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October 31, 2013 01:13PM
As Xavier landed he watched for potential threats advising the other medics to move in an arc when they landed. He had already assesed casualties before they even landed there were only seven below with heat signatures. three of these signatures were fading fast. He designated one of his aides to mount the turret and told the chopper to wait while he got his patients ready. Immediaitely he was able to assess the scene and determine one had a massive head wound, he would need to be collared and evacuated back immediatedly. using c-spine stabilization and careful procedure he was able to move him out of the wreckage onto the chopper. The rookie was unresposive so he was unable to gather further information to belay to patrol. The second patient was in much worse shape and his assistant already had him collared as he was also grievously wounded however his lung it seemed was punctured. his ribs were protruding with a foiled chest. Using a bulky dressing he was able to open the airway further with and oral pharyngeal airway device and oxygen tank. immediately transferring him onto a backboard to as he was a priority patient. unsure he would make it in time he also delivered a small injection of nanobites. experimental though they were they very well might allow his lungs to regenerate enough to make it to the hospital. radioing into to medical control the stats as he did so.
The third patient legs were entirely crushed, bleediing profusely. At this point his only choice was tourniquets on both legs. He knew most likely upon arrival they most likely would have to amputate as their damage was quite severe. Quickly advising his second of the damage he then handed the patients over to his second aboard the chopper. As he did so they came under fire.
The pilot trying tio take off to save the patients had to make an emergency take off leaving Xavier in the dust…behind.

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October 31, 2013 08:52PM
Aleksis heard the sounds of the medevacs coming in looked around for her brother. She saw him taking potshots at Terminators and Flyers and Tankers left and right, protecting some of the younger rookies as they came under fire.

She looked for Rabbit and Clarissa and didn’t see her commander anywhere, but she did see Rabbit take down a Terminator with nothing but the knife in his hands. And this was after he took bulletfire point blank range.

“ASH! RABBIT DOWN!” she shouted.

“I GOT THIS! GO!” he called back. She took a few deep breaths, readied her weapon and came out of her cover. She was spotted immediately of course and came under some heavy fire. Laser blast caught her across the forearm and she hissed in pain.

“FUCKER!” she snarled, returning fire as she ran to Rabbit’s side. His eyes were closed and he was bleeding heavily. She checked his pulse. It was reedy and slow, but it was there. She pulled out her radio.



“ROGER THAT, ECHO BASE! ECHO TEN OUT!” she reholstered her radio and checked around her for mechanical enemies. Looked as if the surviving team members were thinning them out. “Hang in there, sir. Help’s on the way.” she urged. “Ash! Get over here!” She no longer had to shout to be heard as the last few Terminators were blown apart. She pulled out her field kit and ripped open Rabbit’s jacket to see how severe his wounds were. Her brother was at her side in an instant. There was a large gash at his temple that was bleeding profusely. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Caught a piece of rock to the head when I blew out one hiding behind a door. Another scar for the ladies to check out.” He waggled his eyebrows. She snorted before getting back to work. “How bad is it?”

“He took it point blank range.” She pulled out some bandages and gauze. “Press these down hard then help me wrap them. I can’t get the slugs out and he’s going to need medical attention ASAP.” Asher nodded and followed his sister’s orders and between the two of them, they got Rabbit’s wounds covered. “Have you seen Commander Grant?” she asked him.

“Not since we disembarked. Want me to look around?”

“Yeah. Just in case.”

“You got it, sis.”

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November 01, 2013 04:56AM
Watching the medivac helicopter take off with the injured, as Clarissa remained boxed in behind the blackened bus, she was trying to regain her breath, after nearly being taken out by two of the terminator machines. All around her, the smell of death was rising, and blood was now pooling near her from another fallen soldier. Just how many were still alive, and on the ground in this madness. The rising plumes of black smoke filled with fire explosions, filled the air. Laser blasts, colored purple and red darted across the sky, illuminating it in this sickening spectacle. Machine versus Mankind. Clarissa knew that if she stayed in this one spot, she was done for. Fast running out of ammo, and with no back up, if she were to run again, she may well get a hole blown right through her chest. Keeping her head down, she suddenly hears the crunch of treads rolling over dead bodies and concrete as a Hunter Killer tank, is making its way past the bus. Shrinking down, she tries to keep her position unknown, hoping it doesn’t get a heat trace on her. Instead, it starts opening fire towards a building across the street. With its guns spewing out rounds faster than you can blink, its scanners are face forward. Seizing her chance, she decides on a bold move, that could see her get killed.

She leaps up onto its back treads, making a grab for the back section, just as it senses being hit by something small like a human. Swinging its body around, she takes out an EMT destabilizer and attaches it to the tank, as it starts to shudder violently and then seize up; its treads coming to a complete stop. Working quickly, she uses her knife, to snap off the back panel on the dead of the tank, and quickly rewires the machine as its paused. With the correct wires in place, she snaps the lid back down and rips off the EMT destablizer and it soon powers up again. It’s lights power up a different colour and Clarissa jumps down off the back, as she watches it open fire…on its own. This gives her the chance she needs, to at least make it back to Rabbit and the others, as the new suicide Tank goes on its own mission, clearing the way for her.

Seeing Ash up ahead, looking for her, she races over between the laser fire, and then dives behind a burning car. “Where’s Rabbit? And what happened to your head?”


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November 01, 2013 06:54PM
The Rabbit’s eyes fluttered open as he groaned gently before he slowly sat up which caused a groan of discomfort to escape his lips. Then slowly he raised his hand and waved Clarrisa over to him and Aleksis. Ezekiel would raise his left hand and press it to his temple with a muttered curse before attempting to stagger to his feet showing an iron will and determination to not seem weak nor unable to lead. Once Clarissa had come over Ezekiel would lean heavily against her being slightly drained from the amount of blood coming from his body due to the numerous wounds thanks to the thirty slugs resting in his chest. “Clarissa i want you to take the remaining members of the squad and board the next medivac out with me its time we got out of here and figured out how the fuck the machines ambushed us…I don’t want to lose more then I already have if i have anything to say about it…” With his order being issued Ezekiel would slump against Clarissa as the Medivac heli’s began to land and disgorge fresh troopers to take over the already mauled unit’s positions. Then with a grunt Ezekiel would attempt to limp over to the Medivac chopper without assistance before crumpling to the ground with a shriek of pain as his legs gave and he came crashing to the ground flat on his chest sending a searing pain racing through his body. After falling to the ground Ezekiel would slowly maneuver his body into a sitting position not even five feet from the chopper before sighing softly and allowing a pair of medic’s to take each arm and carry him the rest of the way. Once the choppers numbering four in total where loaded they would lift off under a hail of gunfire before a pair of gunships came in with rotary cannon’s blazing to provide supressing fire so that the medivac choppers could make their get away with both the troopers and the patients as well as the medic who had come with the first chopper in. ~20 minutes later~ As soon as they had landed the duo of medics would take Ezekiel and rush him directly to the medical ward where a doctor awaited them in stunned silence. By this time Ezekiel’s pulse was dangerously weak. The split second Ezekiel’s body touched the table the doctor set to work carefully plucking each of the thirty slugs from his chest one of which had just barely missed his Aorta. It took close to three and a half hours for the doctor to patch up Ezekiel so bad was his condition before finally anyone was allowed to visit the Rabbit. Once the operation was completed Ezekiel would groan softly and stand up slowly before walking from the Operating theater and to his own chambers with directions for Clarissa to meet him there.

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November 01, 2013 07:14PM
-Xavier managed to board the next chopper, assisting with various wounded. the place was a wreck. Their leader rabbit, was a mess, having nearly thirty rounds in him he was surprised he was still standing up. He had counted the holes in his shirt as he was move past him. These people were lucky to be alive. Thinking to himself he needed some coffee, he was hoping the had some left when they arrived back at the medical unit. He had been treating these wounded now for nearly twenty four hours by the time the second chopper had come back to gather the remaining wounded. It was going to be a long night before they landed and more work ahead. He couldnt dare rest. Mounting the turret guns he watched the horizon for signs of enemy machines to allow the wounded to rest as they were strapped in flight position. Any sudden movement might worsen their conditions and some of them couldnt afford it. He prayed they would make it back to the the unit in time.-

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November 01, 2013 08:46PM
“Where’s Rabbit? And what happened to your head?”

“Rock to the head, Ma’am. I’m right as rain. The Commander was hit bad, Aleksis is tending to him now. Medvac is on its way in, so we should head over.” Ash answered. His weapon came up and he shot a Terminator that was coming up behind Clarissa. “Most of the troops are dead and we have a shit-ton of injured, including The Commander. Lost a couple of medvacs in the process. Fucking machines.” he scowled, kicking at the head of the one he shot. There was a slight twitch and he shot it once more before the light went dead in the cybernetic eye. The machines numbers were nearly non-existent and it was safe to be out in the open. “He’s this way, Ma’am.” Ash lead her in the direction of where he’d left his sister.

The Medvac had arrived and two soldiers were loading Rabbit inside.

Once everyone was secure, they headed back to base.

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November 02, 2013 05:44AM
“Rock to the head, Ma’am. I’m right as rain. The Commander was hit bad, Aleksis is tending to him now. Medivac is on its way in, so we should head over.”

Though Ash thought the injury may well have looked superficial, Clarissa knew that a strike to the head could lead to further complications, so it was a good thing the Medivac was on its way in. Crossing over to where Aleksis was tending to her Commander, Clarissa was shocked by the state of his injuries. It wasn’t till he leaned on her and spoke, that she felt the warmth of his blood seep from his injuries onto her hand and skin.

“Clarissa i want you to take the remaining members of the squad and board the next Medivac out with me its time we got out of here and figured out how the fuck the machines ambushed us…I don’t want to lose more then I already have if i have anything to say about it…”

Feeling his slump against her after issuing the orders, she got him into a good lock hold and started to drag/walk him towards the medivac that was landing just a short distance away. It was hard going and her fear that he will bleed out before they reached the craft was really getting to her. Clarissa yelled back at the remaining squad, in particular, Ash and Aleksis.

“We getting out. Order retreat, get your asses on that medivac. Get moving!” she barked, as Ezekiel collapsed to the ground and two other medics came from the medivac and helped him up. Clarissa kept her gun trained now on any possible machines that were going to try and attack as the squad made a run for it. The entire operation had been a shambles right from the word go, and there were bound to be a lot of questions when they made it back to base. Most importantly how did the machines know they were going to be checking that spot in the city?

With everyone getting aboard, Clarissa was one of the last to board, only when she knew everyone was on safely, and the medivac could take off finally, and ferry the injured and dying to safety.

~Hours later~

Back at base, the wait to see if the Commander would pull through his emergency operation had Clarissa walking the halls, pacing back and forth, her eyes darting up to the clock, that seemed today to be going really slow. Why is that? When you are in a rush, time speeds and then when you are waiting for something, it goes so slow. Finally she headed down to his room, to wait for him there, hoping…praying he made it.

Looking up as she stood outside his door, she heard the din of his footfalls, and her face brightened, before she stood to attention and saluted.

“Commander…you are a sight for sore eyes. Should you even be walking around?” Her voice riddled with concern.


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November 02, 2013 09:04AM
I really shouldn’t be but you know me stubborn as always… Ezekiel stated with a soft tone before he opened the door and waved Clarissa in to his personal chambers before speaking softly once again. “Clarissa how long have you known me for? Since the death of John Connor and the crippling of skynet if I’m not mistaken? But less remiscing and onto a more current subject. Clarissa since the day we met I have watched over you as you grew and became the stellar commander you are now. It would be an honor to promote you to my left hand women…though there is one other thing I must confess for you….I love you Clarissa and I want you at my side. If you would agree to the promotion and allow me to court you I would be most pleased.” Ezekiel then looked into her eyes without a word showing that he would accept her decision no matter what it was. As he waited he would move to sit down in a chair and lean back against it to prop his feet up on the desk in his room before motioning for Clarissa to take the other chair if she wanted to.
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November 02, 2013 09:47AM
“Clarissa how long have you known me for?’

“A while now, Sir…few years.” Clarissa answered her eyes questioning where he was going with this. Perhaps the near death experience had left him looking at his life, and what he planned to do with it. Clarissa followed him into his office and listened to him speak or reminisce on how they had met, and how he had watched her grow over time and become a stellar Commander. This had her show a blush to her cheeks, and she looked away for a moment, unsure about these feelings.

But looking back at him, focusing with her green eyes, it would seem he was not finished. He had a confession and one that even would take her by complete surprise.

“I love you Clarissa and I want you at my side. If you would agree to the promotion and allow me to court you I would be most pleased.”

Clarissa blinked, hearing this coming from her Commanding officer. He loved her. She let a gasp escape her lips, trying to take in what he had just said. Not only did he want her by his side, he wanted…her. Ezekiel waited, and then sat himself down behind his desk, with his boots propped up on the top of the desk. Suddenly, a smile crept to her lips, and she said simply.

“I thought you would never ask to court me. Yes…yes you may.” She leaned against the wall, and chewed her bottom lip.“I’m too shocked to sit…Ezekiel.”


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November 02, 2013 12:46PM
He smiled softly and slowly stood up before walking around his desk to draw Clarissa into his arms. Once he had her in his arms he would gaze into her green eyes with his sapphire blue eyes before speaking again. “Thank for this chance Clarissa. I won’t let you down as you have yet to let me down.” His words where hushed and reverant before he leaned forward to place his lips against hers in a light kiss. After kissing her Ezekiel would slowly pull away with a soft tender smile on his craggy war worn face before making his way to change out of his blood caked top which revealed a sea of stitchs and a well toned upper body that had been gained through years of hard work and countless hours of physical exercise. He then bent over to grab a white tank too from his dresser before slipping the shirt over his chest as he turned to look at Clarissa. “Don’t think I saw your eyes wandering my chest Clarissa dearest…” He spoke teasingly even though his eyes missed little due to the years of experience gained through his service in delta force.

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November 02, 2013 08:49PM
Back at HQ, Ash was hustled off to the infirmary by the medics to have his head looked at, despite his protests that he was fine.

The doctor wanted to sedate him so the wound could be treated and Ash had a fit.

He was squaring off with the medical team when Aleksis found him a short time later.

“…you are not sticking me with any fucking needles!” Ash growled, looking ridiculous in a hospital johnny with his ass hanging in the breeze. He had yet to see his sister, who was behind him and out of view. Snatching the syringe from the medic, she calmly walked up behind her brother and stuck the needle in his asscheek, depressing the needle as she did.

“What the fuu–!” he stated, turning toward her just as the sedative took effect. She caught him in her arms as he fell forward and easily got him onto the bed.

The medical team were all looking at her in shock.

“Nothing to it.” she shrugged. “Call me when he wakes up because he’s going to be pissed.” she smirked, leaving the room once more. She headed to their shared quarters to clean up and to treat her own wounds.

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November 02, 2013 09:45PM
-Xavier was shaking his head when he saw how she handled the man. she hadnt even put gloves on. Thinking to himself about the chance of infection and then laughing as he yelled… “What the fuu–!” 

Trauma did have those funny moments especially when dealing with the delerious.
He was lucky all he was suffering was gonna be a lil wounded pride as a needle was jabbed in his ass.
Luckily he had more to do with handling the service of his arm. Moving the bodies out of the wreckage seemed like easy work.
Only because he was able to lift so much weight, and now his arm was in real need of repair.

He headed to the back of the unit working with a technical repair unit and the nanobites to begin fixing the arm slowly.
As they spread into his arm he was able to fix its mechanism. The arm once again becoming whole.
He would need it before long they had much more work to do saving lives.

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November 02, 2013 11:00PM
In the midst of the chaos and madness that was the world they lived in, there seemed a spark of hope in the darkness, and this came from Ezekiel and Clarissa, who stood locked in each others arms, Clarissa so happy that he had survived the dangerous mission, but also that he admitted his feelings for her. Yes, it was a shock to her, but one that she was secretly pleased about. Who could not be taken with the Commander, even if it was slightly unprofessional. His kiss to her lips, had her feel an inner warmth, and she treasured that, as he said;

“Thank for this chance Clarissa. I won’t let you down as you have yet to let me down.”

“Goes ditto for me, Commander…or should I call you Eze?” Clarissa said, a warmth in her smile and a twinkle in her eyes. This moment wouldn’t last forever, but she was going to treasure it. Watching him change out of his blood stained clothes, into something cleaner, she couldn’t take her eyes off the scars and stitches that riddled his chest and back. He looked like a stitch doll…well a GI Joe version. She tried to hide her smug look when he caught her staring.

“Don’t think I saw your eyes wandering my chest Clarissa dearest…”

“Can you blame a girl?” She answered and pushed herself free of the wall, readying herself to face the others in her squad. Questions were going to be raised to what happened out there, and the first port of call, should be the med unit.


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November 03, 2013 08:19AM
Ezekiel chuckled lightly as he turned to face her. “No not at all Clarissa dearest.” With that being said the rabbit would speak again as he tossed a file folder onto the desk of his. “Have this person brought to the interrogation room dear i fear he is the traitor we’ve been looking for as the machines left him largely alone save for the occasional pot shot at him….and no matter what goes on behind those doors you are not to enter nor is anyone else am i clear?” The fact was Ezekiel had a darker side to him that he often kept repressed even though it had been brought out during a stint in captivity after being tortured by his captors that wanted him to crack and break which he refused to do,Ezekiel had spent six months in perpetual pain and agony while in their hands. Then once the chance had arisen he had made his bid for freedom. The other moniker he had been given by his captors was Ironclad thanks to his pure stubbornness and refusal to break no matter what they did to him. With his cover blown the young man would begin to walk towards Ezekiel’s chambers before kicking the door wide open creating a thunderous bang as the door slammed open. Of course Ezekiel was waiting having placed himself in front of clarissa before he rose a brow. “Just the person i was waiting…..Daniel…or should i say Terminator 1334 Let me guess you’ve been sent by skynet to eliminate me yes?” Terminator 1344 would grin slowly exposing pure silver teeth before drawing his side arm which was a colt M1911 .45 caliber pistol and taking clear aim at Ezekiel. Ezekiel would merely stand there waiting before he spun aside dragging Clarissa with his as the weapon barked once and a round whizzed by. No sooner had the pistol been discharged would Ezekiel race forward and leap onto the machine’s chest bearing him to the ground with a loud crash before Ezekiel began to unload punishing blows to the face of the terminator which stunningly began to cave under the blows. The reason for such punishing blows? Ezekiel had lost both of his arms years ago during a Delta Force ops only to have them replaced by bionic arms with industrial strength servo’s inside them. Then with a loud crack Ezekiels left fist would rip through the terminators skull and render it useless before slowly standing up. “Seems that was too good to be true when i found him last month Clarissa…..I should have known that any human wandering could have been a machine in disguise….” No sooner had he finished the sentence would the speakers blare to life. “Commander Whitestone and Commander Grant to the Commander center please.”
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November 03, 2013 08:28PM
Hours later, Aleksis was laying in her bunk reading a book when her brother stumbled into their quarters. There were several stitches at the wound on his head and he looked madder than a wet cat on a rainy day. She looked up from her book, eyebrow cocked.

“Yes?” she smirked.

“You stuck a needle in my ass.”

“More like ‘jammed’ a needle in your ass, but that’s semantics.” she shrugged.

“You. Stuck. A. Needle. In. My. Ass.” he stated through gritted teeth.

“I think we’ve established that fact already.” she nodded.

“GODDAMMIT! YOU STUCK A NEEDLE IN MY ASS!” he roared. She stuck her finger in her ear and wiggled it around.

“Can you say it any louder? I don’t think the Terminators on the other side of the planet heard you.”

“ARGH!” Ash cried, throwing his hands in the air in annoyance. Aleksis simply burst out laughing at her brother’s dramatics.

“Don’t be such a drama queen. You got your head patched up. That’s all that counts.”

He glared at her for a moment before his face relaxed in a smile.

“Someday, I will have my revenge on you.”

