No Fate (2) Carrendar Dynasty ~Xavier’s End~

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 06:49PM
Coming in to the command center, she kept her place beside Ezekiel, as they were going into introductions with Xavier. His comments about being caught in the trap of Clarissa, had her look away for a moment, a playful smile on her pink lips. She wasn’t sure how appropriate it was before someone like Xavier, but when Ezekiel said “I love you” , she said it back into his ear, her lips brushing his cheek, before standing to attention. This was now a serious time, and they would have to leave their romance to the side of the road, if they were all going to make it.

“Look with Daniel having been a terminator in disguise I fear what was inevitable is already in motion. However we can not tell anyone this at all I don’t want panic to run amuck for that will be our downfall. If I hear that either of you let word out there will be a considerable punishment to be handed out am I clear you two?” 

“I can completely understand, Sir, everyone would start to question their own crew mates, it causes paranoia and breaks down communication.” Clarissa replied her arms folding, till Ezekiel takes off down the corridor, and she bolts on after him. The news awaiting the trio at the comms, is hardly helpful.

Sir we intercepted a coded burst from skynet….and we’ve been located sir. It was an order for all terminators in the area as well as several units of flyers and tanks to converge on our location and wipe us out…” Clarissa’s eyes dart to Ezekiel, whose blood seems to be draining from his face. This is the worst possible case scenario, and they were now sitting ducks against such an attack. Of course, she knew she could depend on her love, to pull out the stops and alert all on base, that the time had come, to stand and fight.

“This is Commander Whitestone speaking and I want you all to listen well…SkyNet has found us and now countless machines are on their way to wipe this little home of ours from the face of the earth. I’ll need everyone able body over the age of fifteen to report to the armory and ready themselves to fight. This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill….”…when we drive off the machine menace those left will celebrate by creating a monument to those lost in this hellish fight we have fought and finally ended with the breaking of skynet! ARE YOU WITH ME!!!”

Clarissa’s voice joined in the chorus that was sounded out around the base, and knew that time was now of the essence. She along with many others made their way to the ammunition stores, and started to suit up for what would be the fight of their lives.


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 07:49PM
A few days would pass without incident though on the fourth day a roiling explosion would rip through the air and the minefield as tank after tank rolled across each tank drawing ever closer to the compound. As the tanks made their slow advance through the minefield squadron after squadron of fliers would rip through the skies before being shot down by the compounds defensive weaponry. This relentless onslaught would continue for well over five hours before the fliers peeled away and went to rearm and refuel though the tanks slowly kept their turtle like advance in motion before six hours into the fight the first tank would safely cross the minefields. Once across the minefields the tanks would begin their steady advance on the compound before being picked off by individual rocket teams set to this specific task. All the while terminators would be seen walking towards the survivors with their normal implacable pace while taking well aimed shots that took out soldier after soldier before being brought down. Of course Ezekiel was as always leading from the front and literally in the midst of the machines blasting away with his .50 caliber pistol and his combat knife dropping machine after machine no matter how many took the fallen machines places. “Command to squad three come in over we need big Bertha rolling NOW” as he issued the order Ezekiel would be seen backing away from a terminator as he reloaded the six shot pistol before his finger squeezed the trigger once and blew the head clean off the machine before it toppled to the floor. By now night was starting to set in and the fight was still well underway. The commander sighed to himself before he pulled a frag grenade from his waist and armed it as he bellowed “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” Before tossing it into the midst of advancing machines only to have it explode in a shower of hit lead tearing them all too pieces and disabling a tank. Noticing the disabled tank Ezekiel would grin to himself before he raced towards the disabled machine and set about reprogramming it to defend the compound until it was destroyed. No sooner had Ezekiel done that would he grunt in pain after being torn from the machine to be thrown into a wall hard enough to create a sickening and resounding smack. He then slid down the wall and landed in a heap of flesh and bones not moving for he was stunned as the machine advanced on the immobile commander. As the machine advanced Ezekiel would groan softly as his eyes flickered open before he gasped as the machine lifted him up by his throat only to lift him over its head and bring him down back first on its knee creating a searing pain in Ezekiel’s back before he coughed and weakly grabbed for the fallen pistol. With his hand firmly around the pistols stock he would take careful aim at the machines head before blowing it clean off with a loud report. Once he had disposed of the machine he would stagger over to a pile of sandbags and bark into the radio. “What’s taking so long squad three we need big Bertha now we’re dangerously close to be overrun and forced back into the compound!!”

