Harsten’s Labyrinth (Portal Opening~Doorway Towards Memories of Time)

(RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 27, 2013 09:15PM
Portal Stones are gray cylinders covered in hundreds of archaic characters, each symbol corresponding to another stone in the ‘network.’ Those wielding the One Power can use them to travel to other realities or other possible timelines or simply other locations in this world, by channeling into the appropriate symbol.
Study of portal stones paved the way for the formation of the Ways; perhaps the Ways are even in another, otherwise empty world, found by a portal stone. No one is sure; Aes Sedai have long forgotten.

North western wilderness, located in in Harsten’s labryinth. A portal stone is found. No-one knows what it is though it has been rumoreed to be a gateway to some other world. Found at the center of the Labyrith is the Portal Stone.


Portal Stones may allow various realities to actually touch upon this world as it allows for parallel worlds to touch upon the world itself. Much has been studied on them but they have never been fully understood as this world exists outside of what is known as the regular multiverse. It seems the portal stones themselves could perhaps allow transport to someone with the knowledge though none in this world have possessed enough to travel to other worlds except shadows of this one.

Travel through the stones takes you to an alternate world… which takes many days travel and will eventually lead you to..
see link below. Change thread once you have made arrival to the follwoing stone and managed to activate it. Not many can figure out their meaning and most do so by accident.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 28, 2013 11:07PM
Harsten’s Labryinth Lookout


As always before the setting of the sun, the noblemen of Harsten’s gather on Hanging rock, to view the smoldering fires that rage across the lands many thousands of miles away. Each man stood, resolute, that the wars of the men with machines, would not dare cross the Forgotten valley and venture into the Western wilderness region of Harsten’s. For many years, a pact was made, that the lost Lacardians live in peace and harmony. Not to be tainted by the greed of the Tech savy Lorewalleans, or the merchants of the North. They sought to live in a place that closely resembled Twisted Wood, in the old Lacardis, long before the end of days.

Amongst the men, a lone woman who was dressed from head to foot in a crimson robe, her face decorated with tribal markings, painted on with skillful hands by an elder. She was the village seer. One that many went to, to have their fortunes told, and she also could read the runes, that told her of impending danger or bad crops. This day was the same as many before it. The wars that raged to the east continued unabated, but the men from the stars had not decided to cross into the wilderness. Perhaps they sought no reason too. Resistance would be minimal, and these people wanted nothing to do with those that used technology. They saw it as the work of the Devil, softening people up, and making them easy fodder for the Chaos that always followed it.

Markus frowned, then cast his gaze down at Jasmine, and folding his arms, he asked;

“Speak Seer. What you make of this? Do they seek the Harsten?” He was one that found her methods to be unorthodox, but she had never let him down in the past, her predictions had been almost 99% accurate. Taking out her small pouch of bones, she shook them and then crouched on the ground, spreading her hand on the dirt, and clearing it, before spilling out the bones and rocks, chanting as she did. She seemed to go into a hypnotic state, before her voice was but a whisper, like that of a child…a child who spoke through the ages.

Raven: “The sands of time run through the hourglass. But which way is the hourglass tipped? Time, if only there was enough time…”

it was a cryptic message, that made little sense to those gathered, and as Jasmine came out of her haze, she looked up and she herself was confused.

“I must seek the stone. That was not me.” She looked down at the bones, and they were cast on the ground into the shape of a dead bird….a Raven to be exact. Jasmine quickly hurried to pack up the bones and stones, placing them back into her pouch and rising to her feet.

“I want answers, Seer. Get them….or face the consequences.” Markus said, as he pointed for her to go to the stone. The stone, a mystical rock, that was viewed to be some sort of portal device, only many knew not how to use it….only a few did, and one, was Jasmine. She bowed before her Chief, and then barefoot, she took off into the dense forest in search of the Stone.



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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 28, 2013 11:48PM
Plane of Ysgard

The Traveler known as Watcher had been troubled for sometime. The celestial had been wandering his home plane amassing energy and reading scrolls. There were pieces that told of this time in his existance. He had been told at one point that he might die and live again but it was but a slim chance. The fact that he survived was not a little thing. He saved the clan of weres but could no longer access their plane or help them in any way. What had happened between him and the elder forever changed and connected the two of them but until the time that the werewolf turned planeswalker learned to travel himself he would not see him again. It was part of the limits of power. His memory was also not what it used to be he knew there were holes in it. He guessed it could be expected. There were prices to all magics and a heavy toll had been exacted to save them and their clan. However they were of the true line of Fenrir, the first of the were’s. Hence why he had been sent. He could no longer be a puppet however anymore though his body could not take being an agent of their power. The exchange had proved that. The memories of all those lives nearly claimed his own.

He sat there reading, pouring through the books. His eyes were darkening as the magic allowed him to read the cryptic words in the arcane books. The elven texts spoke of portal stones. Places of power that could be activated by laying of hands by those of the line with the true power. He knew what magic was but not this true power they spoke of. He was confused by the meaning of the text yet in some ways he thought it might mean using magic in combination or without color. As a prismmage he had mastered using all magics prior to becoming a planeswalker so he was an adept. Understanding the nuances better than many and he had many lifetimes to comprehend magic. He was not even sure his true age as he had lost so much memory. He knew he was very old. How old he was not sure though his only living relatives lived in the lower valley and were Kings. Though they were not aware he was their kin. They saw him only as a benefactor.

One reference he did find to one of these portal stones was to a labyrinth in a far off plane. It talked about a place called Ligesa and Nimesa and Lorewall and finally the Labyrinth called Harsten’s Labyrinth. He did not understand all the references but he called upon the gods and used the crystals he kept within his bag of holding. The celestial’s form began to glow as he hummed and the nature of reality began to bend around him acting through need and will. Though he did not know the exact destination himself, the crystal and his mind felt out a place within his mind forming the energy from all sources using all five colors to form a portal before him. As it materialized Watcher seemed to glow more brightly. Grabbing the last of his supplies he quickly vanished through the portal into it traveling to this new destination in search of this portal stone.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 29, 2013 02:44AM
The Center of the Labryinth


Little did many realize that the rock was actually situated below the surface of the rolling green hills and forests of Harsten’s. In a crystal laden cave, that had a flowing underground stream, it was the most mystical place in all of Nemaues. A closely guarded secret to few of the elders of the Labryinth. It was a place for quiet reflection, but to others it was gateway to other worlds. Jasmine had stumbled upon it, one day while on a quest to seek precious stones to use for her runes. Falling down a deep hole, she found herself within the catacombs of this glittering underground cavern. What many Lisegans didn’t understand about the planet was its age, and even though it had almost imploded, many societies under ground had survived when the surface dwellers had been whisked off to safety in the Metatron fleet of Captain.

This part of Harsten’s was as old as time itself, a place where those from the stars had passed through to this world, seemingly unnoticed by any that had inhabited the surface thousands of years before. Now in this time, few lived in the Harsten’s and those that did, treasured the old ways of a society long since removed from the planet.

Jasmine had taken her usual trail to gain entry, passing by the granite wall, that had a secret entrance, when you placed a hand into a special marking with finger holes. Bizarre as that sounds, it has kept the cavern untouched to outsiders. Jasmine checked behind her to see if she was being followed, and thankfully, she was not.


With her crimson hood still up, and leather gauntlets on her wrist, she padded into the cavern entrance, with the bright light, the aura of the Stone drawing her towards it. Shadows darted about the inner chamber, and she came before the Stone, and kneeled, before bowing right down and placing her forehead to the earth. She spoke in a language, taught to her by her mother, so long ago.

“Odd zyyefr, odd nfaqefr. Swy Ydkylz rejy swyel xdyzzefrz sa uai, Oximol. Swy Lojyf woz oroef zhany swlairw tu dehz. Ab Sety ofk swos es ez ihzeky kaqf. E zyy swy belyz ab qol, ofk swy Ydkylz zyyn uail patbals ef qalkz. Wyol ty, kayz swy Lojyf zhyon slisw? Ez sety kotoryk?”

(Translation : “All seeing, all knowing. The Elders give their blessings to you, Abujar. The Raven has again spoke through my lips. Of Time and that it is upside down. I see the fires of war, and the Elders seek your comfort in words. Hear me, does the Raven speak truth? Is time damaged?”)

Jasmine stayed upon the ground, waiting for the sign that the Raven spoke the truth.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 30, 2013 11:07PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

The travel was easy as per usual but this time was led by need. At most times Watcher was led to known locations. This travel had occured by need as the prohecy had led him here. He was supposed to be here in both this time and place. He was not sure how he knew, but he knew this as sure as he knew his own true name. As he stepped out of the portal it vanished behind him. The room was crystalline and seemed to be large and cavernous. He felt the power that energized this plane. It was immense, it must be as Ysgard a greater plane. He was not sure yet what dwelled here however. Reaching out with his will he began to feel out with his conciousness allowing it to co-mingle with the energy of the plane more fully.

He felt a woman here. He was not sure what she was Her nature seemed veiled. He dared not delve into her for such was considered rude and he did not do that with no purpose. Watcher had come here for a reason and perhaps she knew something about the stones location. He knew they were somewhere near. He could feel their energy in this place, he had but to find them.

Turning towards where she was he moved towards her and said in his tongue. “Olathuir Vendui”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
October 31, 2013 03:08AM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

With eyes shut tight, Jasmine chanted softly, hoping that she was heard. Jasmine needed answers, for the Chief would surely not tolerate her coming back empty handed. As she knelt, she felt a change in the air. Whipping up the dust upon the floor, and soon she found herself rising with it, blinking as she stared at the stone. But what she saw…was not at all what she expected. The image of a cloaked man, one that was not of this world. Jasmine quickly got to her feet, all in one fluid movement, and took a step back. Her hood fell back to reveal her onyx locks, that flowed down beneath her cloak.

He spoke with a tongue she had not heard before, but his greeting reminded her of those that dwell in the underdark.

“Olathuir Vendui”

“Did the Gods send you?” Her first question was due to the fact she had prayed for a sign, and this was either a remarkable coincidence, or…fate. “Forgive me, I am Jasmine…of the Lacardians.” She referred to herself as one from the old country, which she was, and proud of that fact.


She then bowed before the traveler, thinking he was a messenger of the Gods. The stone had done its magic, and perhaps this man could bring an end to the troubles of the world. “I am your humble servant. Please, does the Raven speak truth? Is time damaged?”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 04, 2013 11:57PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

Watcher quickly realized by the woman’s manner of speech that she spoke the common tongue much more readily.
Adjusting his speech as one of his gifts was the abilitiy to understand all manners of speech, he quickly attuned his speech to that of her own.
She asked..
“Did the Gods send you?”, then introduced herself as Jasmine of the Lacardians asking if time was damaged.
Watcher was not familiar with this plane as of yet. He had been drawn here through need following the prophecy and the lore of the scrolls.
” I am a traveler Jasmine. I am known as Watcher. I came to this place to learn some things. After much study I was able to learn of a stone. It was said to allow one to travel to another world inaccessible since before time. My journey has been a long one my lady but I learned that part of my salvation lies in finding my way past the door. There is a man in another world said to be beyond the stone whom can teach me something. Something that cannot be learned in any of the worlds I have traveled to. I have traveled to many. I am what is known as a planewalker. I can walk between the worlds. As to whether time itself is damaged that is something I am not sure of. I have not felt that. Though perhaps, if you were led by a raven and dreams you were led here for a reason. I myself was guided here on this very day by prophecy. I think we are well met. ”

Looking about him he spied a large column ahead which looked to be an ancient stone with arcane symbols guessing this might be the stone he began to walk towards it to gaze more closely at it its detail.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 06:10PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

With almond shaped eyes, skin the colour of deep olive, Jasmine’s unique appearance married with that of many of the Lacardians. Not at all like the tech savvy Lorewalleans to the South. She raised her head slowly, as the man introducted himself in common, not that of the drow or underdark. Understanding his dialect, she nodded in respect.

I am what is known as a plane walker. I can walk between the worlds.

A planes walker? This was new to Jasmine, for she had never heard this terminology before. Yes, she had heard about plane shift, though she had never been taught how to use it herself. That was something her Mother never wanted her to know. Jasmine moved slowly, the tinkling of her jeweled ankle bracelets heard with each foot fall. She regarded the man quizzically, for he had no answers about time, or the raven. Was it mere coincidence that he had followed his own path via the stone? This was most likely the case.

On his inspection of the gate, she kept well back. He could be armed, or even dangerous to one such as her.

“I myself was guided here on this very day by prophecy. I think we are well met. “

This was news to Jasmine. What prophecy did he speak of? Was there greater things going on in the world she knew nothing about? Was her foresight about time incorrect? And who was the one that he sought? A man? She watched him closely as he took in the gate, and said

“Is this world a stepping stone to the next?”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 06:47PM
In a crystal laden cave, that had a flowing underground stream, it was the most mystical place in all of Nemaues. A closely guarded secret to few of the elders of the Labyrinth. It was a place for quiet reflection, but to others it was gateway to other worlds. As the stars shined into the crystal cave, their lights hitting the Portal Stone, revealing its magnificent beauty that was created many millennium ago by the Gods themselves. The granite walls and marble like flooring sparkled with beauty from the specs from within the stone itself while small waterfalls fell into small ponds that were formed in different places around this hidden ancient sanctuary.

When Jasmine and Watcher entered the cave their own ways of getting here, something behind the stone stirred, waking up it seems but no one truly knows what was behind the Portal Stone for the movement was silent to the human ear and to even the highly trained ears as well. Two bodies moved slowly, their bone like structure giving off a very low mechanical sound as if the joints have not been in use for quite some time. One figure was 6’2″ and this figure represented a male human figure and the other figure who looked female was a foot short than the large male body. Both the male and female opened their good eye, a soft light flashing though the light from their eyes could barely be seen by Jasmine and Watcher. The bodies of these two were powering up from their recent slumber then looked at each other, giving a nod as if they knew what was the intent of these two travelers or so they assumed.

With the finishing process of powering up, each figure stepped out into the open, standing on either side of the Portal while the looked down at Watcher and Jasmine. Both the male and female had a soft golden eye colour and wore black leather clothing with leather strips that were randomly attached to the leather fabric and the seems of the female’s outfits were held together by cyan thread though there was random slices within the leather to show that both the female and the male had fought. The flesh was pale on these two while the male wore brown leather wristbands and the female wore dark teal leather wristbands as they both wore boots to protect their feet from becoming damaged from all movement they had done in the past while fulfilling their duty that their Creators gave them but the only item that was not dark colour was the eye patches they wore over one eye.


The male spoke, “What is your purpose of being here? No trespassers are allowed to pass through here. I am one of the protectors of this Stone for its my duty to stop all evil with intent of using the Portal. Now begone or you shall parish if you try to pass us,” his words would sound harsh then the female figure only stayed silent, watching the two closely as she waited for any sign of intent on attacking and intent of misuse of the Portal for personal gain or to bring evil upon the apocalyptic world.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 07:24PM
Harsten’s LabyrinthWatcher was about to answer Jasmine’s question when it seemed her question was answered for her.
Though he might have explained how there were many worlds and he had traveled to many of them, he did not get the chance as it seemed there were guardians to the portal stone. Twin beings crept from either side of the stone. As they moved he felt out with his mind seeking to see if he could sense their energy. He felt no magic within them. They were not living creatures. They were akin to golem’s Some kind of machine or mechanical cration of some sort, their nature yet a mystery to him as they intoned…

“What is your purpose of being here? No trespassers are allowed to pass through here. I am one of the protectors of this Stone for its my duty to stop all evil with intent of using the Portal. Now begone or you shall parish if you try to pass us,”

” I have been sent by prophecy to seek the stone. I have watched for countless centuries as a protector and planeswalker. One of the last of the elder elandrin. Most of those left have become wild and powers of nature within each of the planes. I became an agent working for many different purposes. However I lost my memory through tragedy to save a tribe and plane. I sought the answers in prophecy which led me here. In the text’s it was said beyond these stones exists a man known only as the Dragon. Only he may teach me what I need to know to Be whole again. Jasmine here speaks to me of a Raven also leading her here within dreams I fear she may also be inexorably tied to the prophecy, for there was a mention of a Prince of Raven’s within the text. I know not all the meanings, only that I must seek answers. I come with pure intent. I may draw easily the power to open this gate as I am a planeswalker and traveler of worlds.”


With a gesture he began to fuel magic into the room drawing the energy of the plane around him.

Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 07:43PM
Jasmine was literally gobsmacked by this arrival of new visitors, that started shouting orders about no trespassing and other nasty things, like they were keepers of the gate. Jasmine must have been to this site, at least two thousand times, and not once had she seen the gate do anything like this, let alone find herself in the caves with outer worlders.

The man that had arrived first, well he started to do the talking, as Jasmine took out one of her special voodoo dolls, and madly started to sculpt it as the planes walker spoke. Every so often she looked at the pair, with her eyes narrowing and shook the doll at them, before going back to shaping the face and legs. They were not of her world, and how dare they speak so rudely in this most holy of sites.

“Jasmine here speaks to me of a Raven also leading her here within dreams I fear she may also be inexorably tied to the prophecy, for there was a mention of a Prince of Raven’s within the text. I know not all the meanings, only that I must seek answers. I come with pure intent. I may draw easily the power to open this gate as I am a planes walker and traveler of worlds.”

At the mention of her name, she tapped her chest with a finger, to mean Jasmine, then went back to crafting her doll, not bothering to listen to his speel a second time. Did Jasmine appear to be threatening? Not at the moment, but question was, what was she doing with the doll?



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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 07:56PM
The man had turned to the female and waited for his Twin’s answer or thought on this as he did not look to be breathing as it is the same with the female. The female looked over at her Twin, using sign language to communicate with him as he turned his gaze at the Planeswalker.

“But whatever you need to do, we would have to go with you on your journey just t make sure that what you say about your intent is true,” he would look over at Jasmine, watching her carve some sort of doll with her thin hands though she madly scuplted the doll into shape. He was not sure what her intent was but he knew that it would not work on him or his Twin sister while the female kept her eye on Jasmine, not liking what she was doing and decided to bring her hands behind her back, readying an attack if needed.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 05, 2013 08:27PM
Harsten’s Labyrinth

Watcher listened to the two beings. The male said they must travel with them if they wanted passage..

“But whatever you need to do, we would have to go with you on your journey just t make sure that what you say about your intent is true,”

Unsure about their nature, Watcher was need to speak more to these beings before he allowed them to travel with him. They had already bodily taken control of Jasmine as he watched. Something he could quickly undo but decided it would be better to talk out as they seemed far to quick to act. If they would all journey together they must work together.

” If you would have me open this door and would travel the portal by my side, I would know more of your nature. I can tell the nature of all living things yet not feel you in any way. Why is that? I would know a bit more about you and Jasmine I am sure can agree to work with us as she also wishes to search as she was bid by the dream. “

Turning to Jasmine he said quickly…

” You can relax a bit I am sure. Wouldn’t you like to gain passage and learn more about these two? I am sure they can release you if you agree to be peaceful. ”

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 09, 2013 05:54PM
Harsten’s Labryinth


Little did the alien A1’s realize that by trying to restrain the Priestess, who was creating the voodoo doll, that they were doing a great disrespect to the land owners to which this gate sat. Jasmine was as much a part of the land, as she was in reverence of it, and the doll she had made, slipped from her held hands, landing on the floor seemingly discarded. Her dark eyes glowered, at this capturing of her vessel. She looked at the feet of the female and spat a substance, that actually sizzled as it met with the rock floor.

“You don’t know what or who you have captured. I suggest you release me, or feel my wrath.” Jasmine said with a venomous tone, that was sure to send a clear message that she meant business. It did not matter what kind words of advice that the traveler said, for her mind was made up. THEY were the trespassers, not the other way around.

” You can relax a bit I am sure. Wouldn’t you like to gain passage and learn more about these two? I am sure they can release you if you agree to be peaceful. “

“Are you a warmonger, like them? If so…step away from me.” Jasmine hissed.


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 13, 2013 03:47PM
“I assure, Ma’am that both my twin sister and I are not warmongers. We are just guardians of this Portal since we were placed here by our Creator. But we do need to come with you on this journey of yours,” the male wouold turn to his sister and place a hand on her shoulder, “Relax, sister. They seem to bring peace and seem to not want to use this Portal for evil intentions,” he looked at her with firm eyes as the Twin female looked towards her brother then relaxed her hands as they fell to her side as she gave a nod to her brother.