“So you keep saying for the last 5 years.” she stated, patting the spot on her bed. He lay down beside her with a sigh, placing his head in her lap. He was still achy from the knock he received.

“Any news on the Commander?” he wondered, closing his eyes with a yawn.

“I haven’t heard. But no news is good news in my opinion.” she stated, going back to her book while she rested her free hand on his head. “I’m glad you’re still with me, Asher. You scared me when I saw you bleeding.”

“I’m fine sis. Just need some sleep.” Ash mumbled. “How’s your arm?” His eyes popped open as he remembered the bandage wrapped around her forearm.

“Just a scratch. Sleep, brother of mine.” Ash closed his eyes and snuggled deeper into his sister’s embrace.

“Miss mom and dad…days like this…” Ash muttered as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Aleksis sighed.

“So do I.” she whispered, watching her baby brother fall into dreamland. She shook her head affectionately before going back to her book.

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November 05, 2013 12:13AM
-Having completed the work needed to his arm in terms of repairs, he was again fit for duty. However he was hungry, especially after a heavy dose of the nanobites. Looking for some grub wasnt an easy thing to do with these slugs all about. He managed to find the mess hall but what they called food was really slop. He barely could stomach it but he had to eat. Finishing off a plate of what resembled stew he ate in silence as he hadnt made much in terms of friends here in the unit. Most thought he was some pretty boy or a elite cause of his former experience as a soldier. He wanted only to do the same as them, yet wasnt given the same regard given his history. He was even called out for his arm. They called him Droid or Mech behind his back, yet he was the first they sent out in the tougher areas. He was wondering how that Rabbit character had fared, he was something of a legend in the area and he managed to help bring him and his group in. Thinking to himself he should check in on them he began to walk back towards their stationed area. As he made his way up towards them he finally introduced himself.

” Didnt get a chance to make a formal acquaintence during the battle. I am Xavier, one of the head medics here. So how are you feeling? You look a lot better. ”

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November 05, 2013 05:50PM
“Have this person brought to the interrogation room dear i fear he is the traitor we’ve been looking for as the machines left him largely alone save for the occasional pot shot at him….and no matter what goes on behind those doors you are not to enter nor is anyone else am i clear?” 

Looking at the file, Clarissa’s brow creased and she flicked through the dossier, before answering him promptly. “Understood, Commander. If that is your order, I will obey it.” She was not one to go disrespecting him, even if she did not entirely agree with his decisions. He obviously had a very strong hunch about this one, and if he was right, then god help them. The safety of all those that resided within the compound was at stake, and sometimes, you had to put their safety above your own. Closing the file, she set it back down on the desk, the information within it retained to her memory.

But it would seem that the suspect was already onto Ezekiel and the door to the office suddenly burst open, from a good hard kick. Clarissa jumped back in fright, course the Commander was actually expecting this, coming between the suspect, and Clarissa herself, acting like a shield.

“Just the person i was waiting…..Daniel…or should i say Terminator 1334 Let me guess you’ve been sent by skynet to eliminate me yes?” 

The terminator didn’t wait to answer, instead going to guns on the Commander, who managed to drag Clarissa clear and then in a burst of speed, he went to attack the Terminator head on, using his fists, which were bionic. One fist went right through the machine’s head, much to Clarissa’s amazement. The drama seemed to be over faster than even she suspected, but then there was a announcement on the PA.

“Commander Whitestone and Commander Grant to the Commander center please.”

Righting herself, and still with her heart racing from the attack, she uttered to the Commander.

“Could there be more of them? We better get to the Command center.”


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 05, 2013 07:17PM
The rabbit nodded before muttering softly something about being found by skynet being all the closer. He then looked up at Xavier and nodded his greetings. ” Nice to meet you Xavier I’m Ezekiel Whitestone the famed and elusive white rabbit though Clarissa here has me in her trap which I don’t plan on getting out of anytime soon.” He said fondly as he cast a loving glance over at Clarissa before turning to her not caring that Xavier was watching and placed a quick kiss on her lips with a hushed “I love you” escaping his lips. “Xavier your more then welcome to come with us to the command centre of you want to come join us.” The rabbit left the invitation open before speaking to Clarissa and him both. “Look with Daniel having been a terminator in disguise I fear what was inevitable is already in motion. However we can not tell anyone this at all I don’t want panic to run amuck for that will be our downfall. If I hear that either of you let word out there will be a considerable punishment to be handed out am I clear you two?” No sooner had he finished his sentence would the rabbit begin to walk down the hall towards the command center fearing the worst. After a few minutes travel time through the corridors Ezekiel would arrive in the command centre before he was addressed by a communications officer. (( comms officer )) Sir we intercepted a coded burst from skynet….and we’ve been located sir. It was an order for all terminators in the area as well as several units of flyers and tanks to converge on our location and wipe us out…” Ezekiel’s face paled to a ghastly white before he barked out for all in the command centre to hear. “Alright our time of reckoning has come let’s show those machines what we’re made of!” The command staff would all bark out in perfect unison “sir yes sir!” Ezekiel would then sigh softly to himself before pressing a button causing Klaxons to sound throughout the building as a call to arms. He then picked up a microphone before nodding to one of the comms officers who patched him through the whole building. “This is commander Whitestone speaking and I want you all to listen well…skynet has found us and now countless machines are on their way to wipe this little home of ours from the face of the earth. I’ll need everyone able body over the age of fifteen to report to the armory and ready themselves to fight. This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill….when we drive off the machine menace those left will celebrate by creating a monument to those lost in this hellish fight we have fought and finally ended with the breaking of skynet! ARE YOU WITH ME!!!” Then throughout the warehouse the sounds of boots racing for the armory would fill the halls as the command staff looked at Ezekiel silently. “Many will die in the coming days and we will be hard pressed to repel them. I want each and everyone one of you working on a virus or something that will hopefully buy us time to get the civilians and elderly out and away from here is that clear and in the event of the machines breaking through our lines I want this room rigged to blow at a moments notice we can’t have skynet finding the others we have been in contact with…” Then with a solemn nod the command centre staff would set about the grim order they had been issued. Would this be the end? Or would it be a new start for mankind? Only time will tell and Ezekiel is the key. Does he die protecting the one he loves Clarissa or do he and Clarissa both live through the ordeal coming towards them in mass….

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 06, 2013 07:37PM
-Xavier did not expect a day like this would come. He had fought the machines hard. Being a medic is all he cared to do anymore. However watching rabbit and the others re-kindled memories of his soldiering and his knowledge was still there. As he listened to the louspeaker speak of the incoming threat, he knew that this time might indeed be their last. They were one of the last pockets of resistance known to the supercomputer known as Skynet. He was tired of the carnage. He heard Rabbit say he could tag along before the blast on the radio told him he could expect the worst. Heading to the Armory he beagn to pack a heavy backback full of armaments. It was time to ready for anything. He knew he would need more than just his medic skills if he was to help them. He had already packed the nano bites his basic medic kit and then he began to load himself with grenades, a small amount of c4 and detonators as well as guns. a set of XM-25 Alliance TechSystem’s Combination grenade launcher and assault rifle. As well as a set of strapped Magnums for some more point in contact close work should he run out of munitions. A large amount of ammo he also packed. He was ready for combat again. Ready for anything.-

Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 06, 2013 05:32PM
Aleksis was still reading, Ash was still asleep when the alarms started going off all over the compound. The lights in their quarters dimmed and red lights began flashing. Aleksis sat up in surprise, dislodging her brother’s head from her lap. He awoke with a start, forgetting where he was for a moment and rolled off the bed to the floor with a pained grunt. There was no time to see if he was okay as the Commander’s voice came over the intercom.!!418442417.gif

“This is Commander Whitestone speaking and I want you all to listen well…SkyNet has found us and now countless machines are on their way to wipe this little home of ours from the face of the earth. I’ll need everyone able body over the age of fifteen to report to the armory and ready themselves to fight. This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill” As he was speaking, Aleksis and Ash were already gearing up and grabbing everything in their aresenal of weapons, slamming their helmets on their heads and making sure their armour was attached securely. They were out the door of their rooms in a flash and heading out to rendevous with the rest of their until in front of the building. The Commander’s voice was still echoing through every part of the compound. “…when we drive off the machine menace those left will celebrate by creating a monument to those lost in this hellish fight we have fought and finally ended with the breaking of skynet! ARE YOU WITH ME!!!”

Aleksis and Ash joined in the roar of the other troops in the affirmative as they began to prepare for the fight of their lives. There was no cockiness to be found within either sibling. Odds were on that this could quite possibly be their last night on Earth and they were going to go down fighting together, side-by-side, brother and sister until the last drop of blood was spilled into the dust.

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The Gorean Roleplay Investigation, An Undercover Assignment

The Gorean Roleplay Investigation, An Undercover Assignment
November 03, 2013 11:01PM
Well I hear everyone talk about this Roleplay called Gorean or Gor.
A lot of controversy over the whole thing.
Now in real life I lived the BDSM lifestyle for many years.
Played many games with lovers and

girlfiends I have had and have gone through a lot as a dominant.

When I began my journey I started off learning the role of a

submissive and as a young man enjoyed it but found the role

ultimately unsatisfying to my dominant personality type and personal

needs. So you grow, its a journey and you experiment as I am sure

everyone has in their own bedrooms. However in 2012 i find this site

IMVU. Now they have virtual sex on the client. It’s a 3d environment

and avatars always want to get their little bit of “nookie”. It’s

love and such a game, most of the avatars only players. pardon the

shakespearean pun, but people I have seen either take it really

lightly or way too seriously.

In the end I had a few different relationships on here even met some

people from online. It’s been an interesting experience Id’d say.

However ultimately roleplaying on here becomes very different.

Gorean I didnt know a lot about. I had heard of The John Norman


A planet named Gor, slave women serving mens every sexual fantasy.

Now why would they want to live this out versus BDSM?

BDSM as we all know is a lifestyle choice. People live it everyday

and it has some ground in reality. Based on the real world. Gorean

it seemed to me the more I heard to me more like a L.A.R.P. (Live

Action Role Play).

So i began an investigation

Now how does one do that? Research! Well i wasnt going to read all

these Norman Books. They were a lot to take in, so I got summaries

on each of them. Spoke to various people on IMVU. Looked up a

website offline called which had information on

those who professed they attempted to live it as a lifestyle. Asked

them questions. Now like I said to me I still felt and still do feel

Gorean is more of a LARP, as it follows a different kind of set of

rules. You will see more as the investigation unfolds. But I kept an

open mind as I wanted to see what people had to say. I am not one to

judge and I’m coming from the BDSM side of things. Having learned

from people in reallife and lived the lifestyle myself.

Anyways, I started off by learning common terminology. Like Greeting

such as tal. This you can learn by visiting any gorean room and

simply asking to observe. However upon visiting the room I did i was

told to come back, luckily I was given some basic information from a

kajira there. She advised me of some terminology. Such as homestone.

A homestone is the hearth or place where people reside. Now thats

what it was stated as. Is that all it means? No.

As my investigation unfolded I found out Homestones are very

significant in terms of Gor.

In the languages of GOR the word “Homestone” is of critical

understanding. Indeed, without a firm understanding of the word and

the concept, the visitor is in mortal danger.

In Gorean, the term GOR means “Homestone.” The planet itself is,

quite literally, the Homestone of its people. Further, each and

every Gorean who has not been outlawed has a “Homestone,” with

slaves taking the Homestone of their owners. If freed, slaves can

again claim the Homestone of their birth. Although it is not unknown

for a person to change Homestones, it is extremely rare. Since city

warfare is common on Gor, those that change Homestones are often

suspect and those who are newly arrived on Gor are cautioned that

declaring the wrong “Homestone” might prove as fatal as not having

one. Nevertheless, newcomers on Gor will need to find a City and

declared for it. Outlaws, those without a Homestone, are not even

welcome on Port Kar any more.

As Bluto of Treve has said “a HomeStone is the physical, spiritual,

social and emotional anchor of a Gorean. It is a the place a

FreePerson owes loyalty, fealty and honor.. for most it is the place

of their birth.. for others it is an adopted home…for a peasant it

is no more than a rock in his hut, but each defends his HomeStone

with his life.”

So you see Homestones are quite important in Terms of the roleplay.

But in real life could this be called anything else? Look at what

its talking about a planet named Gor. Slaves freed. Now defending

with your life? Once again if I defended with my life anything it

better well be really important in rl, otherwise we have legal

issues. Hence why it is defintely more of what I thought to be a


But i am digressing..

The investigation continued. I had a couple of close friends who

wanted to play the part of kajira. Gathering a large variety of

information online I conducted several R/p’s after continuing to

visit rooms and observe. I also was able to get information from a

couple of seasoned Gor roleplayers on IMVU who advised me on proper


is a great resource for any looking for information relating to

Gorean L.A.R.P. or online Roleplay

It has all kinds of information straight from the books which can be

used to enhance the experience.

Overall what I learned is the differences are vast in some ways and

incosequential in others. Both play on our inner fantasies of

contol, domination and submission. Depending on who you are you may

fit into any of these roles. In other ways its quite different as

the BDSM uses the safe words and control is worked with safe words

to establish the trust between partners. In reality a submissive

holds the true power in any dom/sub relationship as they may stop

that partnership at any time. A true sub wants to please his/her

dom. And a true dom/domme desires to control well and to make the

experience one his/her sub enjoys as well. A happy sub is a good sub. A

vast difference seen in the Gorean where they must submit to all

wishes. However even there a good master is seen to be one who

treats his/her slaves well. So in some respects the roleplay can be said

to be similiar. In the end, one however is a lifestyle.

My opinion in any case.


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Beyond The Veil (1) The Grey Wolves

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 11, 2013 05:07PM
Outside the Castle

Dekarta had been dreaming in a strange place. The former castle he had been in was cold and he was not sure what purpose they had for him. when he awoke from the cold stone floor he found himself in a strange place. There were so many strange occurences that kept occuring in dreams. He would become a shadow of himself. A power he knew he possessed but this traveling was not something he understood entirely yet. Sadly he didnt need sleep so he knew these bouts of unconciousness were something altogether different. Part of his awareness but a struggle for stasis maybe. When he opened his eyes he was in the new place. There was an altogether different castle in the distance and he saw forest and trees in the surrounds.

He wished for the dark and hid for a time. As he did his body became a shadow and he was able to stalk the land, as a fae and in shadow form he was not discernible to the eyes of the casual observer and he sought a place of refuge and a reason for his presence here. He did not think it so random he was led here. It seemed since these powers had come upon him he was dragged to different places. But this had a feel like Menzobezzaran. The home of his people, the underdark. It was as if not a normal plane or place. He could feel it within him as he moved, even in shadow he felt it.

As he made his way towards the castle he kept off the road till he could learn more about this place and the people who dwelled here.

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 16, 2013 12:11PM
Outside the Castle

Dekarta began appearing more solid. Using his shadow form only during the day to hide from those who might come upon him. He began to listen to conversations listening to things people said about things that were going on in the kingdom.

It seemed this was the realm of a witch named Desdemona. and a demon named garret also resided or shared control of this realm it was rumored. Many of the fae spoke to much. As he moved throughout the territory in shadow form unnoticed he was able to listen to many conversations hearing things that others might not want him to listen to. He finally decided He might make an appearance near the entrance to the castle. What they would make of him he wasnt sure. But he meant no harm. He could always disappear again worst case. He decided he would say hello to those in residence and perhaps ask for permission to build a small home on the outskirts of the veil. It wouldnt do to do so without the witches permission, she would know before long if he did so and he could tell the two were quite powerful. So he knocked carefully upon their door as he appeared hoping he might get a good reception.

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 17, 2013 02:55PM
Desdemona’s Quarters

Their hips met in restless abandon, thrust for thrust, moan for groan. They were in unison, especially for beings who would not profess love, at least not yet on his won part, this was no easy feat. Their compatability fed from their thirst, their desire, for something more than this. for a war, and for power. Both wants aiding each other, hand in hand, as they soon would be. Garret heard her words as he dug deeper, and deeper within her with each thrust. His lips dug into her neck, her chest, where ever they could anxiously, as though this was something he’d been waiting for all his life. For the past almost 200 years, it was. This, and power, and her words only strengthened the desire for both. She pledged herself to him, she gave herself to him willingly, without any other demand but a war. With Garret being an information dealer officially, this would be much easier than even she could realize. She would have her war, and ti would come before she could possibly imagine.

His mind diverted from this after her words were finished, his eyes falling back to her neck, her chest, anything he could catch within them, until he shut his lids as he came closer to his climax. Grunt after grunt, thrust after powerful thrust, the sound of skin slapping quickly and powerfully, repeatedly at the same heightened rate echoed the empty room as their moans and his groans and grunts flowed from their lips, through the door, and into the hall. His pace hastened, his thrusts hardened, and before long, it happened. He growled with pleasure, his entire body tensing as he released his load within her. The pelasure coursed through him like an angry river flowing through winding mountain paths. The deal was sealed, their fates intertwined until the deal was completed. Until both parties were satisfied with their results. Once he was finished, he lazily rolled from on top of her, though he was still hard, and trobbing, reared and ready to go for round two. Though his mind was exhausted, his body tensed beyond measure, exposing every muscle within his well built form. His chest rose and fell with deep, quick breaths from exhaustion, yet there he stood, waiting for another chance at her. Though the rest of him hardlty had the energy to walk. Never had he been so physically pleased by a woman’s smell, her touch, her warmth.

After a short while, he huffed in amusement. “Round two?” the huff was a clear sign that he was kidding, but he would not stop another go around were it offered, as long as he was not doing any work. “You shall have your war, M’Lady. By my life, I swear this to be true.”

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 18, 2013 06:51AM
Desdemona’s Quarters

What a virile creature Garret was. The sheer power of his thrusting in wild abandon, and having his way with Desdemona. Her words had spun their own magic upon him, and lifted him to a new level of excitement, his fight for conquest won over the witch. The spoils were all the more sweeter, her body offering itself, releasing the dew like honey of her sex, that acted as a lubricant that super heated their loins. The ritualistic movement of their bodies, timed in perfect harmony. Sinful sounds of skin slapping melding with the cries and moans that escaped parted lips, only to be quashed by fevered kisses. The tingling sensation that raced through Desdemona’s blood, as her clawed digits scratched at his skin causing a tattoo like marking that would later heal, but be a long reminder of this night of fulfillment.

And then that final moment, where the crescendo of their love making reached its dizzying heights, Desdemona released a song like cry, that shattered glasses and vases that were littered around her chambers. The aftershocks left her practically numb and unable to move for a few moments, while her chest rose and fell rapidly. Garret was not spent, not completely. His member clearly still erect, and he would be able to go for round two as he joked, but she knew by his tone, that he had enjoyed the fruits of their toil.

“A rematch, perhaps when fully rested.” Desdemona said almost breathlessly. “Plus, the plans I have for war shall not be left idle. There is much to do.” Clearly she still saw the need for war to compete with her desire to copulate. Garret had pleased her, there was no mistaking it, but they were like minded creatures, and he would surely appreciate that of her. Rolling out of bed, she strolled over and took up a red robe, threading her arms through it, and flicking back her hair, so it flowed in a torrent down her back.

“Wait…I hear something.” Desdemona stopped in her tracks, and she furrowed her brows, as she felt a presence moving within the veil. This was her world, and though she could not easily leave it, she knew when creatures arrived and departed.

The witch then spun at an alarming speed, vanishing from sight, and the door opening and then slamming again, while a vapour moved through out the castle, only to take form in behind the man that knocked. Appearing as she had been in her chambers, the swell of her bosom visible through the fine silk, and the heat of sex still lingering, she smiled and folded her arms behind the visitor.

“I do hope you are not one of those, door to door types.” The witch said, a wry grin upon her lips as she observed this most handsome creature.

“Is it raining men today?”

She then stood defensively if he was not the friendly kind of demon. “Well?”


