My Roleplay Rant…

OK, Watcher the Typist not the charchter is here. Some may know me as Felix or Del. Others even by my real name which to be honest I hate… sorry, even my closest friends call me Felix. A-L-A Felix the Cat


I’m a, a tattoo artist by trade, now studying to be an emt. So with that comes a certain amount of logic to what I do.

When it comes to roleplay I like to be both re-active and proactive. roleplay is supposed to be artistic, and evolving. Not stagnant. Most people do not get this.  I find many in what I like to call S.O.S. mode (Stuck on Stupid)

whether its mixing, meta-gaming or god-modding.

people don’t bother to learn from their mistakes. Now does that mean I think I am perfect.. not at all!!!

I do my best


In fact I will tell you the last year or so on IMVU, has taught me a vast deal about me as a writer. What direction I am going and how I want to continue to challenge myself.

The main thing is roleplay is supposed to be fun! To do so, it needs basic guidelines and structure and people need to stop worrying about such petty stuff!

Faceclaims are fun!!! Use them in your posts…

They add depth to your story and make people laugh. Comedic relief is important.

Dont think of yourself as just your screenname. Your screenname is not your charchter.

Even if you do not multiple r/p, you still have to get this fact or you will mix inevitably.

By assuming or allowing yourself to feel you are your screen name you cant differentiate between what is in-charchter and out of charchter.

this will always, always, always cause an issue… at some point. either for you or someone else!!!!

it may be all well and good if you date a person on there and you call them r/l.. if they are states away and you arent moving, who are you really kidding? rofl!!!


now you might think im being a dick.. heartless even, but im not.


in reality im telling you like it is.

Then we have Hacking Organizations on the client…

They try over and over to silence those who would try and teach or better the arts of roleplay…

Dark Order, yeah…you suck!!!

Any that are affiliation with you, you also suck!!

Why? Why am i so bold? Because I have lived a life dealing with bullies. I am all for Anonymous’s approach to things.

I get that its a Robin Hood kind of idea. But read the laws of the interwebz.

This is what they tried to base themselves on, and its nowhere near how anon’s would act.

An Anon, wouldnt destroy learning groups like Official Roleplay Rules, simply because it had the name official in it.

Or because someone was promoting T-styles. I will say I notice the other guides arent hit. Why?

Cause they kissed his ass. Hes a hacker and school house bully.

What do i do to bullies, call them out and let them hit me. I dont let them silence me or pander to them!


As for IMVU im still not sure why they arent doing anything regarding it. They now have the proof. I myself have sent it.

Will this affect a positive change? Who knows?

I will focus on my writing and teaching those who want and need the help.

Sad to say but the real art to this could be lost because of their natures. It takes practice and skill as a writer to learn it.

I think everyone should have the chance to get there, however much time it takes them, should they want it!


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