Harsten’s Labyrinth (Portal Opening~Doorway Towards Memories of Time)

(RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 27, 2013 09:15PM
Portal Stones are gray cylinders covered in hundreds of archaic characters, each symbol corresponding to another stone in the ‘network.’ Those wielding the One Power can use them to travel to other realities or other possible timelines or simply other locations in this world, by channeling into the appropriate symbol.
Study of portal stones paved the way for the formation of the Ways; perhaps the Ways are even in another, otherwise empty world, found by a portal stone. No one is sure; Aes Sedai have long forgotten.

North western wilderness, located in in Harsten’s labryinth. A portal stone is found. No-one knows what it is though it has been rumoreed to be a gateway to some other world. Found at the center of the Labyrith is the Portal Stone.


Portal Stones may allow various realities to actually touch upon this world as it allows for parallel worlds to touch upon the world itself. Much has been studied on them but they have never been fully understood as this world exists outside of what is known as the regular multiverse. It seems the portal stones themselves could perhaps allow transport to someone with the knowledge though none in this world have possessed enough to travel to other worlds except shadows of this one.

Travel through the stones takes you to an alternate world… which takes many days travel and will eventually lead you to..
see link below. Change thread once you have made arrival to the follwoing stone and managed to activate it. Not many can figure out their meaning and most do so by accident.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 28, 2013 11:07PM
Harsten’s Labryinth Lookout


As always before the setting of the sun, the noblemen of Harsten’s gather on Hanging rock, to view the smoldering fires that rage across the lands many thousands of miles away. Each man stood, resolute, that the wars of the men with machines, would not dare cross the Forgotten valley and venture into the Western wilderness region of Harsten’s. For many years, a pact was made, that the lost Lacardians live in peace and harmony. Not to be tainted by the greed of the Tech savy Lorewalleans, or the merchants of the North. They sought to live in a place that closely resembled Twisted Wood, in the old Lacardis, long before the end of days.

Amongst the men, a lone woman who was dressed from head to foot in a crimson robe, her face decorated with tribal markings, painted on with skillful hands by an elder. She was the village seer. One that many went to, to have their fortunes told, and she also could read the runes, that told her of impending danger or bad crops. This day was the same as many before it. The wars that raged to the east continued unabated, but the men from the stars had not decided to cross into the wilderness. Perhaps they sought no reason too. Resistance would be minimal, and these people wanted nothing to do with those that used technology. They saw it as the work of the Devil, softening people up, and making them easy fodder for the Chaos that always followed it.

Markus frowned, then cast his gaze down at Jasmine, and folding his arms, he asked;

“Speak Seer. What you make of this? Do they seek the Harsten?” He was one that found her methods to be unorthodox, but she had never let him down in the past, her predictions had been almost 99% accurate. Taking out her small pouch of bones, she shook them and then crouched on the ground, spreading her hand on the dirt, and clearing it, before spilling out the bones and rocks, chanting as she did. She seemed to go into a hypnotic state, before her voice was but a whisper, like that of a child…a child who spoke through the ages.

Raven: “The sands of time run through the hourglass. But which way is the hourglass tipped? Time, if only there was enough time…”

it was a cryptic message, that made little sense to those gathered, and as Jasmine came out of her haze, she looked up and she herself was confused.

“I must seek the stone. That was not me.” She looked down at the bones, and they were cast on the ground into the shape of a dead bird….a Raven to be exact. Jasmine quickly hurried to pack up the bones and stones, placing them back into her pouch and rising to her feet.

“I want answers, Seer. Get them….or face the consequences.” Markus said, as he pointed for her to go to the stone. The stone, a mystical rock, that was viewed to be some sort of portal device, only many knew not how to use it….only a few did, and one, was Jasmine. She bowed before her Chief, and then barefoot, she took off into the dense forest in search of the Stone.