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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 18, 2013 09:00PM
Castle Foyer

Dekarta moved into the room like a shadow. His body was dark almost of chitin obsidian. Well muscled he didnt lack for beauty, but his form was almost elusive as he came into the room. He became more solid as he came forwarded uttering a greeting.
“Olathuir Vendui.”

Looking to the Lady Desdemona and the Lord Garrett. he tried not to appear in any way disrespectful.
“I am sorry to disturb you both. I have been in the realm for a time. I arrived in the realm rather unexpectedly awhile ago and had inquired among the other fae as to whom ruled here. I had been told The lady Desdemona had a Castle here and ruled the realm. Being a refugee I decided I should come and introduce myself. I didnt want to be seen as a sneak. Being one of my kind Im usually seen as such. We shadowmages tend to get such a bad repuation, you know? I was looking to make a residence somewhere within the realm as it seems im stuck here if that would be acceptable.”

His form darted about the room looking about in shadow at various objects in the room, his shadow darkening the room as he looked at all the finery.

” Her majesty does indeed have excellent taste.” he said bowing to her.

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 22, 2013 08:10AM
Desdemona’s Quarters

Garret lay on his back in the bed, eyes shut with slight exhaustion as he simply relaxed. He paid no mind to Desdemona’s sudden parting, as his own was necessary as well. He had to plant the seeds, gather information. The days ahead would be long and busy, but the reward would be greater still. Garret stood from the bed, slowly moving to gather his clothes and replace them on his body. His dress shirt was torn at the buttons, but it did not matter. He threw it on anyways, and placed his jacket over it. As he dressed, his mind flew. Desdemona, the desire of all within the Veil, had just pledged herself, wholly to him. She had just promised him power, and asked for something so simple as starting a war in return. The day could NOT get better.

Fully dressed, Garret fled the room at a calm and steady pace as he could hear Desdemona speaking with the stranger at the door. Even after he’d pleased her, she found the time to flirt. Chuckling softly to himself, he decided he’d be having more fun with her than he’d originally assumed. Making it to the door, he opened it to see the stranger and Desdemona outside, speaking. The stranger had a look about him that showed confusion. Garret rose a brow at this. How does one enter the veil, without knowing? They are summoned by the only man who could open the portal to it. Yet, Garret could not think of a specific reason why Cypher would do such a thing. He shrugged it off to the corner of his mind, storing it for a later time, when it became relevant. So, he simply nodded his head to the man.“Greetings.”

Making his way past the man, he went to Desdemona, and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close, his hand gripping her arse tightly as he planted his lips against her in rough passion. Desire pouring through him to her once more, before releasing her lips of his own a few moments later. “I must away. Planning to do, Seeds to sew, Wolves to anger. The usual. I shall return at Sunrise, to ensure you do not go….unpleasured.” releasing her of his grip, he bowed his head to the stranger, and turned. As he walked, he spoke the name three times that would open his exit from this place. “Cypher, Cypher, Cypher.” With that, the portal opened before him, and he stepped through, disappearing within as it shut behind him.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 22, 2013 05:20PM
Castle door

Hearing Garret say Greetings to the stranger from behind her, drew her attention away, and with a smug smile, she soon found herself within Garret’s arms, and being kissed with a fiery passion. So much desire flooded from him, and in releasing her, he made it clear he was starting the war this very moment, once he left the veil.

“I must away. Planning to do, Seeds to sew, Wolves to anger. The usual. I shall return at Sunrise, to ensure you do not go….unpleasured.” Promises promises promises. Desdemona would of course react as expected, with a pleased expression, and waved to him as he departed through the portal, after saying the incantation of “”Cypher, Cypher, Cypher.”

Patting her hair lightly, Desdemona now turned her attentions back to the stranger.

“Soooo…a shadowmage. Interesting. And don’t worry about reputations here, we all have them. Some good…others bad.” her face was slightly comical, as her reputation was…well bad. “But enough about such things. You are looking for a place here…and I have plenty. Land is something I have much of her in the veil. Course…there is always a price for such things.” her eyes glazed over and she made a luscious pout. “I’m…always willing to negotiate though.”


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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 22, 2013 10:01PM
Castle Door

Dekarta listened to their exchange with rapt attention. He heard this mention of Cypher. There was no Cypher who brought him here. He had travelled here on his own. He was not truly in control of his travelling as of yet but there was a reason that brought him to this place. Perhps it had been something he was seeking or something that was seeking him. He was not sure as of yet. What he was sure though was though if he needed to he could escape readily and perhaps leave this plane entirely. He hoped it would be a welcoming place. This Desdemona seemed a welcoming sort but he would have to be watchful of this Ctypher and careful also of Garret it seemed to him as seemed more of the trickster sort.

Dekarta listened to her say…

“Soooo…a shadowmage. Interesting. And don’t worry about reputations here, we all have them. Some good…others bad.””But enough about such things. You are looking for a place here…and I have plenty. Land is something I have much of her in the veil. Course…there is always a price for such things.”I’m…always willing to negotiate though.” 

He thought for a moment before responding, Well M’lady, What exactly did you have in mind? I can offer my services in whatever way you would have them. he said the last part with a grin.

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 27, 2013 03:17AM
Main foyer

Garret had left with promises he would return and the war of all wars would take place. Yes…she knew she could count on him to go to the land of the bipedals and doggies and cause no end of trouble. But right now, Desdemona had another gorgeous hunk of spunk on her doorstep, and she secretly thought that it was like the Sin sisters had granted all her wishes at once. In fact, it took her mind off the shaggy ones over on the other side of the veil.

” Well M’lady, What exactly did you have in mind? I can offer my services in whatever way you would have them”

Oh that smile. Captivating and so very…sexy. Desdemona threaded her arm through his and gestured he walk with her, inside her palatial home. “Forgive the mess…so hard to find good quality servants that clean in loin cloths.” She chuckled darkly and then let out a feminine sigh. Gazing up with her wicked green eyes, she chewed her bottom lip and couldn’t help but ask. “So what exactly CAN you do? I mean, crossing the shadows is fun and all, but…I’d like to the see the menu…I mean, I’d like to know what your specialty is.”

Coming to a large open hall, that was a sitting chamber with many rugs, cushions, couches and a large roaring fire place up one end. She often used this to entertain, have orgies…that sort of thing. Desdemona rounded on the young man, and placed her hands on his chest, and purred.

“Or better yet…show me.”


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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 27, 2013 09:02AM
Main Foyer

Dekarta thought for a moment before he answered her question when she asked…
“So what exactly CAN you do? I mean, crossing the shadows is fun and all, but…I’d like to the see the menu…I mean, I’d like to know what your specialty is.” 

She had led him to a hall and his thoughts were swirling. He had many abilities. Though he was still understanding all of what he was He did know one thing he had pieced the viel himself not been brought here by another as Garret had suggested. Which is something she might find intresting. He was about to explain that when she said…

“Or better yet…show me.” 

Her allure was truly captivating he was almost speechless….

“Well my lady there are quite a few things I can do. Most of them are batlle related, as I am trained in magical combat and shadow magic, However there is one thing I think You might find particularly intresting.” 

pulling her close to him he affected a shadow change on his form as he did it changed her as well allowing her to become as we was briefly.

“I can walk right out of the veil like this. We arent in the Veil now. But for a moment we cannot be affected by any in here or seen by only a few.” 

He breathed in her scent, feeling her next to him and then changed back to coproral form allowing them to fade back to the veil.

“I am not a typical practioner of the shadow arts as you can see. Though I am still defining my art.” 

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 29, 2013 03:33AM
Main Foyer

When the pair turned into that of the shadow, and actually passed from the veil into the other side, but like wisps of ghosts, Desdemona was beside herself. This was one mean trick, one she herself had never been able to master. However, being in Dekarta’s arms, it was indeed possible.

“I can walk right out of the veil like this. We aren’t in the Veil now. But for a moment we cannot be affected by any in here or seen by only a few.” 

Looking around her and seeing that they were no longer in the veil gave the witch the shivers. Tingling with excitement, she was positively giddy. “The things I have done to try and harness a power like this. You truly are unique, Dekarta. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am by your unusual talent.” There was no mistaking the twinkle in her eyes, as the came back to the veil, and as he let her go, she then started to clap like she was a child at the fair.

She poked her tongue between her teeth and felt like the cat that ate the canary. Now looking at Dekarta in a whole new light, she winked and gestured with her finger with a come hither look.

“Follow me, and perhaps we can discuss how you can find a home here, and I can show you what I can do.”

With a renewed bounce in her step, she skittered along the ancient corridor, passing room upon room of servants, and the odd torture chamber. Till reaching a special room, that she had to open with a key.

“In here…is my study. I keep all my spell books and some potions. There is a lab as well, I dabble in alchemy when the mood hits me.” She gushed, finally finding the right key and unlocking the door. Sure enough, when the door opened, the magnificence and size of this room was breathtaking.

Row upon row of book cases with some so high they require ladders, and then there was the potions section, with all manners of vials and specimens, even jars with heads in them. One shelf had a row of glass pots, that contained wolf fetuses. Needless to say, she had been doing strange experiments on the wolves…but the purpose would go unknown for now.

She spun around in the center and lifted one shoulder with a charming smile and asked;

“So…what do you think?”


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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 29, 2013 12:20PM
Main Foyer

He listened to her well as she clapped and said..
“The things I have done to try and harness a power like this. You truly are unique, Dekarta. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am by your unusual talent.” 

Dekarta was glad to hear he had impressed her. He had wanted her to understand that he could travel freely also, he simply enjoyed this place and wished to make a home within the realm. He found her allure so captivating as well. She had a spark in her eyes and a walk and manner he hadnt seen in the any of his kind thus far.

She said…
“Follow me, and perhaps we can discuss how you can find a home here, and I can show you what I can do.” 

Dekarta followed behind her admiring the view as she sauntered ahead. She was a lovely creature indeed he thought idly.
then she opened the door to a new chamber. Audibly gasping as she opened the room it looked so much like his old parents rooms. They too had been experimenters in the dark arts, the fey ri who had taken him. That was how he had been made what he was. A shadowcaster born from minor Drow nobility. It was only when his power had exceeded their own that they could no longer contain him. Memories flooded his mind as he saw the jars and bookshelves lining the room. It was so much. He wanted to scream but he did not want to unburden his soul so soon. To anyone. He became almost eeriely calm. His body a mask for the troubled sea within.

hearing her ask his opinion of the place he simply replied…
” It is a well supplied study much like that of the Fey’ri I knew. You must know you art well to have such a place.”

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 31, 2013 05:17AM
Potions and Spells room

” It is a well supplied study much like that of the Fey’ri I knew. You must know you art well to have such a place.”

For a moment, Desdemona was too caught up in the delights of her potions room, to hear what Dekarta had said, but when she did pay heed, there was something in his eyes. His voice..calm, like that of the waves before a storm. When the seas are flat, and there is no wind, you know, that you are in for the perfect storm. Desdemona’s intuition had never let her down, and especially not today.

“The Fey’ri, you say? I am well aware of their magics…rather dark too.” Her voice had a rich purr to it, as she sauntered back over to Dekarta, and she raised her hand to caress his cheek. “You know they say our eyes are the windows to our soul.” She got closer and made sure he heard her.“If I stare long enough, perhaps I shall see more than your soul. Perhaps the very thing that brought you to my door.” The last words were said barely as a whisper. It was not just in her learned arts of dark magic, the witch had an insight few could understand. Though she doesn’t let too many get close. Until now.

“Tell you what. I’ll disclose my greatest secret to you….if you open up to me” She smiled like a little girl that wanted an invite to a grand party.


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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 31, 2013 12:02PM
Potions and Spells Room

Dekarta was not sure he could trust her, for that matter he didnt really trust anyone. However he found her allure bewitching.
She was the first to speak to him with an open candor, not a deceit. Rather than trying tio take from him by force.
She offered to share her own secrets. If he would share his.
He thought to himself if he was to truly know her and him her they might need to talk more of the origins.
As she came closer to him, the electricity between the two of them was felt.
” Well I guess you need to know some of my history. I was from a minor house of nobility in the drow. But my family had disgraced the ruling queen she demaned penance. So my family acquired for her an object from two Fey’ri. Their price in return was their first born son, me. I was kept captive for many years on another plane. I was experimented on in a room much like this one. They taught me also the dark arts. That is how I have become what I am. I am an amaglam of shadow magic. My power made me into a shadow walker, and battlemage. I can travel between and through worlds. I haven’t even discovered the true limits yet of my power. I finally escaped them as what they had made they could hold no bounds on in the end. How can you hold a boundless shadow? Especially one you held captive and pained? Their plan was flawed by design. Yet here I am.”

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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
November 02, 2013 03:05AM
Potions and Spells Room

Desdemona leaned against her work bench and folded her arms, listening to Dekarta explain in part why this particular room in her castle had him react in such a manner. The tale that unfolded, was one that could make your skin crawl, and to think he was nothing more than an experiment for some noble drow family. Used and abused clearly.

They taught me also the dark arts. That is how I have become what I am. I am an amaglam of shadow magic. My power made me into a shadow walker, and battlemage. I can travel between and through worlds. I haven’t even discovered the true limits yet of my power. I finally escaped them as what they had made they could hold no bounds on in the end. 

Now this was where things got increasing interesting. He wasa an amaglam of shadow magic, and could pass the veil easily. Something she simply was unable to do, HOWEVER, there was a secret that she had kept even from the likes of Cypher. Why give away your prize piece to someone like the Warlock King? Lowering her arms, Desdemona pushed herself off the edge of her work station, and sauntered over to Dekarta and placed a finger upon his lips, with a hint of a smile.

“Well, you don’t have to fear about me trying anything against you like the two Fey’ri. But, I did promise to reveal my greatest secret, didn’t I?” Backing up, she spun around and walked over to something large that was covered in a black sheet. Clearly it wasn’t used often, for dust had gathered on the top. Reaching up with one hand, Desdemona ripped back the black sheet to reveal a mirror. This mirror was aged beyond imagination. The inscriptions and animals that were carved into its frame from both this world and the one of humans. But…it was the reflection that was truly unusual. The inside of the mirror was not that of the reflection of the room they were in. It was another room, an attic of a house. Releasing the black sheet from her hand, she winked at Dekarta and said;

“You ready for this?”

Desdemona then went to stand in front of the mirror, while on the other side, a woman of the exact likeness of Desdemona did the same. Dressed as a typical suburban mom, she was the epitome of what you would expect from your typical “desperate housewife.”

“I wondered when you were going to seek my help, Desdemona.” The woman on the other side of the mirror said, with hands on hips. “Life is pretty boring at the moment, and I could use me some fun.”

Desdemona just rolled her eyes, and then glanced over her shoulder at Dekarta and said.

“Dekarta…meet Deidre, wanna be witch, and human. She’s my eyes and ears in the human world.”

Deidre wiggled her fingers at Dekarta and then leans forward to mouth to Desdemona. “He’s cute.” Typical of Deidre, was her appetite for men, even though in the real world she was married. Desdemona waved it off, and then said.

“So…I have a request. I want you to find me a pregnant werewolf, lure her into a place where my good friend here, Dekarta, can step across the veil…and bring her to me.”

Deidre bit her tongue and hopped up and down. “I know just the place to look. The mall. They seem to be attracted to baby boutiques like moths to a flame. Shouldn’t be hard.” The lookalike said as they both looked at Dekarta.

“Are you game to play…catch a wolf?”


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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
November 03, 2013 12:27PM
Potions and Spells Room

Dekarta smiled as she revealed the mirror. His Fey’ri parents had mirrors to many worlds. What did surprise him however was her connection to the human host. Amazing he thought an identical self in another world. But the mirror and her alternate self allowed him to do something that might be much harder other wise. He could go to this plane directly as she suggested.
She said.. “So…I have a request. I want you to find me a pregnant werewolf, lure her into a place where my good friend here, Dekarta, can step across the veil…and bring her to me.” 

Laughing to himself, as the two discussed their plans he said ” Of course I’m game but first we must establish a connection.” 

While touching the beautiful Desdemona he laid his shadowed form upon the mirrors edge then disappeared himself, Letting go of Desdemona so as not to drag her through with him, just enough to allow him to feel her alters presence. As he did, he appeared Lithely next to her alters self….

” Well hello Deidre, It is nice to meet you. I do hope you are ready to some wolf hunting for our lovely Desdemona. “

Waving to Desdemona, he said quickly as he became a shadow again totally disappearing from sight.. “This shouldn’t take long at all Im even harder to detect in this plane. ”


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Fred’s Fresh Meats (4) Roarin Riches

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 12:51PM
The Club

Fred leapt over the bar growling audibly. He had watched the by play of he Don with no passion as he submitted to the will of many would be domme’s. What this one wanted was to do however was hurt his property however. He had essentially come in his home sat on his prized sofa and then ripped it up because he felt like it. Sissy was the star attraction and property of the bar, not just some dame out in the street for him to abuse and throw away. She wasnt easily replaced. For the Don to feel he could so abuse one like himself who graciously invited him to his establishment was disgusting. It seemed he had no respect even for himself no dom needed to prove himself over a simple barmaid. She offered no resistance. She complied to his wishes.

” No you get the fuck out of my bar! and if i ever see you touch one of my girls again you and i will have a serious problem. You disrespected me and my place today Vincent. It seems to me I chose the wrong man to talk to in this town you have no sense. You come in this place and beat the hell out of my star like she is a common whore. You think this a 5 cent brothel? Go down the street! This is for those who have class. I don’t invite just anyone to my establishment. I made this place for the best of the best. ” 

His aura darkened as his power was spread outwards, not released but the room itself darkened.
The bouncers around the room all gathered in to surround the spectacle shocked.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 05:47PM
The Club

The hard slap across Sissy’s face shook her to the core, as the Don unleashed his fury at her excitement from his sexual attack. She was after all a succubus, and her reaction was perfectly natural, however he didn’t want that at all. What he wanted was her to protest and struggle, not get off on the public display. Holding her face with her hand, the next thing that was even more shocking was Fred’s reaction. He practically jumped the bar, and got stuck into Vinny with a verbal stoush that could very well endanger not only those that worked at the club, but also Fred and the business itself. Sissy quickly snatched up her robe off the floor, and tried to cover herself, as her eyes became fearful, that Fred was taking on the most dangerous man in New York.

She fell back slightly, thinking this was all her fault. Sissy didn’t want to see Fred or anyone else get hurt and internally wanted to offer her apologies for upsetting the client so. But she also couldn’t go against her Boss, so she stayed in behind him, hoping to God, this was not going to end in disaster.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 06:08PM
Fred’s Fresh Meats Shop front

The mob car pulled up outside of Fred’s fresh meats, with two heavies in the front seat and Alfonzo and his sister in back. Leaning forward slightly and glancing out at the shop front, he had a wide grin on his face, and shot a look back at his sister; Magdeline, who still was a bit tired looking. Knowing this place was infamous for its speakiease out the back, as well as excellent food and drink, he knew his sister would enjoy grabbing a bite, and something else tantalizing here.

“Now this place is one of the best joints in town, Mags. We will get you fed and some meat on those bones of yours, heh.”

Getting out of the car, his two burly guards got out and checked the location, both heavily armed brutes, with enough fire power to take down another mob, should they show up. Squizzy was already packing, and confidently stood on the curb in his fine suit. He offered his hand to Mags, and then when the coast was clear, they all entered the Butcher shop, with one of the guards asking for the owner, to show them were the best cuts were kept. All stood waiting, while the sound of sharpening blades was heard in the cold room.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 06:36PM

Just as Brigitte was asking Fred if he wanted anything else, she heard the quite audible slap. Within moments, she had turned just as Fred had moved over to Vinny and was chewing him out. Glancing at the mobster, then at Sissy, Brigitte pursed her lips, then poured Sissy a drink and walked over to her. Handing it to the woman, she gave her a slight smile. “Are you okay?” Her eyes flickered towards Vinny as he was leaving, before she looked at Sissy again. No one had been expecting the mobster to react that way – that much was obvious. And it oddly enough left Brigitte angry, knowing that he’d done that to Sissy.