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 09:52PM
Aleksis and Ash were awaiting orders inside Big Bad Bertha. They were warming her up and getting the systems online when their Commander’s voice barked over the radio.

“What’s taking so long, Squad Three? We need Big Bertha now! We’re dangerously close to being overrun and forced back into the compound!!”

Ash grabbed the radio and barked back. “Got her warmed up and ready to chow on your orders, Commander!” He looked at his sister, who was manning the gun turret. “Ready?”

“Let’s fucking do this!” Aleksis growled. Ash fired up the tanks engines, and revved her hard.

“Let’s go fuck up their day!” Ash grinned, stomping on the gas pedal. Bertha jerked forward and started toward the compound gates. A tech was waiting for them to close in on the doors before he opened them for the advancing war machine. Brother and sister came under immediate fire from the machines, but with the modifications they made, she was nearly unstoppable.

Aleksis was firing upon any machine that even moved the wrong way, blasting them to pieces while Ash simply ran over any that got in their way.

“Flyers coming in.” he stated calmly. Aleksis took a moment to realign her trajectory and started blasting the airbornes from the skies overhead.

This cleared a path for the troops to start joining the battle behind their armoured comrades.

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 10:03PM
-Xavier was tired of the fucking bullshit. Sitting atop a tank he mounted the exterior turret gun and began to exterminate the bastards. As they exploded he began to feel his fury expand. He was so fucking tired of this shit. He couldnt find peace no matter what he did. Blowing apart them became a nearly mechanical exercise. With a relentless precision he began to deploy the detonations. Each was followed as they manned the reload below. He felt cold and empty as he did this. The machines had taken it all and he would destroy each and every one until there wasnt a breath left in him. As they were nearing the compound he held on tighter the road buckling as it became more treacherous. Many vehicles blocked the way and they had to blast their way through some wreckage. His XM-25’s came in handy as they were nearly ambushed by a lone terminator while reloading. The penetration armor exploding as the munitions pierced its head and imploded it in the street.

” God, I love this gun. ” he said as they rolled out…

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 10:28PM
“Left flank left flank!!!” Ezekiel bellowed to a rocket team before they sent a rocket racing for a tank that had broken through the left flank battle line. “Shit…..we need that virus and soon….we’re running out of time…” The rabbit would mutter to himself before barking into the radio. “Commander Whitestone to command centre…how is that virus coming along damn it we just played our trump card and they still haven’t let up…” (( command centre )) Command centre to commander Whitestone…virus is ready to be deployed repeat virus is ready to be deployed…” Ezekiel would smile slightly before speaking calmly into the radio. “Well then deploy it damn it they already over ran the left flank and it’s getting mighty hairy out here even with big bad Bertha in play..” No sooner had Ezekiel said that would the machines begin to turn on each other in a traitorous manner and in a matter of hours the menace was dealt with. The rabbit would take his left hand through his hair before speaking loud enough to be heard. “Gather the wounded and get them off the battlefield and then we need to bury the dead…hop to it it’s only a matter of time before the bastards return even stronger then before…” The commander would then limp his way to the compound before grunting and sitting down on an empty crate. Once he was seated he would look up at the sky silently before allowing tears to call from his eyes as he slammed his fist into the concrete hard enough to splinter it. “Damn it to much death for so little gain….I’m not fit to lead never was…” The words where screamed to the heavens before Ezekiel broke down into tears as he placed his head in his hands and stared at the ground silently. He would remain that way for at least ten minutes before he slowly stood up and turned towards the river. As he looked at the river he would sigh gently before speaking softly into the mic. “All squads report in…we need to take stock of the casualties….” As the squads reported in Ezekiel’s heart would grow heavy as he realized almost all of the cadets where now sitting with their ancestors in the after life. For each squad lost Ezekiel was cast deeper into a fit of depression and regret as he muttered softly. “It’s time to move on from this location and find a new home…”
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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 07, 2013 11:09PM