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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 28, 2013 11:48PM
Plane of Ysgard

The Traveler known as Watcher had been troubled for sometime. The celestial had been wandering his home plane amassing energy and reading scrolls. There were pieces that told of this time in his existance. He had been told at one point that he might die and live again but it was but a slim chance. The fact that he survived was not a little thing. He saved the clan of weres but could no longer access their plane or help them in any way. What had happened between him and the elder forever changed and connected the two of them but until the time that the werewolf turned planeswalker learned to travel himself he would not see him again. It was part of the limits of power. His memory was also not what it used to be he knew there were holes in it. He guessed it could be expected. There were prices to all magics and a heavy toll had been exacted to save them and their clan. However they were of the true line of Fenrir, the first of the were’s. Hence why he had been sent. He could no longer be a puppet however anymore though his body could not take being an agent of their power. The exchange had proved that. The memories of all those lives nearly claimed his own.

He sat there reading, pouring through the books. His eyes were darkening as the magic allowed him to read the cryptic words in the arcane books. The elven texts spoke of portal stones. Places of power that could be activated by laying of hands by those of the line with the true power. He knew what magic was but not this true power they spoke of. He was confused by the meaning of the text yet in some ways he thought it might mean using magic in combination or without color. As a prismmage he had mastered using all magics prior to becoming a planeswalker so he was an adept. Understanding the nuances better than many and he had many lifetimes to comprehend magic. He was not even sure his true age as he had lost so much memory. He knew he was very old. How old he was not sure though his only living relatives lived in the lower valley and were Kings. Though they were not aware he was their kin. They saw him only as a benefactor.

One reference he did find to one of these portal stones was to a labyrinth in a far off plane. It talked about a place called Ligesa and Nimesa and Lorewall and finally the Labyrinth called Harsten’s Labyrinth. He did not understand all the references but he called upon the gods and used the crystals he kept within his bag of holding. The celestial’s form began to glow as he hummed and the nature of reality began to bend around him acting through need and will. Though he did not know the exact destination himself, the crystal and his mind felt out a place within his mind forming the energy from all sources using all five colors to form a portal before him. As it materialized Watcher seemed to glow more brightly. Grabbing the last of his supplies he quickly vanished through the portal into it traveling to this new destination in search of this portal stone.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 29, 2013 02:44AM
The Center of the Labryinth


Little did many realize that the rock was actually situated below the surface of the rolling green hills and forests of Harsten’s. In a crystal laden cave, that had a flowing underground stream, it was the most mystical place in all of Nemaues. A closely guarded secret to few of the elders of the Labryinth. It was a place for quiet reflection, but to others it was gateway to other worlds. Jasmine had stumbled upon it, one day while on a quest to seek precious stones to use for her runes. Falling down a deep hole, she found herself within the catacombs of this glittering underground cavern. What many Lisegans didn’t understand about the planet was its age, and even though it had almost imploded, many societies under ground had survived when the surface dwellers had been whisked off to safety in the Metatron fleet of Captain.

This part of Harsten’s was as old as time itself, a place where those from the stars had passed through to this world, seemingly unnoticed by any that had inhabited the surface thousands of years before. Now in this time, few lived in the Harsten’s and those that did, treasured the old ways of a society long since removed from the planet.

Jasmine had taken her usual trail to gain entry, passing by the granite wall, that had a secret entrance, when you placed a hand into a special marking with finger holes. Bizarre as that sounds, it has kept the cavern untouched to outsiders. Jasmine checked behind her to see if she was being followed, and thankfully, she was not.


With her crimson hood still up, and leather gauntlets on her wrist, she padded into the cavern entrance, with the bright light, the aura of the Stone drawing her towards it. Shadows darted about the inner chamber, and she came before the Stone, and kneeled, before bowing right down and placing her forehead to the earth. She spoke in a language, taught to her by her mother, so long ago.

“Odd zyyefr, odd nfaqefr. Swy Ydkylz rejy swyel xdyzzefrz sa uai, Oximol. Swy Lojyf woz oroef zhany swlairw tu dehz. Ab Sety ofk swos es ez ihzeky kaqf. E zyy swy belyz ab qol, ofk swy Ydkylz zyyn uail patbals ef qalkz. Wyol ty, kayz swy Lojyf zhyon slisw? Ez sety kotoryk?”