In the other room, Aedan was warming up when he heard the commotion. Looking towards the room, he frowned, but didn’t move. They could handle themselves, he was sure. Though he worried about Brigitte, it wasn’t like she was a little kid.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 06:48PM
Shop Front

Mags stepped out of the car with her brother and looked about. He had said this was a really nice place and she knew her brothers tastes, he chose only the best. She was hungry for something good a rare steak sound good right now. Bloody and off the bone lightly seared. She hadnt had anything properly cooked since she had arrived. The scuffle she had had on her way to her brothers had left her hungry and she was ready to enjoy herself. The other mobsters had already surrounded the place. They were always so protective of them, not realizing that despite her size she was quite formidable. She was no easy meat. She liked to toy with her prey, hurt them and cause them the agony that they wanted to cause others. It amused her to no end to hurt a bully or one who thought themselves particularly strong. there was something about the way they squirmed that fascinated her, she couldnt quite put her finger on it. Maybe it was the way the blood dripped out of their body, their screams, the way they pleaded…

All these thoughts danced in her head as she made it through the front door and heard some shouting from the back room.
Realizing there might be trouble she grabbed her gun, not that she needed it she was herself a weapon. But the rest of the group seemed to follow suit as they came into the front foyer watching for signs of trouble.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 01:34PM
The Club

Vincent looked at Sissy cruelly and was about to mock her when Fred leapt over the bar. He said nothing as he continue to stare at the redhead, seeming to not listen to one word the man had said. Watching the way Sissy reacted to his slap completely awakened the creature within him. Watching her cower before him like a wounded animal made him want to take her to his room immediately. Stepping towards Sissy like Fred wasn’t even there, he reached out to touch the cheek he had slapped only moments ago. His voice was low and dripped with honey “That hurt, didn’t it? Did you feel it more than the pleasure you felt between your legs?” Leaning in close, he breathed heavily in her ear “I always get what I want, sweetness. Do you know who I am?” His own dark aura seemed to surround Sissy as the Demon of Greed, one of the Seven, rumbled low in his throat “You are at the top of my list.”
Pulling back, Vinny finally looked at Fred as if just realizing he was there. Smiling broadly, he reached out to clap him on the shoulder “Thank you kindly for your services. Your meat…has greatly been appreciated.” Tipping his fedora to the man, he then spun on his heel and chuckled at the bouncers “I can find my own way out, gentlemen.” Brushing past them as his own aura shattered all the lights within the place as a warning, the don then headed back up to the store front.

Walking towards the entrance, he spotted Squizzy with others. His smile darkened but his eyes flashed pleasantly “Well look who it is…I imagine you are all in for a treat.” With that, the don of NYC and one of the most dangerous demons in the city disintegrated into a pile of ash without even bothering to use the front door. What would happen to Sissy if she were left unprotected?

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 06:28PM
The Club

Sissy didn’t know where to look, but it was clear that the Mobster now had a clear fascination with her terror, and to make matters worse, Fred was reading Vinny the riot act.

” No you get the fuck out of my bar! and if i ever see you touch one of my girls again you and i will have a serious problem. You disrespected me and my place today Vincent. It seems to me I chose the wrong man to talk to in this town you have no sense. You come in this place and beat the hell out of my star like she is a common whore. You think this a 5 cent brothel? Go down the street! This is for those who have class. I don’t invite just anyone to my establishment. I made this place for the best of the best. “

Sissy was frozen in her place, her blood had run from her face, her cheek showed a massive welt that was going to probably turn into a bad bruise. With red rimmed eyes, she tremored as the Don suddenly reached out and touched her cheek, causing her to flinch in terror. Why was he acting like this? Her eyes shot back at Fred, and she didn’t know what to do. Her head was screaming at her to run, but her heart said stay still, or this madman might hurt someone else.

“That hurt, didn’t it? Did you feel it more than the pleasure you felt between your legs?”

Sissy bowed her head, ashamed and tears could be seen falling upon her robe. She had never felt so powerless in all her days, and he kept at her…in words that terrified her. “I always get what I want, sweetness. Do you know who I am?” Shaking she shot a look at the door, as she could hear others coming. She tried to swallow, but then he dealt the crushing blow. “You are at the top of my list.”

Sissy didn’t want to be on his list..or anywhere near the top. As he left, she fell back and landed in a lounge chair for patrons, curling up in a ball and rocking back and forth. She didn’t know where to look, and fear was very real for her.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 07:19PM
Shop Front

Vincent had done so much disrespect to his shop, Ferdinand was furious. To begin with he thought to abuse publicly his star which was fine in a small way, he was of course as he put it the most important man in New York City. However he became to him the lowest man, with the lowest class the moment he smacked her. she had enjoyed him as a proper whore should. Done her job properly as all had seen since he had made sure all were to see it. Then following this public display since she enjoyed his passions decided to abuse her face. Her moneymaker, it was as if he had come into his home and took a shit on his couch. He was not about making money, he had no sense at all and certainly didnt belong leading anyone.

Threatening her just proved that. He watched him darken and break the lights making a mess of the place to avoid the real gangsters who had just walked in.. THE ALVISE!

Looking up he saw Alfonzo and a few of his men come in, seems they heard the whole thing from the front. He looked back to Sissy, Dont sweat it. Take as long as you need to, Why dont you wash up? 

He handed her a towel and tried his best to comfort her as Alfonso and the rest walked in.

Sorry for the mess gentleman. We had a rather rude patron with little manners. can I get you something to drink or maybe eat? he said as he began to clean up the glass..

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 07:56PM
The Club

Sissy at this point was too scared to even move, and at first, Fred’s words didn’t seem to be sinking in. Fred was acting casual, and it was like, he was reining in his own inner demon, to not go out the front shop and give Vinny a taste of his own. She knew she should move, but she felt pain and a numbness in her legs. A shaking hand traveled to her welted cheek, and though her lips moved, no words were coming forth.


She tried to grip the chair arm rests and push herself, as Fred went to see who was out in the shop front, and when she heard the voices, the horror had just increased ten fold. ~Alfonzo Alvise.~ “Oh god no..” she whispered, thinking this was about to get a whole lot worse, from the stories she had heard about this man. Clearly…what she heard, and what he would present were two different things.

The Shop front.

“Well look who it is…I imagine you are all in for a treat.” Vinny said, in a throw away comment, as he turned to a pile of ash, rather than be a man and use the door. Squizzy watched with a curious expression, and then whistled for a butcher. “Might wanna get the pan and shovel here. Last customer just infected the place. Hate to see your meat go off.” The two guards, Snowy and Angus both chuckled, one even opened the door, and said in a caveman like voice. “DIS..IS A DOOR.” Squizzy then saw the owner come through and he had heard the popping of his lights out back going out. The gangster from the rival mob, Squizzy knew right away by the look on Fred’s face…that shit had just gone down.

“You can show us through, and we can have a chat about your other guest. Name’s Squizzy, otherwise known as Alfonzo Alvise. And don’t worry, we aren’t here to damage the joint. I was after a good beef sandwich.” He then gestured to Mags, who looked set to take the butcher’s on with her guns drawn. “Mags, Sis. We don’t need to be killin’ nothing. Let’s play nice, eh?”

Walking through to the back, the first thing he saw aside from the twins, was a terrified and bruised Sissy, who looked like a possum that had been hit by spotlights. Squizzy didn’t move on her, or try any bullshit. He simply took off his hat, and gestured for the others to take a seat at the table. Angus waved at Sissy, and Squiz shook his head. “Keep it in your pants, Angus. We are here to eat and greet.” Angus pouted, then took a seat with the others. For gangsters…they sure were behaving.

“So…Fred, is it? You seem to have a little problem with Vin. I can cut you a deal, that he doesn’t set foot in here..or go near your Red…ever again. Or my name’s not Squizzy.” He then beamed a winner’s smile, as he eased back in his chair.“Now..about that sandwich.”


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 08:28PM
Shop Front

Mags always followed her brothers lead and now was no exception. He motioned for her to wait as they listened to the exchange in the club. Seemed the Don Amato Vinny was in there and making a real ass of himself. Mags kind of snickered to herself when the Don came in. Putting on her poker face she was all business. Her brother did all the talking her countenance was the usual grim one, she was always ready to hurt someone if given half a chance. Then the Don known as Vinny disappeared in a pile of ash. They all grinned her brother then calling out to the owner…

“Might wanna get the pan and shovel here. Last customer just infected the place. Hate to see your meat go off.” 

She laughed in spite of herself at his antics as they made their way into the back looking for the owner.


Looking to the gangsters he asked them all to come into the club so they could have a table.
Turning To Squizzy he said…
“Why dont you all come in the back here and have a seat? Ill have one of my servers make you a proper rib-eye while we talk. What would you like to drink? I can make you an excellent rickey or perhaps a whiskey sour is something you would prefer? he asked the last with no disrespect.

He then motioned to Birgitte to take orders from the other gangsters and fetch them some drinks and food as the cook made them their sandwiches.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 30, 2013 03:11AM
The Club

Squizzy was keeping a close eye on the movements of the bruised dancer, who really needed that mark on her face looked at. He knew that she was a money earner for the club, and he sung out, not to intimidate the girl, but offer some friendly advice.

“Red…go get a large hunk of rump and keep it pressed to that bruise. Last thing you need is to have a mark so dark no cover up is going to hide it.” It was actually a good thought, and though Fred had not given her the nod, she slipped into the kitchen and came out with a hand sized piece of rump, which she applied to her face, and instantly felt the coolness of the steak ease the red hot welt on her cheek. Squizzy gave a small thumbs up, seeing as she actually did as she was told. “See? Feeling better ain’t it? I’ve had a few shiners in my time. You’re just lucky you are behind a butcher shop.”

The ordered rib fillet sandwiches arrived, much to the delight of Angus and Snowy, who were both incredibly hungry. To Fred’s question if Squizzy would like a drink, he thought for a moment and answered;

“Whiskey sour sounds top notch, Fred.” He shot a look at Mags and leaned to her saying. “Better give your order, Sis, or you might miss out.” The atmosphere was not so tense, even though Squizzy and his men were as dangerous if not more so than Vinny. The thing was, they weren’t there to do no stand over. They had wanted to try these famous sandwiches.

Sissy sided up to Fred and whispered. “May I please go wash, I feel very unclean and not good for the business at the moment.” her face was creased as she still had the lump of meat pressed to her face. She hoped he would allow her to go up to her apartment, and have a moment to compose, wash and return to work.

Squizzy watched and when Sissy was given the nod to go, he said to Fred;

“We treat our employees like a commodity. They get damaged, their value falls. And she is a pretty thing to have broken by some mad Don. He needs to learn…not to touch what he can’t have.” Squizzy said with that smile of his.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 30, 2013 02:32PM

Brigitte frowned at Sissy, worried about the woman. After nodding at Fred’s request to get them drinks, Brigitte went behind the bar to begin serving them. Clearly, they were gangsters, and the vampire wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it. Although they were vampires much like herself… she didn’t know if they could actually handle a demon. Pursing her lips, she poured all of the drinks, set them on a tray and carried them over to them, smiling. With one hand holding the tray, she began to set the drinks in front of each of them.

Glancing towards the dance floor, she caught a glimpse of her brother. Their eyes met for a split second, and then she smiled at Squizzy and his entourage. “Is there anything else that you all would like? I can whip up pretty much anything.” Brigitte grinned briefly before walking back over to the bar. Setting the tray back down, she stood behind the bar, cleaning up the area a little.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 31, 2013 12:41AM
The Club

The cook kept the sandwiches coming as it seemed they were enjoying the first round of ribeyes. It seemed Birgitte was going to be quite busy between the drinks they needed and the sandwiches.

Fred thought for a moment about Squizzy’s words while giving Sissy a quiet look and motioning for her to take her leave.

“We treat our employees like a commodity. They get damaged, their value falls. And she is a pretty thing to have broken by some mad Don. He needs to learn…not to touch what he can’t have.” 

“Well that is much the same attitude I have. I would not be quick to treat any customer poorly but he thought to abuse my star like she was a common whore. I would gladly help you in any way I can of course. I just dont know how he didnt see the profit in such a venture as this I invited him and this was our thanks. I am quite glad you came. You perhaps at least might see the profit in a place such as this I would think. ”

Mags looked about the club after she took her seat. The sandwich was served by a waitress who seemed well mannered she thought. the establishment was exactly what her brother said she thought as she took her first bite. The food was excellent and she glad of the Don being vacated. His presence made for an otherwise great experience being sullied.
Her brother suggested she order a drink and she turned to the waitress and asked…
” A whiskey bourbon on the rocks please “

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 31, 2013 02:01AM
Upstairs Apartment

Closing the door behind her, the music and voices of the club below were drowned out and in this small room, Sissy found sanctuary. The events that transpired down stairs, rocked her to the core. Sure, she had done lap dances before, but never had a client been so bold to actually take her right then and there, in a shocking display, that she found herself becoming entranced, falling into the slavery of her succubus urges. Course, that was not what the client wanted at all. He wanted her tearful, fearful and crying, not enjoying the moment, as she had found she had. Everything changed when he attacked her with a ferocity she had not experienced before. This too being her first client, and it went all so wrong.

Staring at herself in the mirror, with the piece of meat in her hand, she could see the red welt of his hand strike. It was going to take a lot of makeup to cover up such a bruise. Sissy closed her eyes tight, trying to block out what had happened, but his face loomed over her, threatening that he had now decided that she was what he wanted. A cowering mess. How anyone would find that attractive was beyond her.

Sissy then wondered. Would the Don come back and tear the place up, wanting another show? What if he tried to have her taken by his henchmen? These fears alarmed her and she knew she would have to speak to Fred later, but not right now, not while he was entertaining the second in command of the Alvise. Knowing she would be needed to entertain more clients, she went to the wash basin, and started to clean off her make up, and cleanse her body, so she would be able to come back down stairs, and do what she had been hired to do.

The Club

Squizzy dabbed his lips neatly with a napkin, after consuming one of the tasty ribeyes. He toyed with his empty glass, and sung out to Brigette. “Another one of these, darls.” before setting back down the empty glass, and taking in Fred’s concerns about the Don, Vinny, and his attitude whilst in the club. Clearly, Vinny was a me man. Only interested in what he could get out of a venture, and what he wanted…was Red. Squizzy was no fool. He knew that the Amatos were going to be back, probably with a few thugs to boot. Question was…was Fred prepared for that? Would he be willing to hand over Sissy if Vinny demanded it?

Smiling, Squizzy placed an arm around his sister, Mags. The only woman he showed public affection for, since she was of the same blood, and was a no nonsense broad. “Never thought I would be saying this…but seems you need protection against another mob. I have no doubt in my mind, Vin will be back. I my men here…so to stop any such even occurring…and maybe, give them so much grief in their own interests, that they won’t know where to look. If their Boss, is all obsessed over your Red…he won’t be very good at doing his job. That will cause all kinds of problems. Meanwhile, your business flourishes…and Red is safe. He then leaned forward and said. “I’m even going to waive the usual fee. I see an opportunity, Fred. One, I intend to see through.”


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 31, 2013 08:55AM

As the group was being served, Brigitte made sure to be quiet and polite. Although she wasn’t intimidated by this group of what seemed to be mobsters, she knew that it was her duty for the moment to just remain quiet and do her duty. She was going back and forth between the bar and table quickly and easily, having done this many times before already. When the female of the group asked for a bourbon on the rocks, she flashed her a grin and a nod. “Coming right up!” The vampire quickly hopped behind the bar. Just as she began to make her drink, another order was given to her and she responded with a smile and wave of acknowledgment that she’d heard him.

Soon, she was pouring the drinks into their respective glasses, and carrying them to the table. “Bourbon on the rocks for the lady.” Brigitte set the glass down for Mags, and then walked over to place Squizzy’s glass in front of him. “Here you are, Sir.” Walking around the table, she plucked up each of the empty glasses from the table, to carry them to the kitchen to get washed.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 31, 2013 03:56PM
The Club

Fred was glad to hear what Squizzy had to say. The club was going to need a new benefactor. The fact that he wanted to use the place was great as far as he was concerned. It was only going to drive up business and make them both money.

“Well of course I would appreciate anything you would like to do on our behalf. I respect real authority and we are glad you have chosen to aid us. ” 

Mags had just enjoyed a rather tasty ribeye when she spied a hunky dancer moving on the dance floor. Curious about his moves and availiability she inquired..

” I’d like a slice of that too. What’s Your name? ” pointing at Azrael with a grin.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
November 01, 2013 07:52PM

Azrael had been busying himself by dancing on the stage, mainly practicing since there weren’t many customers. Though he was curious about the customers that Fred was entertaining now, he made no move to go over there. It turns out he didn’t have to, though. The woman of the group had been eyeing him, and he grinned to himself though said nothing about it until she pointed to him and beckoned him over. Immediately, he walked over to the table and smiled charmingly. “I am Azrael, madam. It is a pleasure to be in the company of such a beautiful woman.” Bowing to her, Azrael lifted his head to peer up at her. “May I interest you in any of my services? Anything you wish shall be my pleasure to accomodate.” Taking her hand, he kissed the back of it lightly before releasing it and standing up straight once more.

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Fred’s Fresh Meats (3) Rosas Spinis Roarin Riches

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 21, 2013 10:06AM
Meat Shop

Vinny silently fumed in the back of the car as he mulled over what had happened to his daughter. The Alvise openly rebelled against him by making an attack on his daughter. From what he heard, though, it was a soldier that did so. Darion might not even had ordered the attack himself. Knowing soldiers in the family, they were always doing stupid things to gain favor with the don. Perhaps this had been another one of those stunts.

The car soon pulled up to the meat shop in town that had recently opened up. It was fresh prey for Vinny, and he wanted in on the earnings. Extortion was very important to him, and it certainly kept him living in the lap of luxury. Strolling into the meat shop, he began to whistle as he opened the door. The don never believed in knocking, especially when it came to shops. Breezing up to the counter, he slapped the bell repeatedly for service. After it became annoying, he stopped and looked up with a smile “Sorry, old habits die hard. Where is Ferdinand Prescott?”
He didn’t bother announcing who he was…he never did. Instead, Vinny waited to be serviced with an entitled attitude that would have the smarmiest man’s skin crawling.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 21, 2013 11:14AM
Front Entrance

Ferdinand was watching the cooks prepare choice meats in the front of the business. Making things look as if it was legitimate was something necessary. Not what he wanted, he would have preferred to just be honest about what he enjoyed to do but his lifestyle was frowned on and the speakeasy had to be operated very carefully. He monitored most of the front end operations usually posing as a customer, even leaving periodically to seem as one. He had made it almost an art form so that no-one realized who really operated the place. However he heard someone call his name audibly and as he heard it he looked out and realized this was very important! It was Vinny Amato, it seemed they had answered his invitation. He quietly put down the newspaper he had been reading and went out the door motioning to the attendants to continue about their work.

Meeting Vinny at the door he said,
“Why dont we take this to the back. I’m sure you could use a proper drink some entertainment perhaps and we definitely need a bit of privacy for our discussion. Wouldn’t do for many ears to hear whatever we might want to say. In any case welcome to my shop. I am glad you graciously accepted the invite Vincent. I have heard many good things about your family and wanted to extend my hospitality to them. Right this way. ” 

Ferdinand pointed out carefully the way towards the club as he walked ahead ..

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 21, 2013 12:03PM
The don didn’t have to wait long for the owner to come and retrieve him. He suspected that it had something to do with the bell ringing, but perhaps this man just had good manners. Seeing a good-looking man stepped forward to greet him, Vinny braced his hands on the front table and smiled “Eh, I didn’t realize you were a pretty boy, sonny?” He gave the man a look over before nodding once more. It seemed clear Ferdinand had a proposition for the don, and he was eager to hear it. Striking up a good business conversation with the butcher would be an excellent way to get his mind off of Maria, and money was the best way to do so.

