No Limits Racing Pine Acres Trailer Park (1)

(RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 05, 2013 10:59PM

Pine Acres Trailer Park is located on the west end of town from the race track. Please request your trailer number in the requests thread. 

Trailers are situated with the even numbers on the right side of the street, odd numbers on the left. If you don’t see a number listed, it’s up for grabs. It’s a big park.


#01 (Manager’s Office) – Billy-Bob Furman
#03 – Kaspars and Rhiannon Balodis
#07 – Carlos Mendoza
#09 – Della Sachs
#13 – Fleur De Prix


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 07, 2013 09:38PM
#1 Outside the trailer

Billy-Bob was outside washing his current it fix it project an old ford mustang. It was found on the local craigslist. He had been trying to put an oversized motor in it. Thinking how much the ladies would love such a big block. It hadnt fit well and his friend was supposed to come down later and see what he could do to help him adjust the design. So now he was out trying to look cool for the new ladies who had moved in as they drove past. He semi-flexed as he moved around the car thinking they muct love this ride. He was gonna be the talk of the trailer park once it was done. Sipping on his beer he hoped he would get to meet some of them soon. They had stopped for the keys but other than picking up envelopes hadnt spoken to anyone. He knew before long they would need his help though. He was the manager after all.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 07, 2013 10:19PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

As per usual, there was never a dull moment at Fleur’s trailer. One could hear the yelling and cursing a mile up the road, and sure enough the door to the trailer was flung open and stuff started being thrown out. First a half packed suitcase, followed by a Ford comforter and matching pillow…then a stuffed dog named Rudy. More things were flying out the window, as Fleur’s voice was reaching fever pitch.

“Don’t you be tryin’t to lie to me, Bubba Boy Brady. I know the smell of cheap avon perfume and no 69 cherry red lippy on your collar. mention the marks on your zipper. You sly son of a bitch. I don’t wear that mexican crap on my perf FACE. Get your ass outta my trailer…for I set fire to your Jimmy Dean T collection!” Fleur had caught her boyfriend out after he had come home late, and sure enough, she was armed. Marching out of her bedroom with a flame thrower armed and cocked, she pointed it at his arm full of black T’s.




“You’re being irrational!”

Suddenly a burst of flames fires out of the trailer door, as Bubba Boy Brady, ran for his life, smoldering and burnt black.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 07, 2013 10:59PM
#9 – Della Sachs

The decked-out Shelby GT500 roared through the entrance of the park, kicking dirt and gravel at the manager as he was attempting to try and woo some of the more “well-endowed” (i.e. “big breasted bimbos”) residents of the park.

The driver ignored the man’s yelling at her to “slow the fuck down!” as she sped toward home. Even though the speed limit in the park was 10 miles an hour, Della Sachs drove her personal car like she did her racecar – fast and without regard for the rules.

She narrowly avoided hitting a man, who looked like his ass might have been on fire. She made a face when she saw Fleur standing outside her home. Was that a flamethrower on her back?

“Looks like Fleur and Bubba are at it again.” she smirked to herself. Those two provided so much entertainment to the residents of the park, it was like watching a redneck version of “Days of Our Lives”. They’d make up in a day or two and then the cycle would start all over again.

Della shook her head as she screeched to a stop in front of her own home.

The mocha-skinned bombshell stepped from her car, sunglasses perched on her nose as she took in everything around her. Her cell phone rang and she looked at the display to see it was her ex, Tommy. She sent it to voicemail, not wanting to hear whatever trouble he’d gotten himself into this time. The last time it was because she had to bail his stupid ass out of jail when he got caught picking up an undercover cop dressed as a prostitute.