“I am sorry for causing you any problems, Ma’am. Its been so long since we have met any sort of humans in such a long time. My apologies,” the female said as she bowed to both Jasmine and Watcher then stood straight to only back up to let her brother take control while she stood silent, watching things unfold before her.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 13, 2013 05:17PM
Portal Stone’s

Watcher heard Jasmine reply to him,
“Are you a warmonger, like them? If so…step away from me.” Jasmine had said.

He thought for a moment as he watched the automaton’s begin to interact with her. He didnt want to disturb them yet wanted her to know that he understood she was part of his purpose. He knew there was a reason for her being here. He did not want her to fall away from her purpose. He knew that there was far more going on then he knew and he was trying to piece it all together. As he saw the hands fall off of her he replied.

” No, I am not a war monger. I would have us all learn our purposes here. We have been driven to this place Jasmine. You must tell me more of these dreams. You say time has been damaged? I have felt a vast disturbance here. Perhaps that is what has led me here now. We must work together if we are to repair it. I can open the door but tell me how you came to be here first. then we will travel through the gate as one if that is your will. ”


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 13, 2013 08:40PM
Portal’s Stone

Dropping her arms to her sides, Jasmine raised her chin proudly, as the trio were claiming not to be warmongers at all. Each had their reasons for their behaviors, though she found them all to be completely foreign to her way of thinking. Rubbing her right wrist with her left hand, she stepped away from the pair of A1’s; the twins. Her anklets chimed musically, as her bare feet padded against the rock floor. Her almond shaped eyes showed no hatred or malice, but she was indeed wary of these travelers. What had her raise a brow however, was that one of the twins, suspected that Jasmine was human. If only they knew.

“Lore of the land says this is one of three gates in the world. I have only seen of this one. The others are spoken of only by the Seers.” Jasmine spoke the truth, there were three. One in Emerald Mountains, one below Lorewall and the other here in Harstens.

The man that Jasmine had met first, quizzed her about her dreams, and her belief that time has been damaged in some way. It was actually the reason that Jasmine had been sent down to the portal gate….for answers. All she had managed to get now, were visitors, that could not possibly know of the reason for her dreams.

Crouching down on the floor, she used her hand to wipe a dusty section, that allowed her to demonstrate what she believed has happened.

She started to draw a large circle in the dirt, using the tip of her finger to do so.

“Our planet revolves around a sun, along with many other planets, we continue this never ending loop. Course, planets, suns, stars all have their moments in time to shine and then collapse, implode and there is no more but the void of what is left. But what if something interfered with that circle of life? To stop the same continuing course, and alter it. A rift, a split…a tear in time. Something, I believe entered this world, not via a gate…not using the portal, but….it is a servant of something much greater than we can possibly understand.”

She started to hum and sway as she drew what her third eye has seen. The picture slowly forming from her shaking hand.


A horse….and a rider with a long cape…..

But what does this mean?



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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 18, 2013 05:54PM
Both the male and female watched the two talk as their eyes seemed to take photos to store them in the memory bank of their minds. The tall one folded his arms, wondering what will happen on the journey that they will endure once they enter the Portal then lifted a hand to only adjust the eye-patch on his eye for it seemed to itch him. Though the female AI did not like how proud Jasmine held up her chin in response to them saying that they were not war mongers and did not want to cause any harm to one such as herself.

With Jasmine crouching close to the dirt covered stone, the Twins looked over and down at her finger which began to draw a familiar figure that the female seemed to remember but she can not seem to figure out where she saw it. So she closed her eyes, in search of the image and information that was stored deep within her memory bank. Once she did, the memory seemed to be dusty so she blew off the dust, figuratively then all of the sudden, her eyes snapped open and they held fear.


She looked over to her brother quickly and shook his arm in a frantic way, “One of the Horsemen is planning on using the Portal! We need to do something to prevent this from happening!” Her voice was shaking and held fear then her brother placed a hand on her shoulder.

“We will take care of this problem together, my dearest sister. As long as we get to tag along with both of these beings,” he spoke gently to her sister as he watched her shake in panic and fear.

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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 18, 2013 08:13PM
Portal’s Stone

Watcher knew the time had come. With tidings of a horse and rider. And the automatons agreeing to accompany them to help in their quest, it seemed they must be underway. They needed to repair time. This would be no easy task. What was said to be behind these stones was another world but that world merely a road or gateway through which one would travel. Many cities and places once lost might be there. Who knows what they might find. They had to find the other stone if they were to make it to the keystone world. That is what the prophecies said. The one with the knowledge was the dragon and he existed wiuthin the keystone, outside of time. The worlds within the portal stone were in between time and the keystone. They were a prison. They must take care while they traveled there. He wasnt sure how to prepare them.

He looked first to Jasmine and said ” Let us open the door. “


His energy slowly began to swirl around him as the planes energy coalesced around him the series of somatic gestures that he learned from the runes carved upon the graveled rock known to him from the prophetic text. They indicated a series of planar understandings telling him which energies to intone and in what order as he began to call upon a series of combinations of varying colors of mana. The room becoming a scintillating colored display and the emanation of power almost feeling as if it would melt or freeze the ground. The fact it was localized and focused solely upon the stones was its only saving fact. They seemed to actually draw its essence. His memories of his first life feeding the magic and mana. As they did the runes on the door began to glow in rapid succession. As each did a series of locks upon the door began to move apart. The door making a series of whirring sounds as it began its unlocking sequence. It finally opened revealing a grey expanse and drab world beyond. It looked dull and lifeless as if looking through this mirror sheen filter was a road that led to nowhere.

“Well I am ready when you are. The door is open. “


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Re: (RP) Portal Stone Harsten’s Labyrinth
November 20, 2013 04:41PM
Portal Stone


” Let us open the door. “

Jasmine was uneasy about this, and before she could utter a protest, the man before her activated the runes that were carved in the rock, his energy spilling out, seeping into every nook and cranny of the cave interior. Jasmine’s eyes grew larger as she felt the swirl of energy lift her very robes, and she had to fight to keep them down.

Powered by Watcher’s own memories, the changes started to occur with the unlocking sounds, that had Jasmine fall back, almost ready to drop to her knees and pray that this was not the end of all existence within Harstens. Looking back at the other two that had entered via a portal gate, she wondered if they would follow her and Watcher into the door, to what ever it was that lurked on the other side.

When finally the door did open, the other side appeared to be a dead zone. No life, nor colour. Could it be a corridor between the planes of existence?

“Well I am ready when you are. The door is open. ”

Nervously, Jasmine summoned all her courage, and then made her way through the door, reaching the other side, only to turn and see if the others followed, and this was not some sort of trap.


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Blood Of Kings (RP) Sandsnake Castle and Firemarsh Lands The Faceless Man (1)

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[RP] The Firemarsh Lands
August 24, 2013 01:47PM

The Land of the House of Tulsyar. Please state your general area.

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Re: [RP] The Firemarsh Lands
September 11, 2013 12:19AM

In his latest guise The Faceless man known to some as the Dark Fellow walked the halls of the guild. He wasnt weary but it had been a long trek from his last target. The memory was gone as was expected from each time. As each identity was assumed, there was a little death, the person you became died and thus you could not be found or tracked and the guild could not be blamed. It ensured the power of the guild and its reputation. There was a reason they were so coveted and prized. Small kingdoms could be bought for the price it might cost to take out a monarch it was said. Hence why they were not used very often or only in smaller ways or covertly. 

As he walked down the corridor he spied the council gathered giving out the assignments for the members in standing. He had been granted a higher honor than most as he had succeeded where others had not. He had managed to train two new recuits and also take out some valuable targets as requested that one other was unable to. the dark fellow did not command respect by right, but because of his actions others gave him it. they respected his opinion and thoughts, the order was unlike most of westeros and the vying for power that you might see. they believed that all men must die. in high valyrian, valar morghulis. they chanted this in unison as the meeting began. each man and woman responding in turn, valar dohaeris. “all men must serve”. 

the council gave out but a few assignments before coming to him as he was now consider a higher member and given only the more choice assignments. he was handed a scroll. the scroll told him to meet with the leader of the Tulsyar clan. they had an assignment. they dared not trust the ravens directly but had already paid the guild. 
He kept the new form and darted out so as not to attract notice. 


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Re: [RP] The Firemarsh Lands
September 11, 2013 12:42AM

Cottage Mer Vue – Firemarsh lands


The dark shadows could not hide the Lord who followed along behind Osha as she took her afternoon stroll, a few hundred yards from Cottage Mer Vue. The sound of his foot falls, as they crunched the leaf litter and snapped twigs, only brought amusement to the young witch’s face. Oh, he had taken her not a week ago, but his insatiable lust had brought him back once more, with a purse filled with coin, to pay for her favors. Glancing back through her soft brown locks, she could see his outline in the forest, and after another twig snaps, she grips her skirts, and turns around. Upon her chest, a ruby medallion, that was handed down from daughter to daughter. It captured the shards of light that broke through the canopy, and sparkled whilst it rest upon her dark skin. 

“You really are a terrible tracker, Sir Lance. One would think you were riding an elephant.” She said with a delicious smirk upon her lips. Sir Lance appeared just out from behind a tree, and removed his hat as he gazed upon the temptress Osha. “My dear, forgive me, but I cannot get you out of my mind. I have come to ask…if I may lay with you once more. My wife….she is too poorly to give me rights in the bed chambers, and I fear of what I will do if I cannot release the inner demons that plague me.” 

The look upon Osha’s face when she heard this terrible excuse by Sir Lance to ask her for sexual favors, was one of fascination and surprise. Either he was telling the mother of all whoppers, or he really did have a case of blue balls. A hint of smugness came over her, and she lifted her skirts, and glided across to stand in front of him, with her intoxicating scent of cinnamon and rose petals, filling his senses. “Oh, you poor thing. Those demons must really be a handful.” she said as she reached down and cupped his crotch with her right hand, and massaged it slowly, as her eyes darkened. Sir Lance released a soft moan, as his lips parted. His eye almost rolled back in his head, but he was brought back to earth, when she simply patted his growing bulge. “Osha…for all that I am…I beg you…let me carry you to the cottage, and make sweet love. I need you, more than you can imagine.” His hot breath was felt upon her face, as he looked set to take her right then and there on the forest floor. But if it was one thing she hated, was sex outdoors. She loved the luxury of clean sheets, and down pillows, not having grass poking up her ass. She stood on tiptoes and whispered in his ear. “For all your purse, I think I can squeeze out a demon or two.” Osha nibbled his earlobe, and you could feel his chest swell, as he swept her up in his arms, and carried her the rest of the way back to Cottage Mer Vue. 

Thankfully, Osha’s two aunts were in the town buying produce, and so when he kicked open the door with his boot, there were not two old witches sitting in the living room to greet him. Osha giggled at the Lord’s exuberance, as he swept her up the stairs, and into her private chambers on the top floor. Once inside the room, he slammed the door, and took to her like a wolf does a lamb. Large hands fumbling as he tore away at her dress, and had it fall to the floor at her feet. She heard the jingle of his large purse as he tossed it on her dresser, and then he turned her around, and slapped her arse, before growling long and low. “Bend over on the bed, while I remove my pants.” She did as he asked, and with her hands splayed out on the fine sheets, Osha glanced back to see him completely naked, having taken off his shirt and pants in what must have been record time. He placed the palm of his right hand on the small of her back, then grabbed a fist full of her hair with his left. Without another word, he kicked her legs apart with his knee, and snorted loudly, as his hardened member was thrust into her, before she even had a chance to utter a sound. The Lord was like a machine, with all pistons firing, as his hips moved back and forth at a hard pace. He quickly changed his position, flipping her over and then diving on top of her, biting at her neck and licking her flesh, like a man who had been starved of sex for years. And it had only been a week. Why is it the quiet ones are so adventurous in the bedroom, she thought to herself, as he grunted in her ear, about to reach climax. 

He drew his head back and roared like a lion, eyes the colour of pure black, as he came hard and heavy, only to roll off her and fall asleep. Osha laid there for a moment panting. “Well that was fast..” She propped herself up and stared at him oddly, his mouth open like a fish as he snored. Reaching for her red robe, she stood up and then crept over to the dresser, where he had thrown his purse. Sure enough, it was filled with coins, enough to get her a new wardrobe of fine dresses. She bit her lip as she glanced back at Sleeping beauty…or the beast, since he sounded like one at the moment. She tossed the coin purse, chuckling. “I’m going to have to start charging for breakfast if he sleeps like this every time he comes.” 


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Re: [RP] Sandsnake Castle
September 21, 2013 10:59PM

Cottage Mer Vue – Firemarsh lands 

Night had fallen, and out in the forest just beyond the small Cottage of Mer Vue, three witches were dancing, as within the large black pot, a brew was bubbling. Dancing naked and stirring up the very leaves to dance about the air, the witches of Summer, did sing of dark desires and evil plots. Osha was the one making the most noise, as she had enjoyed an afternoon of wild sex with the lanky Lord who came to sew his oats within her. 


“Another man, of blue blood, he does pay for me, 
since his Lady can’t bring herself to spread her legs, 
her pussy he shall not see. 
But the Lord does come to seek my youth, 
his tongue does dance within my folds, 
and all his treasured secrets whispered, 
within the sheets, he does divulge.”” 

All cackled, as the smoke that came from the fire started to change color and the shapes of those most hated by the Summer witches, came into formation. Ladies, Ladies, Queen and Princesses. Dames and Duchesses, they were all the same. Women claiming to be above the filth of sin, but they were lower than the maggots that feasted on bloated corpses of rats. Adultery is high on the card, when you are born with a silver spoon. The very reason her mother was burnt at the stake, and for which all royal women will pay. The fire danced within the eyes of Osha, who had her sights set on a King…afar. 
“Show me my new delight…the one that holds the key to the downfall of all ladies of Firemarsh!” she cried, spreading her arms wide, as the bubbling pot released a large bubble, that within its glow showed none other than the King himself. Seated at a table with his family. What a happy family gathering….NOT. Osha laughed and threw back her head, as she sang an incantation and her form changed to that of a crow, that flew off in the direction of the Castle Firemarsh, where the start of her evil plan would commence. 


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Re: [RP] Sandsnake Castle
September 21, 2013 11:20PM

~the dark fellow followed the marsh carefully. having a working knowledge of the land was always helpful and he had known the Tulysar lands for sometime. They were bordering the isle that the guild was house on. Though it was considered a independent territory and given free reign as they did the work of the monarchs and worked for the crown they were left alone more because of fear. Those who did not respect the guild of death were soon found dead. No matter how many times they had been assailed they would begin anew and every member of a house to man, woman and child would be slaughtered who took up arms against them. That is why they were left to do their work. That and that they were as honorable as they were. They were relentless in their pursuit once an assignment was given to a guild member. The Dark Fellow was sent North through the Firemarsh, toward the gates of the Sandsnake Castle. He had been told little details as even the most trusted members were not given the handlers as they could change or slip ups could occur. Certain key words were never told however and coins were always given. These coins could not be faked as they were made of Dragons Gold, a rare mineral even in Valyrria. And the Night Lands were not Valyrria. This contact would have the Coin and know the phrase, of that he was certain. As he approached the gate he kept his cloak about him noting the guards on either side but seeming not to care.~ 

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Re: [RP] Sandsnake Castle
September 21, 2013 11:41PM

Castle gates

The crow did fly high on the heady breeze, its wings flapping hard, swooping up and over the tallest trees of the forests that surrounded the Sandsnake castle. Eyes of black peered down and saw on the road a traveller. Cloaked and with a mysterious air, this caught Osha’s attention and she swooped down. Plummeting at speed, and only to hover above the faceless man. Something about him differed from those that were kin of the Firemarsh, and she settled upon his shoulder as he rode along. 

His face was hidden beneath his hood, but his smell was undeniable. Ruffling her feathers, her beak preened under her wing, till happy with her appearance, and she simply dropped from his shoulder, down onto the road as though dead. Laying still for a moment, the feathers all fell away to reveal a blooded carcass, that jerked and spasmed, till a black mist appeared from its stomach, swirling upward, snaking till the height of a woman. This was when the mist transformed into the beautiful form of the witch. Swathed in a long black gown of that era, and wearing a charm around her neck, a velvet purse tied to her waist. She patted her hair, as the last of the feathers floated away. 

Looking up at the faceless man, she unclipped her purse and then said simply’ 

“All men must die” 

She took out a coin from her purse, and tossed it up towards the faceless man, then tied her coin purse back on her belt. The coin was made from dragon’s gold. 

Osha simply smiled, and waited for his reaction. 



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Re: [RP] Sandsnake Castle
September 22, 2013 12:00AM

~the Dark Fellow bit the coin. Unsurprised by her reaction and transformation. He said simply in reply… 


this was the woman he had been looking for. he asked for the name of the target. she wouldnt say it aloud for fear of the guards. 
she simply handed him a name. Robert Tulysar 

he thought to himself they must have paid dearly to kill a king. even one as aged as Robert. his target was near. this woman very quickly disappeared. they were all traveling that day to a jousting tournament. the King it was said was in the habit of taking wine every afternoon. One of the easiest ways would be to use a powder on his glass. the glasses would not be shared. the bottle might be. it was always preferrable to kill only the target and make it look accidental as well. knowing his server he first drugged the server that was to serve his wine and set him in a nearby alcove where he could not be found. then using his magic changed his appearance to that of the server 

having done so he ran the course and tasteless powder around the rim of the glass as he carried the tray to the waiting party. when the king took his lordly glass he was never the wiser. shortly after he had taken the glass and begun drinking the server disappeared..they found the server with his throat slit in an alcove, unsure of what had killed him exactly a lil while after the king died. it seemed the king had what they think is a weak heart per the maesters. 

as the dark fellow left the sandsnake his face was changed yet again… 


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Thought the effects were tight and the work here was well done. The song is great! I recently ran into it on IMVU and loved it. This is by far the best video I have found using it so far.

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How Not To Write a Book

love this!!!

A Day in the Life of Shareen A.

Of course – as a writer – there is no dream sexier than flaunting the title of your latest best selling novel.


It has always been my dream/erotic fantasy to be invited on Jon Stewart to discuss the the depth of my characters and the boundlessness of my super genius.

He would smother me in praise – maybe even read my book.

And I would lap it all up like a starving street cat. Basking in the glow of total affirmation – because if you aren’t on Stewart, you are nothing.

So naturally, when I discovered that a certain conference (designed solely for those in our exclusive club of prospective authors) was coming to town – I simply could not resist.


Dressed for success – I strode into the conference room a measly 15 minutes late. Not necessarily the first impression I was looking to make. Creeping in like…

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No Limits Racing Pine Acres Trailer Park (2) Strip Poker Anyone?

Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 10, 2013 11:58PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix


That Carlos was one scum sucking no good maggot infested weasel, thinking he could buy off Fleur with his big fancy wad of notes, and claims that he only had eyes for her. Then he must have eyes in the back of his head, his fingers, and his dick, cause they always looking at other women. Fleur chewed her gum lazily as he said his peace, and then strolled off to his fancy car, that near tore up the bitumen, as he headed for the local. No way was she going to be his next victim, no siree bob. One thing about Fleur, she was mighty independent, and liked it that way. Sure, she had her sights on one day being Mrs Nascar, but for now, she had bigger problems…the rent. And just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

“FLOWER!!…Randy done throw me and the kids out on the street, and shacked up with some funky squinty eyed ching chong, that does them fancy nails. Can me, and the kids come stay, I promise you won’t be hearing a peep.”

Shock a dollar, it was Joelene and her rag tag bunch of kids; seven in all to six different fathers. Last one, she was holding in her arms was as dark as chocolate drops, and Randy from memory was …..so not. Joelene had pulled up in her beaten up station wagon, with all the kids hanging out, either picking their noses or pulling each other’s hair.

Fleur wanted the ground to just swallow her up, as the screams and hoots from the kids had her putting her hands up to her ears.

“I can have ya here till Sunday…after that you gotta get things right with Randy.” Fleur said with her hands on her hips, as Joelene passed her the newest baby and kissed her cheek. The baby smelt so funky, that Fleur’s face turned green.

“You got any beers?” Joelene said, wiping her hand under her nose and sniffing loudly.


“Not for long…”


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 12:17AM
Billy Bob’s

Billy bob had been watching a lot of the comings and goings in the park. Drinking being one of his favorite past times he decided that it was time to party. Inviting a few of his friends over the back of his yard soon became rather raucous. Billy Bob was on his 6th or 7th beer by the time he began howling like a dog. There was a stripper bouncing around nearly topless on the trampoline out back. His mechanic buddy was doing a keg stand while the rest of them all began dancing around a pit fire. They even had their own homemade hot tub. The music was bumping and soon even the neighbors might show up.


One could only guess?