Following Fred’s directions to the club, he smiled wryly and clapped his hands together “Let’s do this.” Walking with Ferdinand right behind him, he soon found himself amongst the world of good looking men and women alike. Raising an eyebrow, he whistled before shouting “This place is hot!” As his eyes looked around, they fell on a red-headed woman. A sinister smile crossed his face as he spotted Sissy. Spinning around slowly to face Ferdinand, he asked “Who’s the fire-headed broad?” If there was anything else Vinny loved other than Maria and money, it was his dick.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 22, 2013 04:09PM

Sissy had retreated to the club to wait for breakfast, but it appeared that they would be having unexpected company, and not just anyone, but the don himself, Vinny. Wearing her silken robe over very sexy unmentionables – bustier in black satin and lace, with suspenders and matching panties, she was not dressed to entertain, but the don may find her look to be enticing. Perhaps the meat that don would wish to sample as part of his tour of the club was some sizzling red eye fillet. She could feel his eyes upon her, mentally undressing her with his gaze, and rather than show disdain, she leaned against one of the support beams, and let the corner edge of her robe slip from her shoulders, exposing more skin. It looked like her job had started, and it was not even night.

“This place is hot!” The Don exclaimed, clearly giving it his seal of approval. But did he wish to try the merchandise? Get a free sample? He soon was facing Ferdinand and asked “Who’s the fire-headed broad?” Sissy knew it was not her place to speak, as it would be seen as the height of rudeness. Instead she chewed her bottom lip, and traced her slender digit down the front of her right bosom, teasing herself.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 22, 2013 04:50PM
The Club

Fred grinned at Vinny’s approval. At his question, “Who’s the fire-headed broad?” 

That there is Sissy. She is my lead dancer and one of our choices meats. As we say. We all here offer a selection, for men or women we try to keep the menu open. You never know who you might need serviced and we expect that you also want the finest drink as well. 

With that he poured a complex and well poured Gin Rickey before the Don. Placing it neatly in front of him so he could enjoy a nice drink while he watched Sissy dance.

Do you like what you see so far Vincent? If you like I am sure I can arrange a more private show for you at you leisure of course.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 23, 2013 09:14AM

It appeared that the redhead woman could hear him. As Vincent turned around to get another eye full of her exotic beauty, he was met with a marvelous display of woman. The black satin and lace contrasted deliciously with the pale of her skin, and the fiery color of her hair. Licking his bottom lip once, he stared in amazement. Normally the don went for blondes, but there was something so openly wanton and alluring about this woman that he just wanted to take a bite. Seeing the way her fingers trailed down her bosom, Vinny could feel his pants tightening as a large lump grew in his throat. This woman could quite possibly carry his demonic seed.
Spinning his head back slowly to face his host, he looked down to see a drink placed before him. Trying to get his bearings once more, Vinny picked it up and took a long swig. Holding the glass in his hand, he felt much better now that alcohol was coursing through his body. Lifting his eyes to meet Ferdinand’s, he smiled like a jungle cat “I like what I see, and I want a bite.”Spinning around suddenly, Vinny placed the drink down on the bar before clapping his hands together. Whistling at Sissy, he called to her “Get ova’ here, you nicely cut piece of ass.”

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 23, 2013 01:23PM

The next day, the two siblings got up from their chambers and each got dressed in their appropriate attire. Brigitte came out of her chambers first, and soon her brother joined her. The two greeted one another with smiles before walking through the club. Already, they could sense that Fred and Sissy were up and about. And soon enough, more people were in the club. Azrael and Brigitte made their way towards where they smelled them all. When they arrived, the two vampires hung back a little. After a brief moment, they figured that if Fred wanted them, he would send for them. Sissy was already in the room with their guest, after all.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 05:03AM
The Club

Sissy heard the whistle and clapping made by the Don. He had shown he was aroused by the temptress in black satin, and now he wanted to try a bite of the latest cut. Knowing how important this was to Fred and the business, she began to strut, with a refined elegance, as she rolled her shoulders, and her black satin robe fell like shimmering water and pooled on the floor in her wake. Now with just her sexy black undergarments on, she was ready to treat the Don to some very special attention. No music was needed, for his own heart would soon be the tempo for this initiation between the demons of New York. Her allure in part was the subtle scent of her perfume, mixed with her own sweet musk, that if inhaled would be more intoxicating than the drink he had just sat down. With a throaty growl, Sissy said with a curl of her plump lips;

“I’m the house special….care to dine on me?”

And right on cue, Sissy began her routine, her face an image of unadulterated lust, as her eyes became slits. Bedroom eyes that only held the Don in their gaze. She picked up a riding crop, that was on a nearby table, and would use this in part as a toy to tease herself, but also for him to take off her, and use himself if he so desired. She dragged the tip of it down between her ample breasts, crossing the fine black bustier, and catching on the threads, pulling each loose slightly, as her hips gyrated, and she did squat drops, before standing upright, and spinning round, to bend over and smack the whip against her own lace covered ass. The strike would leave a welt, being that hard a hit, and her cry out of submissiveness, also designed to tease this most powerful of mobsters in New York. She drew the crop between her buttocks, and then back between her legs, before licking the tip with her long red tongue. Sissy tossed the crop at the Don to catch, and bit her bottom lip playfully, hoping he might use it on her.

Sissy started a slow walk around the Gangster, and came around to where he sat, and turned so her ass would be presented, in all its glory. She gyrated, and came very close to rubbing herself against him, but keeping that slight distance, so it was sill very much a game of tease. Would he seize her and take a bite or take her out back, to use the crop on her properly?


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 11:49AM

Vincent was having a great time watching the fire-head walk towards him. His tongue snaked out again to hungrily lick at his lips as Sissy prowled towards him. She was a great big tease, and the don had plans for her. As her shoulders fell back to remove her robe that Vinny wanted to tear off himself, his eyes narrowed as he watched her begin to perform. His eyes became black as night as the demon greed leaned back in his seat at the bar. She was talented, and she knew what she was doing. Her scent was intoxicating and he found himself closing his eyes while breathing it in. A rumble of approval came from his chest as he crossed his arms.

Opening back up again, he smiled as dangerously as a shark as his demonic eyes fell on Sissy. She asked him a question, one with a double-meaning, and Vinny found he both wanted to but a knife through her stomach and take her right in front of everyone. Perhaps he would do both. The don always wanted, and he always got what he desired.

The way she looked at him had him sneer, finding her routine both sexy and repulsive. He liked his women innocent, and he liked to make him scream. This woman seemed to be at the top of her game and was treating him like he was an easy prey to capture by the knowing way she worked her body. That just would not do. Vinny’s eyes watched her grab a riding crop, and that piqued his interest. Perhaps this would get interesting.

Soon Sissy was spanking herself, and it had left a large welt that the don wished he put there himself. Looking back up at her eyes, he growled and was about to snap at her, but she soon tossed the crop to him. Catching it in a swift movement, his lips spread in a cruel smile as her submissive cry still resonated in his ears. She was now gyrating on him, and he was ready to attack.

She teased him with her ass, barely touching him. It both angered and excited him. Reaching out with his free hand, he wrapped his hand around her waist and sent her sprawling over his lap. His black eyes fixed on her ass as he used his empty hand to deliver a hard smack to her ass. Seeing his hand print, he chuckled darkly and gave her three more smacks, the last one harder than the other.
Vinny knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he saw bruises and blood, however. He was always greedy for more. Picking up the crop in his hand, he brushed it between her ass cheeks before swatting her hard on her lower back. Tossing the crop aside, Vinny picked her up so he could stand. Spinning around, he placed her on the stool. Before he made her bleed, he wanted the taste he had been promised. Spreading her legs apart, Vinny smirked again while ripping her panties to the side. Without warning, he lunged forward to plunge his tongue between her moist folds. His tongue darting in and rapidly as he dug his fingers hard into her thighs. He would have his fill of her in front of anyone and everyone in the club.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 03:36PM
The Club

Ferdinand had been glad that Sissy had captured Vincent’s attentions. She was good at that, much as he was with the ladies. They were both wanted to use their bodies to the maximum profit. Which is why she was such a valuable worker here at the market. Seeing she was doing well he then turned his attention to where Azrael and Brigitte had wandered off to. Didnt they realize it was time for work? You never knew who else might show up. He needed his dancers he thought to himself and besides he hadnt gotten to talk much to this Brigette the night before. He always like to hear people’s stories, especially those who worked for him. He asked another of the dancers to go look for them as he idly sat behind the bar polishing glasses and sipping on a whiskey. He was glad the club was picking up and that the Don was pleased.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 06:22PM
The Club

When Fred had said keep it strictly business, that had been Sissy’s intent. Her exotic moves to entice the mob boss, were done so in a typical fashion, to titillate and tease. The stripper however aimed to please the Don, and throwing him the crop, meant he would have a more hands on experience. What she didn’t count on, was his way around women, seizing her and with little effort, tossing her over his lap, like a disobedient child. Her green eyes widened as she felt at first the three strikes with his bare hand to her quivering buttocks. Welts of red hand prints forming, marking her to hopefully form a bruise. The Don clearly loved to make others feel pain, to watch them bled and cry his name in a submissive way. The succubus was turned on in fact by this behavior, and cried out in a terrified voice, till the moment he sat her upon the bar stool where he had been, and decided that he was going to make a meal of her, in front of Fred, Bridget and Azrael.

Vinny gripped her legs with his clawed digits and then buried his face between her legs, his tongue flicking up and inside her, as he ate her hungrily. Shocked, Sissy arched back against the bar, her inner thighs trembling. The Don was rough, and forceful, violating her in a manner that is normally reserved for the bedroom. Sissy stretched right out, her arms held up over her head, while her hips rolled in a motion, that intensified her own growing need. He was incredible. Her legs were now bleeding from the sharp press of his claws into her skin, and fire raged through her veins as she was gasping for breathe. Dare she touch herself, massage her own breasts while he went down on her? No…instead she rode the orgasmic wave that had her jerking and twitching, as she fed him her juices. He may punish her for that…but she couldn’t help herself.


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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 07:05PM

Moments after leaving, the two siblings returned as they were hailed by Fred. The walked in side by side, both glancing towards Sissy and Vinny, but neither of them paid them mind. Instead, they walked towards Fred. The siblings offered him a smile, though Brigitte was the one who spoke. “Sorry, We thought you wished for us to come back when we were needed. It’s been a little while since we’ve done this kind of work.” The vampire glanced towards Vinny and Sissy, though said nothing. Instead, she merely turned her attention fully on Fred, a smile playing across her lips. Slightly behind her, Azrael stood, his gaze flicking between watching Sissy and Vinny with a sort of morbid fascination, and looking solely at Fred.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 08:54PM
The Club

Ferdinand saw the two siblings enter. He was glad to see them return. Keeping a quiet eye on Sissy so as to ensure she wasnt damaged he tried not to be obvious but he sipped his drink idly trying to seem more like he was watching the bar. As Brigitte came up to the bar she said…
“Sorry, We thought you wished for us to come back when we were needed. It’s been a little while since we’ve done this kind of work.” 

Responding back to her he smiled and said…
Well glad to have both of you back. Not sure what’s going to happen today but we best be prepared for it. As you can see The Don is quite inspired, who knows who else might be visiting us next. Business is booming as they say. 

He winked at the pair, and passed them each a drink. Well let’s have a quick one and then you two can begin your shift.

I am sure Vinny may need his cup refilled Brigitte and you Azrael can work with the other dancers after you finish yours. I think Todays gonna be interesting.

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 27, 2013 08:09PM

“Sounds good to us. We’ll be here all day, of course.” Brigitte grinned and then shrugged. “It seems he is. I’ll be here for anyone else who decides to pay a visit. Thank you.” She downed her drink, just as Azrael did his. The siblings then grinned at Fred and went their separate ways. Moving behind the bar, Brigitte quickly picked up Vinny’s glass. Without a single glance at him, she refilled it and then put the bottle away. Meanwhile, Azrael walked over to where the other dancers were, greeting them each with a grin as he they prepared for the day. “Would you like anything else, Fred?”

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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 12:14PM
The Club

Vincent’s nails clawed sharper into Sissy, a growl escaping his lips as he felt her thighs trembling around her. As he felt her body react to his ministrations sexually, he began to see red. He did not want her to enjoy this, to be so open and so pleasured in front of other people. What the don wanted was to feed off of her mortification, to feel her protesting underneath him. Instead, he was met with her enjoying every little flick of his tongue probing her in front of others’ eyes. Pulling back, he stared up at her with eyes as black as death itself. Licking his lips slowly, he stood up so he could look down at her. His chest panted with the exertion he was using to try and not lose his shit right then and there. This was supposed to be a new place of business to add a notch to his belt, but instead, he felt furious. Reaching up with a hand, he then backhanded the red head. Hard.
What Vinny wanted was to snap her pretty little neck and make an example of her to the other women around him. No one was allowed to enjoy him. Not unless they were sweet innocent doves he was seducing. He wanted the chase, the game, the thrill of the conquest. This woman insulted him with her boldness. Turning to look at Fred, he snarled “Get me something strong. You and I have some things we need to clarify.” Wiping his mouth off, he didn’t give Sissy another look as he stormed away.

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Alvise Compound (1) Rosas Spinis Roarin Riches

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{RP} Alvise Compound
October 07, 2013 07:35AM
Home to the Alvise mob. Darian resides here as well as various members of the mob. 

State where you are in the compound at the beginning of every post.

Example: Kitchen

Don/Capo Famiglia: Darian Alvise
Underboss/Capo Bastone:

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 08, 2013 07:33AM
Eris and Darian’s Bedroom
Eris sat on her bed staring off towards her vanity mirror, her red satin robe draped around her shoulders. Her long black hair was up in a messy bun, dark tendrils hanging in loose curls near her pale face. Reaching up with a black-manicured hand, she applied red lipstick generously to her lusciously pouting lips while her pale green eyes stared towards her reflection. She could have done this in the dark, as it was a part of her morning ritual she had performed for years. Felix, her beloved snake and familiar, came slithering towards her from a dark corner in her room. Crawling up the bed, he soon wrapped himself loosely around his mistress’s waist. He gave her enough room to carefully remove her satin robe, which she soon did after her make-up was properly applied. Standing up slowly, she sauntered over to her armoire with Felix around her waist, those pale green hues looking for what she would wear today. Deciding on a red-laced dress that would surely make her stand out in this century, Eris soon dressed herself as Felix had moved to wrap around her hat-stand. Soon Plague in all her feminine glory stood before her long mirror, looking both ravishing and dangerous all in one ensemble. Glancing towards Felix, she cooed “Come, my love…Mommy’s hungry.” The snake came slithering towards her and soon she was wearing him around her shoulders. Turning towards the door, she headed for the kitchen to see if breakfast was prepared.

The Kitchen

Making her way into the kitchen, Eris saw the professional chefs Darian had hired for the compound busy at work preparing her meal. Seeing everyone doing their job thoroughly, she couldn’t help but smile slowly with satisfaction. She hated laziness, and she was not one to hide her rage. Lifting her head slightly, she asked in her deliciously foreign accent “When will my breakfast be ready?”
One of the live-in maids came rushing over with a warm smile, bowing her head in reverence before speaking “Good morning, miss…please, come have a seat. Your capuccino is ready and waiting.”

Nodding once, Eris allowed the maid to lead her to the dining room table where her morning beverage was indeed waiting. Taking her seat gracefully, she sat in her chair elegantly while picking up her drink. Taking a sip, her eyes fluttered shut as she smiled in bliss “It’s perfect.”

The maid beamed down at her with her happy grin “I’m glad to hear that, Miss. French toast will be ready soon.”

Eris offered a polite smile as she was treated with utmost care and respect from her staff. Taking another sip of her capuccino, she began to wonder what her mate was doing.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 16, 2013 05:04AM
Alfonzo’s Room

The heavy thud of the iron head board slamming against the wall would leave no shadow of a doubt that Squizzy was giving some flapper a damn good time. Down the east end of the compound, the Dark Prince, as he liked to be known had some red head from one of the speakeasies tied to his bed with her own stockings, and pounded her till she could no longer feel her own legs. His insatiable lust and drive meant he could just go and go, often with the woman red raw beneath. Growling out in a great release, he finally finished with the girl, and rolled off her, then stood up and walked to the window, his member still glistening in her sex. The girl was barely breathing, her wrists red and chaffed from being tied up, her body with multiple bruises. Some girls like it a bit rough, but Alfonzo didn’t know when enough was enough.

Alfonzo had not seen Darian since the night before, and knew there was dealings afoot with the rival mob gang of New York; the Amatos. Surely he had enough of his men to back him up, as Alfonzo had chosen to take home this broad instead for a midnight cap. Alfonzo scratched the back of his head, arching his back, as the girl behind him on the bed groaned. He would untie her when he felt like it, but now he needed to wash the smell and sex from his body. Last thing he needed was to go smelling bad. Not only that, Alfonzo always dressed up. The best suits his money could buy, he must of had at least ten in his wardrobe, much of it paid for with laundered money and his winnings at the track. If a man was going to be taken seriously, he needed to dress well, very well. It was all about confidence, and Alfonzo exuded it. Not bothering to speak to the girl, he stepped into his bathroom ensuite and started the shower. The steam soon filled the room, along with his voice, as he started to sing, his pitch near perfect. He washed away the stains of sin and stepped out onto the white mat, and rubbed himself down thoroughly, before getting dressed in a dark grey suit with orange tie. He groomed himself impeccably, hair styled and when he was done, he looked a million dollars.

Not even bothering to untie the naked girl, he opened the door to his room, and snapped his fingers for one of the don’s foot soldiers to come untie and get rid of the girl, either by taking her down some back alley and dumping her there, or a short trip off the pier at the boat yards. Either way, she was no longer his problem. Just a fix to his insatiable appetite. He felt no love for the girl, or any girl, he only cared about one being…..himself.


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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 21, 2013 09:46AM
Hallway outside Alfonzo’s Room

Getting no reply from her husband or the staff on his whereabouts, Eris decided to take matters into her own hands. Her mate was so constantly aloof these days it was amazing anything got done around here. Pushing her plate away and standing up slowly, Eris knew she would have to step up and take control of the mob. The family was making little headway when it came to taking back NYC…and that was about to change. A sinister smile crossed her plump dark lips. This family would soon be hers.

As she left the kitchen, the staff watched Plague leave wearily. They recognized that look in her eyes and knew trouble was brewing within her mind. Violence, rage, and putrid deaths were her forte, after all. Strolling around the compound to find just the sort of man who would match her wit and cunning equally without the complication of emotions, she found herself outside Alfonzo’s door. He was the perfect man to help her get things done around here. Alfonzo was a womanizer as she was a man-eater, and they were both cold, calculating masters of manipulation. Who was to say the family, and the entire city, couldn’t be theirs?

Just as she was about to knock, soldiers came out of the room carrying a young woman who appeared to be close to death. Leaning in close to her, she inhaled the tangy scent of her impending doom with a smile “Mmmh…such marvelous work.” As the soldiers bowed their heads respectfully to her, she just rolled her eyes and swiveled around to look into Alfonzo’s room. Seeing him groom himself, she began to laugh “You really are as pretty as a woman.” It was a cruel jest, but was said friendly enough. Alfonzo indeed took good care of himself, and it did not escape her eyes one bit.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 22, 2013 04:53PM
Alfonzo’s Room

“You really are as pretty as a woman.” Ah, the husky voice of one Eris, who was obviously bored and on the prowl again. This was not unusual, and Alfonzo showed a quirky smile hearing her sarcastic quip, making fun of his care in his appearance. Patting down his tie, he turned on the ball of his right foot, and then strolled over to where Eris was standing, the lure of his expensive cologne permeating the air around her.

“If you are going to catch the big fishes, you gotta give em something good to look at.” Brimming with confidence and attitude, he was truly a match for Eris in wit and cunning. Course he had plans for the mob as well, only he was not so bold to go spruking it to the likes of Eris. He grabbed his hat off the hat rack and was placing it on neatly, when he asked off the cuff.