Though everyone else had raced off to gather ammunition for their rifles and attack armour, Clarissa held back, knowing that it was now time to unearth her project. Always one to believe that in order to defeat the machines…she must become one. Dashing down the corridor, past waves of remaining troops, and the blazing warning lights of the infiltration of the main centre by the terminators, she ducked down an air conditioning shaft to avoid detection and down far below into a specially built hanger, long since discarded and forgotten by the main command. Here, in the days long before the death of John Connor, Clarissa had worked on a dream, that had taken many years to complete, using spare parts from destroyed terminators, and bodging up tank and jet parts. With an affinity for technology, though she hated what the impact of the terminator machines had done to her world, she was a rogue…that not even Ezekiel knew about. Her father, a top government scientist and inventor, who had managed to create a power source that could fit in the palm of your hand, and yet power an entire city, had given her the key to this new technology. Her only fear, was that it would be discovered and misused. Exiting the aircon duct, she stands up in the dimly lit hanger, while above, the sounds of explosions, chaos and death were all around. Time was now of the essence. Taking off a special device that was strapped to her belt, she affixed it to her wrist and punched in a sequence, as a giant of metal and hydraulics vibrated and then rose to full standing, with a large glass dome opening skyward. She leapt up onto the knees of the machine and crawled the rest of the way up its side, till leaping into the cockpit.

Looking at the grid of dials and communication screens, all manner of statistical data rolled across the plasma screens, as the pressed in engage on her wrist communicator. A massive whir and the glass dome came down, its pressurized seal locking in place, as Clarissa grabbed her head set communicator and fitted it to her head. Gripping two control joysticks, her feet on the pedals, the machine stood up and as she controlled the right arm gun the arm raised simultaneously, as she said simply.

“Weapons check…verify code #0274 – 29.”

A green skull whirled about on the mirage of screens before her, the onboard computer complying with request as the chain gun barrels open and closed and the stores onboard were full and armed. The behemoth then started to walk for the main hanger door, which slid open, revealing the fire light of the blasts from flyers and machines. Little did they realize…a human walked the machines, masked as a machine herself.

It was clear that the base was taking a pounding, and while Big bertha and various tank units tried to clear the way, scores of the new recruits were but fodder to the lasers and bombs of the terminators. The Rogue powered out with each large metal splayed foot, digging deep into the earth, getting in the thick of the terminator army, when she had made it in so far, she started to spray the machines with canon fire, that ripped apart machine after machine. Even stepping back, the Rogue acted as its pilot reacted to return fire, taking out flyers at least two at a time. Clarissa grit her teeth within the confines of the cockpit, blasting away at anything that came in her way. The trick was working, and the deal…give the survivors more time to escape.



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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 08, 2013 10:21PM
“EVERYONE ONTO THE TRUCKS!!! LETS GO!!!” By now the base was clearly lost as it was heavily damaged beyond repair and salvage. Ezekiel knew when to give up ground and it was now clear that this situation had become untenable now that the machines had breached the perimeter and where advancing into the evacuated compound. As one a convoy of ten trucks filled with survivors of the assault and all the supplies they could handle. As the trucks left Ezekiel ran over to the garage and mounted what seemed like an armored Dune buggy with a rotary cannon on the front before it roared to life as he spoke into the Radio. “Rogue its time to get out of here GO! I’ll draw them away to give you time to escape without hinderance don’t worry about me I’ll link up with you outside the city…” It was clear through Ezekiel’s steely tone he wanted no argument before he roared out of the hangar bay astride the cycle with guns blazing and smoke pouring from the exhaust pipes. Once he had the machines undivided attention he would be seen tearing off to the east and away from the fleeing convoy of refugee’s with the tanks and terminators in hot pursuit. It was clear that the Commander was trying to lead the machines away before he stomped down on the gas and rocketed down the city streets pulling an ever greater number of machines that where converging on the convoy away from it. Ezekiel roared through the city ceaselessly before he skidded around a corner only to barrel into a terminator and run it over without hesitation and leave it in the dust. No sooner had he done that would he pull into a parking garage and hide there until sundown before racing out once it was dark and making his way to the outskirts of the city where he linked up with the convoy and the Rogue hopefully. Once he had linked up with the convoy he would take his lead spot after he had pulled over to take a quick piss in some shrubbery. He would then lead the convoy out and away from the city that was once their home but now nothing more then more territory for the machines. With a soft sigh Ezekiel would switch to a single band frequency. “Clarissa you alright Hun?” He would ask with genuine concern tainting his voice before stopping the convoy twenty miles outside the city at a truck stop. There he would set up a perimeter before looking around and making his way to clarissa before leading her away to a darkened corner and kissing her deeply and lovingly with his arms snaking around her waist hungrily while he whispered gently and huskily. “Clarissa i love you dearly and i would die for you without any hesitation at all.”
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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 08, 2013 10:36PM
As the chatter came in over the radio, it was clear to Ash and Aleksis that the base was lost.