(Translation : “All seeing, all knowing. The Elders give their blessings to you, Abujar. The Raven has again spoke through my lips. Of Time and that it is upside down. I see the fires of war, and the Elders seek your comfort in words. Hear me, does the Raven speak truth? Is time damaged?”)

Jasmine stayed upon the ground, waiting for the sign that the Raven spoke the truth.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 30, 2013 11:07PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

The travel was easy as per usual but this time was led by need. At most times Watcher was led to known locations. This travel had occured by need as the prohecy had led him here. He was supposed to be here in both this time and place. He was not sure how he knew, but he knew this as sure as he knew his own true name. As he stepped out of the portal it vanished behind him. The room was crystalline and seemed to be large and cavernous. He felt the power that energized this plane. It was immense, it must be as Ysgard a greater plane. He was not sure yet what dwelled here however. Reaching out with his will he began to feel out with his conciousness allowing it to co-mingle with the energy of the plane more fully.

He felt a woman here. He was not sure what she was Her nature seemed veiled. He dared not delve into her for such was considered rude and he did not do that with no purpose. Watcher had come here for a reason and perhaps she knew something about the stones location. He knew they were somewhere near. He could feel their energy in this place, he had but to find them.

Turning towards where she was he moved towards her and said in his tongue. “Olathuir Vendui”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 31, 2013 03:08AM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

With eyes shut tight, Jasmine chanted softly, hoping that she was heard. Jasmine needed answers, for the Chief would surely not tolerate her coming back empty handed. As she knelt, she felt a change in the air. Whipping up the dust upon the floor, and soon she found herself rising with it, blinking as she stared at the stone. But what she saw…was not at all what she expected. The image of a cloaked man, one that was not of this world. Jasmine quickly got to her feet, all in one fluid movement, and took a step back. Her hood fell back to reveal her onyx locks, that flowed down beneath her cloak.

He spoke with a tongue she had not heard before, but his greeting reminded her of those that dwell in the underdark.

“Olathuir Vendui”

“Did the Gods send you?” Her first question was due to the fact she had prayed for a sign, and this was either a remarkable coincidence, or…fate. “Forgive me, I am Jasmine…of the Lacardians.” She referred to herself as one from the old country, which she was, and proud of that fact.


She then bowed before the traveler, thinking he was a messenger of the Gods. The stone had done its magic, and perhaps this man could bring an end to the troubles of the world. “I am your humble servant. Please, does the Raven speak truth? Is time damaged?”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 04, 2013 11:57PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

Watcher quickly realized by the woman’s manner of speech that she spoke the common tongue much more readily.
Adjusting his speech as one of his gifts was the abilitiy to understand all manners of speech, he quickly attuned his speech to that of her own.
She asked..
“Did the Gods send you?”, then introduced herself as Jasmine of the Lacardians asking if time was damaged.
Watcher was not familiar with this plane as of yet. He had been drawn here through need following the prophecy and the lore of the scrolls.
” I am a traveler Jasmine. I am known as Watcher. I came to this place to learn some things. After much study I was able to learn of a stone. It was said to allow one to travel to another world inaccessible since before time. My journey has been a long one my lady but I learned that part of my salvation lies in finding my way past the door. There is a man in another world said to be beyond the stone whom can teach me something. Something that cannot be learned in any of the worlds I have traveled to. I have traveled to many. I am what is known as a planewalker. I can walk between the worlds. As to whether time itself is damaged that is something I am not sure of. I have not felt that. Though perhaps, if you were led by a raven and dreams you were led here for a reason. I myself was guided here on this very day by prophecy. I think we are well met. ”

Looking about him he spied a large column ahead which looked to be an ancient stone with arcane symbols guessing this might be the stone he began to walk towards it to gaze more closely at it its detail.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 06:10PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

With almond shaped eyes, skin the colour of deep olive, Jasmine’s unique appearance married with that of many of the Lacardians. Not at all like the tech savvy Lorewalleans to the South. She raised her head slowly, as the man introducted himself in common, not that of the drow or underdark. Understanding his dialect, she nodded in respect.