“Screw him.” she snapped. They had been divorced for well over 3 1/2 years, and he always called her when he was in dire straights. “Asshole.” she muttered, heading into her mobile home.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 08, 2013 08:42AM
#03- Kaspars and Rhiannon Balodis
Fleetwood Mac was blaring from trailer number three, the windows open for the whole park to hear. Rhiannon stood in front of her dresser and mirror, carefully applying her layers and layers of eye make-up. Smiling as she put on her dark lipstick, she thought about just how much freedom she had to dress the way she wanted now that her parents were an ocean away. Pulling back, she seemed satisfied with her look. Today she added a streak of purple to her hair, and she loved it. It went perfectly with her black on black uniform for work. That was what made Victoria’s Secret perfect for her. Rhiannon got to wear black, wear as much make-up as she wanted…and she was surrounded by lingerie. Despite the fact that she was a virgin, she loved dressing up in lace and corsets. It was her world. As she tilted her head to examine herself, she contemplated how her racing uniform would look decked out in lace. Victoria’s Secret would be her dream sponsor and provide her with such necessities. As she silently looked over her ensemble, the sound of snorting snapped her out of her thoughts. A frown darkened her pale face as she walked out of her room and down the hallway to their tiny kitchen table. Though they lived in a trailer, it was a nice trailer. Courtesy of their parent’s money, of course. Hey, they were writing checks to them to supply Rhiannon with proper living quarters while attending her “boarding school.” Why let the money go to waste?
Seeing Kaspars sitting their rubbing his nose infuriated her. Stepping up to her brother, she snapped “What the fuck are you doing? Are you seriously snorting coke right now? You realize we’re three fucking trailers down from the goddamn park manager?”

Kaspars turned his head slowly to fixate his bright blue eyes on his sister. Smile slowly, he raised an eyebrow “Do you realize the windows are open? Now who’s the idiot.”

Rhiannon stood there spluttering with her arms crossed. He had a point. But then again, he shouldn’t be doing drugs to begin with. Shaking her head with disgust, she snapped at him again “Do you have any idea what would happen if anyone found out you were doing drugs while racing? You would lose your sponsors, everything, like that.”

Rolling his eyes, her brother just kicked his seat back to look up at her lazily “Jesus, you sound like mom. Why don’t you just run along to work like a good little girl. You still have to be back to make dinner.”

Sometimes, Kaspars was just infuriating. Shaking her head again, she brushed past him “Why don’t you run along to practice driving like a good little loser you are. It’s a wonder you haven’t won any races since being in America with all the shit you’ve been doing instead.”
Kaspars looked at his sister furiously and leaned forward dangerously. His sister backed up when she saw the look in his eyes. She knew that look too well. After staring her down for a few moments, he lifted a hand to mutter “Fuck you. Get out of here.”

Oh too willing to oblige her junkie brother, Rhiannon turned around and practically ran out the door. Climbing down the steps to their trailer, she turned to look back at their home forlornly. Why did it have to be this way? Turning to look at her baby, the love of her life, she climbed into her car and sped away.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 08, 2013 09:12PM
#9 – Della

Fixing herself some lunch, she turned on the television and sat down to watch one of her favorite channels, RaceTV. Bob Costas was doing a live segment in the conference room of one of the local hotels. She turned up the volume and bit into her chicken salad sandwich.

“Hello, Racing Fans! I’m Bob Costas and I am coming to you live from the conference room at The Renaissance Hotel, where former Formula One racer, Bobby Williams is giving a press conference. For those who don’t know who Bobby Williams is, he was recently barred from the Formula One circuit among allegations of inappropriate behavior, drug usage and gambling. He wants to try his hand at stock car racing and has entered the much anticipated Turtle Wax 3000, taking place next weekend right here on RaceTV. I see Mr Williams coming in now, so let’s go down to the floor.”

Della snorted when Bobby strolled into the room, face hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. She had done her research on this guy and didn’t think he’d be much competition. Too much booze, too much drugs and too many women. “He’d probably have slow reflexes at the wheel.” she thought to herself.

He threw up the victory sign and Della just shook her head. “What a moron.” she snorted. Bobby sat down, his agent hovering nearby and called for the first question.

“…is it true that since arriving on American soil, that you have already been arrested for possession of narcotics, after your trip to Vegas?”

“I called it.” Della smirked, sipping her soda. She chuckled when Bobby got the “deer-in-the-headlights” look on his face and was about to answer the question when his agent shoved him into his seat and snatched the microphone.

“Ahaha…that was a look a like, yes Bobby has some crazed fans that look..just like him and the whole thing was a stunt by a certain television network, who we are currently suing so we can’t comment.” the woman stated in a no-nonsense manner. Della nearly fell off her couch, laughing her ass off at that answer. Another question was tossed out and she quieted to hear.

“Bobby…how does it feel to now be downgraded from formula one to nascar…you must be pretty dissapointed.”