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 01:04AM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

Fleur’s trailer had become a mad house, with the kids having more or less taken over much of the living areas. Fleur tried to rain the little buggers in, but needless to say that after Joelene had made the kids some special herb muffins, using Fleur’s secret stash….the kids were tripping.


Unable to stand it anymore, she could see the flicker of flame coming from up Billy Bob’s end of the trailer park. There was hollaring and hooting, and people clearly having a better time, than Fleur was at that moment. As one kiddy toddled past with a cereal box on his head, and slamming into the walls, Fleur announced.

“Going out…don’t you burning down my trailer while I’m gone. AND if I find any you in my bedroom, I swear I’m gonna make sure none of you can sit for a year. COMPRENDE?” Joelene swaggered out of the kitchen, with young Randy jnr on her hip. “I got this Flower…you go have yourself some fun.” Fleur was not entirely trusting of Joelene being alone in her trailer, even with all those kids. Slamming the fly door, she headed down the small dirt road up to Billy Bob’s, where they had set up a rather interesting new hot tub…over an open fire pit. She could hear Billy Bob hollaring like some old yella, and she put her hands on her hips and said.


“How many you done have to drink, Billy Bob? No full moon tonight, unless you decide to drop your pants.” One of the other girls at the party handed Fleur a beer, and she cracked it open with her right breast. “Let’s get this party started…woooohooooo!”


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 01:33AM
Billy Bob’s

Fleur arrived just after Billy Bob had finished his second howl. She said..

“How many you done have to drink, Billy Bob? No full moon tonight, unless you decide to drop your pants.” 

Billy Bob laughed drinking his beer.

“Maybe after a game of strip poker. I’m down. Ya scured? “

Taking a deck of cards he layed them out on the picnic table daring Fleur, Larry and the other blonde who had just cracked the beer open with her titties to play.


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 01:51AM
Billy Bob’s

So that was the game Billy Bob wanted to play; Strip poker. It was no surprise, when Fleur took a swig of her beer and saw the picnic table that had the deck of cards laid out on it. Fleur eyed the other blonde, who had just twisted the beer cap off her nipple, and shrugged.“You got less clothes on then me, girl. They going to have you showin’ more than your damn muffin top…but the whole works. Eh…I need the entertainment. Count me in, Billy Bob!” Fleur hollared, liking the fact she had more clothes on than most. For once, she was grateful.


Sitting herself down on an upturned concrete mix bucket, she sat down her beer on the picnic table, and then cracked her knuckles as she looked at Larry. “Name the game, Larry. I intend to win this bitch…though I ain’t lookin’ forward to seeing you all in the nude.”

She took a handful of nuts from a bowl on the table, and started to pop them in her mouth crunching loudly.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 02:04AM
Billy Bob’s

Larry began to shuffle the cards then said rather simply..

” Seven Card Stud. Eight’s Wild.” 

He kept shuffling in a mechanical way then began to deal the cards out while drinking the beer.

Billy Bob looked Fleur in the eyes. Then handed her a freshly opened beer as the cards were dealt.

” Well Fleur lets get this party started like ya said. yeee-aaah!” 


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 02:27AM
Billy Bob’s

Fleur took the offered beer with a crooked smile, tossing the used bottle behind her in to the trash can. Larry had made the call, that it was Seven card stud, Eight’s wild. This was a game she knew all to well, and watched the cards being dealt out clockwise, one at a time.

” Well Fleur lets get this party started like ya said. yeee-aaah!” 

“I be doing that. Alright who is placing down an ante in the pot? Blondie? What you going to put in? Earrings or an anklet?” Not thinking that the girl would jump straight to it, and start to take off her bikini top.


“Ya damn show off. Are they even real boobies?” She said, chewing on a nut, unimpressed.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 02:43AM
Billy Bob’s

Billy Bob took his cards neatly from Larry as they were passed. He was thinking he might offer out his hat for ante when Fleur mentioned it. He became rather distracted when the blonde took off her top. Her headlights were rather nice. Nor compared to Fleur’s from what he could tell, but he would have to wait and see. He neatly placed his hat in the ante pile.

“Here ya go.”

He didnt have a lot on anyways. Just shorts socks boxers his hat and some sneakers. It had been a hot day.

Larry took off his shirt as he wasnt wearing a hat, exposing his hairy back. The smell was atrocious.


Even Billy Bob was like “Damn Dude! “

Grabbing a can of body spray from the trailer and spraying Larry down with it.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 02:53AM
Billy Bob’s


From fake breasts, to the incredible backwater jungles of Larry’s back, Fleur found herself gobsmacked. Why, they could bring in the TV crew from Ripley’s believe it or not, and get a month’s worth of stories in this trailer park. So shocked and disgusted was Fleur, by Larry’s hairy situation, she couldn’t help but utter.

“What are you? A stand in for Chewbacca at those Sci fi fairs?” She said with her southern drawl, while Blondie was doing all she could to get Billy Bob’s attention, smooshing her boobies together, and making goose lips. Fleur looked between them and rolled her eyes. She took of her bandana, that she used to hold her hair in place and set it down on the table as her ante.

“Okay..one of you deal the cards, before this turns into an episode of Animal planet.”


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 03:09AM
Billy Bob’s

Billy Bob laughed at Fleur’s commentary.

” Wasn’t Your mom in one of them there sideshows? ” 

Larry kicked Billy Bob under the table.

” Don’t be talking about my momma! It was my Aunt. Aunt Janet. And she was a perfectly respectable woman. She had a disability. ” 

Larry finished dealing the cards passing out the final set of cards to each of the players. with Billy Bob snickering at Larry and grinning at Fleur wondering what she was gonna ante.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 03:21AM
Billy Bob’s

Blondie stared down at the bandana, that Fleur had placed as her ante, and raised an eyebrow slyly. “You can do better than that Daisy.” Her accent had a nasally sound to it, and Fleur wanted to smack her chops, for calling her Daisy. Grumbling, Fleur stood up and took off her shirt, up over her head, exposing her floral bra beneath. She dumped it in the center of the table and said.


“Happy Pamela?” Fleur was referring to Blondie as Pamela from Bay Watch. Fake tah tahs and all. Fleur thought they must be hard as rocks, and wondered why they seemed to be a little oddly matched, one being bigger than the other.

The cards dealt, two cards face down and one face up, and Fleur looked over at Billy Bob and asked;

“I didn’t know mullets were still in fashion. Billy Rae Cyrus done got rid of his. But with his daughter, I’m surprised he’s got any hair at all.” Fleur said, toying with her beer bottle.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 03:48AM
Billy Bob’s

Billy Bob watched Fleur removed her shirt. Her floral printed bra was quite nice he thought to himself.
He began to look at his cards with a wry grin.

Larry was quite distracted by the blond shaking her chest. She seemed to have taken an intrest in Larrys back hair and had begun braiding it. She was quite drunk.

After he heard Fleur’s comment regarding his hair Billy Bob thought it was a compliment.

” Well yes it has taken me many years to grow it to what it is now. It’s retro. ” 

He then began pouring shots of shine for each of them out of the cask he had. It came from the special still he kept running periodically. It was after all a special occasion. He didnt often have a party like this.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 04:19AM
Billy Bob’s

“I was right…its the discovery channel.’


That was Fleur’s reaction to Blondie braiding Larry’s back hair. Had they even remembered that they were playing a game of strip poker, or were they going to descend into checking each other for lice soon. One look at Blondie, and Fleur was sure that Larry would probably find some, if he went hunting in her jungle. Fleur actually felt like she had something in her mouth, watching the pair, gagging slightly, and then decided it was best to focus on the game of cards, and not the newest exhibit for the local zoo.


Checking her cards, she squealed as she had three 3.’s. Her eyes darted to Billy Bob, who was bringing over some of his own back yard moon shine for them to try. Apparently, he had his own backyard still. Fleur sniffed it warily, then asked.

“Is this eighty percent pure? I bet it could strip the paint off Blondie’s nails.”


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 04:30AM
Billy Bob’s

Billy Bob had handed them all their shots of shine. Raising his glass he took a big shot of the hard liquor.

” To you Fleur! Now let’s raise this ante! it’s time to raise the stakes! ” 

As he said it he took off his shirt exposing his lean chest.


Larry and the blond each seemed to be preoccupied but Larry did manage to throw his socks off.

Once again luckily Billy Bob had the spray can handy and hit him up heavily with it.

Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 04:58AM
Billy Bob’s

There is a thing about raising the stakes, and then…there’s Larry’s socks. Those things, were a lethal weapon, when removed from his feet and thrust onto the growing pile in the middle of the table. Now, sure, Billy Bob was spraying Larry and his socks with enough Fe-breeze to wipe out a small village, but the smell had Fleur covering her nose and mouth. It..was rank.

“There should be a law against his socks.” Fleur exclaimed, while Blondie seemed to be glued to Larry’s back. Truth was, her fingers were now stuck in admist of all that back hair.

“A little help here.” Blondie begged as she tried to pull her fingers loose, only to have them become more entangled, than before. On closer inspection, it appeared like Larry’s hair was…still growing.


Fleur grabbed her shot and downed it fast, trying to stop herself from being sick. This game went from being somewhat sexy, to totally horrific. She grabbed a second shot and downed it, as Blondie squeaked, when someone offered to use a weed whacker to help free her from Larry.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 05:39AM
#9 – Della

Because of the upcoming time trials the following afternoon, Della had opted to crawl into bed early so she could be well-rested and alert. She could not afford to make mistakes.

She had been asleep only an hour when the hooting and hollaring started down the street. Groaning, she shoved her pillow over her ears to drown out the noise and it seemed to work for a short time. She drifted back to sleep.


Another hour later, the hooting and hollaring penetrated even through the thickness of her pillows and she glanced at the clock.

“1 in the fucking morning!” she snarled, climbing out of bed. Not caring that her hair was a mess and she was in a tank top and a skimpy pair of boy shorts, she stomped out of her trailer and up the road to where she could see a roaring fire in Billy Bob’s yard. There were drunk and naked or half naked people running around creating all kinds of noise and she was outraged.


She found Billy Bob and company in the backyard, apparently playing strip poker. And would wonders never cease? There was Ms Fleur, Trailer Park Queen of the Year.

Rolling up her imaginary sleeves, she stomped her way toward the little group, observing what looked like a deformed gorilla and a crooked titty bimbo engaged in a game of “Scratch My Back Hair & I’ll Scratch Yours”.

“Do you have any fucking idea what the fuck time it is?” Della snapped, catching everyone’s attention. “I don’t know what the hell you do for a living, but I have a fucking time trial tomorrow and I need my sleep. So tone that shit down or I’m calling the cops!”


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 07:12PM
Billy Bob’s

Billy Bob was laughing his ass off as they tried to free the blond’s hands from Larry’s back. They seemed so excited at first to be “playing together”. I guessing braiding back fur could only get so exciting he thought to himself.
It was about at that time that Della came in yelling..

“Do you have any fucking idea what the fuck time it is? “I don’t know what the hell you do for a living, but I have a fucking time trial tomorrow and I need my sleep. So tone that shit down or I’m calling the cops!” 

Billy Bob quickly responded to the situation by saying..

” So sorry. Were just having a lil fun. We will try and keep it down.” 

Grinning he poured them all another glass of shine. Larry seemed a bit detached having lost a lot of back hair in the process of the removal from the blond’s hand to hair.

Billy Bob was wondering if Della would stay or head out.

Shortly after all heard a resounding yell from Larry.. OOOOOWWWWW!


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 09:30PM
“So sorry. Were just having a lil fun. We will try and keep it down.” Billy Bob explained.

“Well your fun is causing me to lose sleep. Keep it down.” she snapped.

At that moment, the gorilla yelled out in pain as the blonde finally freed her fingers from his back.

Shaking her head in disgust, Della went back to her own trailer, slamming the door behind her.

Not sure if he would keep his word, she decided to wear her iPod to help her sleep. She clicked it over to the Soothing Sounds of Nature tracklist and slipped on her earbuds.

In no time at all, she was back to sleep.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 16, 2013 03:12AM
Billy Bob’s

Fleur must have been on her fourth shot of this moonshine, and she was already starting to sway, when none other than Della rocked on up and starting braying like a mule with a hot potato wedged up her ass.

“Do you have any fucking idea what the fuck time it is? “I don’t know what the hell you do for a living, but I have a fucking time trial tomorrow and I need my sleep. So tone that shit down or I’m calling the cops!”

Fleur looked stunned, cause like this was a trailer park, not the Hilton. Not like the people around these parts were going to obey any curfews or laws on making noise, why it only encourages them even more. What surprised Fleur, was that the monkey sex act on the other side of the picnic table was getting mighty freaky, with Blondie starting to rip out half of Larry’s back hair. Much worse than any Korean bikini waxer ever could.


“Ooo that sounds painful. Blazing balls Blondie, are you ripping off his skin too. You got blood all over your fingers.”Sure enough, the Blonde in her mad effort to get free of Larry’s chest hair was ripping up his back something fierce. Fleur tried to get to her feet, as the sight of his hair…the blood…Blondie’s mismatched boobies, was making her feel sick.

“Had a great time, Billy Bob…but now…now I think I’m going to go…be sick. Have a nice..*hic*…night.”

Now..Fleur didn’t really take the short way home. No sir, she took the long way…and on that way, she was sicker than a woman that just ate 2 dozen raw bad eggs. Fleur doesn’t remember exactly where she threw up…but it was in the window of someone’s car. It had a letter box near it….number…9. God help them when they get up early for their time trials.

Thankfully, after wiping her mouth and staggering a bit further, she found her trailer, and promptly fell asleep in the kiddy pool just outside the door. Luckily…it was empty.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 16, 2013 04:13AM
Billy Bob’s

Larry was writhing in agony and luckily by the next couple of shots of shine had passed out in the backyard.

Fleur had bid the whole group adieu saying..

“Had a great time, Billy Bob…but now…now I think I’m going to go…be sick. Have a nice..*hic*…night.” 

Billy Bob tried to say good night but Fleur was already walking off before he could.

The blond bombshell was all over him before long having washed herself off. Still topless she had lost her shirt somewhere in the yard. they went in the trailer supposedly “to find” a new one. Before long the trailer was shaking and moans were hard coming from the inside of the trailer.

She was a loud one. Next thing in the morning all he could remember was her ass in his face and how hard they rocked the trailer.


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Fred’s Fresh Meats (5) Roarin Riches

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 02, 2013 10:15PM
The Club

Mags watched the young man saunter over to them after she had called out towards him. She could appreciate a finely cut piece of meat when she saw one. After that sandwich she had already enjoyed her first bite.
He said.. “I am Azrael, madam. It is a pleasure to be in the company of such a beautiful woman. May I interest you in any of my services? 
Thinking to herself as she licked her lips.. “Well why don’t you show me what you can do Azrael? I already like what i see. ” she remarked slyly.


Fred sat back drinking a tall bourbon with Squizzy discussing their affairs when Mags took an interest in his new dancer Azrael. Glad to see that he was doing a good job he raised his glass to his new dancer in encouragement.
” Show her what ya got Az!” Fred said with a grin.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 03, 2013 01:28AM

Sissy knew she couldn’t hide away upstairs the rest of the shift, and made the best efforts to try and conceal the strike mark on her face with concealer and powder. Redressed in a skimpy number, she came down the stairs slowly, and headed back to a spot on the stage, to start her dance routine, whilst the current gangsters and staff talked and were entertained. In the back of her mind, she was fearful, but she had to put on a brave face, in front of Fred. He would expect no less, from his star, and once again, she lit up the side stage, whilst Az was entertaining Mags.

Squizzy winked at Brigette as she set down his drink, having made it in record time, and kept up with his refills. He eased back in his seat, and watched Mags, who by this time was now taken in by the male dancer, Az. From the earlier time, where Vin had made the place uncomfortable for all, now it had a festive, almost party atmosphere. The music struck up in tempo, and Squizzy tapped the table top with his ring finger in time to the music. Fred’s place was definitely going to be the number one destination for him and his gang of thugs. Only question was, would Vinny return, and if so, when? There was much planning to be done to unseat the Don of the Amatos, and Squizzy now had his heart and mind set on it.


“A toast…to a sparkling new future.” Squizzy said, with that million dollar smile. “This place is a sure fire winner.”


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 03, 2013 01:58PM

As the woman replied, Azrael grinned softly and bowed to her. “Of course.” With a soft chuckle, he glanced over at Fred wit h grin before looking at Mags again. He stepped back slightly before he began to dance. Performing always made Azrael comfortable, and as he moved he could only smirk softly. He shifted to look at Mags as he rolled his hips towards her lightly, his hands moving up to unbutton his shirt. If she wanted a taste of his services, then he’d give her one. The vampire pulled his shirt off slowly as he danced, moving his body fluidly as the musicians in the club began playing, in order to add to his performance. Keeping his focus solely on the young woman in front of him, Azrael grinned.


Brigitte glanced at her brother with amusement before looking at Squizzy. Seeing the wink he gave her, she grinned, looking down. She sauntered between the table and bar easily, focusing solely on making the drinks. Which she would continue, unless other services were asked of her. Though she was there mainly as a bartender, she could dance and amuse guests in… other ways. With a smile to herself, she went behind the bar once more. It was amusing to her – being in the presence of so many vampires. It had been a long time since she and her brother had come in contact with any vampires except for themselves. And it seemed like they were a bit older than these vampires, too. Cute.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 04, 2013 11:18PM
The Club

Mags watched Azrael begin his series of moves with careful precision. The fluidity he was able to move with was quite astounding to her. She hadnt seen that kind of skill in quite awhile in dancers. She was used to seeing that in the martial artists she worked with back in the Orient not in a gorgeous young dancer.
“So where did you learn moves like that? ” she asked pawing at his chest as he moved near her.

Fred watched the dancer work the scene like a professional. This was how it was done. A great atmosphere and pleased customers. He felt like things were again, right in his shop. Toasting up a glass to Squizzy he said in reply…

“Salut, To Our Future.”


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 05, 2013 11:30AM

Azrael’s lips lifted upwards into a slight smirk as he saw the way his dancing was amazing her. He stepped forward slightly as he finished the dance, picking his shirt up from the ground. His muscles rippled slightly at her touch, and he grinned. “I’ve been around the block a time or two. Had time to perfect the art.” Chuckling softly, he took her hand gently in his own and kissed the top of it before releasing it. “I hope you found my performance satisfactory.” His eyes flicked to hers and he grinned as he put his shirt back on and began to button it slowly.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 06:24AM
Fred’s Fresh Meats


It was no secret to those of discerning tastes, that there was more on offer at the Fred’d Fresh meat store, than just rump and eye fillet. Sam had been coming to this place for a while now, and he enjoyed the hospitality, as well as the beefcake line up that was always on offer. Course, he was discreet about just who got his attentions, but he never had trouble with the staff before. Having sent off the invitation, he stood in the cold shop front, rubbing his hands together, and keeping an eye out for his lunch date. It was not uncommon for two men to take in a rib fillet sandwich, be it business….or friendship. Sam hoped it would be so much more. Having alerted the shop keeper that he wished to go out back when his friend arrived, he simply waited, and hoped that Damion had got the invitation….and was on his way. All he wanted was a table in a quiet dark corner, so he could enjoy his lunch.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 06:34AM
Fred’s Fresh Meats Storefront

Anticipation curled in Damion’s belly as he pulled into an empty spot outside of Fred’s. He hadn’t seen Sam yet, and didn’t know if he was already waiting for him. He gulped nervously and took some deep breaths to calm himself.

“It’s just lunch. Nothing more.” he mumbled to himself. He stepped from his car and with his head held high, headed into the shop. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the interior lightning but once they did, he looked around for Sam, spotting him almost immediately. He gulped. He found him just as fascinating in the daylight as he did in the night. And in the daylight…the man was simply gorgeous.

He stood frozen in place as Sam walked toward him.

“Um…hi.” Damion mumbled, suddenly shy.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 06:44AM
Fred’s Fresh Meats Storefront

Sam’s smile of recognition was slightly smug…yet friendly. He came. And as endearing as ever, his voice seemed to waver slightly, showing he was timid..a bit shy. Sam decided then and there, that he was going to make this as painless as possible, and so acted perfectly natural.

“You made it, Damion. I can’t begin to tell you how great the food is here. Come on, the shop owner has some choice cuts just through these doors.” If Damion took up the challenge, and followed, he would be led out back, to the real business end of Fred’s Fresh meats. A club…A speakeasy. Already with a hot red head working her charms on one of the dimly lit platforms, and a young man that was slowly buttoning his shirt, while a very fierce looking lady, was paying him a lot of attention. The owner, Fred, was deep in talks with a short fellow, who looked incredibly confident, and was enjoying a few drinks.