I am what is known as a plane walker. I can walk between the worlds.

A planes walker? This was new to Jasmine, for she had never heard this terminology before. Yes, she had heard about plane shift, though she had never been taught how to use it herself. That was something her Mother never wanted her to know. Jasmine moved slowly, the tinkling of her jeweled ankle bracelets heard with each foot fall. She regarded the man quizzically, for he had no answers about time, or the raven. Was it mere coincidence that he had followed his own path via the stone? This was most likely the case.

On his inspection of the gate, she kept well back. He could be armed, or even dangerous to one such as her.

“I myself was guided here on this very day by prophecy. I think we are well met. “

This was news to Jasmine. What prophecy did he speak of? Was there greater things going on in the world she knew nothing about? Was her foresight about time incorrect? And who was the one that he sought? A man? She watched him closely as he took in the gate, and said

“Is this world a stepping stone to the next?”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 06:47PM
In a crystal laden cave, that had a flowing underground stream, it was the most mystical place in all of Nemaues. A closely guarded secret to few of the elders of the Labyrinth. It was a place for quiet reflection, but to others it was gateway to other worlds. As the stars shined into the crystal cave, their lights hitting the Portal Stone, revealing its magnificent beauty that was created many millennium ago by the Gods themselves. The granite walls and marble like flooring sparkled with beauty from the specs from within the stone itself while small waterfalls fell into small ponds that were formed in different places around this hidden ancient sanctuary.

When Jasmine and Watcher entered the cave their own ways of getting here, something behind the stone stirred, waking up it seems but no one truly knows what was behind the Portal Stone for the movement was silent to the human ear and to even the highly trained ears as well. Two bodies moved slowly, their bone like structure giving off a very low mechanical sound as if the joints have not been in use for quite some time. One figure was 6’2″ and this figure represented a male human figure and the other figure who looked female was a foot short than the large male body. Both the male and female opened their good eye, a soft light flashing though the light from their eyes could barely be seen by Jasmine and Watcher. The bodies of these two were powering up from their recent slumber then looked at each other, giving a nod as if they knew what was the intent of these two travelers or so they assumed.

With the finishing process of powering up, each figure stepped out into the open, standing on either side of the Portal while the looked down at Watcher and Jasmine. Both the male and female had a soft golden eye colour and wore black leather clothing with leather strips that were randomly attached to the leather fabric and the seems of the female’s outfits were held together by cyan thread though there was random slices within the leather to show that both the female and the male had fought. The flesh was pale on these two while the male wore brown leather wristbands and the female wore dark teal leather wristbands as they both wore boots to protect their feet from becoming damaged from all movement they had done in the past while fulfilling their duty that their Creators gave them but the only item that was not dark colour was the eye patches they wore over one eye.


The male spoke, “What is your purpose of being here? No trespassers are allowed to pass through here. I am one of the protectors of this Stone for its my duty to stop all evil with intent of using the Portal. Now begone or you shall parish if you try to pass us,” his words would sound harsh then the female figure only stayed silent, watching the two closely as she waited for any sign of intent on attacking and intent of misuse of the Portal for personal gain or to bring evil upon the apocalyptic world.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 07:24PM
Harsten’s LabyrinthWatcher was about to answer Jasmine’s question when it seemed her question was answered for her.
Though he might have explained how there were many worlds and he had traveled to many of them, he did not get the chance as it seemed there were guardians to the portal stone. Twin beings crept from either side of the stone. As they moved he felt out with his mind seeking to see if he could sense their energy. He felt no magic within them. They were not living creatures. They were akin to golem’s Some kind of machine or mechanical cration of some sort, their nature yet a mystery to him as they intoned…