“Must be oh so boring to be left to your devices. I imagine Darian has his work cut out for him against Vinny, and he is spending time building up his operations, instead of…servicing you.” Alfonzo was cutting and to the point. He was not afraid to speak his mind, even if it did earn him the ire of his fellow mobsters. Alfonzo had ambition written all over his face.

Ready to go out and get started on his own plans, he had to wonder just what Eris wanted with him, since she made the effort to come down this far.

“Looking for a fuck?…I’m all out. Gave the last one to the girl you just saw. Nice legs…shame about her face after I taught her some manners.” Taking up his pistol off the drawer, he holstered it under his coat, and then made the move to step past her.

“Time’s money…toots, if you will excuse me.”


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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 22, 2013 10:33PM
Alvise Residence Front Door/Foyer

Mags had traveled a long way to get here. When word had gotten to her at the monastery of her brothers need she had been quick to make moves. She had been away only for the extra training the cold had been a bitch. But her sensitivities were less than they used to be. She was glad for the furs when traveling but she hated the thought of wearing any animals fur. She loved to kill. But preferred the rude. She liked to kill people. It was what she was good at. It had been as long as she could remember. She had gotten off the boat and their had been many disapperances along the way of various passengers. Luckily for her she was able to hypnotize anyone who asked to many questions and kill off those who would raise any alarm. She was an efficient killer. Her favorite way being explosives, she loved to make specilized devices and watch things go boom, as she always said. Her brother always caller her sick lil mags. Magdeline tried not to be seen as sick anything but she couldnt help her nature, being possessed by a demon half your life then being turned a vampire does that to a girl.

As she made her way through town tons of people milled about hawking papers talking about the two families, the Amato’s and the Alvise’s having no idea she was one of them. She liked the anonymity of being in the shadows playing the card of the unknown lady. The girl without a face. A few told her where she might find her brothers house so instead of taking a tram she walked her way there. On the way a couple of streetoughs thought her easy meat and tried to have their way with her. She left them with no blood left and a few bones protruding out of various disjointed sockets. It did make life fun playing with the boys.

When she finally arrived at the Alives residence a bit disheveled she smiled at the doorman brushing past him. I’m here to see Afonso, my Brother. The Thug looking aghast quickly let her by running for Squizzy as he let her into the Foyer where she waited patient for her brother to come to and greet her.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 23, 2013 09:04AM
Hallway Outside Alfonzo’s Room

Eris smiled slightly at the smell of his cologne, the scent of impending doom and sickness looming around Eric herself. She didn’t smell sweet and enchanting. She smelled dangerous, and forever of the Plague that she was. Stepping closer to him, she reached up to run a black-manicured nail down his tie. “Mmh yes, you seem fit enough to go fishing.” Tired of playing nice with him, she listened to him blatantly explain that her mate most likely had better things to do than keep her occupied. She couldn’t help but smile slightly at that. Alfonzo wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and didn’t give a rat’s ass for her station in the mob as the don’s woman. It excited her. Stepping back, her green eyes penetrated his as she seemed to fade in and out of sight with a sickly haze around her “A fuck is not what I need right now.”
The horsewomen was not going to sugarcoat her desires or even beg. She would command what she wanted and hoped to strike up a bargain with the smooth-tongued mobster. Waltzing around him in a circle, she purred “There is something I want, and something I will have. You must help me get it, and in return, I will do a favor for you.” It was no secret what she was, nor was it a secret the connections she had with those…down below. Should Alfonzo wish to use her in any way, puppet or not, she would gladly kiss his feet…so long as she stood at his side commanding the family. She didn’t want a relationship, she didn’t want him to be monotonous with her. He could fuck and do anyone he pleased. She wanted the title, and she wanted to bear him a child that would be the bringer of a whole new plague. Raising an eyebrow, Eris eagerly awaited to hear what the mobster would say to her proposition.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 25, 2013 09:53PM
Hallway outside Alfonzo’s room

“A fuck is not what I need right now.”

Well that was an interesting comment, coming from Eris. Alfonzo actually looked back over his shoulder at the Don’s dame and smirked. “Cheeky bitch.” So, she wanted something from Squizzy. Fuck, all the women did, and usually it was to either be on his arm or riding his dick. Either way, dames were trouble, and none moreso than Eris. He turned fully then stood defensively with that “Well?” look on his handsome face.

“There is something I want, and something I will have. You must help me get it, and in return, I will do a favor for you.”

Negotiations with the second in command. Alfonzo had to wonder just what this woman wanted and why he was the one that would be able to get it for her. Sneering at her, he shook his head. “I don’t know. I seriously doubt that you could afford my fee. And besides, if you wanted something so bad…why not ask Darian? He is the Don after all. Not too sure that he would take kindly for you dabbling behind the scenes in mob business. Not a place for dames.” This was a warning. Clear as crystal. If his hunch was right, the dame was up to no good. If she turned on him and then blabbed to Darian that Alfonzo was fucking his broad, the internal strife could bring down the mob entirely. Alfonzo had his men, but time was not right yet for such a bold move. Not one for games, he said simply. “Cross me…and you will get to find out what the un-life is like in the bottom of the Hudson. Are we clear?” He then moved like lightning and seized her throat, pinning her to the wall. Grinning menacingly, he finished with: “Leave your note of instructions on my desk. Nothing gets traced back to me. Okay, Toots?’ Ripping back his claws, he then straightens his jacket and smiles confidently, then turns and walks away.

Downstairs Foyer

Alfonzo was about to make his way outside, when he came across a woman at the door. Thinking at first that it must be on of Darian’s whores, he was about to say something rude, when he recognized her face. One of the door men grunted about her seeking Alfonzo, and he waved the oaf off. “Yeah yeah…I know who it is.” Alfonzo moved across the threshold to embrace her, and then smiled. “I was just going out, and you land on the door step. Strike me lucky. Come on, you look half starved. I’m taking you to lunch.” He then gestured for the nearest mob car, and walked her towards it. Things were about to get interesting.


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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 26, 2013 12:47AM
Alvise Residence Front Door/Foyer

Mags hadn’t been waiting for very long when down the stairs came tromping her brother. in full style as per usual he sounded a bit annoyed with the one she had sent upstairs then she heard him address her once he realized who she was…….

“I was just going out, and you land on the door step. Strike me lucky. Come on, you look half starved. I’m taking you to lunch.” 

Mags thought to herself it was time to plan some real mayhem. She was quite hungry and it would be good to take a meal while they talked. It had been far too long since she had been back. Squizzy ordered a mob car out toward the front of the compound.Mags smiled thinking to herself how much fun this was going to be, images of dynamite and blood and danced in her head.She had been working up a few new devices since they had last seen each other. The chinese had such lovely explosives.

” Sounds like a plan, brother. I could use a bite. “
The glory of black powder, she thought as she stepped out of the compound into the waiting car.
The bridge had been a lot of fun. Ah the memories..

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 28, 2013 12:03PM
Hallway outside Alfonzo’s room

Eris rolled her eyes when Alfonzo called her a cheeky bitch. She was a lot of things, she wasn’t interested in hearing the obvious from this man. Her teeth grit as this fool of a man had the balls to just talk down to her as if she weren’t the bringer of many deaths. It was clear he was underestimating her to be like every other dame that swooned under that hard gaze of his, and she decided to just let him continue thinking of her in that way. It would be a great advantage to turn the tables on him, but now was not the time. She wanted control of the mob, and she couldn’t do it through her husband. He was so absorbed in his own affairs that she felt left behind by him. That had to change.

Eris watched him belittle her as a woman, but her eyes flashed their horrid green as he threatened her. He really had no idea just who, no, what he was talking to. Plague just batted her eyelashes and purred “Honey, I made the Hudson River.” But then the mobster had his hand around her neck and pinned her to the wall. It took all her power as a horsewoman not to tear his face off right then and there. No, there would be a time and place for that later. As he ordered her around, she just stared at him coldly before spitting in his face.

Soon Alfonzo had released her and was walking away with his cocky saunter. Though she was trying to keep her temper under control, she instead lifting her hand to blow him a kiss with a cheeky smile of her own. Blowing the kiss towards him, she was actually sending an illness that would attach itself to Alfonzo and wreak havoc on those he was around.
Hoping to take down his men so he would be left standing alone, Eris turned around and strolled back to her room to write up her demands.


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Count Marulo’s Estate (3)

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 07:34AM
Still down on his knees, he pulled a box from his pocket, opening it up to her expectant gaze. The sparkling, white diamond winked at her in the waning sunlight. He reached for her hand and slipped it on her trembling finger.

She smiled through her tears.

“Perfect fit.” she giggled. He took her hand and kissed it, looking up for her to see the tears in his own eyes. She touched his cheek with her free hand and he stood up, wrapping her into his arms.

They walked back inside and headed up to their rooms, craving this time alone to celebrate their impending union.

Already they were linked, and she was content…but to afirm their love before any and all…she’d never imagined this ever happening to her.

Virgo & Elvira’s Bedchambers

Elvira stood in the center of their room, the fire warm at her back as she stared at her mate.

No words were spoken between them, none were needed.

She slowly began to undo the ties on her dress, letting the material slide to her feet until she stood in her corset and chemise. She knew he was watching her every move and felt the thrill of it course through her body. Next went the corset, tossing it away from her and not caring where it went.

Her hands went to the shoulder straps of her chemise, slowly sliding them down her arms one at a time, the silken material flowing from her body like water until she stood before him naked.

Her pulse was racing and she’d never felt more alive then she did at this moment. She pulled the pins from her hair, letting her dark locks flow freely around her, partially covering her breasts and stomach.

All she needed was Jezzie and she’d look like Lady Godiva.

She stood before him, flush with desire for him, waiting…wanting…

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 08:18AM
Virgo & Elvira’s Bedchambers

For the Count, this was a private show, an affair of the heart. Elvira’s mind was at ease and her body spoke volumes, as she slowly shed her garments, one at a time. For this occasion, he did not sit, or lounge before her, instead he stood, not too far from her. The glow of the fire behind her, created a orange tinge to her skin. A shine so radiant, that the Count could hardly believe he had never seen her look so beautiful before. There was no words, there was only the sound of the crackle of the fire behind her, that snapped and popped, as the wood broke down.

When naked before him and reaching up to remove the hair pins that held her hair in place, the Count let out a gasp as it tumbled down and covered her breasts from view. No painter alive could capture her radiance at this moment. The Count slowly removed his jacket, undoing each button, looking down as he got to the last one. Slipping his arms out and then tossing it over a chair, only to look back at her, with a smile starting to form. Just as she had stripped for him, he was doing the same. His tie, he undid with a single pull, and then dragged it down his chest, till he released it and it floated to the floor. Next his shirt, and this was when things got amorous. He pulled the shirt open, buttons popping off in a string of sounds, the buttons pinging as they hit the floor. He peeled the shirt off, to reveal his upper torso, hardened pecks and washboard stomach. Elvira would be able to see the tell tale line of hair that dissapeared into his pant. They were next, undoing the button, and then wriggling out of them, a simple step then another and they were discarded.

The Count then reached for her hand, and walked her to the bedpost, turning her so she had her back to it. Virgo took both her hands and guided them up, so that she would need to support herself, by wrapping her hands upon the bedpole, while he brought his hands down, to cup and knead her rounded breasts. Only when she was stretched out like this, did he grin, and whispered;

“You give me such pleasure…in my eyes you are a feast. But I desire to give back to you.”

The Count then got down on his knees, and used his right hand to part her legs, rubbing in circles around her inner thigh, only looking up to see her standing over him. Before, he would be the one to lord over her, but now, he planned to feast on her nectar, to delve within her sweetness with his tongue. At first he started to tease with his fingers, while kissing her lower belly, fine kisses aimed to tease her. Could she keep her hands up on the pole?

Licking his lips, he moved his head between her legs, and then with his tongue, he teased and swirled the tip around her entrance that was now dripping with her honey. He moaned softly, as he used his left hand to lift one leg up, and he could get a better reach. If she looked down, his head would be moving back and forth, his clawed hand kneading her leg, as he started to growl hungrily into her sex. His eagerness might well drive her up the pole slightly. The slick friction to tantalize her senses, as he literally fed upon her. His tongue curled and flicked within, in and out and the animal like sound with the arching of his back would have her overcome. He would not stop, constantly filling her with his long tongue, waiting for her to release a torrent into his mouth to drink. <3>

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 08:52AM
With baited breath, she watched him slowly disrobe before her, much like she did for him. Already she was weak in the knees for his touch, ready to burn at that first taste of passion.

He practically ripped his shirt from his body, buttons flying in every direction and her breath caught in her throat. She openly stared at his well-defined form, her eyes hungrily following the trail of hair that dipped into the waistband of his pants.

She couldn’t look away from him if she tried as he slowly removed his pants. She licked suddenly dry lips as he stood before her in all his glory, already erect and proud before her eyes. She gulped, eyes glued to his groin and she could feel her succubus wanting to break free. She retained the ironclad control she was known for. As much as she wanted to allow her succubus that freedom, just this once, she wanted it as a woman should, to appease her own desires.

He reached for her hand, pulling her with him toward the bed. Already she was slick and wet with want for him and moved to crawl onto the silken sheets. He simply stopped her with a glance and she looked on expectantly. He turned her instead, pressing her against the bedpost and guiding her hands up over her head around the pole. Her heart, already a delicate organ, was pounding fiercely against her chest. If one looked close enough, they could probably see it.

Once he was assured her hands were where he wanted them, he slid them down her body, kneading her breasts in his large hands. She couldn’t resist the moan that passed her lips at the sensations that caused.

He grinned and whispered in the quiet of the room. “You give me such pleasure…in my eyes you are a feast. But I desire to give back to you.”

He got to his knees using his hand to coax her legs apart and rubbing circles inside her thighs. She felt drugged as she watched him, felt as if were worshipping her. Her breaths came in pants, she was completely at his mercy.

The first brush of his fingers against her slick folds almost caused her knees to buckle. She gripped the bedpost, using it to anchor herself into this reality. She now understood that this was a challenge. Could she keep her hands on the post as she succumbed to his ministrations? This was a challenge she was determined to win.

His tongue snaked out, dipping into her honeyed folds and her eyes lost focus for a moment, a cry of passion tearing from her lungs. He lifted one of her legs so he could have easier access and she could not deny him if she wanted. His head moved back and forth between her legs, her breathing becoming shallower with each thrust of his tongue. He growled, the vibrations of sound enhancing the feel of his tongue and her knees did buckle, but her grip remained firm upon the bedpost, when she would have much liked to have grabbed his hair in her hands and hang on for dear life.

She could feel his claws raking the insides of her thighs, his tongue sliding in and out of her harder and faster. Her whole body was trembling, cries of delight echoing in the air from her lips. She could feel herself getting closer, the grip she had on the bedpost splintering the wood in places.

A particularly hard thrust had her screaming his name as she came into his mouth, her orgasm tearing through her body like lightning. The post exploded beneath her grip, sending wood fragments scattering in every direction and now she did thread her fingers in his hair, riding out her orgasm as his tongue continued to pleasure her, over and over again.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 09:15AM
Virgo & Elvira’s Bedchambers

The bed post exploded, sending shards of timber in all directions, as the cry of his name rang out in the silence of the room. Virgo was already entranced, unable to stop the wild tongue lashing he was giving to Elvira, and then when she reached the pinnacle, he felt her muscled walls tighten around his tongue, while her fingers gripped his hair, and she began the grinding rhythm as she ejaculated her juices into his waiting mouth. His lips closed over her opening, while his tongue was lacquered in her goodness, She tasted so good, so rich, and now they had reached a new high. The more she came, the harder he sucked and licked. His clawed hands reaching for her buttocks, and kneading her cheeks. If you were to watch them, it was beautiful as it was erotic.

When she slowed her movement, her chest rising and falling sharply, only then, the Count would pull back. His lips and chin glistening in her juices. A wild look in his eyes. Slowly he would lick all around his lips, his hands caressing her legs, that were probably still weak from trying to stand up independently.

The Count rose up off the floor, and curled his finger under her chin, to bring her face up so she could not look away.

“Elvia…you are a Goddess, and I shall treat you as one, every day for the rest of your life.”

He did not force himself on her, even though he was yet to experience an orgasm, but he was more than pleased to have satisfied her, to have placed her on the pedestal, where she deserved to be.


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 09:23AM
Esmeralda’s Private Chambers

Esmeralda smiled as the two wolves pawed and nibbled at her. They were simply pets in her eyes, hardly human. As the two men began to undress Esme, she looked at Auguste with a cold smile “The vices of men can be so obvious, you know. Tell me, what is your worst nightmare?” Her thick accent rolled off her tongue as she then turned to grasp the man on her right’s chin and her eyes darkened with lust. Bending down to kiss him while the other man trailed kisses and bites down her stomach to her legs, she closed her eyes and began to purr. As the two men enjoy their mistress, a dark cloud appeared over their heads and boils began to rise up on the man she was kissing. Pulling away from her in horror, he looked down at the pain boils and began to howl in pain. Music to Plague’s ears. Turning to the other man, he could only stare in fear as he began to back up from her. Esme stalked towards him with her hips swaying, Felix slithering towards the man from the opposite direction. As the man stumbled over her chaise, Felix slithered up his body to wrap around his neck, successfully creating a choke hold. Esme crouched down in front of the man and purred “Hush, my love…don’t you enjoy pain with pleasure?” As the man couldn’t respond, he just trembled within the grasp of her giant snake as Esme opened her mouth. Bugs began to fly out of her mouth and swarmed the remaining wolf and his very life essence began to drain from him and flowed right back into his mistress.
When the two wolves were successfully dead from the plagues she had unleashed to gain power, Esme turned to look at Auguste. Walking towards him with her hips now swaying, there seemed to be a dark glow emanating from her. Her eyes were now a toxic green and there was an unearthly shine to her black hair. Her caramel skin was still smooth as butter, but all in all, it was clear she was no mortal or just a she-wolf. Plague was back in all over her deadly glory, and she was hungry for something more. Standing before Auguste, she purred softly “You will be my slave, and you will do the bidding of Plague, one of the Four Horsemen. Come now, we must leave.” Turning away from him, she stepped into the hallway as Felix now slithered after her. As she stood, her beloved pet slithered up to her shoulder as she blew her breath down the hallway. A werewolf was walking to his chambers and he paused, sneezing. Wiping his nose on his sleeve, he then continued to his room. Plague smiled at her handiwork as a deadly plague would soon spread through the count’s house.

As she walked down the hallway, she passed a picture of the count. Swiveling around. Esme walked up to it and placed her hand on the painted count’s affectionately “Forgive me, cousin…When this war is over, I will come back for you and your beautiful bride. You shall be untouched by the disasters that are at hand.” Standing on her toes, she kissed the painted count’s cheek and turned to look at Auguste again “Bring these two branches to the count’s chambers. See to it they are placed at the entrance of their room. It will keep them unmarked from the plague that is now in their home. When you are finished, you will bring that demon-possessed slut to me. I will be waiting for you at The Luxembourg Hotel. Do not keep me waiting, for there is a war at hand…” Leaving with the now enslaved shifter, she turned and strolled out of the estate.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 09:29AM
Being a demon, she did not know what Heaven was like…but she had a feeling she just experienced it at the hands of her love and mate. He stood before her, fingers under chin so she couldn’t look away from him. His eyes were dark with lust and want, her own eyes probably reflected the same.

“…you are a Goddess, and I shall treat you as one, every day for the rest of your life.”

“Virgo.” she whispered, voice husky. “You have set my soul aflame. As I have known your love with me as succubus, so now I have experienced the same as woman. I am forever yours.”

She kissed him, tasting herself upon his tongue. She moaned huskily before drawing back from him. “Let me return the favor.” she grinned seductively. She sank to her knees before him, her tongue snaking out to wrap around his hardness. He tasted of silk and darkness and it enflamed her.

She drew him deeply into her mouth, relaxing her throat muscles until her nose was pressed against his groin. Breathing through her nose, she contricted her throat around him while suckling him. Her hands reached back, kneading the rounded globes of his ass. She moaned around his fullness, not wishing to release him any time soon.

