikes: The Police.History: Loyal only to Squizzy, she was his adopted sister. the rest of the family tried to shun her for what she was and what she had done. She was human when they found her or so they thought part of her soul was housing a greater demon, who taught her nothing but pain and misery. Over the course of many years Squizzy managed to remove the demon and as he did gained her true loyalty. He then turned her making her of his blood and his true sister. However she was never the same she was cruel cold and calculating. She became even more inclined to hurt others. It was magnifyied upon her change. As was her loyalty to Squizzy. She would make any of his enemies pay, with their lives.get_jason_stathams_body_5617_5

Name: Xavier Michaels

Status: (DECEASED)


FC: Jason Statham

Age: 32

Gender: male

Species: human
Height: 6ft 2 inches

Weight: 230 lbs

Eye Color: blue.

Hair Color: dark brown.

Distinguishing Marks: tattoos aver black and silver toned skin.

Personality/Disposition: Tired of bloodshed. Ex soldier seeks to
save lives as much as he can.

Place of Origin: New York City


Occupation: Medic. Advanced Life support and Bio tech Systems

Sexual Preference: Straight

Marital Status: Single


Alignment: Lawful Good


Xavier was once a soldier and had been trained in advanced fighting
techniques in the military. When the machines took over he became
part of the resistance. The continued battles ended up costing him
an arm. Losing his arm and seeing all of his loved ones die to the
machine was so disheartening. He had grown up in the rough
neighborhoods of New York City before the Machines took over. The
disaster and destruction that happened was so much that he nearly
lost his mind. The medics later were able to reconstruct his arm
using some of the technology the recovered from the machines, making
a bio-enhanced arm. It has enhanced strength and allows him to hit
much harder in close combat. However he does not like to fight, he
became a medic after the surgery learning advanced life support and
bio-medical techniques.
-Skills and Abilities –

Bio Mechanical Arm- Does major Damage and is capable of crushing
damage, though most do not realize it is anything other than a human

Advanced Life Support Training

Advanced Cpr and First Aid Training

Basic Life Support Training

Aero-Medical Evacuation Training

Use of Bio-Nano Technology (Experimental)
(Medical Unit has been working on it in a limited fashion as a way
to save limbs)

(From when he was a in the military)

Advanced Fighting Techniques, hand to hand and with weapons.

Weapons Knowledge, (the use of various guns and weaponry)

Re: Character Sheets (RP No Limits Racing)
November 05, 2013 11:19PM CLAIM: Joe DirtCHARACTER NAME: Billy-Bob FurmanAGE: 32
DOB: 07/01
EYES: blue
HAIR: blond, mullet
HEIGHT: 5 ft 8 inches
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
CHILDREN (IF ANY): tons throughout the county, dont know without a blood test.
HOME STATE/COUNTRY: Backwoods Arkansas

PERSONALITY: Likes loose women, making money, telling tall tales and fixing cars. But generally cant do to much of it well. Makes do and gets by running the trailer park for free rent and extra money.

LIKES: Slutty women, fast cars, moonshine, bourbon, pranks
DISLIKES: almost everyone as hes a racist..

Born in backwoods arknsas and raised by a pair of hillybilly moonshiners. He was constantly drunk as a teen till child protective took him around age 14. he was in and out of foster care till he was 18. slept with many women and constantly got in trouble for drugs, vandalism and petty crime. He now thanks to an Uncle has gotten a job working as a trailer Park Manager. He lives rent free and gets to meet lots of women as a result. Which so far has been fine by him.

Re: Character Biographies ( RP ROSAS SPINIS ROARIN RICHES)
November 05, 2013 05:34PM
Name: Gabriel Daeblo
FC: Benjamin BrattAge: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Brujo (male witch, not warlock)Occupation (Mob/profession/job/etc): HealerHair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Human in appearance but can summon an inner demon and draw on a family demon becoming one with it, in such form his face and form resembles that of a demon in full glory.
Sexual Preference: BiPersonality: Strong and well spoken, He is generally calm and cool in demeanor but when angered he loses control. the demon taking over his mind and body. Dislikes being called a warlock. he was never pushed out of a circle as in the burning times and is not one of the warlock race. He is a human who has gained powers as the true witches have. His line and family are just male predominatly and known as brujo. The female bruja.