She watched the change come over his face as if he were thinking about his sudden fall from grace. He had been at the top of his game before drugs and booze dragged him down.

“He could be competition if he cleaned his act up.” she stated.

“Well….Mother always said, when life throws lemons at you…to suck harder. So…here I am, ready to suck it up, and show all you yanks how it’s done. If only you could drive on the right side of the road. Man…I have written off five hire cars in a week.”

“Welcome to America, dickhole!” Della yelled at the TV.

“Is it true you knocked up the Mayor’s sixteen year old daughter?” came a question from near the back of the room. There was a dull roar as the cameras and flashbulbs went insane and it was nearly impossible to see Bobby in all the chaos. He was struggling to yank the microphone from his agent’s hands as he yelled out his answer.


Security came into the room to try and restore order and the camera panned back to Bob Costas.

“And that was Bobby Williams, newest racer on the stock circuit. He will join countless others to race for the top spot in the Turtle Wax 3000 next weekend. Join us live, right here on RaceTV for full race coverage and results. Guest commentator will be box-office movie star, Adam Sandler. I’m Bob Costas and you’re watching RaceTV.”

Della sat back in her seat.

“Oh yeah…I got this.” she smirked, anticipating a good race next weekend.

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 08, 2013 11:17PM
The sounds of an engine roaring to life filled the trailer park with its throaty purr. Of course as usual Carlos Mendoza was tinkering with his Shelby Mustang GT-500 trying to coax an ever greater amount of horsepower from the big block engine. As Carlos tinkered with his beloved Mustang his long black hair would be done into a pony tail for the moment. His muscled forearms where coated in grease as his radio was heard playing some hispanic music that was his heritage. He wore no shirt leaving his chest free for all to see before he looked to the right and then left as he grunted something unheard out of frustration while he continued to tinker with the engine before setting the socket wrench to the side and grabbing a grease stained rag from his back pocket to wipe the sweat from his forehead and the grease from his hands and forearms. Once he was somewhat clean he would close the hood revealing an after market scoop before he sat down in the padded leather driver’s seat and turned the key which created a loud throaty roar to come from the engine as Carlos smiled slightly. Oh yes that was the desired result he wanted from his car as he fondly patted the hood before walking into his trailer to show and clean up which took his about maybe fifteen minutes. He then returned and hopped into the sea blue mustang GT-500 and keyed the engine to life creating the throaty roar that Carlos lived for before he gunned the engine creating a squeal of tires and a cloud of smoke on the parking pad in front of his Trailer which was #7 before he dropped the clutch and tore out of the trailer park with a second squeal of tires and a spraying of pebbles. He was headed for the PitStop Restaurant and Bar to hang out and have a soda or two and maybe a beer if he was really thirsty.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 12:38AM
#1 Billy Bob’s

Billy bob finally had his friend arrive a burly looking smelly looking man. He smelled like a combination of re-fried beans and day old bacon. Luckily his mechanical genius made up for his lack of hygeine. Larry “Shit-paper” Chambers as he was called was a maintenance man and all around glorified toilet cleaner. However he was really just a well to do janitor with some really good mechanical skills. Billy-bob was glad to have him come check the motor out. As he checked over the whole design throwing poarts everywhere he hit Billy Bob a few times in the head yelling.. “Are you always such a douche, Billy Bob? This is all wrong! God damn dude! ” 

Billy bob looked at his friend with digust leaning against the other end of the car, trying to get out of range of the now flying parts. The mechanic seemed pissed. ” Do you always smell so bad? ” 

Realizing it was pointless he gathered the rest of the parts together fixing the rig as he could. The motor was now fitting in right but he needed to lift it properly and reset it. Using a winch he began to relift it and move the whole piece back into place. Billy bob watched the whole process like a moron, handing him tools as he needed just drinking some beer and flexing to the passing hunnies as they rode in. Larry was tired when he finally got it all in place but as the Mustang roared to life it was now a fully customed AM/21-15 GT Fastback 1965 Ford Mustang but with a much larger motor. It now had a 429 cu in (7.0 L) Boss V8 Cobra 4-barrel engine in it.
His work done the redneck handed him a quick hundred dollar bill. easy money he thought all things considered. He had got to watch the hunnies as they drove through and enjoy beer with his friend. They both sat back watching the women come and go.
As the engine roared to Life Itscared the crap out of the neighbors cat as it nearly backfired blowing out of lot of leftover carbon built up in the exhaust as a result of the larger block. Luckily the frame handled it well.
It was one hell of a ride…

“Life is a garden, dig it?”