This muscle that had given her such pleasure on many occassions, would now be his downfall.

She drew back to catch her breath, his manhood now slick with her saliva. She wrapped a hand around him, stroking slowly, smoothly, licking the head and shaft when the need became too much. She wanted all of him, wanted to absorb him and be absorbed by him.

She took him into her mouth once more, determined to give him the same pleasure he had given her,

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 09:48AM
Virgo and Elvira’s Chambers

“Let me return the favor.”

The Count though filled with lust for his mate, did not expect her to utter such words. He had been more than happy to serve her and worship her body as though it was a temple. But one thing he loved most about their relationship, was how he had a way. A way to dominate, and he knew she actually craved the inner wolf, the Alpha. Strong and beast like. Now she was on her knees, her hair draped over her shoulders, and down her back. Virgo looked down, and had a crooked smile. Would she dare take him into her pert mouth. Such luscious lips, that would feel amazing sliding up and down his girth. Eagerness took over, and he arched his back slightly, so he presented himself to her in a fashion that had his head pressed to her waiting lips.

Then he tipped his head back as she skillfully used her tongue to snake around his shaft, and relaxing her mouth, she drew him in, all the way till he felt the press of her nose against his lower stomach. The feeling, her wet tongue sliding around and then lapping the underside as she went to work. He dipped his head, and he could see the sunken hollow of her cheeks, as she used her mouth to constrict around him.

Virgo reached for her hair, and winded it up behind her head, before clamping his large hand to the back of her head. She already had the rhythm down, but he wanted control. His body ached, and he started to rock his hips, back and forth. Feeling his head reaching the back of her throat, his eyes rolled back in his head. Elvira didn’t let up, a fast paced action that had his ball constrict and tighten. His free hand reached for her cheek and his thumb grazed across it, till she released him, and then went to use her hand. The way her fingers locked around the base and pulled hard, nearly pulled him off his feet. He let out an animal like growl, and started panting heavily. He was getting close, but wanted her to take him again. Eyes turning black, the moment he took him with her mouth again, he released her hair and gripped her head with both hands, Now it was fierce. He grunted as he gave her a deep thrusting. She would probably be gagging soon, but he couldn’t stop, he was delirious, and could feel the pleasure rising. Her tongue worked the shaft furiously, and then he cried out her name, partly in a howl, as he came, his body jerking in a spasm, as his fingers threaded through her hair. The might of the Alpha, his roar of ecstasy would be heard far and wide. Eager for her to keep sucking, he kept encouraging her, to drink it all, while his body shook uncontrollably.


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 09:56AM
She felt his hand grip her head and allowed this, for she would always be subserviant to his needs and wants. She took the full force of his thrusts into her mouth, not letting up, not pausing for breath as he thrust over and over again into the dark heat. She heard his cry of her name before he erupted copiously into her mouth. She suckled him like a newborn babe, pleased she could bring him to such heights as he had done to her. His body shook uncontrollably as he spent himself into her throat and she drank her fill of him.

Once she was sure he had reached his ultimate completion she withdrew from him, slowly savoring the feel of him as he left her mouth. His scent was all around her and she pressed her face against his stomach, wrapping her arms around his muscular thighs as she listened to his stuggles to catch his breath.

“I love you.” she whispered, voice husky and rough from his ministrations.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 24, 2013 06:33AM
A Week Later – Virgo and Elvira’s chamber

The discovery of the branches on their door, and the remains of the dead wolves was a shock to the Count and his pack. A massive pyre was burning out in the gardens of his estate, as they cremated the plagued bodies, in order to rid the House of the taint of the infection. Like a guardian, the Count took firm action, making sure all other wolves were safe and well in his care. The last thing he needed was a weakened pack, especially at a time such as this. Great forces were at work in the underworld, and he was incredibly wary of those that were not kin or his creed.

This night, an invitation lay on the dresser, while the Count paced back and forth, dressed in the royal finery of his station. How he hated these affairs, and in particular, he was not to fond of the woman hosting the event. Still, it was a chance to get out of the grounds, and show off his treasured fiance’, Elvira.

Boxes and stands with dress after dress were lined up by his staff for her perusal, and he kept a close eye on her, as she made her choice of what to wear this eve. A stolen glance at her, and he uttered; “I think you would look more beautiful arriving naked, but of course, that is for my eyes only, my Love.” Oh he could be so bold at times. In the back of his mind, he had many questions, such as the disappearance of Esme, and if this had something to do with the plague. No matter what happened this night though, the Count was going to be on guard and fierce to protect his beloved….come what may.



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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 24, 2013 08:03AM
The week had been full of joys and sorrows. From getting engaged to discovering that nearly a third of the pack had succumbed to some kind of disease, everyone on the estate had been walking on eggshells around Virgo. The only person who could calm his raging temper was his mate, Elvira.

She had taken the brunt of his anger with stoicism and love for her man and had allowed him to vent when he wished to. And his rage had been fierce when he discovered Esme missing and her belongings gone. Elvira hadn’t fared much better when she discovered Sally had fallen ill as well. For two days, Elvira had remained by her bedside, she alone nursing Sally through it all for she trusted no one else to do so. And Sally had been fading fast.


“Elvira.” Sally had a moment of coherency as a fever raged through her body. Elvira was by her side in an instant, a cool cloth in hand to dab at Sally’s forhead.

“Sally, you can’t leave me.” Elvira had whispered, tears in her eyes.

“I haven’t been completely honest with you about myself.” Sally smiled.


“Mhm.” Sally turned to cough violently before her breathing settled. “My mother…she was raped…by a werewolf before I was born…she didn’t know she was with child until some months later…her father…sent her to a convent when he found out…threw us out of the…family when he…found out what I was. Never meant to lie to your family…needed the money.”

“Sally, I don’t care who or what you are. You are part of my family. You always have been.” Elvira smiled. “Now rest and get better. I need you around to keep me sane. And besides…someday my children are going to need a Nanny.” Elvira told her, giving Sally hope for the future.

That seemed to be the ideal needed and Sally slowly got better.

And now this invitation to a dinner hosted by the vampires. She hadn’t wanted to go, but the draw of seeing her brother and Fanny once more was too good to pass up. Despite the issues between them, she missed her brother.

Elvira went through the boxes and stands of dresses Virgo had gotten for her.

“No…no…disgusting…I wouldn’t wipe my nose with that…no…You call that a dress?…White? Do I look like a virgin to you?…no…” she sighed, going through most of the boxes.

Virgo was sitting close by, watching her with amusement. “I think you would look more beautiful arriving naked, but of course, that is for my eyes only, my Love.”

She looked at him over her shoulder and grinned. “I know you would enjoy that, my darling, but this body should only be shared with you and you alone.” she winked, turning back to the rack of dresses. A flash of red caught her eye and she moved immediately toward it. She pulled the dress from the rack and immediately fell in love with it.

“Yesssssssss.” she purred. “This is the one.”

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 24, 2013 11:07PM
August found himself in a bind. As he watched she continued hearing her use that vile tongue of the Baron’s only now he understood better why. She called herself the Plague and bid him to be her slave. Telling him to do her bidding. She had already used her power on two other werewolves right in front of him. Before she could get to him and issue any further commands or orders he did something altogether unexpected. He changed into the form of a large raven. Beating off into the night quickly to escape the woman’s clutches before it was too late…
He disappeared to where they knew not where,,,,

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Count Marulo’s Estate (2)

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 20, 2013 01:20PM
Elvira wanted to laugh outright at the sour expression on Juliette’s face when she came down the stairs. She so did enjoy pissing her off. But she refrained herself for as much as she was Virgo’s mate, she was still a guest in his home and would abide by her dominant’s rules. She would not provoke a fight unless she was provoked first.

“Pleasure to see the two of you again.” she stated in an overly friendly tone, used on people she particularly loathed. She took note of the other man, Esme and the two pack members who slipped from the shadows to sniff at the wolf-witch like she was a particularly tasty morsel.

She glared heatedly when Esme referred to her as a “bitch”, clearly recognizing the double meaning. She bit her tongue in an effort to be civilized. It wouldn’t do to offend her mate’s cousin that way.

As Esme walked away, she muttered something under her breath and not a moment later, Juliette collapsed to the ground. Elvira stared down at the prone form with a raised eyebrow.

“Drama queen.” she muttered, dismissing Juliette with a toss of her head.

She returned her gaze to her mate, touching his cheek gently to bring his attention back to her. “I’m returning to our rooms for breakfast and maybe a light nap, darling. I’m quite famished and a slight bit tired after last night. Join me when you wish, for I shall miss your company while you are gone.” She kissed him once more before slipping around him, trailing her fingers across the exposed skin of his chest beneath his robe. She returned to the second floor of the estate without another word.

But once she was out of their view, she smirked.

Life was about to become a lot more interesting.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 20, 2013 07:32PM

Main Foyer ~ Esme’s Rooms

~August looked up at the enchanting woman. She spoke in a language that was not unfamiliar to him yet he had not heard since the Baron.
He didnt betray he understood the speech however he quietly watched the scene. The two strange men seemed to enjoy her minstrations but were lost as he thought to himself. He felt as if in part he was half awake. He knew he wanted her, yet he knew she was also dangerous and not someone to ne trifled with. She ordered him to follow and he blithely followed her command. He was learning their ways. He wasnt sure all of them were like him here. So far they were all wolves, he wasnt sure they could shift into mnay forms and he wasnt yet ready to share that secret with everyone. He kept that to himself, a secret he might need he felt in the future.

Following quickly behind her he let himself be led up the staircase towards her apartments
unsure of what she might have in store for him next.~

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 06:25AM
Main Foyer

The Count was not amused by the antics of his cousin. A blatant display of the very reason he regarded her as the pack slut, when two of her muscle bound subs crawled out of the shadows and sniffed her like she was on the menu. Virgo remained emotionless, as he returned his gaze back to Edward, and his female. The last thing he needed was drama between his mate, and that of the love of the new pup. If there was any chance that Elvira was made to feel uncomfortable within the grounds of his estate, he would not hold back in making sure she knew her place. He was about to issue a directive to Ed and Juliette, when he felt the warmth of Elvira’s fingers upon his cheek. This brought him to turn his head slowly to her, gazing down with a renewed smile. If she listened closely, she would hear the satisfied grunt as he exhaled through his nostrils. There was no mistaking he had eyes for only one woman, and it was Elvira.

“I’m returning to our rooms for breakfast and maybe a light nap, darling. I’m quite famished and a slight bit tired after last night. Join me when you wish, for I shall miss your company while you are gone.” 

Hearing her desire for him to join her back upstairs only made him want to race her up the stairs. He was famished himself, but not for food. The Count simply couldn’t get enough of Elvira. “I’ll be up shortly. Ring the bell for the meals to be brought up, and I will join you.” They shared a parting kiss, where he unashamedly reached for her right breast, and squeezed it, before flicking her pert nipple. A smug look as she ascended the stairs, and he turned his attention back on his “guests”.

But when Esme left the scene, she had done something, said something, that caused Juliette to collapse in a heap on the floor. Snorting in annoyance he barked for the guards to help carry the young demon to a chamber already fitted out for Edward and his woman. “I hope this is not the start of melodramatics, Edward. Go care for your woman. Follow the guards.” With that, the Count went to head upstairs, and left the couple to their devices.

On reaching his own chambers, he opened the door, and strolled in, taking off his robe, and then smiling at Elvira. “Now that is out of the way…we can eat.” He then started to stalk her across the room. “Or I can…”


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 06:57AM
Virgo’s Bed Chamber

Elvira was lazing in bed, snacking on some grapes the servants had left. She was still in her robe and had no excuse to undress as she enjoyed her breakfast.

“Is everything to your satisfaction, M’Lady?” one of the servants asked as he poured her a glass of wine. He was also shamelessly oogling her body but she was ignoring that fact, something that quite shocked her.

“Everything is fine, but you would be wise to remove your eyes from my personage before I remove them from your head.” she growled. He quickly averted his gaze, just as Virgo entered the room. The servant bowed to him before quickly leaving. He didn’t want to bring the wrath of his alpha upon his head, assuming incorrectly that she wouldn’t say something.

Virgo took off his robe, standing before her with a smile that made her whole body throb. “Now that is out of the way…we can eat.” He then started to stalk her across the room. “Or I can…”

Her whole body hummed as he came toward her. She held up a strawberry, covered in cream. “Breakfast, M’Lord. You should try the strawberries. They’re so…lucious.” she purred, putting the fruit to her mouth and slowly licking the cream from the tip.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 07:12AM
Count Virgo’s chambers

The Count landed on the bed beside Elvira, as she was licking the cream off a strawberry. Oh she knew how to tease. He actually found it rather endearing, and wrinkled up his nose at the idea of eating a strawberry. It just wasn’t what he had in mind.

The Count did have questions however. The new pup, Edward. Virgo could not help but forget the way Elvira danced with him at the ball, and this was going to come up sooner or later. Propping himself on his elbow, he watched her feast on the morning fruits, and then asked her;

“Is there anything I need to know about the one known as Edward?”

He asked this with a serious expression. The idea they would be under the same roof, and at any time would turn his lust on Elvira would be the last time he took a breath. The Count was never more serious in his life about anything. Even if the pup claimed to love Juliette, he had been a blood doll before, so sex was big on his mind, no doubt.

“I am the Alpha, and if he challenges me whether it be for control of the pack….or you, I will kill him.”


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 07:26AM
Count Virgo’s chambers

He made himself comfortable on the bed beside her and she crawled into his arms, resting her cheek upon his chest. Instantly her mind calmed as she breathed in his scent, unique only to him and sighed with contentment.

“Is there anything I need to know about the one known as Edward?” he asked out of the blue. Frowning, she moved so she could see his face, noticing his expression was serious. She lay her head upon the pillow as she could practically feel the thoughts running through his mind.

He was worried. About them, and their new relationship.

She found this an endearing trait in him and knew she had to reassure him that she was his and his alone. She had no designs to be with anyone else, now or in the future.

“I am the Alpha, and if he challenges me whether it be for control of the pack….or you, I will kill him.”

She moved in close and kissed him lovingly, tenderly, brushing her thumb across his cheek.

“He means nothing to me, My Lord and Mate. He asked for my company to the ball to make Juliette jealous. I was going to decline at first, but I do so enjoy annoying her to no end. And if you must know, he went searching for her shortly after that first dance. I lost track of him until you…changed him…I didn’t see him again until Father’s funeral, but by then, I was firmly by your side. He’s devoted to her and she to him, pathetic as it may seem. But I don’t trust either one of them as far as I can throw them.”

She snuggled back into his arms, listening to his steady heartbeat beneath her ear. “I am completely yours. Mind, body, soul and heart.” she repeated with absolute conviction, running her fingers back and forth across his chest.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 07:46AM
Count Virgo’s Chambers

The Count was much larger than Elvira, so when she snuggled up to him, it was almost like he was cradling her against him. Large arms enveloping, drawing her head to his chest. Resting on a pile of pillows and silken sheets, this was a comfortable place and nowhere else did the Count wish to be. He could have taken her again, but he had serious matters pressing his mind. Questions that involved his standing in the pack, and his place in Elvira’s heart.

He asked questions pertaining to the young pup, Edward and this was when Elvira drew back, so she could look him dead in the eyes to reassure him. Their relationship was still so new, and he had much he wanted to learn of her, but of course, it was only natural he gauged Edward as a potential threat.

“He means nothing to me, My Lord and Mate. He asked for my company to the ball to make Juliette jealous.”

“Did he now? Fool. To use another to make them jealous. Does he not know the true meaning of love?”

He had to wonder what it was that drove Edward to do such a thing. The more he listened, the more he realized there was no love lost between Juliette and Elvira. This could lead to tensions under his roof. He could foresee possible dangers in the future no doubt, but he was going to be swift and brutal in laying down the law. There was no mistaking that.

When she snuggled back into his arms, he started to nuzzle the top of her head, his hands wandering up and down her back. He made sounds that were husky and pleasurable, as she reassured him.

“I am completely yours. Mind, body, soul and heart.”

That was all he needed to hear. Drawing her closer to him, he used his finger under her chin, to tip her head up, and he kissed her. It was slow, almost like he was savoring the moment, enjoying the taste of her tongue, and the heat of his body would travel lower. She tasted like wild strawberries and cream, and he rather taste it from her lips, then eat the real thing.


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 08:08AM
“I don’t think he truly knows what love means. I, myself had no idea…until I met you.” she stated looking him in the eye. “That first day, when you were riding on your horse in the park, I was drawn. I didn’t know it at the time of course. I just thought you were a bit of a pig, taking liberties with me as you did. And I never stopped thinking about you from that day. You stole a kiss, and stole a piece of my heart. And now it’s wholly yours. And I entrust it to you for safekeeping.”

He pulled her closer, tilting her chin up so that he could kiss her. This kiss was so unlike their previous kisses. It was sensual to be sure, but there was more of a romantic quality to it, as if he were holding the moment in his heart. She smiled into this kiss, drawing back after a few moments and simply resting within his embrace.

There was a comfortable silence between them.

“I should probably go home and assure everyone I’m alive and well. I didn’t leave under the best of conditions last night.” she sighed into the quiet of the room. “Sally’s probably frantic and there’s no telling what Bart or my mother and sister are thinking about now. But I don’t wish to leave you. Our bond is still so new. I feel I would be sick if I were to leave now.”

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 08:18AM
Count Virgo’s Chambers

“I should probably go home and assure everyone I’m alive and well. I didn’t leave under the best of conditions last night.”

The Count eyed her as she said this. He knew that this was probably the responsible and respectable thing to do. But part of him simply didn’t want to let her go either. Wordlessly, he bent his head down, and started to lick at the claim mark that was fresh upon her skin. In a way, this was a natural reaction, for a wolf anyways. Like he was trying to remind her, that he had claimed her, and that no matter where she went, no matter who she spoke to, he would be in the back of her mind.

He truly had to fight his own urges, and then he released her slowly, allowing her a chance to get up from where they lay, and go to get dressed for the ride back to the Roxburg estate. If she were to get up and dress, he would prop himself up again, and watch her, memorizing her beautiful curves, the way her hair tumbled down her back, the rounded shape of her ass. Such beauty that had him so captivated.

“Take my carriage, it is at your disposal. As soon as you have finished your visit, come home to me.” It was not a simple request. He was her lord, her mate…her wolf.


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 07:42PM
Edward’s eyes stalked the woman circling him. His eyes holding her with a hunger, nothing like that e holds for Juliette, but something about this woman, it brought out a sexual desire he could not explain. Her dark caramel skin, her lustful, sensual voice, her clearly visible and deluctable bosom, it was enough to make any man fall to her knees. However, Edward had a mate, a love, and though he would want nothing but to fuck this woman senseless, he refused to allow the thoughts to remain. His canines extended, and he bore them, growling deeply and snapping at her hand as it trailed him. “Remove those claws woman. I am taken.”

Juliette’s presence at his back reassured Esme of this, and she kept from going any farther. Good. However, just as he was about to continue his conversation with the Count, he could hear Esme’s voice, words spilling from her lips, though he could not understand what was said. Then, everything happened in what seemed like an hour. He felt Juliette’s grip over him fall, and he rose his brow, as this brought some surprise to him. Then came the thud, and he turned immediately to find his beloved on the floor, her amulet glowing brightly and he could feel the demoness within her struggling to break free. He didn’t take the time to wonder what had happened as he fell to the floor and lifted her into his arms with remarkable speed.

He heard no other sound, as he studdied his beloved’s limp form. He couldn’t understand what had happened. As they were bonded, the two could feel what each other were feeling, see into each other’s minds, and yet, now, he saw nothing. Now, he felt nothing. It was as if she were dead, yet, he could feel the faintest breath escaping her nostrils, feel the slightest rise of her chest as he placed his hand over it. Only the Count’s next words actually made it through to him. “”I hope this is not the start of melodramatics, Edward. Go care for your woman. Follow the guards.” despite that, he didn’t acknowledge the man who spoke them. He lifted his eeys, and two large guards stood before him, waiting him to stand. So, Edward lifted Juliette into his arms tenderly, and followed the guards.