Finding a table in back, Sam took a seat, and snapped his fingers for the hostess, to come take their drink and meal orders. Sultry music was playing, and the room had a smoky atmosphere. Perfect for a quiet lunch.

Sam eased back in his chair, and grinned at Damion. “It’s actually nice to get the chance to catch up. I hope things went well at home after. Would have loved to stay longer…but..you know?” Sam said, trying to get Damion to loosen up.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 07:00AM
“You made it, Damion. I can’t begin to tell you how great the food is here. Come on, the shop owner has some choice cuts just through these doors.” Sam greeted, heading into the back. Curious, as this was the first time he’d ever been here, Damion followed behind Sam. He was surprised when they came to the real action behind the shop.

“I never knew this was here.” Damion stated in awe, trying to stare at everything at once. His eyes lingered a bit too long on the male dancer and he gulped. Tearing his eyes away he joined Sam at the table he’d found in a quiet corner near the back of the club. He sat down as Sam spoke.

“It’s actually nice to get the chance to catch up. I hope things went well at home after. Would have loved to stay longer…but..you know?”

“Oh…things were fine. My mother and I had a long talk this morning, straightened some things out between us.” Damion stated. “I apologize for last night, by the way. About how things were left. I don’t know what came over me. I’m usually a much better conversationalist. I must have had too much to drink. So, I’m sorry for that.”

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 07:10AM
Sam paid complete attention to Damion, as he explained how things went at home with his Mum. It was actually endearing to think that the young man still lived at home. Sam had been on his own for about six years now, about the same time he went into business for himself. A song change came on, and Sissy was doing her thing, using feather fans to entice those patrons who loved something more daring. Perhaps the straight men found her as a sort, Sam preferred who was across the table from him. The young alpha toyed with a coaster, as the candle in the red glass jar illuminated the pair with a soft crimson hue. This only made Damion look a lot younger, and accentuated his features.


“Did your sister get home okay, sorry I forgot to ask?’ Sam said, trying to keep the conversation light and centered on Damion’s family. “And you don’t have to apologize for anything. I look at it like this. We met, and here we are about to enjoy a fine sandwich from Fred’s. If you ask me, was one of the best nights ever..”


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 07:19AM
“Did your sister get home okay, sorry I forgot to ask?…And you don’t have to apologize for anything. I look at it like this. We met, and here we are about to enjoy a fine sandwich from Fred’s. If you ask me, was one of the best nights ever..”

“Oh! Yes. She was sound asleep when I got home.” Damion stated. “Thank you for asking. How is the food here? I’ve honestly never been before.” he wondered, taking another look around before picking up the menu that was sitting on the table. “Hm…the roast beef sounds great.” he mused, starting to relax. As far as he was concerned, it was simply a lunch between friends. If he had known where Sam’s thoughts were at that moment, his face might have gone red…with desire or embarassment, he had yet to determine.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 07:28AM
Hearing the change in Damion’s voice, Sam eased back, and tossed the coaster on the table. It was refreshing to listen to Damion speak so freely and without the nervous stutter, when he was intimidated. So, if this was how things could progress, Sam would use this as a way of getting to know him, all the while mentally undressing him.

“Great. She’s a top looking sort, and hate for her to have had a bad night. Probably got a sea of suitors for her hand.” he chuckled, but meant it as it was said. The waitress came by and Sam said. “Might try the rib fillet special, and…the roast beef for my friend here.” Taking the liberty of ordering, Sam then turned his attentions back to Damion.


“You never did tell me what you actually do for a living? I am kinda curious, you know, you being the son of a Marulo. I know I get the same thing about my old man. Can be a pain at times. If you don’t want to share, I understand.”

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 07:42AM
“Great. She’s a top looking sort, and hate for her to have had a bad night. Probably got a sea of suitors for her hand.”

“Dominique has picky tastes.” Damion chuckled. The waitress came by and Sam ordered for them both before she wandered away to have them filled. Damion took a sip of his drink to moisten his throat.

“You never did tell me what you actually do for a living? I am kinda curious, you know, you being the son of a Marulo. I know I get the same thing about my old man. Can be a pain at times. If you don’t want to share, I understand.”

“I’m part owner of Marulo Manufacturing with my father.” He started to explain. He bent closer to Sam so that his next words wouldn’t be overheard. “He’s the largest supplier of arms and weapons on the East Coast.” He got a slight whiff of Sam’s scent and had to bite his lip before he did something foolish, like moan out loud. He sat back quickly, but it was obvious he was affected.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 07:52AM
Watching Damion lean forward to whisper about just what his father’s company handles, Sam could see a change in Damion’s face, like something was triggered or set off. Either way, Sam smiled as though he was oblivious to it, trying to keep from scaring Damion away. The music again changed, a slow tempo, with a powerful drum beat. It almost matched the beating of his own heart.

“That’s an impressive business to be in. My father builds sky scrapers. He is a bit of a legend in this town. Me? I prefer to create on a smaller scale. Condos and houses. I’m an architect. Not as famous as the old man, but I pay my way.” Sam was proud of his independence, and thought that it showed good character to strive for one’s personal goals in life. Sam reached for his glass and took a sip, taking in a piece of ice and then sucking on it, in clear view of Damion, before crunching on it.


He looked over at the male dancer entertaining Mags and said. “Takes guts to dance and get your clothes off in front of strangers, don’t you agree? My hat off to him. I only take mine off for those I think deserving to make it to my bed.”


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 08:05AM
“Now that’s impressive to me. To be able to create such wonders.” Damion stated, clearly interested in what Sam did for a living. It sparked something in his mind but he couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

The music changed to something sensual and Damion looked around to see one of the male dancers giving his all to those watching him intently. Seemed Sam was watching as well for he commented on it.

“Takes guts to dance and get your clothes off in front of strangers, don’t you agree? My hat off to him. I only take mine off for those I think deserving to make it to my bed.”

Damion was hypnotized as he watched Sam sucking on a piece of ice from his glass, wondering what it would be like to feel that tongue on his body. His face felt flush as the thought went through his mind, and he grabbed his glass to take a healthy drink.

“Never really thought of it that way.” Damion managed to reply. “I guess it all depends on who you’re taking your clothes off for.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole. “I did not just say that.” He slapped a hand over his face before he chuckled. “I’m so sorry, Sam. I didn’t mean to imply anything by my words.”

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 08:12AM
Sam chuckled as one of the male dancers was doing a new routine, a slow strip tease for some of the lady patrons. Hearing the gasps and seeing them fanning themselves, Sam leaned over and whispered. “I don’t care if you did, Damion. The human body is a beautiful thing. Artists have sculpted them, painted them..others write poetry. It’s to be celebrated.” He winked and then went back to watching the dancing. Gyrating and hip thrusting in time to the beat. Sam started to move in his seat, and if Damion watched, he would catch Sam stealing a look at him. There was something in his eyes….haunting almost, and it was the look of something other than a friend. A hunger….definitely a hunger.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 08:19AM
Damion was mesmerized as Sam spoke. That the man was so casual about his desires was something Damion never expected. He didn’t know what to think. Sam started to sway in his seat to the music and Damion caught him looking at him a time or two.

The look in Sam’s eyes…a hunger…waiting to be assuaged…

Damion felt his pulse racing as he stared. What was happening to him? Why did Sam effect him so much and so fast?

“You are gorgeous.” Damion whispered, unaware he spoke his thoughts out loud.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 08:26AM
But he did speak his thoughts, and Sam heard loud and clear. In the darkness of the club, and the seating arrangement of the table they were at, Sam was easily able to slip his hand under the velvet red cloth, and gently strum Damion’s leg, as Sam said back.. “Not sure about that….but, I know what I see, and he is something.” he said, with a suggestive grin, as he kept his eyes focused up on the dancer. He may not have been looking at Damion…but he was feeling him…and liking it.

“If ever you need work done, a new place of your own, feel free to come up to my apartment. I have a lot of things that might interest you. We could make an afternoon of it.”


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 08:35AM
Damion felt the touch on his leg and heard Sam’s words. The muscles beneath Sam’s hand tensed, whether in fright or anticipation of something more was unknown. “Not sure about that….but, I know what I see, and he is something.” Sam was watching the dancer, but the hand on Damion’s thigh lent credence that it wasn’t the dancer his attentions were focused on.

“If ever you need work done, a new place of your own, feel free to come up to my apartment. I have a lot of things that might interest you. We could make an afternoon of it.”

Now that caught his attention. He’d never thought about having a place of his own. He liked being close to his family…but the thought of living on his own was very appealing.

Taking a deep breath, hoping he wasn’t making a huge error in judgement, he slid his hand beneath the table and covered Sam’s.

“I’d like to see your work.” he stated with complete honesty.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 07, 2013 08:41AM
Sam stared into Damion’s eyes, feeling his hand cover his own. He made something of a throaty growl, that was mostly blocked out by the music playing in the room. To anyone looking, they just looked like friends sitting together, enjoying the show….to each other, a new bond was forming. One that was scandalous, dangerous….and intoxicating. Their sandwiches arrived, and Sam eased back, drawing his hand away.

“They look great, Miss. Thank you for the prompt service, I be sure to tip you well for this.” Sam said, as he eyed his rib fillet hungrily. “Always nice to take a bite out of something this big. Juicy…tasty, what more can a man want?” He took up a half of his sandwich, and then took a bite, chewing heartily. Sam was really enjoying lunch with Damion…for more reasons than the food and entertainment.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 08, 2013 12:27AM
The Club

Mags had truly enjoyed the show. She had to behave she knew especially as she noted the new patrons coming in. This was a business trip and she was an opinion much like her brother to avoid mixing business with pleasure. Azrael however was quite alluring. She would have to visit again she thought to herself.
” Yes, most satisfactory. “ she purred.
“Bro, this is one hell of a club. You always did have good taste. ” 


Fred watched Az handle Mags with perfect precision. Seemed he was even more skilled than he thought. As he finished he noted two newcomers enter. His servers went to take care of him while he attended to speaking with Squizzy and discussing the plans for the business. It was all coming together so nicely. The place was starting to become busy.
” So who are these two? Any idea? he said quietly to Squizzy nodding towards the two whom had entered and were being served.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 08, 2013 06:23AM

As he heard that she had enjoyed the show, Azrael grinned and bowed slowly. “I’m glad you did.” After a moment, he straightened, and then smiled charmingly at her before walking back towards the stage. Sissy was already up on the main stage performing, so he went to one of the smaller, side stages to begin dancing for the rest of the customers as well. Looking around, he noticed two men at one table, and a few other lady patrons scattered throughout the club. Slowly, he began to dance in time with the music that Sissy had playing for hers – no use in trying to compete against the music as it was predominant. Grinning to himself, he began to do his own little strip tease for the rest of the customers.

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No Limits Racing Pine Acres Trailer Park (1)

(RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 05, 2013 10:59PM

Pine Acres Trailer Park is located on the west end of town from the race track. Please request your trailer number in the requests thread. 

Trailers are situated with the even numbers on the right side of the street, odd numbers on the left. If you don’t see a number listed, it’s up for grabs. It’s a big park.


#01 (Manager’s Office) – Billy-Bob Furman
#03 – Kaspars and Rhiannon Balodis
#07 – Carlos Mendoza
#09 – Della Sachs
#13 – Fleur De Prix


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 07, 2013 09:38PM
#1 Outside the trailer

Billy-Bob was outside washing his current it fix it project an old ford mustang. It was found on the local craigslist. He had been trying to put an oversized motor in it. Thinking how much the ladies would love such a big block. It hadnt fit well and his friend was supposed to come down later and see what he could do to help him adjust the design. So now he was out trying to look cool for the new ladies who had moved in as they drove past. He semi-flexed as he moved around the car thinking they muct love this ride. He was gonna be the talk of the trailer park once it was done. Sipping on his beer he hoped he would get to meet some of them soon. They had stopped for the keys but other than picking up envelopes hadnt spoken to anyone. He knew before long they would need his help though. He was the manager after all.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 07, 2013 10:19PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

As per usual, there was never a dull moment at Fleur’s trailer. One could hear the yelling and cursing a mile up the road, and sure enough the door to the trailer was flung open and stuff started being thrown out. First a half packed suitcase, followed by a Ford comforter and matching pillow…then a stuffed dog named Rudy. More things were flying out the window, as Fleur’s voice was reaching fever pitch.

“Don’t you be tryin’t to lie to me, Bubba Boy Brady. I know the smell of cheap avon perfume and no 69 cherry red lippy on your collar. Not..to mention the marks on your zipper. You sly son of a bitch. I don’t wear that mexican crap on my perf FACE. Get your ass outta my trailer…for I set fire to your Jimmy Dean T collection!” Fleur had caught her boyfriend out after he had come home late, and sure enough, she was armed. Marching out of her bedroom with a flame thrower armed and cocked, she pointed it at his arm full of black T’s.




“You’re being irrational!”


Suddenly a burst of flames fires out of the trailer door, as Bubba Boy Brady, ran for his life, smoldering and burnt black.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 07, 2013 10:59PM
#9 – Della Sachs


The decked-out Shelby GT500 roared through the entrance of the park, kicking dirt and gravel at the manager as he was attempting to try and woo some of the more “well-endowed” (i.e. “big breasted bimbos”) residents of the park.

The driver ignored the man’s yelling at her to “slow the fuck down!” as she sped toward home. Even though the speed limit in the park was 10 miles an hour, Della Sachs drove her personal car like she did her racecar – fast and without regard for the rules.

She narrowly avoided hitting a man, who looked like his ass might have been on fire. She made a face when she saw Fleur standing outside her home. Was that a flamethrower on her back?

“Looks like Fleur and Bubba are at it again.” she smirked to herself. Those two provided so much entertainment to the residents of the park, it was like watching a redneck version of “Days of Our Lives”. They’d make up in a day or two and then the cycle would start all over again.

Della shook her head as she screeched to a stop in front of her own home.


The mocha-skinned bombshell stepped from her car, sunglasses perched on her nose as she took in everything around her. Her cell phone rang and she looked at the display to see it was her ex, Tommy. She sent it to voicemail, not wanting to hear whatever trouble he’d gotten himself into this time. The last time it was because she had to bail his stupid ass out of jail when he got caught picking up an undercover cop dressed as a prostitute.

“Screw him.” she snapped. They had been divorced for well over 3 1/2 years, and he always called her when he was in dire straights. “Asshole.” she muttered, heading into her mobile home.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 08, 2013 08:42AM
#03- Kaspars and Rhiannon Balodis

Fleetwood Mac was blaring from trailer number three, the windows open for the whole park to hear. Rhiannon stood in front of her dresser and mirror, carefully applying her layers and layers of eye make-up. Smiling as she put on her dark lipstick, she thought about just how much freedom she had to dress the way she wanted now that her parents were an ocean away. Pulling back, she seemed satisfied with her look. Today she added a streak of purple to her hair, and she loved it. It went perfectly with her black on black uniform for work. That was what made Victoria’s Secret perfect for her. Rhiannon got to wear black, wear as much make-up as she wanted…and she was surrounded by lingerie. Despite the fact that she was a virgin, she loved dressing up in lace and corsets. It was her world. As she tilted her head to examine herself, she contemplated how her racing uniform would look decked out in lace. Victoria’s Secret would be her dream sponsor and provide her with such necessities. As she silently looked over her ensemble, the sound of snorting snapped her out of her thoughts. A frown darkened her pale face as she walked out of her room and down the hallway to their tiny kitchen table. Though they lived in a trailer, it was a nice trailer. Courtesy of their parent’s money, of course. Hey, they were writing checks to them to supply Rhiannon with proper living quarters while attending her “boarding school.” Why let the money go to waste?
Seeing Kaspars sitting their rubbing his nose infuriated her. Stepping up to her brother, she snapped “What the fuck are you doing? Are you seriously snorting coke right now? You realize we’re three fucking trailers down from the goddamn park manager?”

Kaspars turned his head slowly to fixate his bright blue eyes on his sister. Smile slowly, he raised an eyebrow “Do you realize the windows are open? Now who’s the idiot.”

Rhiannon stood there spluttering with her arms crossed. He had a point. But then again, he shouldn’t be doing drugs to begin with. Shaking her head with disgust, she snapped at him again “Do you have any idea what would happen if anyone found out you were doing drugs while racing? You would lose your sponsors, everything, like that.”

Rolling his eyes, her brother just kicked his seat back to look up at her lazily “Jesus, you sound like mom. Why don’t you just run along to work like a good little girl. You still have to be back to make dinner.”

Sometimes, Kaspars was just infuriating. Shaking her head again, she brushed past him “Why don’t you run along to practice driving like a good little loser you are. It’s a wonder you haven’t won any races since being in America with all the shit you’ve been doing instead.”
Kaspars looked at his sister furiously and leaned forward dangerously. His sister backed up when she saw the look in his eyes. She knew that look too well. After staring her down for a few moments, he lifted a hand to mutter “Fuck you. Get out of here.”

Oh too willing to oblige her junkie brother, Rhiannon turned around and practically ran out the door. Climbing down the steps to their trailer, she turned to look back at their home forlornly. Why did it have to be this way? Turning to look at her baby, the love of her life, she climbed into her car and sped away.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 08, 2013 09:12PM
#9 – Della

Fixing herself some lunch, she turned on the television and sat down to watch one of her favorite channels, RaceTV. Bob Costas was doing a live segment in the conference room of one of the local hotels. She turned up the volume and bit into her chicken salad sandwich.

“Hello, Racing Fans! I’m Bob Costas and I am coming to you live from the conference room at The Renaissance Hotel, where former Formula One racer, Bobby Williams is giving a press conference. For those who don’t know who Bobby Williams is, he was recently barred from the Formula One circuit among allegations of inappropriate behavior, drug usage and gambling. He wants to try his hand at stock car racing and has entered the much anticipated Turtle Wax 3000, taking place next weekend right here on RaceTV. I see Mr Williams coming in now, so let’s go down to the floor.”

Della snorted when Bobby strolled into the room, face hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. She had done her research on this guy and didn’t think he’d be much competition. Too much booze, too much drugs and too many women. “He’d probably have slow reflexes at the wheel.” she thought to herself.

He threw up the victory sign and Della just shook her head. “What a moron.” she snorted. Bobby sat down, his agent hovering nearby and called for the first question.


“…is it true that since arriving on American soil, that you have already been arrested for possession of narcotics, after your trip to Vegas?”

“I called it.” Della smirked, sipping her soda. She chuckled when Bobby got the “deer-in-the-headlights” look on his face and was about to answer the question when his agent shoved him into his seat and snatched the microphone.

“Ahaha…that was a look a like, yes Bobby has some crazed fans that look..just like him and the whole thing was a stunt by a certain television network, who we are currently suing so we can’t comment.” the woman stated in a no-nonsense manner. Della nearly fell off her couch, laughing her ass off at that answer. Another question was tossed out and she quieted to hear.

“Bobby…how does it feel to now be downgraded from formula one to nascar…you must be pretty dissapointed.”

She watched the change come over his face as if he were thinking about his sudden fall from grace. He had been at the top of his game before drugs and booze dragged him down.

“He could be competition if he cleaned his act up.” she stated.

“Well….Mother always said, when life throws lemons at you…to suck harder. So…here I am, ready to suck it up, and show all you yanks how it’s done. If only you could drive on the right side of the road. Man…I have written off five hire cars in a week.”

“Welcome to America, dickhole!” Della yelled at the TV.

“Is it true you knocked up the Mayor’s sixteen year old daughter?” came a question from near the back of the room. There was a dull roar as the cameras and flashbulbs went insane and it was nearly impossible to see Bobby in all the chaos. He was struggling to yank the microphone from his agent’s hands as he yelled out his answer.


Security came into the room to try and restore order and the camera panned back to Bob Costas.

“And that was Bobby Williams, newest racer on the stock circuit. He will join countless others to race for the top spot in the Turtle Wax 3000 next weekend. Join us live, right here on RaceTV for full race coverage and results. Guest commentator will be box-office movie star, Adam Sandler. I’m Bob Costas and you’re watching RaceTV.”

Della sat back in her seat.