It was confirmed a short time later as Commander Whitestone ordered a complete evacuation. Aleksis looked at her brother and with a sigh, Ash turned Bertha back to the base to help with the evacuation. They would take the lead and weed out any machines that lie in wait for them as they searched for a new home.

“Fucking machines!” Ash growled as Aleksis shot down another Flyer.

“It makes me wonder if there isn’t some dickweed, humanoid, shit-for-brains, bureaucrat locked up in a bunker somewhere controlling these bastards.” Aleksis theorized.

“Possible. Question would be…why?”

“Money. Power.” she shrugged.

“Kind of hard to rule the world if all your subjects are mechanical.”

“True. I just wish this shit would end already.”

“I agree, sis.” Ash nodded as he lead the survivors away from their old home. They were silent for a while as they put miles between themselves and the machines. “Man I could go for some chili right now.” Asher stated after some time had passed. Aleksis stared at him.

“You do and you can sleep in the warehouse. I am not smelling your farts.”

Ash just grinned at her as Bertha rolled through the barren terrain.

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 08, 2013 11:22PM
-Bertha was rolling past already and Xavier had another trick up his sleeve. One of the things he had been working on for sometime was a modified version of his nanobites, He wasnt willing to test them before now mainly because of his own dependency on the technology due to his arm and also because of how unstable they might be if they managed to work their way through the computer systems. Nanobites by nature were viral. They moved through systems just like they did through the human body. He wasnt sure what it would do so he kept watching for a lone target. The injection unit he had crafted was really one of his medical services kits but set for his mechanical arm. The delivery system he then set into his secondary XM-25.

The shot was quieter than normal and pierced the terminators back. As it did instead of simply exploding his back it seemed to shake and move like a dance. It reminded him almost of that bad pop singer Miley Cyrus trying to “Twerk” he thought to himself.In moments the sight around its entry began to melt inward as the terminators body slowly dissolved. The nano-bites ate its metallic frame as surely as if it were acid to living flesh attacking its inner molecular structure. His thoughts were right. They had worked but what next? Could they maybe get to the Central Unit to Drop a load of the nano-bites into the sub-processing unit of the central unit? If they could but only make it through the main defenses it could be the end of the war or at least the turn of the tide!-

Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 12:04AM

Within the confines of her cockpit on Rogue, Clarissa heard the barking of orders for full evacuation. The machines had an upper hand, and now was Clarissa’s time to put her machine through its paces, bringing up the rear, to ensure the safe movement of the remaining trucks and tanks to safety, blowing up anything that came close or deemed hostile and a threat. The Rogue barked out round after round of shots, with loud explosions ringing all around it. Powering it now forward, it followed the convoy procession, that was led by Ezekiel.

A crackled sound came across the communications network, and then she could make out Eze’s voice, directed at her specifically. “Clarissa you alright Hun?” The whirring of hydraulics and pistons firing made it hard to hear him, as well as the constant crunch of the Rogue’s footfalls onto destroyed machines and dead bodies. “I’m fine, baby…going to catch you up in ten.”

Soon enough, the convoy stopped twenty miles up the road, and Clarissa shut down Rogue, the cabin glass shield lifting so she could get out, and then she climbed down the metal structure, jumping the last few feet. Before she barely hit the ground, she felt the touch of Ezekiel’s hand, and he led her off, away from the rest of the group, to a darkened corner, where his arms snaked around her waist, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Half surprised by his boldness, at first her eyes were wide open, but then they started to close, as she let the desire fill her, and she kissed back with just as much hunger, her fingers raking through his hair. “Clarissa i love you dearly and i would die for you without any hesitation at all.” Eze said, as he looked at her lovingly. Clarissa smiled, and replied. “Even if this is all we have, and tomorrow is our fated day, I will be glad, that I had this moment. I’ll love you from here, till the next life.” At that, she slowly undid the buttons of her shirt, and drew it back, letting it fall to the ground at her feet. Her dog tags rest on her bare skin, that was glistening from the heat.