“What is your purpose of being here? No trespassers are allowed to pass through here. I am one of the protectors of this Stone for its my duty to stop all evil with intent of using the Portal. Now begone or you shall parish if you try to pass us,”

” I have been sent by prophecy to seek the stone. I have watched for countless centuries as a protector and planeswalker. One of the last of the elder elandrin. Most of those left have become wild and powers of nature within each of the planes. I became an agent working for many different purposes. However I lost my memory through tragedy to save a tribe and plane. I sought the answers in prophecy which led me here. In the text’s it was said beyond these stones exists a man known only as the Dragon. Only he may teach me what I need to know to Be whole again. Jasmine here speaks to me of a Raven also leading her here within dreams I fear she may also be inexorably tied to the prophecy, for there was a mention of a Prince of Raven’s within the text. I know not all the meanings, only that I must seek answers. I come with pure intent. I may draw easily the power to open this gate as I am a planeswalker and traveler of worlds.”


With a gesture he began to fuel magic into the room drawing the energy of the plane around him.

Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 07:43PM
Jasmine was literally gobsmacked by this arrival of new visitors, that started shouting orders about no trespassing and other nasty things, like they were keepers of the gate. Jasmine must have been to this site, at least two thousand times, and not once had she seen the gate do anything like this, let alone find herself in the caves with outer worlders.

The man that had arrived first, well he started to do the talking, as Jasmine took out one of her special voodoo dolls, and madly started to sculpt it as the planes walker spoke. Every so often she looked at the pair, with her eyes narrowing and shook the doll at them, before going back to shaping the face and legs. They were not of her world, and how dare they speak so rudely in this most holy of sites.

“Jasmine here speaks to me of a Raven also leading her here within dreams I fear she may also be inexorably tied to the prophecy, for there was a mention of a Prince of Raven’s within the text. I know not all the meanings, only that I must seek answers. I come with pure intent. I may draw easily the power to open this gate as I am a planes walker and traveler of worlds.”

At the mention of her name, she tapped her chest with a finger, to mean Jasmine, then went back to crafting her doll, not bothering to listen to his speel a second time. Did Jasmine appear to be threatening? Not at the moment, but question was, what was she doing with the doll?



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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 07:56PM
The man had turned to the female and waited for his Twin’s answer or thought on this as he did not look to be breathing as it is the same with the female. The female looked over at her Twin, using sign language to communicate with him as he turned his gaze at the Planeswalker.

“But whatever you need to do, we would have to go with you on your journey just t make sure that what you say about your intent is true,” he would look over at Jasmine, watching her carve some sort of doll with her thin hands though she madly scuplted the doll into shape. He was not sure what her intent was but he knew that it would not work on him or his Twin sister while the female kept her eye on Jasmine, not liking what she was doing and decided to bring her hands behind her back, readying an attack if needed.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 08:27PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

Watcher listened to the two beings. The male said they must travel with them if they wanted passage..

“But whatever you need to do, we would have to go with you on your journey just t make sure that what you say about your intent is true,”

Unsure about their nature, Watcher was need to speak more to these beings before he allowed them to travel with him. They had already bodily taken control of Jasmine as he watched. Something he could quickly undo but decided it would be better to talk out as they seemed far to quick to act. If they would all journey together they must work together.

” If you would have me open this door and would travel the portal by my side, I would know more of your nature. I can tell the nature of all living things yet not feel you in any way. Why is that? I would know a bit more about you and Jasmine I am sure can agree to work with us as she also wishes to search as she was bid by the dream. “

Turning to Jasmine he said quickly…

” You can relax a bit I am sure. Wouldn’t you like to gain passage and learn more about these two? I am sure they can release you if you agree to be peaceful. ”

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 09, 2013 05:54PM
Harsten’s Labryinth


Little did the alien A1’s realize that by trying to restrain the Priestess, who was creating the voodoo doll, that they were doing a great disrespect to the land owners to which this gate sat. Jasmine was as much a part of the land, as she was in reverence of it, and the doll she had made, slipped from her held hands, landing on the floor seemingly discarded. Her dark eyes glowered, at this capturing of her vessel. She looked at the feet of the female and spat a substance, that actually sizzled as it met with the rock floor.