“Oh yeah…I got this.” she smirked, anticipating a good race next weekend.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 08, 2013 11:17PM
The sounds of an engine roaring to life filled the trailer park with its throaty purr. Of course as usual Carlos Mendoza was tinkering with his Shelby Mustang GT-500 trying to coax an ever greater amount of horsepower from the big block engine. As Carlos tinkered with his beloved Mustang his long black hair would be done into a pony tail for the moment. His muscled forearms where coated in grease as his radio was heard playing some hispanic music that was his heritage. He wore no shirt leaving his chest free for all to see before he looked to the right and then left as he grunted something unheard out of frustration while he continued to tinker with the engine before setting the socket wrench to the side and grabbing a grease stained rag from his back pocket to wipe the sweat from his forehead and the grease from his hands and forearms. Once he was somewhat clean he would close the hood revealing an after market scoop before he sat down in the padded leather driver’s seat and turned the key which created a loud throaty roar to come from the engine as Carlos smiled slightly. Oh yes that was the desired result he wanted from his car as he fondly patted the hood before walking into his trailer to show and clean up which took his about maybe fifteen minutes. He then returned and hopped into the sea blue mustang GT-500 and keyed the engine to life creating the throaty roar that Carlos lived for before he gunned the engine creating a squeal of tires and a cloud of smoke on the parking pad in front of his Trailer which was #7 before he dropped the clutch and tore out of the trailer park with a second squeal of tires and a spraying of pebbles. He was headed for the PitStop Restaurant and Bar to hang out and have a soda or two and maybe a beer if he was really thirsty.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 12:38AM
#1 Billy Bob’s

Billy bob finally had his friend arrive a burly looking smelly looking man. He smelled like a combination of re-fried beans and day old bacon. Luckily his mechanical genius made up for his lack of hygeine. Larry “Shit-paper” Chambers as he was called was a maintenance man and all around glorified toilet cleaner. However he was really just a well to do janitor with some really good mechanical skills. Billy-bob was glad to have him come check the motor out. As he checked over the whole design throwing poarts everywhere he hit Billy Bob a few times in the head yelling.. “Are you always such a douche, Billy Bob? This is all wrong! God damn dude! ” 

Billy bob looked at his friend with digust leaning against the other end of the car, trying to get out of range of the now flying parts. The mechanic seemed pissed. ” Do you always smell so bad? ” 

Realizing it was pointless he gathered the rest of the parts together fixing the rig as he could. The motor was now fitting in right but he needed to lift it properly and reset it. Using a winch he began to relift it and move the whole piece back into place. Billy bob watched the whole process like a moron, handing him tools as he needed just drinking some beer and flexing to the passing hunnies as they rode in. Larry was tired when he finally got it all in place but as the Mustang roared to life it was now a fully customed AM/21-15 GT Fastback 1965 Ford Mustang but with a much larger motor. It now had a 429 cu in (7.0 L) Boss V8 Cobra 4-barrel engine in it.
His work done the redneck handed him a quick hundred dollar bill. easy money he thought all things considered. He had got to watch the hunnies as they drove through and enjoy beer with his friend. They both sat back watching the women come and go.
As the engine roared to Life Itscared the crap out of the neighbors cat as it nearly backfired blowing out of lot of leftover carbon built up in the exhaust as a result of the larger block. Luckily the frame handled it well.

It was one hell of a ride…

“Life is a garden, dig it?”

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 08:06AM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

Fleur finally emerged from her trailer, sporting her juicy tight bum shorts, and star spangled bikini top. Her blonde curls were in two pig tails with red and blue ribbon and she was rubbing her finger across the front of her teeth, and surveying the blackened grass that now surrounded her trailer. A few garden gnomes copped a blast of the infernal heat of her flame thrower, and were now sludge like puddles in amonst her smoldering daises. She saw a few of her neighbours were already out and staring at her trailer that was always a point of interest in the park, when she sneered and placed her hands on her svelte hips.

“What’chya all lookin’ at? Ain’t ya’ll seen Cops? Nothing to look at now…go back to sexing ya cousins, assholes.” she said with her usual single finger salute, before slapping her backside. Now she was without a love….again. Well for the next week or so, till that yella belly came crawling back with his tail between his legs. No doubt, Fleur was a looker, and she had it where it counts, but boy, was she trouble when angry.


Hearing the revving of engines further up, she wondered if there was any new fine male specimens to try her tricks on, but once she saw it was the trailer park manager and his mate, she shuddered and sauntered over to her deck chair, and got ready to do some serious sun baking.



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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:21AM
#9 – Della

Lounging on the couch after finishing her lunch, Della thought her day would be a quiet one.

Until her cell phone rang.

She picked it up and saw her manager’s number and picture on the screen and she hit the speakerphone to answer it.

“Hey, Yvonne. What’s up?”

“What the hell do you mean, ‘what’s up?’ Yvonne’s angry voice came down the line. Della frowned.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?”

“You were supposed to be at Pitstop an hour ago for the TV Guide interview!” Della looked up at the clock and swore.

“Shit! I forgot, Yvonne. I was running errands for Mom this morning.”

“Nevermind that. Just get your ass here ASAP.”

“I’ll be there yesterday.” Della stated, quickly hanging up. She dashed into her bedroom to change her shirt, fix her hair and touch up her makeup before she was running back out the door.


In a revving of the engine and a squeal of tires, she roared out of the park, narrowly avoiding knocking over the stop sign on the corner.

Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:44PM
Carlos would come roaring down the gravel road towards his trailer before cranking the wheel to the right to throw his mustang GT-500 into a drift only to come to a stop with a squeal of tires and the sounds of gravel bouncing off the siding of the trailers. Once he was perfectly lined up with his parking pad he would back the mustang onto the parking pad before killing the engine and stepping out of the car slowly. Once he was out of the car he would pop the hood before taking his shirt off and tossing it onto a tool bench before bending over and starting to tinker once again with the engine of his mustang. After a few moments of tinkering he would straighten up and step into the car before turning the switcher before a throaty roar filled the air. Once that was done carlos would turn the car off again and set about installing a turbocharger and air intake for an even greater boost in horse power. This would take him until dusk before he finally slammed the hood back down before grabbing his shirt and wiping the grease from his hands with it not caring about that shirt in the slightest bit. Carlos would then walk into his trailer and turn on the TV before putting on the hispanic music channel and walking into the kitchen to grab some chow which happened to be KFC even though he fit as a fiddle and had the strength of a bull so to speak. Then with muscles rippling he would sit down in his lounger before starting to pick at the KFC without much thought as his thoughts where on both the Driver Della Sachs and the Pit groupie Fleur.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:58PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

After spending much of the day either tanning, or swearing on her neighbours, Fleur kept checking her watch, for that crazed on again off again lover Bubba Boy Brady, to show his face and do his usual round of begging for forgiveness, complete with vouchers for Walmart as a peace offering. But turns out, Bubba Boy Brady was in the burns unit, gotten most of his butt hair burnt and melted the skin off his scrotum. Looks like poor Bubba Boy Brady was not coming back to Pine Acres anytime soon. Fleur knew she was going to have to come up with a short fall in the rent amount, and tapped her bottom lip, as she tried to figure out a good way to make extra money in a short amount of time.

She’d been reluctant to do be the Turtle wax girl for the upcoming race, since Turtle man himself was vying to come and do the honors with the checkered flag. He had a bit of a crush on old Fleur, since one trip down to New Orleans, and someone spiked her Margarita and she ended up waking up beside the bad breathed Turtle man. Ever since then, he keeps sending her turtle shells, why she had about fifteen in her front garden.


Sighing, she went inside to make the call, that she would do the gig….and pay the price.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 10:08PM
After maybe five minutes of slouching on the chair in his living room which was facing the window Carlos’s left eyebrow would perk before he spotted Fluer making her way inside her home causing him to slowly stand and stretch with a soft yawn. Then he would slowly walk to his room and put on some cologne before pulling a shirt over his chest and heading out the door to Fluers trailer. Once he was at her trailer he would knock on her door politely and move away enough to lean against one of the porch posts and wait for her to answer the door as he raked his hands through his hair and made sure everything was in order. Carlos cared little for pit groupies but fluer she was the only exception to that. Why was that Carlos had a bit of a liking for her southern ways though he admired her from afar. He was a timid one but had was not easily intimidated however. As Carlos waited he would close his eyes slightly to hooded slits as he began to sing in a rich voice a song from his childhood. Though his mother and father where deceased he still sang this song to calm his nerves when he needed them to be calm.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:05PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

You could hear the slamming of internal doors, and then the pad pad pad of Fleur’s feet as she went from one end of the trailer to the other, and then pushed the fly door open to her trailer. And who should be standing on the porch? Why none other than Carlos, who was singing as though it was for his supper.

“Carlos…Della reject you again?” She said with her southern drawl, placing her hand on her hip and giving him the not impressed expression. She knew that he had his eyes set on the Hot chocolate beauty. ((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-m9uG50mSw))

With the smell of burnt grass permeating the area, mixed in with fried chicken giblets from the next trailer, it was just one of those crazy days in the trailer park. Fleur waited for Carlos to answer her question, not being keen on the title of sloppy seconds over someone like Della.

“Time’s a-wasting, and I have a date with the TV, Carlos.”


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:22PM
Carlos raised a brow slowly and chuckled lightly. “What gave you the idea had my eyes set on Della Fluer? Perhaps i have my eyes set on you.” He shrugged slowly and looked directly into Fluer’s eyes before blinking and reaching into his pants pocket and drawing out a wad of cash before handing it to her. “Look Fluer i want you and no other alright? There’s enough cash to cover the next three months of your rent and then some extra for you to use on what ever you want. Though i also wanted to ask you if you wanted to join my crew and become an official member of the Penzoil family Fluer.” With that being said Carlos would stop leaning upon the post before starting to walk down the steps from Fluer’s trailer after casting a longing eye over her southern body. Then he would walk slowly down the road and back to his trailer before stepping into his Mustang and turning the key to create the throaty purr that he loved. He would then stomp down on the gas pedal causing the tires to spin in place creating a squeal of tires burning against the concrete before he dropped the clutch and tore out of the trailer park in a squeal of tires and spraying of pebbles after waiting to see if Fleur would join him for this night drive.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:24PM
#9 – Della

The roar of the Shelby was loud as Della returned home. The interview with TV Guide had gone surprisingly well and she was assured it would be out in time for the new Sunday edition.

Home once more, she now had to concentrate all her energies on the upcoming Pole trials. She wanted to get a great time so she could be in position #1 when The Turtlewax 3000 race came the following weekend.

There was a message on her answering machine when she stepped into her trailer. It was from Rusty, her pit crew captain, reminding her that she needed to take Goldie out for a run before the trials so that they could make any adjustments beforehand.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she yanked it out to see Tommy’s face on the screen. Disgusted, she ignored the call, sending it to voicemail once again.

Heading into the kitchen, she happened to glance out the window and spotted Carlos loitering around outside of Fleur’s place.

“Floozey’s at it again.” she smirked, wondering how one woman like Fleur can cause so much trouble. At least Carlos’s attentions were off of Della herself. Which she was thankful for. She had no intentions of getting involved with another racer ever again.

“Egotistical assholes.” she muttered, pouring herself a glass of juice before she made herself comfortable on the couch. She flipped through the TV and saw that one of her favorite movies, “Cannonball Run” was on. She settled back to enjoy.


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Blood Of Kings Blackfog Castle (6)

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 03, 2013 11:09AM
Healing Room

Brandon grinned in spite of himself. Thinking for a moment at his now proud son he said
” Well I do remember a Magda you sent to my chambers. I believe she is somewhere on the other side of the castle. You should be familiar with where she abides. Perhaps she could sate your Princely Lust. ” 

Wondering where else whores might be found he tapped the outside of the door and asked the guards to inquire for the best should this Magda not meet with his son’s satisfaction or become unavailable. A proper prince he now was and should be treated as such. Brandon was a proud father.


Magnus quietly watched the scene and smiled. Many years of planning all seemed to finally come together. The Casterly’s would soon fall and his parent’s death’s would be avenged.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 03:00AM
Healing room


Joffrey was checking himself out in one of the large wall mirrors, when his father suggested that if he wanted a whore to bed, why not try Magda. The demon prince stopped for a moment, while still admiring himself, and uttered off the cuff “Isn’t she a mermaid? Cor blimey, her couchie would smell fishy. Noooo, thank you.” Clearly, bedding mermaids was not on the top of his list of things to do. The snake like demon was now fascinated by his own reflection and kept tugging on his clothes, which suited the old Joffrey, but clearly not the new one.

Casting a glance over his shoulder at Magnus, he could see that he wasn’t really saying very much, and he was smiling. Question was, why? Joffrey checked out his own backside, to see if that was what he was smiling at, and maybe he was. Warlocks were such odd creatures. Flicking his lapel, he knew he would have to get changed into something more suitable later, which was most likely going to be armour, since he was taking a strong liking to a war against the angels.

He stopped for a second, and then asked his father. “If…Magda is here, then that means…..that there are still some angels here in the Castle. Right?” He was referring to Orion and most probably Selene. If this was the case, Joffrey was indeed ready to make an example of them as a warning to the House of Casterly.

“Father…should we start gathering the knights of the realm, and possibly seek to gain the favor of the Orcs and Giants of the Mountains, to aid us in this war. Those Casterly won’t know what hit them.” He said with a crude smile, before nodding at Magnus.

“Wanna go pluck an angel?”


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 03:28AM
Throne Room

Brandon turned on Magnus an idea having popped in his head as he watched his son posing in the mirror.
” I would like you to see the smith Magnus and have him brought down both my son and will be needing some new sets of armor made with special defenses. It wouldnt do for holy magic to undo so quickly. “

Brandon then looked towards his son
having heard his words..
“Father…should we start gathering the knights of the realm, and possibly seek to gain the favor of the Orcs and Giants of the Mountains, to aid us in this war. Those Casterly won’t know what hit them and Wanna go pluck an angel?” 

The king wasnt sure which sounded more appealing, he wasnt sure which he wanted to do first. One thing was certain he wanted to both, andRIGHT AWAY!

” Well let’s be off to the Throne Room and we can get the guards dispatched to The Orc’s and Giants straightaway.We to gather the knights and I think the very first thing as soon as we get some people off to summon our ally’s out is to go a’Angel Huntin’ “


The king then turned and strode out into the throne room dispatching emissaries towards the Orcs, Goblins, Giants and Trolls in the surrounding territories. As he began to bark orders he watched Magnus head out to get the smith.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 06:13AM
The Throne Room

The sounding of the horns, was heard across the lands, as the banners were flying of the Brax house on many a building and house. Change was in the air. The time of peace was no more, and Angels were no longer welcome on Brax soil. The sky filled with the most evil creatures to take to the wing, along with witches and warlocks, demons, dragons, and evil sprites. The King was calling court together, and soon the Throne room was filled, packed to the rafters with representatives of all the evil factions of the Night lands. As the King began to bark orders to those who served the realm, as well as Magnus, the Prince was getting friendly with some of the Night lands most devilish beauties, and then some not so…beautiful. The three sisters of the Crow’s Nest Witches Coven, who also happened to be related to Minerva, were fawning and gushing over the Prince, who had something of a serpant’s tongue when dealing with the ladies.


“So…you girls come here often?” The Prince said with a cheeky head wobble and knowing grin. If the King and Prince Joffrey were going to win the war over the angels, they really had to ensure that the alliances with other evil creatures held together. Ethel and Portia loved the attention, with Portia winding her blonde locks around her finger and sizing the Prince up. The eldest, Delilah already had in her mind what she wanted. “What ever happened to that delightful daughter of yours, Tempest, was that her name?” A dangerous question to be asking the Prince, but his reaction was one to take many by surprise. “On a mountain somewhere, probably off to go lay her head in the lap of the King of Angels. I could…give you the directions if you want to go find her yourself. Me? I have bigger plans afoot.” Delilah simply grinned and took the Prince’s arm. “A lock of hair, and I can find my way there.” She said, tugging on the Prince’s hair and plucking a good strand. He grimaced a bit, but he could care less what happened to Tempest now. She got her life…and he got a new one in the process. “Just a heads up. She has a temper.” That was the understatement of the year, but least they wouldn’t be able to say he didn’t warn them.

Attention turned back up to the King, to see what his proclamation would be, and how the Casterly were to discover they were the target of the hate of Brax. Prince Joffrey moved to his own throne, as the witches waved at him, like fan girls.



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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 06:59AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

Selene had her knees tucked against her chest and her elbow was braced on one knee as Orion spoke. Her head was tucked in her hand as she looked forward with a saddened expression. The angel spoke the truth, no matter how heart-breaking it was. Joffrey had to find his own way. If the princess were to stay around any longer, there was a good chance he would be even more torn and would lose himself completely. Deep down, Selene knew it was time to go home. She was only doing more damage by being here. Her heart felt heavy at the mention of Tempest, and she prayed ardently that Orion’s words were true. Standing up, she walked over to the window of her room she once shared with her husband. It was as if she were no longer there, but in another life as a ghost of a smile settled on her lips.

Magda was indeed listening to the conversation, but she had her back to them so she could look towards the window as well. She was grateful that Orion was trying to convince Selene to go away. Light did not belong in darkness, no matter how many times her light had flickered. When she saw her mistress standing by the window, Magda turned to look at Orion. He was suggesting she leave too, but of course she would if the princess was leaving. She belonged to Selene, but was also her closest friend. The princess would be shattered without her husband and child, and Magda was good at cleaning up messes. Turning away from Orion after giving him an expressionless face, she padded over to Selene and murmured “Shall I gather your things, your grace?”

Selene didn’t answer for a few moments, but finally her soft angelic voice spoke “My bedroom…is overlooks the ocean. It’s so peaceful there. It was like you could see God in every little piece of creation…how I miss it.”

The handmaiden looked at the princess as though seeing her for the first time. It had been years since she had seen Selene truly this innocent and sincere. She was heart-broken and her angelic essence was slowly piecing her together again. Standing next to Selene, Magda murmured “It sounds lovely, Princess…” Her words were gentle but her features were saddened by what the princess had to face now.
The princess turned to look at Magda with that dream-like expression in her eyes, a single tear rolling down her cheek“Come…we must leave immediately. Leave everything behind. None of it ever truly belonged to me, anyways.”Turning from them both, she then walked towards the door and disappeared through it. Still dressed in her Saint attire with her runes blazing, she walked out the front doors without a word to anyone and climbed into her carriage. Her own clothes and things were waiting at home.

Magda watched the princess leave silently before her blue eyes flicked to Orion. Stepping towards him, she murmured “I will take care of the Princess…but what of you? I don’t believe it is safe for you here, m’lord…” With that, the mermaid turned from the angel and followed the princess to the carriage. They had to leave immediately.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 07:24AM
That was true, it was no longer safe for any being of light to dwell within the walls of the Castle of Brax. Selene had left abruptly, taking nothing with her but the clothes on her back. But as she did so, the screams and shouts were ringing out over the castle. Gates were being lowered, so those who were trying to escape, needed a miracle to do so. Footsteps pounding against the stone floors, were of troops moving to round up any representatives of the Casterlys, and have them taken to the throne room and laid at the feet of the King, to await their fate.

Orion looked left and right, before making his getaway down the south passage, only to have a maiden step out from one of the small alcoves. She was one of the former playmates of Joffrey, and had been waiting on a moment when she could show him that she was capable of being by his side once more. Elisa sashayed up to the elder Angel and smiled saying.

“Going somehere?”

Orion stammered as he could hear the blast of horns, and the roar of dragons approaching. Time was running fast through the hour glass, and he had no time for this young girl to stop him now. “Yes in fact, to return to the Casterly and warn them of the coming war.” So…he was going to betray the House of Brax and warn them was he? Elisa shook her head and said.

“I don’t think so.”


Clearly Elisa was a vampire, and showed off her treacherous fangs, that slid out from her mouth and rested upon her plump lips.“You need to say goodbye first. Or the King will be upset.” Orion was about to turn and run, when an orc appeared behind him and donged the angel on the head with a huge mallet. Knocking him out cold, and he was spread eagled on the floor. Pleased with this, she motioned for the orc to drag Orion up to the throne room, to receive their reward.



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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 01:55PM
Selene was in the carriage outside sitting with Magda, completely oblivious to what was going on. She knew being away would do her good…she just hoped her husband and daughter would be ok. While her mistress was worrying silently about her family, Magda was worrying about what was going on inside the castle. Finally, when Magda realized Orion wasn’t following them, she turned to look at Selene “Your grace, something is wrong. You have to get out of here.”
The princess looked up at and stared at her “Pardon?”

Sighing exasperatedly, the handmaiden frowned “The Lord Orion is not here. I am going to go see where he is. You need to go. Don’t wait, no matter what you hear. You must flee while you can.”

The princess still did not understand “But…are you not coming?”
Magda finally snapped and threw her hands up “Something is not right! Can’t you feel it?! Take this carriage, use your magic, and get the hell out of here!” Not waiting for a response, Magda jumped out of the carrige and took off towards the castle.