Edward’s Room

The guards opened the door to the finely decorated room for Edward, and shut it as sson as the new wolf entered. Edward moved the bed, and gently laid his beloved’s body on it, covering her with the quilts and sheets upon it. He moved a chair directly beside her, and sat, his eyes laying ove rher form. He spoke no word, made no move, as he simply stared, watching her for any sign of further life, for any sign that she would wake up or enter more peril.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 09:55PM
Main Entrance

The Count’s carriage returned Elvira with Sally in tow. Virgo must have told some to expect her return for there were servants waiting to retrieve her belongings as she stepped from the carriage.

“Welcome back, M’Lady.” Virgo’s longtime manservant, Gerald bowed to her.

“Thank you, Gerald. This is my lady’s maid, Sally Otterburn. Please see to it she has quarters and let all know that if any harm should come to her, they will answer to me.” Sally looked severely worried about that proclamation.

“I will place her in the rooms adjacent to my own in His Lordship’s wing of the estate where you both reside. And she shall have my personal protection.” Gerald stated, winking at Sally. Elvira smirked as Sally blushed to the roots of her hair.

“Gerald, where can I find him?” Elvira wondered as they went inside.

“He is in the gardens, Lady Elvira. I believe he’s shooting clay targets. He would be most pleased to see you have returned.”

“Thank you. I will call for you if I need you, Sally.”

“Are you sure I am safe here?” Sally asked, looking worried again.

“Sally, you are under Virgo’s personal protection as servant to his mate. No harm shall come to you.” Elvira reassured her. Sally nodded, knowing Elvira wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true. She followed Gerald up the stairs as Elvira turned toward the gardens.

Estate Gardens

She found him right where Gerald said he would be. She watched him for a few moments as he called for the clays to be shot into the air before he fired them all down again.

She admired his physique, the play of muscles beneath his clothing, remembering that body pressed close against her own.

The melancholy of leaving her home began to leave her as she felt calm and at peace in his presence once more.

She moved to sit on one of the stone benches behind him as she waited for him to finish his sport. This gave her the distinct advantage of watching him fully without distracting him.

“This is where I belong. she repeated to herself.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 10:14PM
Main Gardens


The Count had his rifle held upwards, as the manservant was given the order to fire the clay pigeon target. It went off with a sharp crack, and the Count followed his target with a well trained eye, blowing it out of the sky as he took aim and fired. The gunshot could be heard across the grounds, and a few of his wolf pack court were in attendance, all applauding his skill. He released the spent cartridges and reloaded, while the manservant repacked the firing unit. All while this was happening, he was oblivious to Elvira’s arrival…but someone else, had seen her arrive.

“Mind if I join you?”

The classical tone of a well bred Englishman’s voice was heard, and it was said by a well dressed man, with immaculately groomed hair. “A fine lady like you should not be seated all alone. I take it my brother has not heard you come back yet?” He said, watching his brother reloading his gun. “He does get carried away with his sports. Typical Alpha. Unlike me, I am more interested in chasing skirts, than blowing up clay pigeons.” He then gave Elvira a smarmy look.

“Name’s Charles. Charles Marulo. A pleasure to meet you.” He reached for her hand and attempted to bring it to his lips.


The Count ordered, and another clay pigeon was sent skyward. The Count made the shot, blasting it from the sky, while Charles chuckled softly. “Am I the lucky wolf today?”


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 10:49PM
Elvira had been keeping her eyes upon her mate and hadn’t noticed the other’s arrival until he spoke.

“Mind if I join you?”

She looked up to see a somewhat handsome-looking man standing before her, impeccably dressed and not a hair out of place.

“If you must.” she shrugged, sliding over to make room for him to sit. She ignored him in favor of watching her mate as he shot down a few more targets, each time the distance between shots getting farther and farther away. The man beside her continued to speak as the applause rang out around them.

“A fine lady like you should not be seated all alone. I take it my brother has not heard you come back yet?”

“Well as you can see…he is quite busy at the moment. I’d prefer not to distract him with my presence.” she stated.

“He does get carried away with his sports. Typical Alpha. Unlike me, I am more interested in chasing skirts, than blowing up clay pigeons.” Elvira turned to see him looking her over from head to toe and she got the feeling he was imagining what she looked like naked.

Then something he’d said previously snagged her attention. “Brother?” Elvira asked, turning to look at him. “He is your brother?”

“Name’s Charles. Charles Marulo. A pleasure to meet you.” He reached for her hand and attempted to bring it to his lips, but she quickly withdrew from him, the bond going haywire and causing her enormous amounts of pain and discomfort.

“Don’t touch me!” she hissed, eyes glowing red in anger. “Don’t you EVER touch me without my permission!”

Her outburst had caught the attention of several people around them and they stared openly at Elvira and Charles, growling low beneath their breaths.

“If you even THINK of touching me, I will gut you like a fish and shove your entrails so far down your throat you’ll be tasting your own feces for weeks! Am I understood!” she snarled. Those who had heard of how she had dispatched a low-ranking member of the females of the pack knew her threat wasn’t a false one and eyed the Count’s brother with evil glares and hisses of their own.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 11:10PM
Main Gardens

Charles certainly didn’t expect such a violent response from his brother’s new mate. He had to admit, her fiesty and wild mean streak gave him a thrill. So forceful and dominant, he could only imagine how she would be in the darkness of his chambers. While he sat quietly, taking back his hand, in his mind he was stripping her down and doing her on the cold hard bench, even with the hisses and glares of the lower pack members that could hear the tirade spewing from Elvira’s mouth.

“If only you could read my mind, oh the pleasures you would see. Course, you can’t, that is privy only to a mate of mine. Which I am yet to find. Then again, she may be right under my nose.”

The Count could hear the growls and carry on behind him, and looked back to see his brother Charles, rising from a seat next to Elvira. She was back! He smiled broadly, unaware of the interaction and handed his gun to his man servant.

Striding over, he could barely contain himself, reaching for her waist so he could pull her up from sitting into his arms. He immediately would nuzzle and sniff her neck affectionately, while the rest of the court would start to filter away, knowing he would want time with his woman.

Charles saw his cue to leave, and stepped backwards, winking at Elvira, then chasing off after another female, who giggled at his sweet words. When out of sight, the Count raised his head, and his eyes poured over her.

“My love…how is it you grow even more beautiful when we are parted? Did your visit go well?”


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 22, 2013 11:28PM
Elvira watched Charles run after another of the pack as Virgo pulled her into his arms, nuzzling at her neck. She curled into his embrace, trembling all over as the bond tried to calm and soothe her. For a moment, she thought she was going to be violently ill all over the front of Virgo’s shirt. But the bond between them began to settle and she took some deep breaths, inhaling her mate’s scent by pressing her nose into his hair as he was bent at her neck.

“I’m sorry I was gone for so long. My leaving…has upset my brother something awful it seems. He is not exactly…thrilled…with our union.” she admitted in a small voice. She pulled away reluctantly, turning her back on him to stare out upon the grounds.

Between her brother and his…attitude, and now Virgo’s brother seemingly having designs upon her person, her thoughts were awhirl and she was beginning to feel like she was being pulled in several directions at once.

She hated this feeling of uncertanty inside of her. She loved Virgo, that she knew and couldn’t imagine being away from him, with or without this bond between them.

“Maybe if he had courted me properly, Barty wouldn’t have an issue with this?” her subconcious stated.

But they were not normal human beings…and being who and what they were demanded a strict set of rules, seperate from those of mortal man. She knew this in her heart and in her mind. Barty would have most likely had an issue with it anyway because he was her brother and he loved her. He was simply trying to protect her, like their father had done.

“Oh why must everything be so difficult?” she whispered, bowing her head. She wanted to cry, but she had no more tears left to give.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 05:58AM
The Count was no fool, and the bond between he and Elivia meant that he could sense when she was upset, distraught. Hearing the softness of her voice, when she explained that her brother was not entirely thrilled with the new living arrangements she was making, the Count let her go, and watched as she turned her back on him. Was she ashamed of the choices she had made? Love over her place in the family? She was no child, and had a right to her happiness. But Virgo also didn’t want to stand in her way of finding that happy place. Concerned, he came up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her, in order to comfort her.

“One of the things that I love about you, is that you are a woman than knows her own mind. If you recall, I waited for you to be ready to come to me, that night in the garden. Not until you knew what your heart desired, did I allow you to show yourself to me.”

If she listened to this, and how he spoke with conviction, she would know that the Count would not hold her to him, if that was not what she wanted. The Count didn’t smile, just stared off across the grounds, feeling her pain.

“I can give you anything your heart desires…but only you can gain peace of mind. If you need space….if you need to finish things with your family, I will let you go. Even if it kills me.”


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 06:24AM
“One of the things that I love about you, is that you are a woman than knows her own mind. If you recall, I waited for you to be ready to come to me, that night in the garden. Not until you knew what your heart desired, did I allow you to show yourself to me. I can give you anything your heart desires…but only you can gain peace of mind. If you need space….if you need to finish things with your family, I will let you go. Even if it kills me.”

She listened to his words, the conviction behind them and realized this was what she needed to hear. He would give up his pack, his status as Alpha, his very own life, his soul to see her happy.

This was where she needed…no…this was where she wanted to be. No one was cohercing her, she wasn’t under any kind of spell or voodoo magic. This was the power of absolute love.

She smiled and turned in his arms, wrapping her own around his neck, eyes shining with love and happiness. She repeated her words to him that she spoke the night they consumated their union in her back gardens.

“You are my mate. As I cannot deny who I am, I can no longer deny what you mean to me. I am yours, body, mind, heart and soul.”

So spoken, she leaned upwards, covering his lips with her own and pouring every ounce of love she felt for this man into that one kiss.

She was home.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 06:39AM
They say that home is where the heart is. If this was true, then Elvira was home. The way she kissed him, that moment in the gardens of his estate, he had given her something that was more valuable than riches, gold, jewels, or worldly possessions. He had assured her, that she meant more to him, than anything else in this life. Even willing to forsake his own happiness, so that she could be.

This was a rare thing, in today’s world. Over the short time they had known each other, they acted out the epitome of the perfect love story.

There was no need for jealous games, or twisted words, to prove that there was a love between them. Though both dark creatures, what they shared was more pure than that of which the Angels believed. The lengths that the Count was willing to go to, in order to keep her fed, alive and happy, would be more than any other male in her life. He had already plotted out how to gain her meals, how to feed. In his idle moments, he actually was smug by the ideas. He could picture his Elvira, his private succubus, luring some poor sap into her web of destruction, sucking the life out of them, while being in her luscious demonic form. He of course, would wait in the shadows, as the werewolf, having drawn the victims out for her to feed. And then when she had, and was renewed with the life giving soul food, he would take her…again and again.

The Count broke from the kiss, and then he could not help himself. He wanted to seal their union. Going down on bended knee before her…he asked…

“Lady Elvira….my most adored…will you be my wife, my mate for life?”


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 06:56AM
Virgo broke their kiss and stared her in the eyes. She looked at him in wonder.

“What is it? What’s the matter?” she asked. Instead, he took her hands in his and got down on one knee. Her heart, already overflowing with love for him, threatened to burst in her chest.

“Lady Elvira….my most adored…will you be my wife, my mate for life?”

Now when one receives a marriage proposal as sincere as that, they tend to draw out the suspence…hemming and hawing and pretending to think about their answer and making the poor man sweat with nerves and anticipation. Elvira was no such person.

Tears in her eyes (and who knew she had any tears left) and a smile on her face, she answered him.


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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 23, 2013 07:06AM

Looking up at Elvria expectantly, he may have been the Alpha wolf, but he gladly bow before her to gain her hand. When she uttered yes, and so strongly, he took out a small black box from his pocket and then opened it. A sparkling white diamond set on a gold band, and he reached for her ring finger and slipped it on, the perfect fit. The Count brought her ringed finger to his lips, and planted a soft kiss, knowing she was tearful, but she would not have seen the fact he had tears in his eyes. Only when he raised his head, could she see the glistening of his eyes.

Rising up, he swept her up into his arms, before she could say another word, and started to walk his beloved back into their domain. The castle was their home, together. Up the stairs he would take her, for they truly deserved this special time alone.


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Bizarre Circus Troupe (2)~ Count Marulo’s Estate (1)

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 19, 2013 06:48PM
~August received a note in his tent telling him to travel to this Count Marulos estate. He knew little of the man but heard he was wealthy and he knew there was little left for him in the troupe. HE left to scout ahead however and took the form of the hawk first flying overhead to see what he could see. There were many wolves it seemed on his estate. It also smelled quite familiar. He was intrigued to say the least. He decided the best way to approach would be to blend in. He took the form of one of the pack.
Becoming a black wolf. Strong and lone.

After traveling the grounds a bit he realized that he would not be molested. He was able to walk unharmed. He smelled a few new scents. One was familiar the woman he tracked from afar was near though he couldnt seem to know where. He also felt a strong presence. Looking about he saw a man watching, He boldly walked forward towards him, August unsure what to do quickly shifted back into human form. Naked and fairly sure he was in trouble he announced that he was summoned by Count Marulo.

” I was told to come here sire ” he said quickly, bowing as he did.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 19, 2013 09:04PM
Elvira did not relax until Esme had turned and left the room. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

Sinking lower into the tub, she began to wash her body once more, accidentally brushing her hand across her feminine folds. She moaned softly, eyes closing at the pleasure that moved through her body. She was still swollen and tender from Virgo’s…vigorous…activities. Thinking of all they did then, set her blood on fire.

“Use your fingers to wash thoroughly…and think of me as you do it.”

His words flashed into her head and she tossed her head back with another moan, reaching up with one hand to tease and pinch her nipples.

“Yes!” she groaned, sliding her fingers into her body and massaging hard. Her head tossed back and forth as the pleasure became nearly unbearable. She thought back to the way his hardness filled her completely, feeling an answering throb between her legs as she pushed herself further. She could feel herself getting close and her fingers went faster, pressing deeper.

She peaked, crying out her mate’s name, not caring who heard her pleasuring herself.

It took her a few moments to come down from her self-induced high, after which she finished her bath and stepped out. A servant was there to help her dry off before she took up the robe left for her and slipped it on. It was floor-length, see-through and it cut right up to her belly. She grinned.

Main Foyer Staircase

Elvira leaned against the railing looking down on the small party below. Her gaze narrowed when she saw her standing there with her little boy-toy. She didn’t know who the kneeling, naked man was, but he was showing respect to Virgo and that raised her respect of him in her eyes. Virgo was a man who deserved the respect and prestige of his title.

“Sniveling little beast.” she snorted as she listened to Edward wax poetic about controlling his inner wolf. Watched the way she plastered herself to his side like glue. With a devious glint in her eye, she began to descend the staircase, trailing her fingers along the railing in a sensuous gesture.

“Good morning, everyone.” she announced her presence to all, looking as if she were floating down the stairs. The robe left little to the imagination and she could almost taste Virgo’s arousal. She smirked as she stepped off the last step, moving to Virgo’s side without hesitation.

“And good morning to you, my love.” she smiled with true honesty as she stared into his eyes. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled his head towards hers in order to give him a kiss of such passion, it would make his toes curl.

Once she pulled away, heart pounding fiercely in her chest (for she was just as affected by the kiss as he was), she turned her head to look at Juliette and Edward over her shoulder. “Hmm. Didn’t realize we had company.” she stated in a bored tone.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 19, 2013 09:27PM
Main Foyer

“And what a gift it is.” The Count said proudly, sticking out his chest as he was the Alpha male and asserting himself. Hell, if he was anymore beast like he would have cocked his leg and marked his territory right there, right then. He had listened to the ‘pup’ speak with such bravado and confidence about how we would bring down heaven and earth if anything were to harm his beloved Juliette. The Count raised a well shaped brow, and then wondered about the mate part.

“You’re going to turn her into one of us?” The Count wondered, eyeing Juliette as though she was a slab of meat hanging on a butcher’s hook. Esme took the time to come down, thankfully leaving Elvira to do what was commanded. Her timing couldn’t have been any better, as she seemed taken with Edward, practically latching on and calling the Count grumpy.

“Really Esme, your taste for flesh is insatiable.” At this August arrived, and in style. Naked to the eye, and on his knees. This was just getting better and better. “Ah yes…I did summon you. Have you met my cousin Esme. The pack slut.” he said with a crude grin. That was a low blow for the little “grumpy” quip earlier. Looking at Esme he then cocked his head towards August. “Handsome devil, isn’t he? Got it where it counts. Perhaps you should entertain my dear friend.” he said with a wink, before turning back on Edward and Juliette.

“This house is my domain, my den…and my pack. I won’t have upsets in this manor, the punishment is death. Do I make myself clear…daughter of Amos?” The Count asked firmly. He was standing right before her, the scent of Elvira’s sex all over him.

But then, the delight of his life appeared on the stairs, and he took a step back, looking up and smiling evilly at what she was wearing. He had to hold himself back from not launching at her and taking her on the stairs, ripping the sheer robe to ribbons with his claws and teeth.

“Good Morning everyone.” She gushed, and swanned down as the Count faced her, sweeping her up in his arms as she placed her arms around his neck. The kiss they shared was enough to melt the very paint on the walls. He audibly grunted into her mouth, and unashamedly tried to dry hump her in front of their guests. Letting go, he licked his lips, tasting her rich saliva, as she went to state she didn’t know they had company. The Count was too busy sniffing her neck, and he could tell that she had bathed as instructed. “Good girl.” he uttered before nuzzling her hair.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 20, 2013 10:10AM
Main Foyer

Esme turned to see the naked man and her eyebrow raised. That was a bit bold, eh? Crossing her arms, she looked him up and down and kept the urge to turn around and swipe Virgo’s face off hidden. It was indeed a low blow as she knew he was aware of what happened the last time a man dared to touch her. Biting her tongue, she closed her eyes and counted to one hundred quickly in her mind. They had no idea who she was, and now as not the time to reveal herself. Opening them slowly, she turned to give the count a cold smile before her eyes fell on August again. Stepping towards him, she purred quietly“Come, we must leave the alpha to his bitch and his guests.” The word was a double entendre, as Elvira was the alpha’s mate and could be seen as a female wolf…and yet, Esmeralda’s temper was flaring.
As she turned from the naked wolf, she called softly in Romanian for her two ‘pets’ to come join her. Two well-endowed and completely subservient pack members came creeping from the shadows to stand in front of their mistress. Esme only looked at them coldly as she thought of the horrific things she would do to them before she got her pleasure. The two men were masochists and wanted nothing more than to be punished by the hybrid wolf woman. As thought they couldn’t keep their hands off of her if they tried, they began to grope and nuzzle her, their lips trying to cover every inch of her as they could. Esme ignored everyone else’s presence and reached up to caress their hair. “Mmh…yes my darlings, we shall go play.” Opening her eyes, she spoke sharply to August. “Come.” With that, she placed her arms on her pets’ shoulders and they began to carry her towards her chambers. Thane would have to wait.
Juliette was quite glad when Esme decided to leave, though her eyes remained fixed upon Virgo. She dared not look at Elvira for fear of snapping. Her sister looked so smug and absolutely slutty as usual as she made her presence known, but Juliette was controlling herself. She would not resume their petty arguing as they once had in their old home. Edward needed help and Juliette wanted to see to it that she turned a new leaf. She had to behave and take what was given to her. Bowing her head, she only nodded at Virgo’s command. There was nothing else she could do.

But as Esme walked down the hall, she muttered a Romanian incantation that sent Juliette collapsing to the floor. The witch she-wolf began to cackle as she was carried into her room, and the door slammed loud enough to shake the whole manor’s floor. Juliette now lay in a crumpled heap at Edward’s feet, her necklace glowing a bright red as her demon fought to take complete control. What had Esmeralda done?

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