“You don’t know what or who you have captured. I suggest you release me, or feel my wrath.” Jasmine said with a venomous tone, that was sure to send a clear message that she meant business. It did not matter what kind words of advice that the traveler said, for her mind was made up. THEY were the trespassers, not the other way around.

” You can relax a bit I am sure. Wouldn’t you like to gain passage and learn more about these two? I am sure they can release you if you agree to be peaceful. “

“Are you a warmonger, like them? If so…step away from me.” Jasmine hissed.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 13, 2013 03:47PM
“I assure, Ma’am that both my twin sister and I are not warmongers. We are just guardians of this Portal since we were placed here by our Creator. But we do need to come with you on this journey of yours,” the male wouold turn to his sister and place a hand on her shoulder, “Relax, sister. They seem to bring peace and seem to not want to use this Portal for evil intentions,” he looked at her with firm eyes as the Twin female looked towards her brother then relaxed her hands as they fell to her side as she gave a nod to her brother.

“I am sorry for causing you any problems, Ma’am. Its been so long since we have met any sort of humans in such a long time. My apologies,” the female said as she bowed to both Jasmine and Watcher then stood straight to only back up to let her brother take control while she stood silent, watching things unfold before her.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 13, 2013 05:17PM
Portal Stone’s

Watcher heard Jasmine reply to him,
“Are you a warmonger, like them? If so…step away from me.” Jasmine had said.

He thought for a moment as he watched the automaton’s begin to interact with her. He didnt want to disturb them yet wanted her to know that he understood she was part of his purpose. He knew there was a reason for her being here. He did not want her to fall away from her purpose. He knew that there was far more going on then he knew and he was trying to piece it all together. As he saw the hands fall off of her he replied.

” No, I am not a war monger. I would have us all learn our purposes here. We have been driven to this place Jasmine. You must tell me more of these dreams. You say time has been damaged? I have felt a vast disturbance here. Perhaps that is what has led me here now. We must work together if we are to repair it. I can open the door but tell me how you came to be here first. then we will travel through the gate as one if that is your will. ”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 13, 2013 08:40PM
Portal’s Stone

Dropping her arms to her sides, Jasmine raised her chin proudly, as the trio were claiming not to be warmongers at all. Each had their reasons for their behaviors, though she found them all to be completely foreign to her way of thinking. Rubbing her right wrist with her left hand, she stepped away from the pair of A1’s; the twins. Her anklets chimed musically, as her bare feet padded against the rock floor. Her almond shaped eyes showed no hatred or malice, but she was indeed wary of these travelers. What had her raise a brow however, was that one of the twins, suspected that Jasmine was human. If only they knew.

“Lore of the land says this is one of three gates in the world. I have only seen of this one. The others are spoken of only by the Seers.” Jasmine spoke the truth, there were three. One in Emerald Mountains, one below Lorewall and the other here in Harstens.

The man that Jasmine had met first, quizzed her about her dreams, and her belief that time has been damaged in some way. It was actually the reason that Jasmine had been sent down to the portal gate….for answers. All she had managed to get now, were visitors, that could not possibly know of the reason for her dreams.

Crouching down on the floor, she used her hand to wipe a dusty section, that allowed her to demonstrate what she believed has happened.

She started to draw a large circle in the dirt, using the tip of her finger to do so.

“Our planet revolves around a sun, along with many other planets, we continue this never ending loop. Course, planets, suns, stars all have their moments in time to shine and then collapse, implode and there is no more but the void of what is left. But what if something interfered with that circle of life? To stop the same continuing course, and alter it. A rift, a split…a tear in time. Something, I believe entered this world, not via a gate…not using the portal, but….it is a servant of something much greater than we can possibly understand.”