Selene sat there in silence before it dawned on her that her connection with Joffrey was no longer strong. Gasping, she clutched the sides of the carriage and hurriedly murmured in a heavenly language. Soon her carriage seemed to sprout invisible wings and lifted off the grounds. Closing her eyes, she called “To Haven Castle!” And soon she was gone, the carriage flying back towards her home.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 10:02PM
Throne Room

Brandon had called Minerva shortly after the intial tumult. He wanted her to enjoy the festivities as he was sure she would.
The smith had come down shortly after and both Magnus and him had worked together to measure both Joffrey and the King. Taking care to work around the guests that had gathered as various emissaries were already coming into the realm from throughout the Night Lands. After Minerva arrived he was much pleased. He smiled to her as she assumed her customary position near the throne, lovingly stroking her hair. Thier mutual bond had grown much over such a short time.

Brandon leaned in close to her and whispered to her..
” We may have need of any gifts you have, should you have any ideas for the war effort let me know my dear. We will have time later as well I hope. “

As they were seated Lord Orion was led into the chamber, bound and prostrate by an orc captain and Joffrey’s former friend the vampire Elisa. Clapping, brandon smiled at the pair as he was led in.

Elisa said quickly…
“We caught this one trying to make his escape. Said he was heading to warn the Casterly’s of our impending march. I told him how much our King would love to see him before he left. “ she smirked at the last part.

Brandon congratulated the pair.
” Oh well, It seems we have a traitor then. We have been a hunting the angels, my son has been especially wanting to taste their blood. I think Its time to see some shed. Joffrey, end this one here and now before the court. Let the first blood be shed before the crown! His body can be used for your witch friends spells, im sure they have many uses they can devise for it. ” 


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 10:17PM

Lord Ash realized the atmosphere had become quite unlike what he had expected. Though his friend Magnus held the King’s favor, he was not a creature of the night. Nor of the day either but rather of twilight. He wanted no part of this war or any of the difficulties. He had what he had come for. Reaching the barracks he saw his men who he nodded to. It seemed the gate was shut but he had not difficulty in travel. He found a small room that was not occupied. Leading his small group inside he locked the door and then opened a portal. The portal opened to where his army lay, he then sent his men forward. There was hard knocks heard on the door as he made his way through the portal. Narrowly escaping the notice of some of the dark denizens who had managed to open the door. They couldnt figure out where he or his men had gone..


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 05, 2013 09:25AM
The Throne Room

Oh how much the Castle Brax had changed within a matter of days, for now all that were assembled were the most evil of creatures to dare walk the face of the earth. The rise of their grunts and wicked laughter created an unholy din, as all took their rightful places in what would be a ritual, that would unhinge the pure, and shock those of good will. Minerva had been summoned to take her place at her King’s feet, and she passed through the crowd, wearing the royal collar. Many a female was envious of Minerva, for she had attained a status worthy of one of her talent. She wore the ceremonial silks, and lay at her King’s feet, so she was close enough for him to enjoy. And he did, reaching down to stroke her hair, like she was this prized possession.

” We may have need of any gifts you have, should you have any ideas for the war effort let me know my dear. We will have time later as well I hope. “

“~purrs softly~ “Of course, Master.”


Her eyes glowered, and she held a haunting smile, as Prince Joffrey took his place at his Father’s side. The witches lined up, rubbing their hands together, eager with anticipation of the upcoming event. All could smell it. The tension so thick, and all were to be rewarded.

Being dragged in by the orc warrior, Orion’s eyes were now open wide, as he could see the Court and of course Joffrey, who was now beaming a wicked grin. He motioned for Elisa to come stand at his side, well pleased with her handling of the traitor, from the house of Casterly. All eyes then went to the King as a hush fell over the room.

It seems we have a traitor then. We have been a hunting the angels, my son has been especially wanting to taste their blood. I think Its time to see some shed. Joffrey, end this one here and now before the court. Let the first blood be shed before the crown! His body can be used for your witch friends spells, im sure they have many uses they can devise for it. ” 

Cackles and dark laughter filled the room, while the witches eagerly salivated on getting their hands on the feathers of a Casterly. Joffrey raised a hand as he rose to standing.

“Tonight….oh Court of Brax, you are to witness the first death in this war upon good. Orion has been found guilty of treason and treachery against my Father’s house. The punishment for this…is death. Say goodbye…to all this…and hello…to OBLIVION.” Joffrey’s right hand raised as an orc threw him a large battle axe, which he caught swiftly, and went down the stairs, as another Orc held the bound angel in place. With one foul swoop, he decapitated Orion, whose head rolled off and down the floor, much to the delight of all present. Joffrey released the battle axe and reached for Orion’s head, which he held aloft, to show all, roaring in triumph.



The witches then ravaged the body of the headless Orion as Joffrey dropped Orion’s head into a box, and ordered it be delivered to the house of Casterly, with their WARMEST regards. A small gnome did the honours, scooting out of the hall with the boxed head, as Joffrey turned on his heel and bowed before the King.


“Long live the house of Brax!”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 05, 2013 09:47AM
Outside the Castle

Magda was about to rush into the castle when she saw Lucan wandering around the castle gardens that were off to the side of the entrance. Stopping in her tracks, she frowned and rushed over to him instead. Stopping in front of him, she asked hurriedly “Lucan! What is going on? Have you seen your uncle anywhere?”

Lucan had left his mother hours ago in front of the throne room and was now strolling around the castle gardens with a book in hand. The castle was far too busy for the likes of him and he found he liked to be immersed in nature as much as possible. But when he saw his mother’s handmaiden rushing towards him, he snapped his book shut and offered a pleasant smile “Magda. You look lovely.” When he saw how anxious she was, he frowned with confusion and looked towards the castle “Orion..? I haven’t the faintest idea where he is.”
That made Magda’s heart drop. Snatching up his hand, she began to yank him towards the castle “Something is wrong…we must find him!” The young man didn’t know what to do other than to just nod and hurry after her.

Outside the Throne Room

Rushing inside the castle, Magda could see that evil was running rampant. Dark creatures from all walks of life were freely in control now and Magda had to duck her head to be unnoticed. She was a slave girl, after all, and it looked like she was taking the innocent Lucan away to steal his virtue. They stopped outside the throne room and something inside of Lucan forced him to hold back. Grabbing Magda’s arm to stop her from bursting in, he hissed “Wait!” Magda turned frantically to argue but saw the look in his eyes.

Nodding once, she turned to peek through the door. What she saw was enough to make her sick right there. Seeing Joffrey with Orion’s head in hand, she paled and began to tremble. Her voice came out in a shaky whisper “He’s…your uncle…he’s dead…”

Lucan frowned and yanked her back to look. Seeing the prince proudly boasting of the Casterly’s doom, he turned to look at Magda. “We have to get out of here. My mother…my sister. My family.”
Magda wasn’t even sure how she managed to nod and speak, but she did “Yes, we must go, and we must go now. Your mother is already heading to Haven Castle and I am sure your sister is safe. But you must use the power given to you and get us out of here!”

The young warlock frowned as he had never tried teleportation before. But if he didn’t, they would both die. Wrapping his arms around her, he growled “Hold on tight.” And hold on tight she did. Soon a bright light flashed around them as his eyes snapped shut…and they were gone.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 09, 2013 01:09AM
Guards Gate

Drakkar stepped up to the gate and asked for the head guard. The ugly looking knight being in his armor was at first chided by those at the gates. Until he opened his bag and threw up the bloody head at them. The guards looked at each other then called for the head guard who came down to the low end of the gate to answer him through the door.

Head Guard looked out through the narrow slits at the ugly looking battle scarred human thinking he must be something other than what he was. Then he looked down at the Goblin head, knowing it to be one of the new recruits.

” What is the meaning of this? ” 

Drakkar looked back at him, with disdain.

” You have poor control of your army out here. You need to get someone out in the field. These goblins are trying to eat your farmers! Your own people. I killed this one on my way in for butchering a family. I came to sell my sword as it may be done. ” 

The guard was incredulous at what he had just heard and ordered him put under watch.

” You will wait here for now. Prince Joffrey will decide what is to be done with you, it is he and King Brandon who leads the army. ” 


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 09, 2013 01:57AM
The Throne Room


Loud cackles and shrieks of laughter followed the beheading of Orion, with his blood stain still on the stone floor of the Throne room, his white feathers now being plucked from wings by the Witches three. Prince Joffrey was dancing with the enchanting Elisa, who was now enjoying the Prince’s attentions, with the Angels now well and truly out of the picture. The full court were raising glasses in celebration, that this was the end of an era. Long live the House of Brax, and the reign of King Brandon.


At Brandon’s feet, Minerva was laying, and being the perfect submissive. Gazing up at him adoringly, as the collar which had her bound to him glinted in the candle light. She nuzzled against his leg, and chewed on her bottom lip, teasing him. She knew he found her to be bewitching, when it came to love making, and even he could be exhausted, from taking her again and again, yet feeling like each was the first time. She cast her gaze to the dancing Prince with the vampire Elisa, who made quite the pair on the dance floor, and she whispered for the King to hear.

“Everything is now as it should be. Evil reigns supreme, and soon you shall conquer all the lands, my King.”

With the witches having collected all the feathers, two orcs came into the Throne room and dragged out the remaining body of Orion, much to the applause of the Court. Joffrey barely gave the orcs and the corpse a second glance, as he smacked Elisa’a backside. “You look gorgeous in that dress, my Dear, but I bet you look a whole lot better out of it.” he teased, with a snake like licking of her neck, pretty much oblivious to everything.


But what awaited outside the Throne room, may have all stopping from their frivolity and paying heed to the fact, the war had already begun.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 09, 2013 02:41AM
Throne Room

Magnus arrived with the smith as the partying guests gyrated throughout the hall. The mood was festive and the House was in full glory. The witches cauldron was bubbling with the remains of the once proud angel Orion and they were picking feathers off his carcass as he stewed. Muttering incantations it seemed this only increased the frenzy of the party goers. The magical advisor was pleased with the scene and the beginning but knew that things might go awry if the king didnt take further action soon. As he had been working with the smith from the battlements he had seen wandering trolls and goblins moving off and attacking villagers. Already there had been reports. Coming down with the glorious armor the king noted that they carried the dual sets each in hand.


“My Lord as you commanded the two sets of armor for both you and the Prince have been made to your specifications. Proof against holy magics.” 

handing them to the guards they were presented to both the Prince and the King.

Brandon took his suit and bringing Minerva with him said..
” Well I better go try it on. Joffrey please handle things for a bit while I try on the armor and see to Minerva’s minstrations. I think you may need to attend to Elisa’s upon my return as well. ” he said with a knowing wink to his son. with that Brandon headed upstairs to give minerva a good ole fucking. He had sat in the chair long enough.

Brandon’s Chamber

Brandon kissed her hard as he drew her into the room. Minerva was all he could think about as he had sat in that chair. He grew tired of affairs of state. He wanted all of her he thought as he unleashed his fury into her. Pulling her hair and riding her bareback he entered her from behind lifting her dress as he undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor. His rock hard demon cock filled her. The tendrils of smoke that filled the room as they moved were the culmination of the fear and dominance he felt. The power he emitted was even stronger than before. He was all fire and passion as he filled every inch of her urging her to cum on his cock again and again as he pushed her towards climax.


Throne Room

Head Guard entered into the throne room looking towards the court. When he was finally addressed he bowed and addressed them in honor as was tradition.

” Prince Joffrey, There is a man at the gates. Claims to have killed a wandering goblin who was raiding our villages. He wants to serve in the army he says and warned that the goblins, trolls and orcs are raiding and that something must be done in the field. I have him under guard now and await your command. ” 


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 10, 2013 06:35AM
Brandon’s Chamber

The King had a lot of stress in dealing with the current situation, and with the gore and death in the Throne room, he needed a way to release the fear and the aggression in his heart. What better way to do that, then to use Minerva. After all, she was there to bring comfort and joy to him at his beckoning. Taking her back to his chambers, he didn’t waste time, removing her silks, and then ravishing her. Bare back and hard riding, thrusting again and again till she cried and begged him for her to experience her own climax. And she did. Seeping her sexual fluid down her leg, as she panted heavily. His golden haired maiden, faithfully and flawlessly bent to his will. Although to outsiders, it may well look like he was punishing her with his violent fucking, but in fact, this was how a Demon King acted when fully aroused. The black tendrils all around, and the darkness that seeped from his very skin, consuming all light from the room. Minerva finally collapsed, spent from his ministrations, and her hymen again sealed closed, ready for the King’s next erotic encounter.


“My Master…My King…I bow down to you, and serve you as you wish me.” Her voice but a whisper in the darkness.

Throne Room.

Up on the podium, Prince Joffrey was lounging on his throne, with Elisa draped over him, nipping at his neck, as jugglers were performing tricks to amuse the royal court. Joffrey’s hand wandered up Elisa’s skirt, and he was about to tease her lower lips, when the din was interrupted by a Head guard.

Prince Joffrey, There is a man at the gates. Claims to have killed a wandering goblin who was raiding our villages. He wants to serve in the army he says and warned that the goblins, trolls and orcs are raiding and that something must be done in the field. I have him under guard now and await your command. “

Withdrawing his hand up from under Elisa’s skirt, he patted her to rise off him, as he too did so stand up and descend the small podium stairs. “Well, don’t just stand there, send him in. Oh…and go check to see if my Father is ready to return here, I figure he has had a wild time with the Lady Minerva.”

He then snapped his fingers, as Elisa came to his side.

“This is going to get good.”


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 10, 2013 01:11PM
Brandon’s Chamber’s
Brandon was spent from Minerva’s skillful movements. Her body and mind were as always ever present in him. She lay spent next to him, saying… “My Master…My King…I bow down to you, and serve you as you wish me.” 

” You serve me well. I feel quite reshreshed my mistress. My Minerva. ” 

Slowly rising he began to dress. Realizing that though he wanted more time with her they had so very much to do. Both of them were needed. She noted things he might not and saw much. He needed to be directly involved and to move this war ahead. It was time to take action lest they lose the fight against the angelic house of treachery.

“Get dressed my dear. We have much to do and little time. I could pleasure you all day but there is so much to do. I need you with me to see what you can. Help be my eyes and ears in the court. You may note something I do not. ” 

Turning to head towards the door after she had dressed the pair headed downstairs for the throne room.

Throne Room

Drakkar was led under guard to the throne room. The head guard had been silent as they moved down the passageways. They were well lit and everyone seemed in good spirits. There was a large man on the throne whom he assumed was either the King or Prince with a vampiress by his side. He bowed as he made his way to the front holding his helmet in the crook of his arm, his black armor covering most of his deformed skin. The only part showing was his hideously deformed face.
” I came to serve m’lord. ” 


Brandon made it down the stairs as Drakkar was being led before Joffrey. Toting behind him was Minerva. The pair watching the exchange from the rear curious how his son would handle the situation, the King waited a bit to watch the situation.

Magnus had already delivered the armor to the pair and The King had dismissed him. The witches had begun a cauldron of magic. Seeing that they were using the feathers well he looked over their work and gave it some admiring works before returning to the battlements. He had to deliver a message to Lord Ash through the gem. He might need his help before long.


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Blood Of Kings Blackfog Castle (5)

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 30, 2013 01:23AM
The Throne Room

The Black sphere rippled and then out from its center, Joffrey strode. But this was not the same Prince that had just turned and walked away from his daughter, this was but a shell of a creature, that had no heart left, after nearly being torn out by his daughter. His daughter. The one and only thing that he felt his love had created and done right. No, he had forsaken her, and in doing so, she had written him off. No longer seeing him as her Father. Still in the demon guise, he rose the two steps and sat himself down in the throne next to that of the King. He knew his father would be along soon. Had no clue about Selene…but did any of that truly matter now?


A staffer came by and saw the lost Prince seated on his throne, and came down bowing before him.

“May I get you anything, M’lord?” He asked, bowing low before him. The Prince looked up with eyes the colour of night.“Wine…definitely. I need something to take the edge of my mood.”

The Staffer scurried off and then came back with a generous goblet filled with wine, and held it up to him. With clawed hands he took the goblet, that was covered in sparkling jewels. Bringing it to his lips, he tasted it and smacked his lips. A simple nod and the Prince was pleased.

“Inform my father of my return. I await his audience.”

“Yes, M’lord.”


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 12:04AM
Throne Room

A knock was heard on King Brandon’s Private Chamber’s informing him of his sons return.

The King had been waiting for sometime since hearing of his grandaughter’s escape from the dungeons.
He was surprised by her determination but understood it as well. She was much like himself.
Brandon had not been able to speak with his son yet, Joffrey had been absent for sometime.
The guard advised him that he now awaited him in the throne room.
It was perhaps good that he have a chance to really speak to him. This situation with Tempest was not boding well.
She needed to understand it was not well for the kingdom, running off like this only showed her disloyalty to her parents.
Her disloyalty to the house and herself. It was a lesson both he and Joffrey learned long ago.
Something that was learned as you came of age as a royal.
He gathered his clothes and dressed as he looked at his beautiful Minerva.

“Though you are always with me, it might be better for me to take your leave for this conversation with my son. Perhaps you might like to enjoy my quarters and take a bath while I am away? Feel free to enjoy yourself. I shouldnt be long. ” 
he said to Minerva.

He then walked down the stairs and headed for the throne room, shutting the door as he left.

Finally making his way to the Thone room he nodded to the guards as he made entry. Pointing towards a small chamber on the side he suggested that the two of them go talk privately….

“Welcome back Joffrey, Why dont we retire to the council chambers so we can talk a bit more privately? I am sure we have a lot to discuss.” 


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 02:32AM
Throne Room


“Welcome back Joffrey, Why don’t we retire to the council chambers so we can talk a bit more privately? I am sure we have a lot to discuss.” The King’s voice roused the Prince, who had been sitting in his throne for some time, and had nearly fallen asleep due to the wine, and the lack of strength he had within him. He rose unsteadily to his feet, the cup falling from his hand and clattering to the stone floor. It was clear just by looking at him, that something was horribly wrong.

“I fear that I did not do well, in bringing my daughter home, Father. But of course, if you wish to talk in the Council chambers of this matter, I will of course oblige.’ Each step down off the podium, you could see his body shake, and tremor. Joffrey walked slowly towards his father, and then said. “I failed as a father…a husband, and now a royal. I gave all…for so long. There is no right way to say this, Father. Tempest is never coming back. I’m sorry, Father.” He stopped suddenly, and then said. “One moment, while I lay on the floor.” And with that, he simply collapsed from exhaustion….and a broken heart.

King’s Chambers

Minerva had been left to her own devices in the King’s chambers, and got up off the bed, twirling happily, though completely naked. She loved being in this position, feeling the King as she did. Reaching up she stroked the collar, and then smiled brightly, as she skipped off to have a nice bath, and luxuriate herself with oils and creams. She would make sure she was a treat for the King on his return, and pleasure him to no end.

Slipping into the hot waters of the bath, she eased in and then leaned back, giggling and chuckling as she played with the bubbles, and then started to wash herself thoroughly. Being the King’s Mistress really had its perks.



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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 02:57AM
Throne Room

Joffrey was in no shape to go to any council chamber he thought at that moment.
Looking at his once proud son, he could only think of what the women of the Casterly house had done to this once
Proud house of Brax. He had much to talk to his son about. But for now he needs to help him first. He quickly grabbed him up calling out to the guards to open the doors of one of the rooms. He would not have Selene come in on him while resting.
“No-One is to speak to him until I have. Bring Magnus! I will wait with him, he needs healing.” 

He then sat in a chair quietly by his son.


He would restore order in this house. If it was the last thing he did.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 03:48AM
Council Chamber’s

Magnus shut the door as the guards posted outside the chamber. Turning to his friend he gave him a quick hug.
It has been a long time Ash, I didn’t think you had survived Bravvos. When I asked you to look for the feather I thought that you were killed in the battle. Not many survived and the faceless men take no prisoners. 

Ash hugged him back quickly.
“You are quite right. However I didnt fight any there as the object I sought wasnt of this world. It took me a long time to find. I had to search between world’s to find a feather shed from the line of the Casterly’s. Can you still do as you promised? ” 

Magnus smiled at his friend in a sly way.
“That I can. I still have the jewel and it will lead you to the one you belong to. I always keep my word. ” 

Ash quickly produced a singled long fluted white Angel feather. Handing it neatly to Magnus, he smiled.


Magnus accepted the feather and admired it. Putting it carefully away in his bag, he then produced a gem.
” During the next full moon you may use this gem to begin your search. It will help you find her. This is the key to finding her. ” 


Before he could say more a knock was heard at the door..A guard saying the King needed him.
“Go and enjoy the guest quarters for now Lord Ash. I shall see you soon. The King needs me. “

Healing Room

Magnus knocked on the door carefully.

hearing him knock the King Brandon bade him enter.