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 06:49AM
Ezezkiel smiled softly as he reached down drew his shirt up and over his head as his eyes wandered over Clarissa chest with a hungry gleam in them. No sooner had they taken their shirts off would the rabbit latch his mouth around her left nipple and begin to suckle upon like a new born as his eyes flicked up towards Clarissa’s wordlessly communicating the boundless love he had for her and his willingness to protect her at any cost. After a few minutes of suckling her nipple he would pull away with a throaty purr before reaching out and fumbling with her pants for the briefest moment only to drop them to the ground along with her panties as he whispered softly into her ear before nibbling on her earlobe. “Clarisssa my love I want you to be my first only and last.” His left hand would then snake down her stomach before allowing its tender touch to caress her womenhood on a teasing motion. If anything Ezekiel was trying to get Clarissa all riled up before he claimed her through the acts of lovemaking. He continued to tease her womenhood as he watched her contently waiting for her to break and beg for him to take her as his.
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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 09:24PM
They’d gone a few miles ahead, keeping eyes out for any mechanical enemies. The radio had been silent for a few hours as the survivors trudged over the terrain. Aleksis climbed out of the turret with a pair of binoculars to scout around. They needed to find a place to rest and soon, before some of the elderly and the young children who couldn’t fend for themselves became ill.

“Anything?” Ash called up to her as Bertha bumped and rolled over rocks and plantlife.

“Nothing yet.” she replied. She turned to look back at the convoy and saw that the Commander’s vehicle was off the road. “Stop!” Aleksis shouted. Bertha jerked to a halt as Ash hit the breaks. The other trucks and tankers behind them quickly stopped as well.

“What is it?” Ash exclaimed.

“Commander Whitestone’s car is off the side of the road.”

“You sure it’s his?” Ash climbed up from the other turret with his own set of binoculars.

“Yes. Get on the radio, see if you can locate him.” Aleksis commanded her brother.

Ash ducked back inside Bertha and grabbed his radio, tuning into the encrypted frequency they all used.

“Echo Three to Echo One! Come in, Commander!” Ash called into the radio.

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 10:11PM
-Xavier had moved ahead on his tank using a geo-thermal sensor device he was scouting for the central units location. The commander center would not be where they housed it. He hoped that he could find the outpost, blowing up terminators with his artillery was easy but he needed to save his special delivery system for the central unit. The way was hard as he moved each target he blew apart reminded him of all the lives he had lost. He was covered in sweat and was scratched and bloodied from the repeated fighting with the machines as the tank made its steady progression. He finally found a blip on the screen. What looked to be an entry point. At the access point was a terminal. Unlike most of the other sights he had found this was where the machines directly could recharge and communicate with the central net. Most of the higher level cyborgs had the capacity. However it wasnt for every unit to be operated on. He knew there was no way to hack it directly. You had to be a machine. So he did the only thing he could do. Thinking of everyone he lost and loved he knew it would be the end of him or the end of his pain. He wouldnt blame himself any longer.

Taking his arm, he grasped into the units station with his cybernetic arm. As he did he took the syringe and injected it into his own arm exploding it with the altered nano-bites. Unsure whether he would even survive, knowing only he must destroy the unit at all costs he watched his arm melt off his body as the nano-bites melted through into the housing and into the entire network-

” Eat this fucker! “

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 10:40PM
Clarissa was pushed up hard against the metal wall of the dimly lit room, with the fan spinning around slowly. Flickering lights created eerie shadows, that stretched across the room. Ezekiel didn’t waste anytime, ripping off his shirt, and then pulling down Clarissa’s pants in a trice. But when he took to her breast, she let out a soft gasp, her eyes rolling back as she arched her spine, and jutted her breasts forward to his waiting lips. He was taking so long on each nip, that her nether regions were now dripping with anticipation. When he started to stroke her inner lips, she cooed at him with full lips, her fingers scratching the wall behind her….oh ..he was going to lose his V card to her…this could be the first and last time they ever made love.

“Take me to bed and lose me forever.” Clarissa said breathlessly, her eyes like slits; bedroom eyes, as she felt the press of his raging member about to tap her inner thighs.“ it now!” She cried..begging him, unable to wait…when…

“Echo Three to Echo One! Come in, Commander!”

Shocked by the sound on the radio, she creased her brow and pouted. What was he going to do, answer the radio, or take his woman?