She started to hum and sway as she drew what her third eye has seen. The picture slowly forming from her shaking hand.


A horse….and a rider with a long cape…..

But what does this mean?



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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 18, 2013 05:54PM
Both the male and female watched the two talk as their eyes seemed to take photos to store them in the memory bank of their minds. The tall one folded his arms, wondering what will happen on the journey that they will endure once they enter the Portal then lifted a hand to only adjust the eye-patch on his eye for it seemed to itch him. Though the female AI did not like how proud Jasmine held up her chin in response to them saying that they were not war mongers and did not want to cause any harm to one such as herself.

With Jasmine crouching close to the dirt covered stone, the Twins looked over and down at her finger which began to draw a familiar figure that the female seemed to remember but she can not seem to figure out where she saw it. So she closed her eyes, in search of the image and information that was stored deep within her memory bank. Once she did, the memory seemed to be dusty so she blew off the dust, figuratively then all of the sudden, her eyes snapped open and they held fear.


She looked over to her brother quickly and shook his arm in a frantic way, “One of the Horsemen is planning on using the Portal! We need to do something to prevent this from happening!” Her voice was shaking and held fear then her brother placed a hand on her shoulder.

“We will take care of this problem together, my dearest sister. As long as we get to tag along with both of these beings,” he spoke gently to her sister as he watched her shake in panic and fear.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 18, 2013 08:13PM
Portal’s Stone

Watcher knew the time had come. With tidings of a horse and rider. And the automatons agreeing to accompany them to help in their quest, it seemed they must be underway. They needed to repair time. This would be no easy task. What was said to be behind these stones was another world but that world merely a road or gateway through which one would travel. Many cities and places once lost might be there. Who knows what they might find. They had to find the other stone if they were to make it to the keystone world. That is what the prophecies said. The one with the knowledge was the dragon and he existed wiuthin the keystone, outside of time. The worlds within the portal stone were in between time and the keystone. They were a prison. They must take care while they traveled there. He wasnt sure how to prepare them.

He looked first to Jasmine and said ” Let us open the door. “


His energy slowly began to swirl around him as the planes energy coalesced around him the series of somatic gestures that he learned from the runes carved upon the graveled rock known to him from the prophetic text. They indicated a series of planar understandings telling him which energies to intone and in what order as he began to call upon a series of combinations of varying colors of mana. The room becoming a scintillating colored display and the emanation of power almost feeling as if it would melt or freeze the ground. The fact it was localized and focused solely upon the stones was its only saving fact. They seemed to actually draw its essence. His memories of his first life feeding the magic and mana. As they did the runes on the door began to glow in rapid succession. As each did a series of locks upon the door began to move apart. The door making a series of whirring sounds as it began its unlocking sequence. It finally opened revealing a grey expanse and drab world beyond. It looked dull and lifeless as if looking through this mirror sheen filter was a road that led to nowhere.

“Well I am ready when you are. The door is open. “


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 20, 2013 04:41PM
Portal Stone


” Let us open the door. “

Jasmine was uneasy about this, and before she could utter a protest, the man before her activated the runes that were carved in the rock, his energy spilling out, seeping into every nook and cranny of the cave interior. Jasmine’s eyes grew larger as she felt the swirl of energy lift her very robes, and she had to fight to keep them down.

Powered by Watcher’s own memories, the changes started to occur with the unlocking sounds, that had Jasmine fall back, almost ready to drop to her knees and pray that this was not the end of all existence within Harstens. Looking back at the other two that had entered via a portal gate, she wondered if they would follow her and Watcher into the door, to what ever it was that lurked on the other side.

When finally the door did open, the other side appeared to be a dead zone. No life, nor colour. Could it be a corridor between the planes of existence?

“Well I am ready when you are. The door is open. ”

Nervously, Jasmine summoned all her courage, and then made her way through the door, reaching the other side, only to turn and see if the others followed, and this was not some sort of trap.


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