Magnus looked upon the scene as he entered aghast at what he was seeing. The King was sitting next to his son who was laying supine on the bed. His demonic form was now looking tormented and withered as if half of the life had been torn from it. trying not to betray his own worry he stepped into the room and spoke calmly and evenly.

” My King, What can I do to help you? ” 

Brandon bade the warlock to heal his son, speaking to him plainly.

“Use you arts. Heal my son.” 

Magnus came forward and knelt next to the demon on the bed, feeling his aura as he lay dreaming. His mind was not there in this form at this time. He felt out with his mind and began a series of incantations. Pulling out a small set of stones from his bag he placed five different obsidian and onyx figurines around his form. Chanting audibly he began to speak in the demonic tongue….


E podd ihaf odd swy zhelesz ab swy oxuzz sa xlefr uail yfylreyz balqolk efsa swez zaid. Xlefr uail haqyl ihaf wet faq!

(translation: I call upon all the spirits of the abyss to bring your energies forward into this soul. Bring your power upon him now!)

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 06:40AM
Healing Room



For all the years, and all the tears..there came a time when the fight was gone. Joffrey lay in the bed, his breathing was now shallow, his face sunken, and his skin a pitiful sickly orange smudged with green. It was like the very love he had was being strangled out of him. His form even appeared to be shrinking, with his veins protruding, and as his hand slipped out from the cover, black blood was dripping upon the floor into a puddle…..Joffrey…was dying.

Within his mind, he was walking the final part of his journey in this life. Whispers from those that he had loved came at him from right and left, and in the distance, the fires of hell. Damned for eternity, damned for having cared, for having loved and from it gained nothing but heartache and despair. What a sad existence…for the Demon Prince of Brax. The shadows lengthened out behind him as he was soon to finally be consumed by the flames, that were now licking at him, like hands reaching out to pull him in.

At last, a lingering smile…a blood tear ran down his bony cheek, as he was about to embrace his fate. So close…So close. Take me now….please….Make it stop.

Suddenly there was a screaming, and this was followed by dark laughter as another emerged from the flames, and when Joffrey raised his head, he saw….himself. At first he didn’t understand. Why would he be coming out, was it even him?

“Joffrey…Joffrey…Joffrey. We..got plans for you.” His mirror image gripped his chin, as he opened up his mouth and a long black snake like tongue oozed out and then rocketed to slam into Joffrey’s mouth, stunning him into submission. The two were becoming one.

E podd ihaf odd swy zhelesz ab swy oxuzz sa xlefr uail yfylreyz balqolk efsa swez zaid. Xlefr uail haqyl ihaf wet faq!

In the real, Joffrey was going into spasms, as the healer was chanting for the spirits of the abyss to bring their energies forward to his soul. Joffrey’s eyes flew open, but the look was one of absolute horror, his arms raising as though trying to strangle whatever it was that had him in his grasp in the afterlife. .


The demon from the flame changed forms, and then became the body of the snake, and pushed its way into Joffrey, slowly filling him, making his body fill out, and then everything in his mind, exploded into flames, with the images of Selene and Tempest melting, their skin falling off, and their eyeballs falling out of their heads in a sickly goo, that ran down their bony faces. Evil laughter and darkness filled Joffrey’s mind, no longer seeing the flames.

Slowly in the bed, he lowered his arms, as the force of the snake consumed and fed at the same time. Joffrey’s appearance started to morph, as the unnatural healing took place. At last his body stopped jerking and fidgeting, and he was breathing normally. Ten minutes passed, and finally Joffrey’s head turned towards his father. His eyelids opened slowly, and the colour of his eyes were yellow. The edges of his lips curled slightly, and a hoarse voice spoke.

“Long…live the House of Brax.”

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 07:27AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Room

Selene had flown back to the castle as fast as her wings could take her. Her heart felt heavy and there were so many memories flitting around in her head. Such a monstrosity of a mother and wife she was before…and now it seemed as though she remembered too late. She had to seek one of the angels she revered the highest to know what to do. With his guidance, she hoped to heal the wrongs she had inflicted on her family while also figuring out how to heal the bridge between father and daughter. It was a bond only Joffrey and Tempest could share, and now it was severed. Selene felt like she had ruined her bond with her own child years ago because of her own selfishness. But she would not give up, not after all the work she had her husband put into bringing their child back. Tempest was made from their love, and only their love could heal their family.

The princess opened the doors to the castle and came striding in. She was still wearing only her black toga that revealed a bit of skin and runes, but she did not care. Selene had one person in mind that she had to see immediately, and then she planned on summoning her husband to their chambers to talk. As she stood in the center hall, she called out “Magda! Please make haste, we must speak.”
Magda came obediently out of the shadows, fear written all over her face. She saw where the prince and king took off to, but she had no idea what was going on within the chambers. All she knew was it was nothing good. Coming before the princess, she bowed low and offered a small smile “Yes, your grace?”

Selene smiled gently and stepped closer, knowing she had previously inflicted pain on the poor mermaid. Placing a hand under her chin, she smiled at her as though she were also her daughter “Darling, could you please go find my uncle? I would like to have a word with him.”

The mermaid blushed at the mention of Orion but remained professional. Nodding once, she removed herself from the princess’s gentle grip and curtsied. “At once, your grace.”

The princess nodded in return and watched Magda turn and make haste down the hallway. Turning around slowly, Selene then made her way to the chambers she shared with her husband, sadness and determination both written on her face.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 07:51AM
Guest Chambers

Not yet aware of the changes that were taking place within the walls of the House of Brax, Orion was enjoying talking to one very beautiful hand maiden, who also happened to be one of Joffrey’s old flames. She was a real sort, a right dish. With hips to nom on and breasts you just want to….-cough- So, as he was staring at her gorgeous red hues, he found himself leaning on the stone pillar and saying with his chest all stuck out and proud.

“Ever made love on the ceiling?” Course he was talking of such naughty things, you would think that he had lost his angelic streak, or maybe being in the House of Brax so long, temptation was becoming hard to ignore. The hand maiden giggled and then swatted his arm.

“Ooo you are a hunk in white leather…but…I prefer a horny devil to one of God’s flight attendants. Try your luck on some other maiden.” That said, she sashayed off, and left the room, with Orion pouting. “Who knew they play hard to get?”

The demon maiden left the door open, and of course who should wander past, but Magda. Orion’s hopes were rekindled, and he strode out to greet her. “You really shouldn’t wander these halls alone. Not sure if you noticed, but there are demons, all over with lustful urges.”


Was he kidding?


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 09:06AM

Magda was walking by just to hear Orion pouting over someone. Sighing softly, she paused in her tracks and slowly turned around. She was never in the mood to be hit on since she was always being forced upon, and there was something so alluring about Orion that even she couldn’t shake off the feeling of arousal. Taking a deep breath, she faced the angel with a tight smile “M’lord, you are just the person I was looking for.”
The handmaiden ended this statement with a polite curtsy before meeting him in the eye again. Hearing his warning, she tried not to roll her eyes “Yes, m’lord. I have noticed. Lust-driven demons have their way with me every night. But thank you for taking my non-existent virtue into consideration.” Normally Magda was much more polite and quiet, but there was just so much going on with the Brax family that she felt like every single one of her nerves was being danced upon.

Clearing her throat, she continued on with a more polite smile “M’lord, Princess Selene wishes for your council within her private chambers. She seems distraught and she is…dressed…for battle, I suppose. If you could call it dressed. She is making a spectacle of herself.” She did not add the word ‘again’ like she was thinking, but it was because there seemed to be something different about the princess. Magda did not know if her memories had return, but she did know Selene would not like that her husband was having a private audience with the king. Smoothing down her poor excuse for a dress, Magda asked“Would please follow me, m’lord?” Spinning around slowly with a knowing smile on her face, she began to lead the way to Selene’s chambers.

Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

Selene was sitting on her bed, feeling distraught and like a failure. She was a horrible mother, a selfish wife, and now she had to run from her daughter because she feared further damaging her family. The princess wanted a level head when she spoke to her husband and daughter again, and she knew she needed help. There was no way she could see the light by herself, and she needed the council of a more revered and respected angel. Wrapping her arms around herself, she began to count to one hundred silently in her head to keep herself under control. Her emotions were running rampant and she did not want to lash out.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 09:30AM

Walking along with Magda, Orion went over in his head a few things she had mentioned, in particular about being used by Demons on a regular basis. That couldn’t be right, but on further inspection of her attire, he did start to wonder. It really wasn’t the life for a mermaid in his view, and he felt he owed her something, after the way she spoke on seeing him. Stopping her in the hallway, by taking her arm, he pulled her over near a large tapestry, and then bent his head forward, so his lips just brushed her earlobe.

“What do you want in this life, my dear? Surely not to be used and abused. A woman such as yourself should be treasured and adored. To make love to you would be classed as a high honor.” He said, just brushing his chest against hers before pulling back, so he could read the look on her face. Orion then remembered what he was sent for, and pulled back, before heading back to his niece’s chambers. What he found there, was a woman torn.

Entering without knocking, he noticed her sitting on the bed, and walked over, sitting down beside her. By the way she was dressed, the runes…her markings, a lot happened up in the mountains, none of it good. Orion reached up and brushed back a stray lock of her hair tucking it behind her ear, and giving her a fond smile.


“You look ready to go to war? Am I right?” Orion said in a gentle voice. “But would it solve anything?”


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 09:48AM

Magda was too busy worrying about what was going on with Selene to even see Orion coming at her like that. Letting out a child-like yelp, she was pulled over to tapestry and Orion’s lips were on her ear. Instantly going rigid beneath him, the mermaid was frozen to the spot as he kept a grip on her. Squeezing her eyes shut, she waited for the sickening words of a sex-crazed monster to fill her ears…but it was the opposite. Hearing him question what she wanted, Magda slowly opened her eyes as she stood there trembling. His words struck a chord within her, because it wasn’t love she wanted at all. What she wanted was to get out of this forsaken place and plunge back into the ocean. It had been years since she had last seen it, and it was tearing her down more than the demons were. But then Orion added that it would be an honor to make love to her, and she instantly flushed a deep crimson. What was he playing at. Looking up at him in disbelief as she had heard him hitting on a demon of all creatures just moments ago, she felt his chest brush hers. Tingles planted her feet firmly to the floor, though her body swayed against his. Her blue eyes remained wide as both confusion and desire coursed through her.
But soon Orion pulled away from her as if remembering Selene and soon he was walking away. Magda was left there looking like an idiot as she felt like a ton of bricks just landed on her. She looked like a deer caught in headlights as various servants walked by giggling at her. Shaking her head as if trying to clear it, she turned and took off after Orion “M’lord, wait for me!”

Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

As Selene was sitting there, she ran a hand over her runes. So much had changed, and she wasn’t sure if any of it was for good. If she were surprised by Orion’s appearance in her room, she did not show it. Keeping her eyes fixed on the floor, she felt the angel sit beside her on the bed. It wasn’t until he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear that princess looked at him. Hearing his words, she smiled sadly “But I am already at war.” Her eyes looked down at her own figure as she then murmured “With myself.” Selene was silent for a few moments as if trying to process what to say.
It was then that Magda came racing in. Out of breath, the handmaiden’s chest heaved up and down before she gasped “Your grace! Lord Orion is ready to speak with you.” Seeing that both angels were already side by side and speaking, she blushed yet again and curtsied with mortification plastered on her face.

Looking up, Selene couldn’t help but laugh weakly “Yes, dear. I can see that. Thank you.”

The mermaid just offered a frightened smile before scurrying into the corner where she waited for any further instructions.

The princess took a deep breath before looking at Orion “Tempest believes that I have abandoned her. And its true. But I’ve always been a negligent mother, and that has to change. When I wasn’t ignoring her, I was cruel. But she is the very gift bore from mine and Joffrey’s love. She should be celebrated, not stifled. And now she has left and does not return. I fear my family is broken.” Tears formed but they did not fall “And my poor husband…so much responsibility is on his shoulders. He is to rule both the Brax kingdom as well as his family. But I feel his love for us is what is making him so torn. I feel like he must choose between his duties and his family. How do I form a bridge between the two?”Hope sparkled in her eyes as she sought out the council of the higher angel. Deep in her heart, Selene felt as though Orion could help mend her family.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 01:56PM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

Orion sat in silence, listening to Selene explain what she believed to be her failings as a mother and wife, and how this has impacted on the relationships with those that she holds dear. Every so often, he cast a glimpse at Magda, who was sitting in the corner, probably listening into this very conversation. In a sense what Selene was facing applied to Magda too, only in a different way. Both were far from their natural homes, both were out of their element, and try as hard as they might did they ever really belong? Magda was a mermaid, and by rights belonged in the ocean, her true home, where she would easily be the pick of any merman’s eye. Selene…well right now she appeared fierce with the runes and the toga…but beneath it all, she was still the sweet angel that had come from the Casterly family in an arranged marriage. This whole drama started over arranged marriages. But were they practical? Sensible? Or even right to force on the young.

Orion took Selene’s hand and played with her fingers, coming with the conclusion he felt was best for all. He knew in his heart, Tempest would not come willing, now marry one chosen for her. Selene had changed, and become a woman who though toughened, still had a fragile nature, needing care and love from those around her. And so, he came up with a solution.

“Often the way forward, we must go back to where the damage started, and see just what we did wrong. My advice would be for you, Selene, to return to the Casterly. It is your birth home, and your family. If I know Tempest, I do believe that is where she will end up. I can practically guarantee it. If this be true, then you can show her the side of you, that few ever see. And perhaps a chance to renew that bond.” he knew this would be a bitter pill to swallow, but one that he thought was most important.

“As for Prince Joffrey, I think he needs time to heal. He has been burdened for so long, trying to do all that is right for all around him….but has failed in the care of himself. And how can he be a better man for you, and your daughter, if he is unwell, and unfit to be so. I know you love him and wish to help, but I think he needs to find his feet on his own. He will find himself, and mature, then…come to repair his family.”


Orion then looked over at Magda and said confidently. “And you…need a trip to the seaside. I imagine you miss that salt water on your skin. Am I right?’

He had offered advice to both women, but would they take it?


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 02, 2013 08:35AM
Healing Room

Magnus watched his patient as the ritual had finished its completion and he was recovering. The new demon had fused with his spirit.It would give Joffrey new strengths and powers and and will strong enough to restore honor to the house. He had done what the king had asked he thought.

“Long…live the House of Brax.” Joffrey had intoned.

“It is done my King. ” Magnus said bowing slightly and moving towards the side of the room.

Brandon looked on his son restored and whole again. He had hated to have any unnatural magic to have to be used. However it had been the only thing capable of restoring him. The House of Angel’s had taken so much from them, a bastard heir, now half his son’s soul to a child without a care for the honor of the house. His spirit broken he saw himself in him in many ways, he sought to help him.

” Joffrey, no woman or daughter should do this to you.There is no loyalty in the blood of angel’s. I think it is time for war.” 


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 02, 2013 11:37PM

~Return of the House of Brax~

” Joffrey, no woman or daughter should do this to you.There is no loyalty in the blood of angel’s. I think it is time for war.” 

At last…a voice of reason! Joffrey swept back the covers and looked down at what he was wearing. GAH, who dressed him in these god awful clothes. Swinging his legs off the bed, he stood up, at first unsteadily, then he started to nod his head as he got his bearings. It was pretty clear, that the one known as Joffrey, the father and husband…was long gone. This creature, who slithered out of the pits of hell, was getting used to the new vessel, and was definitely going to want some changes.

A sick smile was plastered upon his face, as he raised his left hand, and saw the wedding band on his finger. Shocked by it, he struggled to pull it off his knarled digit, only to have it pop off, injuring his hand. He promptly threw the ring out the window, like it had cooites or something terrible on it.


He started to have visions of what he wanted to wear, and hopefully his father wouldn’t pick up on it. Let’s just say, the Demon Prince of Brax, had some odd new fetishes. He was going to be tearing apart Joffy’s wardrobe later, but first things first. The wedding band gone…he was all set for fun before the War games.

“There..that solves that. Right Father. To war…but first, care to show me where we keep the whores of sin?”


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No Fate (2) Carrendar Dynasty ~Xavier’s End~

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 06:49PM
Coming in to the command center, she kept her place beside Ezekiel, as they were going into introductions with Xavier. His comments about being caught in the trap of Clarissa, had her look away for a moment, a playful smile on her pink lips. She wasn’t sure how appropriate it was before someone like Xavier, but when Ezekiel said “I love you” , she said it back into his ear, her lips brushing his cheek, before standing to attention. This was now a serious time, and they would have to leave their romance to the side of the road, if they were all going to make it.

“Look with Daniel having been a terminator in disguise I fear what was inevitable is already in motion. However we can not tell anyone this at all I don’t want panic to run amuck for that will be our downfall. If I hear that either of you let word out there will be a considerable punishment to be handed out am I clear you two?” 

“I can completely understand, Sir, everyone would start to question their own crew mates, it causes paranoia and breaks down communication.” Clarissa replied her arms folding, till Ezekiel takes off down the corridor, and she bolts on after him. The news awaiting the trio at the comms, is hardly helpful.

Sir we intercepted a coded burst from skynet….and we’ve been located sir. It was an order for all terminators in the area as well as several units of flyers and tanks to converge on our location and wipe us out…” Clarissa’s eyes dart to Ezekiel, whose blood seems to be draining from his face. This is the worst possible case scenario, and they were now sitting ducks against such an attack. Of course, she knew she could depend on her love, to pull out the stops and alert all on base, that the time had come, to stand and fight.

“This is Commander Whitestone speaking and I want you all to listen well…SkyNet has found us and now countless machines are on their way to wipe this little home of ours from the face of the earth. I’ll need everyone able body over the age of fifteen to report to the armory and ready themselves to fight. This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill….”…when we drive off the machine menace those left will celebrate by creating a monument to those lost in this hellish fight we have fought and finally ended with the breaking of skynet! ARE YOU WITH ME!!!”


Clarissa’s voice joined in the chorus that was sounded out around the base, and knew that time was now of the essence. She along with many others made their way to the ammunition stores, and started to suit up for what would be the fight of their lives.


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 07:49PM
A few days would pass without incident though on the fourth day a roiling explosion would rip through the air and the minefield as tank after tank rolled across each tank drawing ever closer to the compound. As the tanks made their slow advance through the minefield squadron after squadron of fliers would rip through the skies before being shot down by the compounds defensive weaponry. This relentless onslaught would continue for well over five hours before the fliers peeled away and went to rearm and refuel though the tanks slowly kept their turtle like advance in motion before six hours into the fight the first tank would safely cross the minefields. Once across the minefields the tanks would begin their steady advance on the compound before being picked off by individual rocket teams set to this specific task. All the while terminators would be seen walking towards the survivors with their normal implacable pace while taking well aimed shots that took out soldier after soldier before being brought down. Of course Ezekiel was as always leading from the front and literally in the midst of the machines blasting away with his .50 caliber pistol and his combat knife dropping machine after machine no matter how many took the fallen machines places. “Command to squad three come in over we need big Bertha rolling NOW” as he issued the order Ezekiel would be seen backing away from a terminator as he reloaded the six shot pistol before his finger squeezed the trigger once and blew the head clean off the machine before it toppled to the floor. By now night was starting to set in and the fight was still well underway. The commander sighed to himself before he pulled a frag grenade from his waist and armed it as he bellowed “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” Before tossing it into the midst of advancing machines only to have it explode in a shower of hit lead tearing them all too pieces and disabling a tank. Noticing the disabled tank Ezekiel would grin to himself before he raced towards the disabled machine and set about reprogramming it to defend the compound until it was destroyed. No sooner had Ezekiel done that would he grunt in pain after being torn from the machine to be thrown into a wall hard enough to create a sickening and resounding smack. He then slid down the wall and landed in a heap of flesh and bones not moving for he was stunned as the machine advanced on the immobile commander. As the machine advanced Ezekiel would groan softly as his eyes flickered open before he gasped as the machine lifted him up by his throat only to lift him over its head and bring him down back first on its knee creating a searing pain in Ezekiel’s back before he coughed and weakly grabbed for the fallen pistol. With his hand firmly around the pistols stock he would take careful aim at the machines head before blowing it clean off with a loud report. Once he had disposed of the machine he would stagger over to a pile of sandbags and bark into the radio. “What’s taking so long squad three we need big Bertha now we’re dangerously close to be overrun and forced back into the compound!!”

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 09:52PM
Aleksis and Ash were awaiting orders inside Big Bad Bertha. They were warming her up and getting the systems online when their Commander’s voice barked over the radio.

“What’s taking so long, Squad Three? We need Big Bertha now! We’re dangerously close to being overrun and forced back into the compound!!”