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 10:54PM
Ezekiel would shrug before pressing a button on the radio to indicate radio silence before keying the mic after raising a finger. “Can’t a guy take a shit in peace Echo 3??” He would then turn his attention back to Clarissa before slowly kissing her full lips as he gazed into her eyes while he slowly sank his raging member into her womenhood clearly intent on teasing her. Once he had joined with his beloved Clarissa he would start to thrust slow and deep into her womenhood with clean crisp strokes as he began to knead her breasts and nipples lovingly before pulling her away from the wall and laying her on the linoleum floor with him atop her as he winked at her with a loving smile that wordlessly told her he was glad to lose his virginity to her. As he thrust into his beloved Clarissa he would become lost in her eyes with his arms wrapped around her waist drawing her up into his scarred and muscled chest. They would lay like this for a few moments while Ezekiel purred against her lips possessively before pulling away and nibbling at her neck while holding her against him still. After nibbling her neck he would begin to suckle her neck intent on leaving a hicky there after making sure it would be hidden by her shirt collar when she put it back on. If anything Ezekiel wanted this hell to end and for him and Clarissa to live on together in happiness and joy not in this shit hole that the world had fallen to nor did he want it for any of the kids Clarissa could give him if he where lucky enough to have her bless him with such a boon. Then suddenly Ezekiel would groan softly into her neck as he whispered softly. “God i love you Clarissa now and forever my precious diamond.” As he finished that statement he would slam his shaft ever harder and deeper into her sex while pressing down against her possessively and greedily as Ezekiel was highly possessive of those he saw as his and looked after them..
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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 09, 2013 11:06PM
There was no answer on the comm and Ash climbed back up top.

“He’s not answering.” he told his sister. Aleksis had been keeping a steady eye on the commander’s truck and saw no movement.

“Give me the radio.” she demanded. Ash handed her the radio and she clicked it. “Echo Three to Echo Ten! Do you copy?”

…*static*…Echo Ten!…*static*…I copy!…

“Jaxs…what’s your 20?”

…*static*…I’m about…*static*…two miles behind you!…

“Good. I got a bead on the Commander’s truck and he’s not answering comms. Take a couple of the jockeys and check it out will ya? He’s about a mile off your location.”

…*static*…Copy that!…*static*…Out!…

Aleksis looked at her brother. “And now we wait.”

“Maybe he stopped to take a shit.”

“For half an hour?” her tone was incredulous. Ash shrugged.

“We had tacos and chili for dinner before we evac’d.” To emphasis the point, he let out a fart of epic proportions and Aleksis made a disgusted face.

“You’re a dick, Asher.”

“Ah, but I’m your favorite dick, sis.” Ash chuckled.

“That sounded so wrong on so many levels, bro.” Aleksis groaned, causing Ash to laugh hard.

…*static*…Echo Ten to Echo Three!…*static*…Come in!…

“Echo Three! I copy!”

…*static*…Found the Commander!…*static*…Uh…he’s fine!…

“What the fuck was he doing?” she demanded.


It took a moment for Aleksis to work out what that meant. When she realized the signifigance, she looked at her brother, eyes wide. “Did he just…”


“Who’s he with?”

“Haven’t seen Commander Grant in a fair while either.” Ash grinned.

“Oh hell!” Aleksis groaned. She went back to the radio. “Send out the signal. We’ll camp here and rest for the night. Start setting up sensors and defense posts around our perimeter.” she ordered to all who were listening. She looked at her brother.

“Come on sis…can’t begrudge them finding some kind of happiness in this fucked up war.” Ash stated gently.

“Yeah.” Aleksis sighed. “Come on…let’s circle the wagons.” She ducked back into Bertha, her brother not far behind.

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 10, 2013 06:15PM
Way Station


Xaviers arm was melting and the blood began to pour off him as the station itself became more heated. the nano-bites had done their decided job. They had infiltrated into the network working down through the network. Sadly,he was still physically attached to it via the arm. As it grew hotter he could not disengage from the pieces that held him in place. He knew there was nothing else that could be done. His arm was in white hot agony as his legs too began to melt. The whole platform became slowly a sea of metal. It folded in taking him down into the liquid. The choppers and evac-s must not have gotten any signal from his unit. He thought to himself as he slowly melted away that at least he had done them a crushing blow…

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