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 08:06AM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

Fleur finally emerged from her trailer, sporting her juicy tight bum shorts, and star spangled bikini top. Her blonde curls were in two pig tails with red and blue ribbon and she was rubbing her finger across the front of her teeth, and surveying the blackened grass that now surrounded her trailer. A few garden gnomes copped a blast of the infernal heat of her flame thrower, and were now sludge like puddles in amonst her smoldering daises. She saw a few of her neighbours were already out and staring at her trailer that was always a point of interest in the park, when she sneered and placed her hands on her svelte hips.

“What’chya all lookin’ at? Ain’t ya’ll seen Cops? Nothing to look at now…go back to sexing ya cousins, assholes.” she said with her usual single finger salute, before slapping her backside. Now she was without a love….again. Well for the next week or so, till that yella belly came crawling back with his tail between his legs. No doubt, Fleur was a looker, and she had it where it counts, but boy, was she trouble when angry.

Hearing the revving of engines further up, she wondered if there was any new fine male specimens to try her tricks on, but once she saw it was the trailer park manager and his mate, she shuddered and sauntered over to her deck chair, and got ready to do some serious sun baking.



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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:21AM
#9 – Della

Lounging on the couch after finishing her lunch, Della thought her day would be a quiet one.

Until her cell phone rang.

She picked it up and saw her manager’s number and picture on the screen and she hit the speakerphone to answer it.

“Hey, Yvonne. What’s up?”

“What the hell do you mean, ‘what’s up?’ Yvonne’s angry voice came down the line. Della frowned.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?”

“You were supposed to be at Pitstop an hour ago for the TV Guide interview!” Della looked up at the clock and swore.

“Shit! I forgot, Yvonne. I was running errands for Mom this morning.”

“Nevermind that. Just get your ass here ASAP.”

“I’ll be there yesterday.” Della stated, quickly hanging up. She dashed into her bedroom to change her shirt, fix her hair and touch up her makeup before she was running back out the door.

In a revving of the engine and a squeal of tires, she roared out of the park, narrowly avoiding knocking over the stop sign on the corner.

Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:44PM
Carlos would come roaring down the gravel road towards his trailer before cranking the wheel to the right to throw his mustang GT-500 into a drift only to come to a stop with a squeal of tires and the sounds of gravel bouncing off the siding of the trailers. Once he was perfectly lined up with his parking pad he would back the mustang onto the parking pad before killing the engine and stepping out of the car slowly. Once he was out of the car he would pop the hood before taking his shirt off and tossing it onto a tool bench before bending over and starting to tinker once again with the engine of his mustang. After a few moments of tinkering he would straighten up and step into the car before turning the switcher before a throaty roar filled the air. Once that was done carlos would turn the car off again and set about installing a turbocharger and air intake for an even greater boost in horse power. This would take him until dusk before he finally slammed the hood back down before grabbing his shirt and wiping the grease from his hands with it not caring about that shirt in the slightest bit. Carlos would then walk into his trailer and turn on the TV before putting on the hispanic music channel and walking into the kitchen to grab some chow which happened to be KFC even though he fit as a fiddle and had the strength of a bull so to speak. Then with muscles rippling he would sit down in his lounger before starting to pick at the KFC without much thought as his thoughts where on both the Driver Della Sachs and the Pit groupie Fleur.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:58PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

After spending much of the day either tanning, or swearing on her neighbours, Fleur kept checking her watch, for that crazed on again off again lover Bubba Boy Brady, to show his face and do his usual round of begging for forgiveness, complete with vouchers for Walmart as a peace offering. But turns out, Bubba Boy Brady was in the burns unit, gotten most of his butt hair burnt and melted the skin off his scrotum. Looks like poor Bubba Boy Brady was not coming back to Pine Acres anytime soon. Fleur knew she was going to have to come up with a short fall in the rent amount, and tapped her bottom lip, as she tried to figure out a good way to make extra money in a short amount of time.