Magical Abilities:
Use of magic, has his own book of Shadows which he has translated in a coded dialect of spanish. The code is something only members of his family are taught.
He knows many spells detailing how to heal, call upon higher energies travel astrally, or use other entities including a demonic entity which is hosted by the family. He is currently the strongest male heir of the line and as such hosts the demon and can call upon his spirit at need.
Strengths: understanding unknown objects easily or things that need careful study.
Weaknesses: books, unknown magical objects, sexy women or men
Likes: logic and learning.
Dislikes: being called a warlock. ignorance without a want of knowledge.

Gabriel came from a small village in the islands. His family was known for many generations to be powerful witches. At first they were predominantly women. But as time wore on the men became more powerful. The line itself was even vested with a Demon. They changed their name because of this later as a result. The people knowing their clan only as the people of the demon. “La gente del demonio”
As a result of this they took the last name Daeblo. Gabriel is the first son to visit the America’s. He has come to study magic with other practioners of the arts, being a human who has many gifts.

Name: Daemus

FC: Nicholas Cage

Species: Warlock

House Affiliation: None. born in Bravvos.

Rank: Warlock, traveling bard and magician. perferes anonymity.

Pre-War : Was the son of two who were notable magic users. He only

knows the names Dorothy (his mother) and Jebediah (his father) not

which house they were from or the manner in which they died. However

he knows both were killed by the Casterlys and tortured as well. He

knows the truth behind how they died. Jebediah was cheating on his

mother with an angel of the Casterly house. As a result they had

another son, his brother Magnus. Magnus became tormented and

hellbent on the Casterly’s destruction. Daemus has lived a life of

peace traveling the realms. Helping those in need as he sees fit. A

child of the balance.

Post-War: Recently with the new war coming he has begun traveling

towards the Vaas plains. His sphere had told him of a maiden there

who had needed his help. The voices inside were whispering loudly.

Unsure as to what it boded he had begun a trip a while back towards

the plains from Bravvos.

Can Imbue objects with various powers using alchemy and sorcery.

Uses runes in this can draw them directly on himself for temporary

effects or objects when creating more defined process for a more

permament effect.

Senses Being Type via a stone he carrys and its sensation.

Carries a greater sphere of awareness. It contains a being from

another world who speaks to him. How he got it is still amystery but

it is said the being within at times grants minor wishes.

Wears plain white robes leather jerkin and pants and carrys a

gnarled staff.

He prefers to look simple and unimportant.

Name: Niklaus Le Fyre

FC: Keanu Reeves

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Race: Human ( Pristinely Ungifted )

Kingdom: Justice Kingdom

Rank(Slave, maid, servant, nana, warrior): Knight

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Marks: dimple near inside of thigh.

Personality: Believes in living by a true code of honor.

Lives by this. Follows King Dean because of his truest sense of

justice and strength. believes true power comes from within.


Pristinely Ungifted: Racial Ability, is a human born without the

essential spark of magic that is born in all creatures. As such

magic in normal means cannot affect him.

Blade Master: A master of the Sword, using many techniques.

Immune to the Plague

Weaknesses: He is human and mortal and can be killed via normal


Likes: Power proved through real leadership and true strength.

Dislikes: those who aim for desecration or are haughty in their



Niklaus was born in a small french village. He was born of a cross

breed of a half fae and human pairing. As a result he did not

receive the gift of true fae blood. He has no faeirie in him what so

ever and is totally human. However he like a few others in the world

is totally unaffected by magic. Spells cannot affect him, as the

resulting pairing caused an anomaly in his blood. Realizing he could

never learn any of the skills his parents had he dedicated his life

to the true understanding of the sword. Studying under legendary

blademasters as his family had no limits of wealth. He then left

after many years of study. Deciding that he must help others with

the gift he had. he must use it for the betterment of the world. He

later met King Dean and after being tested in battle served under

him as one of his most loyal knights.
Name: Viktor Knox

FC: Tom Hiddleston
Age: Looks around 30 years old.
Sex: male
Race: Warlock/possessed by trickster/coyote djinn
Height: 6ft 7 inches
Weight: 225 lbs
Eye Color: black.
Hair Color: black
Distinguishing Marks: birthmark in the shape of a coyote over left
shoulder blade

Personality/Disposition: Playful, Prankster, Gambler, Plots and
deceit. Enjoys pain. Wise and helpful in other ways. Loves sex and causing trouble.