Ash grabbed the radio and barked back. “Got her warmed up and ready to chow on your orders, Commander!” He looked at his sister, who was manning the gun turret. “Ready?”

“Let’s fucking do this!” Aleksis growled. Ash fired up the tanks engines, and revved her hard.

“Let’s go fuck up their day!” Ash grinned, stomping on the gas pedal. Bertha jerked forward and started toward the compound gates. A tech was waiting for them to close in on the doors before he opened them for the advancing war machine. Brother and sister came under immediate fire from the machines, but with the modifications they made, she was nearly unstoppable.

Aleksis was firing upon any machine that even moved the wrong way, blasting them to pieces while Ash simply ran over any that got in their way.


“Flyers coming in.” he stated calmly. Aleksis took a moment to realign her trajectory and started blasting the airbornes from the skies overhead.

This cleared a path for the troops to start joining the battle behind their armoured comrades.


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 10:03PM
-Xavier was tired of the fucking bullshit. Sitting atop a tank he mounted the exterior turret gun and began to exterminate the bastards. As they exploded he began to feel his fury expand. He was so fucking tired of this shit. He couldnt find peace no matter what he did. Blowing apart them became a nearly mechanical exercise. With a relentless precision he began to deploy the detonations. Each was followed as they manned the reload below. He felt cold and empty as he did this. The machines had taken it all and he would destroy each and every one until there wasnt a breath left in him. As they were nearing the compound he held on tighter the road buckling as it became more treacherous. Many vehicles blocked the way and they had to blast their way through some wreckage. His XM-25’s came in handy as they were nearly ambushed by a lone terminator while reloading. The penetration armor exploding as the munitions pierced its head and imploded it in the street.

” God, I love this gun. ” he said as they rolled out…


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November 07, 2013 10:28PM
“Left flank left flank!!!” Ezekiel bellowed to a rocket team before they sent a rocket racing for a tank that had broken through the left flank battle line. “Shit…..we need that virus and soon….we’re running out of time…” The rabbit would mutter to himself before barking into the radio. “Commander Whitestone to command centre…how is that virus coming along damn it we just played our trump card and they still haven’t let up…” (( command centre )) Command centre to commander Whitestone…virus is ready to be deployed repeat virus is ready to be deployed…” Ezekiel would smile slightly before speaking calmly into the radio. “Well then deploy it damn it they already over ran the left flank and it’s getting mighty hairy out here even with big bad Bertha in play..” No sooner had Ezekiel said that would the machines begin to turn on each other in a traitorous manner and in a matter of hours the menace was dealt with. The rabbit would take his left hand through his hair before speaking loud enough to be heard. “Gather the wounded and get them off the battlefield and then we need to bury the dead…hop to it it’s only a matter of time before the bastards return even stronger then before…” The commander would then limp his way to the compound before grunting and sitting down on an empty crate. Once he was seated he would look up at the sky silently before allowing tears to call from his eyes as he slammed his fist into the concrete hard enough to splinter it. “Damn it to hell..so much death for so little gain….I’m not fit to lead never was…” The words where screamed to the heavens before Ezekiel broke down into tears as he placed his head in his hands and stared at the ground silently. He would remain that way for at least ten minutes before he slowly stood up and turned towards the river. As he looked at the river he would sigh gently before speaking softly into the mic. “All squads report in…we need to take stock of the casualties….” As the squads reported in Ezekiel’s heart would grow heavy as he realized almost all of the cadets where now sitting with their ancestors in the after life. For each squad lost Ezekiel was cast deeper into a fit of depression and regret as he muttered softly. “It’s time to move on from this location and find a new home…”
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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 11:09PM

Though everyone else had raced off to gather ammunition for their rifles and attack armour, Clarissa held back, knowing that it was now time to unearth her project. Always one to believe that in order to defeat the machines…she must become one. Dashing down the corridor, past waves of remaining troops, and the blazing warning lights of the infiltration of the main centre by the terminators, she ducked down an air conditioning shaft to avoid detection and down far below into a specially built hanger, long since discarded and forgotten by the main command. Here, in the days long before the death of John Connor, Clarissa had worked on a dream, that had taken many years to complete, using spare parts from destroyed terminators, and bodging up tank and jet parts. With an affinity for technology, though she hated what the impact of the terminator machines had done to her world, she was a rogue…that not even Ezekiel knew about. Her father, a top government scientist and inventor, who had managed to create a power source that could fit in the palm of your hand, and yet power an entire city, had given her the key to this new technology. Her only fear, was that it would be discovered and misused. Exiting the aircon duct, she stands up in the dimly lit hanger, while above, the sounds of explosions, chaos and death were all around. Time was now of the essence. Taking off a special device that was strapped to her belt, she affixed it to her wrist and punched in a sequence, as a giant of metal and hydraulics vibrated and then rose to full standing, with a large glass dome opening skyward. She leapt up onto the knees of the machine and crawled the rest of the way up its side, till leaping into the cockpit.


Looking at the grid of dials and communication screens, all manner of statistical data rolled across the plasma screens, as the pressed in engage on her wrist communicator. A massive whir and the glass dome came down, its pressurized seal locking in place, as Clarissa grabbed her head set communicator and fitted it to her head. Gripping two control joysticks, her feet on the pedals, the machine stood up and as she controlled the right arm gun the arm raised simultaneously, as she said simply.

“Weapons check…verify code #0274 – 29.”


A green skull whirled about on the mirage of screens before her, the onboard computer complying with request as the chain gun barrels open and closed and the stores onboard were full and armed. The behemoth then started to walk for the main hanger door, which slid open, revealing the fire light of the blasts from flyers and machines. Little did they realize…a human walked the machines, masked as a machine herself.


It was clear that the base was taking a pounding, and while Big bertha and various tank units tried to clear the way, scores of the new recruits were but fodder to the lasers and bombs of the terminators. The Rogue powered out with each large metal splayed foot, digging deep into the earth, getting in the thick of the terminator army, when she had made it in so far, she started to spray the machines with canon fire, that ripped apart machine after machine. Even stepping back, the Rogue acted as its pilot reacted to return fire, taking out flyers at least two at a time. Clarissa grit her teeth within the confines of the cockpit, blasting away at anything that came in her way. The trick was working, and the deal…give the survivors more time to escape.



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November 08, 2013 10:21PM
“EVERYONE ONTO THE TRUCKS!!! LETS GO!!!” By now the base was clearly lost as it was heavily damaged beyond repair and salvage. Ezekiel knew when to give up ground and it was now clear that this situation had become untenable now that the machines had breached the perimeter and where advancing into the evacuated compound. As one a convoy of ten trucks filled with survivors of the assault and all the supplies they could handle. As the trucks left Ezekiel ran over to the garage and mounted what seemed like an armored Dune buggy with a rotary cannon on the front before it roared to life as he spoke into the Radio. “Rogue its time to get out of here GO! I’ll draw them away to give you time to escape without hinderance don’t worry about me I’ll link up with you outside the city…” It was clear through Ezekiel’s steely tone he wanted no argument before he roared out of the hangar bay astride the cycle with guns blazing and smoke pouring from the exhaust pipes. Once he had the machines undivided attention he would be seen tearing off to the east and away from the fleeing convoy of refugee’s with the tanks and terminators in hot pursuit. It was clear that the Commander was trying to lead the machines away before he stomped down on the gas and rocketed down the city streets pulling an ever greater number of machines that where converging on the convoy away from it. Ezekiel roared through the city ceaselessly before he skidded around a corner only to barrel into a terminator and run it over without hesitation and leave it in the dust. No sooner had he done that would he pull into a parking garage and hide there until sundown before racing out once it was dark and making his way to the outskirts of the city where he linked up with the convoy and the Rogue hopefully. Once he had linked up with the convoy he would take his lead spot after he had pulled over to take a quick piss in some shrubbery. He would then lead the convoy out and away from the city that was once their home but now nothing more then more territory for the machines. With a soft sigh Ezekiel would switch to a single band frequency. “Clarissa you alright Hun?” He would ask with genuine concern tainting his voice before stopping the convoy twenty miles outside the city at a truck stop. There he would set up a perimeter before looking around and making his way to clarissa before leading her away to a darkened corner and kissing her deeply and lovingly with his arms snaking around her waist hungrily while he whispered gently and huskily. “Clarissa i love you dearly and i would die for you without any hesitation at all.”
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November 08, 2013 10:36PM
As the chatter came in over the radio, it was clear to Ash and Aleksis that the base was lost.

It was confirmed a short time later as Commander Whitestone ordered a complete evacuation. Aleksis looked at her brother and with a sigh, Ash turned Bertha back to the base to help with the evacuation. They would take the lead and weed out any machines that lie in wait for them as they searched for a new home.

“Fucking machines!” Ash growled as Aleksis shot down another Flyer.

“It makes me wonder if there isn’t some dickweed, humanoid, shit-for-brains, bureaucrat locked up in a bunker somewhere controlling these bastards.” Aleksis theorized.

“Possible. Question would be…why?”

“Money. Power.” she shrugged.

“Kind of hard to rule the world if all your subjects are mechanical.”

“True. I just wish this shit would end already.”

“I agree, sis.” Ash nodded as he lead the survivors away from their old home. They were silent for a while as they put miles between themselves and the machines. “Man I could go for some chili right now.” Asher stated after some time had passed. Aleksis stared at him.

“You do and you can sleep in the warehouse. I am not smelling your farts.”

Ash just grinned at her as Bertha rolled through the barren terrain.

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 08, 2013 11:22PM
-Bertha was rolling past already and Xavier had another trick up his sleeve. One of the things he had been working on for sometime was a modified version of his nanobites, He wasnt willing to test them before now mainly because of his own dependency on the technology due to his arm and also because of how unstable they might be if they managed to work their way through the computer systems. Nanobites by nature were viral. They moved through systems just like they did through the human body. He wasnt sure what it would do so he kept watching for a lone target. The injection unit he had crafted was really one of his medical services kits but set for his mechanical arm. The delivery system he then set into his secondary XM-25.


The shot was quieter than normal and pierced the terminators back. As it did instead of simply exploding his back it seemed to shake and move like a dance. It reminded him almost of that bad pop singer Miley Cyrus trying to “Twerk” he thought to himself.In moments the sight around its entry began to melt inward as the terminators body slowly dissolved. The nano-bites ate its metallic frame as surely as if it were acid to living flesh attacking its inner molecular structure. His thoughts were right. They had worked but what next? Could they maybe get to the Central Unit to Drop a load of the nano-bites into the sub-processing unit of the central unit? If they could but only make it through the main defenses it could be the end of the war or at least the turn of the tide!-


Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 12:04AM

Within the confines of her cockpit on Rogue, Clarissa heard the barking of orders for full evacuation. The machines had an upper hand, and now was Clarissa’s time to put her machine through its paces, bringing up the rear, to ensure the safe movement of the remaining trucks and tanks to safety, blowing up anything that came close or deemed hostile and a threat. The Rogue barked out round after round of shots, with loud explosions ringing all around it. Powering it now forward, it followed the convoy procession, that was led by Ezekiel.

A crackled sound came across the communications network, and then she could make out Eze’s voice, directed at her specifically. “Clarissa you alright Hun?” The whirring of hydraulics and pistons firing made it hard to hear him, as well as the constant crunch of the Rogue’s footfalls onto destroyed machines and dead bodies. “I’m fine, baby…going to catch you up in ten.”

Soon enough, the convoy stopped twenty miles up the road, and Clarissa shut down Rogue, the cabin glass shield lifting so she could get out, and then she climbed down the metal structure, jumping the last few feet. Before she barely hit the ground, she felt the touch of Ezekiel’s hand, and he led her off, away from the rest of the group, to a darkened corner, where his arms snaked around her waist, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Half surprised by his boldness, at first her eyes were wide open, but then they started to close, as she let the desire fill her, and she kissed back with just as much hunger, her fingers raking through his hair. “Clarissa i love you dearly and i would die for you without any hesitation at all.” Eze said, as he looked at her lovingly. Clarissa smiled, and replied. “Even if this is all we have, and tomorrow is our fated day, I will be glad, that I had this moment. I’ll love you from here, till the next life.” At that, she slowly undid the buttons of her shirt, and drew it back, letting it fall to the ground at her feet. Her dog tags rest on her bare skin, that was glistening from the heat.



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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 06:49AM
Ezezkiel smiled softly as he reached down drew his shirt up and over his head as his eyes wandered over Clarissa chest with a hungry gleam in them. No sooner had they taken their shirts off would the rabbit latch his mouth around her left nipple and begin to suckle upon like a new born as his eyes flicked up towards Clarissa’s wordlessly communicating the boundless love he had for her and his willingness to protect her at any cost. After a few minutes of suckling her nipple he would pull away with a throaty purr before reaching out and fumbling with her pants for the briefest moment only to drop them to the ground along with her panties as he whispered softly into her ear before nibbling on her earlobe. “Clarisssa my love I want you to be my first only and last.” His left hand would then snake down her stomach before allowing its tender touch to caress her womenhood on a teasing motion. If anything Ezekiel was trying to get Clarissa all riled up before he claimed her through the acts of lovemaking. He continued to tease her womenhood as he watched her contently waiting for her to break and beg for him to take her as his.
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November 09, 2013 09:24PM
They’d gone a few miles ahead, keeping eyes out for any mechanical enemies. The radio had been silent for a few hours as the survivors trudged over the terrain. Aleksis climbed out of the turret with a pair of binoculars to scout around. They needed to find a place to rest and soon, before some of the elderly and the young children who couldn’t fend for themselves became ill.

“Anything?” Ash called up to her as Bertha bumped and rolled over rocks and plantlife.

“Nothing yet.” she replied. She turned to look back at the convoy and saw that the Commander’s vehicle was off the road. “Stop!” Aleksis shouted. Bertha jerked to a halt as Ash hit the breaks. The other trucks and tankers behind them quickly stopped as well.

“What is it?” Ash exclaimed.

“Commander Whitestone’s car is off the side of the road.”

“You sure it’s his?” Ash climbed up from the other turret with his own set of binoculars.

“Yes. Get on the radio, see if you can locate him.” Aleksis commanded her brother.

Ash ducked back inside Bertha and grabbed his radio, tuning into the encrypted frequency they all used.

“Echo Three to Echo One! Come in, Commander!” Ash called into the radio.

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November 09, 2013 10:11PM
-Xavier had moved ahead on his tank using a geo-thermal sensor device he was scouting for the central units location. The commander center would not be where they housed it. He hoped that he could find the outpost, blowing up terminators with his artillery was easy but he needed to save his special delivery system for the central unit. The way was hard as he moved each target he blew apart reminded him of all the lives he had lost. He was covered in sweat and was scratched and bloodied from the repeated fighting with the machines as the tank made its steady progression. He finally found a blip on the screen. What looked to be an entry point. At the access point was a terminal. Unlike most of the other sights he had found this was where the machines directly could recharge and communicate with the central net. Most of the higher level cyborgs had the capacity. However it wasnt for every unit to be operated on. He knew there was no way to hack it directly. You had to be a machine. So he did the only thing he could do. Thinking of everyone he lost and loved he knew it would be the end of him or the end of his pain. He wouldnt blame himself any longer.

Taking his arm, he grasped into the units station with his cybernetic arm. As he did he took the syringe and injected it into his own arm exploding it with the altered nano-bites. Unsure whether he would even survive, knowing only he must destroy the unit at all costs he watched his arm melt off his body as the nano-bites melted through into the housing and into the entire network-

” Eat this fucker! “


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November 09, 2013 10:40PM
Clarissa was pushed up hard against the metal wall of the dimly lit room, with the fan spinning around slowly. Flickering lights created eerie shadows, that stretched across the room. Ezekiel didn’t waste anytime, ripping off his shirt, and then pulling down Clarissa’s pants in a trice. But when he took to her breast, she let out a soft gasp, her eyes rolling back as she arched her spine, and jutted her breasts forward to his waiting lips. He was taking so long on each nip, that her nether regions were now dripping with anticipation. When he started to stroke her inner lips, she cooed at him with full lips, her fingers scratching the wall behind her….oh ..he was going to lose his V card to her…this could be the first and last time they ever made love.

“Take me to bed and lose me forever.” Clarissa said breathlessly, her eyes like slits; bedroom eyes, as she felt the press of his raging member about to tap her inner thighs.“Now..do it now!” She cried..begging him, unable to wait…when…

“Echo Three to Echo One! Come in, Commander!”

Shocked by the sound on the radio, she creased her brow and pouted. What was he going to do, answer the radio, or take his woman?


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 10:54PM
Ezekiel would shrug before pressing a button on the radio to indicate radio silence before keying the mic after raising a finger. “Can’t a guy take a shit in peace Echo 3??” He would then turn his attention back to Clarissa before slowly kissing her full lips as he gazed into her eyes while he slowly sank his raging member into her womenhood clearly intent on teasing her. Once he had joined with his beloved Clarissa he would start to thrust slow and deep into her womenhood with clean crisp strokes as he began to knead her breasts and nipples lovingly before pulling her away from the wall and laying her on the linoleum floor with him atop her as he winked at her with a loving smile that wordlessly told her he was glad to lose his virginity to her. As he thrust into his beloved Clarissa he would become lost in her eyes with his arms wrapped around her waist drawing her up into his scarred and muscled chest. They would lay like this for a few moments while Ezekiel purred against her lips possessively before pulling away and nibbling at her neck while holding her against him still. After nibbling her neck he would begin to suckle her neck intent on leaving a hicky there after making sure it would be hidden by her shirt collar when she put it back on. If anything Ezekiel wanted this hell to end and for him and Clarissa to live on together in happiness and joy not in this shit hole that the world had fallen to nor did he want it for any of the kids Clarissa could give him if he where lucky enough to have her bless him with such a boon. Then suddenly Ezekiel would groan softly into her neck as he whispered softly. “God i love you Clarissa now and forever my precious diamond.” As he finished that statement he would slam his shaft ever harder and deeper into her sex while pressing down against her possessively and greedily as Ezekiel was highly possessive of those he saw as his and looked after them..
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November 09, 2013 11:06PM
There was no answer on the comm and Ash climbed back up top.

“He’s not answering.” he told his sister. Aleksis had been keeping a steady eye on the commander’s truck and saw no movement.

“Give me the radio.” she demanded. Ash handed her the radio and she clicked it. “Echo Three to Echo Ten! Do you copy?”

…*static*…Echo Ten!…*static*…I copy!…

“Jaxs…what’s your 20?”

…*static*…I’m about…*static*…two miles behind you!…

“Good. I got a bead on the Commander’s truck and he’s not answering comms. Take a couple of the jockeys and check it out will ya? He’s about a mile off your location.”

…*static*…Copy that!…*static*…Out!…

Aleksis looked at her brother. “And now we wait.”

“Maybe he stopped to take a shit.”

“For half an hour?” her tone was incredulous. Ash shrugged.

“We had tacos and chili for dinner before we evac’d.” To emphasis the point, he let out a fart of epic proportions and Aleksis made a disgusted face.

“You’re a dick, Asher.”

“Ah, but I’m your favorite dick, sis.” Ash chuckled.

“That sounded so wrong on so many levels, bro.” Aleksis groaned, causing Ash to laugh hard.

…*static*…Echo Ten to Echo Three!…*static*…Come in!…

“Echo Three! I copy!”

…*static*…Found the Commander!…*static*…Uh…he’s fine!…

“What the fuck was he doing?” she demanded.


It took a moment for Aleksis to work out what that meant. When she realized the signifigance, she looked at her brother, eyes wide. “Did he just…”


“Who’s he with?”

“Haven’t seen Commander Grant in a fair while either.” Ash grinned.

“Oh hell!” Aleksis groaned. She went back to the radio. “Send out the signal. We’ll camp here and rest for the night. Start setting up sensors and defense posts around our perimeter.” she ordered to all who were listening. She looked at her brother.

“Come on sis…can’t begrudge them finding some kind of happiness in this fucked up war.” Ash stated gently.

“Yeah.” Aleksis sighed. “Come on…let’s circle the wagons.” She ducked back into Bertha, her brother not far behind.

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 10, 2013 06:15PM
Way Station


Xaviers arm was melting and the blood began to pour off him as the station itself became more heated. the nano-bites had done their decided job. They had infiltrated into the network working down through the network. Sadly,he was still physically attached to it via the arm. As it grew hotter he could not disengage from the pieces that held him in place. He knew there was nothing else that could be done. His arm was in white hot agony as his legs too began to melt. The whole platform became slowly a sea of metal. It folded in taking him down into the liquid. The choppers and evac-s must not have gotten any signal from his unit. He thought to himself as he slowly melted away that at least he had done them a crushing blow…


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