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Thought the effects were tight and the work here was well done. The song is great! I recently ran into it on IMVU and loved it. This is by far the best video I have found using it so far. … Continue reading

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Fred’s Fresh Meats (5) Roarin Riches

xXxWatcherxXx 182 Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats November 02, 2013 10:15PM The Club Mags¬†watched the young man saunter over to them after she had called out towards him. She could appreciate a finely cut piece of meat when she saw … Continue reading

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Blood Of Kings Blackfog Castle (6)

xXxWatcherxXx 182 Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle November 03, 2013 11:09AM Healing Room [] Brandon¬†grinned in spite of himself. Thinking for a moment at his now proud son he said ” Well I do remember a Magda you sent to … Continue reading

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