Place of Origin: Royal family of Knox. Born a warlock.

Titles: King of Knox Kingdom.

Occupation: King

Sexual Preference: Straight

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Beatrice Knox

The king was promised to Beatrice. When they were first married he

truly loved her. They had two children and he wished for an heir.

Using many enchantments he kept trying to help with the pregnancy.

To aid in making a male son to the throne. His family had pressured

him much to keep the line strong. He was made and shown the

importance of this from a young age. After their first child was

born He called forth a spell that summoned a djinn. The djinn

offered a deal to help provide him an heir. he wanted but one hair

on his head. Thinking little of it he didnt realize what he had

done. The djinn invaded his soul. At first the djinn had little

effect on his will. But slowly he bagan to do terrible things.

Practicing deceit and artifice. cheating on his wife and wanting her

to stay away from others. He became jealous and petty. The djinn

revealing its coyote form in his dreams. Granting him wisdom and

showing him the way in which his vision would be fulfilled. It made

him very strong and increased his power. He began to wander looking

to produce a new heir and causing the trouble of the coyote….


Immortal as in will not die due to age.

Enhanced Strength and Toughness.
Has strength of Nearly 20 human men. His skin is much tougher now as

well and is similiar to that of stone see DnD spell stoneskin.

Telepathy 75-100 ft range approx.

Darkvision- sees in black and white as if daylight. has very good

accuity and can see far distances.

Immune to all forms of Toxins or Poisons

Immune to all Fear/Dominate based Attacks

Can Use All types of Schools of Magics Listed in the DND Sorcery

Compendium. Up to 8 per school daily.

Coyote Familiar:
has a coyote he can call on which will come from the birthmark on

his back. At his call he can make the bird detach from the mark and

appear on his shoulder acting as his eyes. He can see through the

coyotes eyes which allows him to track and see events at distances.


Housing a djinn he sometimes has is led to do things he might

otherwise not wish to do.

Prone to trickery and artifice he is constantly distrusted and may

become hunted.

Well trained in most weapons and proficent in their use.

He has a bag of holding with various spell components and other

minor magical items in it such as crystals and scrolls and items

needed to make the spells he will use work.

he wears a dashing set of trousers and boots with an open tunic and





FC: Stephen Lang

Name: Maxwell “Mack” Douglas
Nationality: White, Texan
Parents: Former Senator
Sibling(s): None known to be living

Occupation/Rank: Colonel Retired. (With resistance is now being actively enlisted to ensure the nanobites delivery systems safe delivery.)

Prefers to be called (MACK)

Age: 50

Gender: male

Species: human

Height: 6ft

Weight: 200 lbs

Eye Color: blue.

Hair Color: grey.

Distinguishing Marks: Marine corps and Special Forces tattoos.

Personality/Disposition: Tough and Short Tempered. Former combat
engineer and member of the infantry.

Place of Origin: Houston Texas

Occupation: Scientist, Combat Engineer and Bio-Mechanical Inventor. Reitred Colonel

Sexual Preference: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Spouse: None

Alignment: Lawful Good


Became a member of the marines to study under the G.I. bill. He
became a member of a covert unit studying advanced bio-chemistry and
bio-mechanics. Using these advanced schools he later developed some
of thechnologies that skynet was based on. The actual machines
themselves that were developed that were later called the
terminators. At first he blamed the military for how they adapted
the technology. It was meant as adaptions for body armor. For making
better soldiers. What they did he thought was an atrocity. After the
war began he began to work on ways to make the technology work for
the resistance. Hearing of the nanobites he was sent to investigate
the heroic death of Xavier and possible use of the adaptive
technology for further excursions against the enemy.
-Skills and Abilities –
Medical Training

Advanced Chemistry and Biological Understanding and application of

Use of Bio-Mechanical technologies.

Advanced Fighting Techniques, hand to hand and with weapons.

Weapons Knowledge, (the use of various guns and weaponry)

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