She’d been reluctant to do be the Turtle wax girl for the upcoming race, since Turtle man himself was vying to come and do the honors with the checkered flag. He had a bit of a crush on old Fleur, since one trip down to New Orleans, and someone spiked her Margarita and she ended up waking up beside the bad breathed Turtle man. Ever since then, he keeps sending her turtle shells, why she had about fifteen in her front garden.

Sighing, she went inside to make the call, that she would do the gig….and pay the price.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 10:08PM
After maybe five minutes of slouching on the chair in his living room which was facing the window Carlos’s left eyebrow would perk before he spotted Fluer making her way inside her home causing him to slowly stand and stretch with a soft yawn. Then he would slowly walk to his room and put on some cologne before pulling a shirt over his chest and heading out the door to Fluers trailer. Once he was at her trailer he would knock on her door politely and move away enough to lean against one of the porch posts and wait for her to answer the door as he raked his hands through his hair and made sure everything was in order. Carlos cared little for pit groupies but fluer she was the only exception to that. Why was that Carlos had a bit of a liking for her southern ways though he admired her from afar. He was a timid one but had was not easily intimidated however. As Carlos waited he would close his eyes slightly to hooded slits as he began to sing in a rich voice a song from his childhood. Though his mother and father where deceased he still sang this song to calm his nerves when he needed them to be calm.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:05PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

You could hear the slamming of internal doors, and then the pad pad pad of Fleur’s feet as she went from one end of the trailer to the other, and then pushed the fly door open to her trailer. And who should be standing on the porch? Why none other than Carlos, who was singing as though it was for his supper.

“Carlos…Della reject you again?” She said with her southern drawl, placing her hand on her hip and giving him the not impressed expression. She knew that he had his eyes set on the Hot chocolate beauty. ((

With the smell of burnt grass permeating the area, mixed in with fried chicken giblets from the next trailer, it was just one of those crazy days in the trailer park. Fleur waited for Carlos to answer her question, not being keen on the title of sloppy seconds over someone like Della.

“Time’s a-wasting, and I have a date with the TV, Carlos.”


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:22PM
Carlos raised a brow slowly and chuckled lightly. “What gave you the idea had my eyes set on Della Fluer? Perhaps i have my eyes set on you.” He shrugged slowly and looked directly into Fluer’s eyes before blinking and reaching into his pants pocket and drawing out a wad of cash before handing it to her. “Look Fluer i want you and no other alright? There’s enough cash to cover the next three months of your rent and then some extra for you to use on what ever you want. Though i also wanted to ask you if you wanted to join my crew and become an official member of the Penzoil family Fluer.” With that being said Carlos would stop leaning upon the post before starting to walk down the steps from Fluer’s trailer after casting a longing eye over her southern body. Then he would walk slowly down the road and back to his trailer before stepping into his Mustang and turning the key to create the throaty purr that he loved. He would then stomp down on the gas pedal causing the tires to spin in place creating a squeal of tires burning against the concrete before he dropped the clutch and tore out of the trailer park in a squeal of tires and spraying of pebbles after waiting to see if Fleur would join him for this night drive.
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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:24PM
#9 – Della

The roar of the Shelby was loud as Della returned home. The interview with TV Guide had gone surprisingly well and she was assured it would be out in time for the new Sunday edition.

Home once more, she now had to concentrate all her energies on the upcoming Pole trials. She wanted to get a great time so she could be in position #1 when The Turtlewax 3000 race came the following weekend.

There was a message on her answering machine when she stepped into her trailer. It was from Rusty, her pit crew captain, reminding her that she needed to take Goldie out for a run before the trials so that they could make any adjustments beforehand.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she yanked it out to see Tommy’s face on the screen. Disgusted, she ignored the call, sending it to voicemail once again.

Heading into the kitchen, she happened to glance out the window and spotted Carlos loitering around outside of Fleur’s place.

“Floozey’s at it again.” she smirked, wondering how one woman like Fleur can cause so much trouble. At least Carlos’s attentions were off of Della herself. Which she was thankful for. She had no intentions of getting involved with another racer ever again.

“Egotistical assholes.” she muttered, pouring herself a glass of juice before she made herself comfortable on the couch. She flipped through the TV and saw that one of her favorite movies, “Cannonball Run” was on. She settled back to enjoy.

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