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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 03, 2013 11:09AM
Healing Room

Brandon grinned in spite of himself. Thinking for a moment at his now proud son he said
” Well I do remember a Magda you sent to my chambers. I believe she is somewhere on the other side of the castle. You should be familiar with where she abides. Perhaps she could sate your Princely Lust. ” 

Wondering where else whores might be found he tapped the outside of the door and asked the guards to inquire for the best should this Magda not meet with his son’s satisfaction or become unavailable. A proper prince he now was and should be treated as such. Brandon was a proud father.

Magnus quietly watched the scene and smiled. Many years of planning all seemed to finally come together. The Casterly’s would soon fall and his parent’s death’s would be avenged.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 03:00AM
Healing room

Joffrey was checking himself out in one of the large wall mirrors, when his father suggested that if he wanted a whore to bed, why not try Magda. The demon prince stopped for a moment, while still admiring himself, and uttered off the cuff “Isn’t she a mermaid? Cor blimey, her couchie would smell fishy. Noooo, thank you.” Clearly, bedding mermaids was not on the top of his list of things to do. The snake like demon was now fascinated by his own reflection and kept tugging on his clothes, which suited the old Joffrey, but clearly not the new one.

Casting a glance over his shoulder at Magnus, he could see that he wasn’t really saying very much, and he was smiling. Question was, why? Joffrey checked out his own backside, to see if that was what he was smiling at, and maybe he was. Warlocks were such odd creatures. Flicking his lapel, he knew he would have to get changed into something more suitable later, which was most likely going to be armour, since he was taking a strong liking to a war against the angels.

He stopped for a second, and then asked his father. “If…Magda is here, then that means…..that there are still some angels here in the Castle. Right?” He was referring to Orion and most probably Selene. If this was the case, Joffrey was indeed ready to make an example of them as a warning to the House of Casterly.

“Father…should we start gathering the knights of the realm, and possibly seek to gain the favor of the Orcs and Giants of the Mountains, to aid us in this war. Those Casterly won’t know what hit them.” He said with a crude smile, before nodding at Magnus.

“Wanna go pluck an angel?”


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 03:28AM
Throne Room

Brandon turned on Magnus an idea having popped in his head as he watched his son posing in the mirror.
” I would like you to see the smith Magnus and have him brought down both my son and will be needing some new sets of armor made with special defenses. It wouldnt do for holy magic to undo so quickly. “

Brandon then looked towards his son
having heard his words..
“Father…should we start gathering the knights of the realm, and possibly seek to gain the favor of the Orcs and Giants of the Mountains, to aid us in this war. Those Casterly won’t know what hit them and Wanna go pluck an angel?” 

The king wasnt sure which sounded more appealing, he wasnt sure which he wanted to do first. One thing was certain he wanted to both, andRIGHT AWAY!

” Well let’s be off to the Throne Room and we can get the guards dispatched to The Orc’s and Giants straightaway.We to gather the knights and I think the very first thing as soon as we get some people off to summon our ally’s out is to go a’Angel Huntin’ “

The king then turned and strode out into the throne room dispatching emissaries towards the Orcs, Goblins, Giants and Trolls in the surrounding territories. As he began to bark orders he watched Magnus head out to get the smith.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 06:13AM
The Throne Room

The sounding of the horns, was heard across the lands, as the banners were flying of the Brax house on many a building and house. Change was in the air. The time of peace was no more, and Angels were no longer welcome on Brax soil. The sky filled with the most evil creatures to take to the wing, along with witches and warlocks, demons, dragons, and evil sprites. The King was calling court together, and soon the Throne room was filled, packed to the rafters with representatives of all the evil factions of the Night lands. As the King began to bark orders to those who served the realm, as well as Magnus, the Prince was getting friendly with some of the Night lands most devilish beauties, and then some not so…beautiful. The three sisters of the Crow’s Nest Witches Coven, who also happened to be related to Minerva, were fawning and gushing over the Prince, who had something of a serpant’s tongue when dealing with the ladies.

“So…you girls come here often?” The Prince said with a cheeky head wobble and knowing grin. If the King and Prince Joffrey were going to win the war over the angels, they really had to ensure that the alliances with other evil creatures held together. Ethel and Portia loved the attention, with Portia winding her blonde locks around her finger and sizing the Prince up. The eldest, Delilah already had in her mind what she wanted. “What ever happened to that delightful daughter of yours, Tempest, was that her name?” A dangerous question to be asking the Prince, but his reaction was one to take many by surprise. “On a mountain somewhere, probably off to go lay her head in the lap of the King of Angels. I could…give you the directions if you want to go find her yourself. Me? I have bigger plans afoot.” Delilah simply grinned and took the Prince’s arm. “A lock of hair, and I can find my way there.” She said, tugging on the Prince’s hair and plucking a good strand. He grimaced a bit, but he could care less what happened to Tempest now. She got her life…and he got a new one in the process. “Just a heads up. She has a temper.” That was the understatement of the year, but least they wouldn’t be able to say he didn’t warn them.

Attention turned back up to the King, to see what his proclamation would be, and how the Casterly were to discover they were the target of the hate of Brax. Prince Joffrey moved to his own throne, as the witches waved at him, like fan girls.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 06:59AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers
Selene had her knees tucked against her chest and her elbow was braced on one knee as Orion spoke. Her head was tucked in her hand as she looked forward with a saddened expression. The angel spoke the truth, no matter how heart-breaking it was. Joffrey had to find his own way. If the princess were to stay around any longer, there was a good chance he would be even more torn and would lose himself completely. Deep down, Selene knew it was time to go home. She was only doing more damage by being here. Her heart felt heavy at the mention of Tempest, and she prayed ardently that Orion’s words were true. Standing up, she walked over to the window of her room she once shared with her husband. It was as if she were no longer there, but in another life as a ghost of a smile settled on her lips.

Magda was indeed listening to the conversation, but she had her back to them so she could look towards the window as well. She was grateful that Orion was trying to convince Selene to go away. Light did not belong in darkness, no matter how many times her light had flickered. When she saw her mistress standing by the window, Magda turned to look at Orion. He was suggesting she leave too, but of course she would if the princess was leaving. She belonged to Selene, but was also her closest friend. The princess would be shattered without her husband and child, and Magda was good at cleaning up messes. Turning away from Orion after giving him an expressionless face, she padded over to Selene and murmured “Shall I gather your things, your grace?”

Selene didn’t answer for a few moments, but finally her soft angelic voice spoke “My bedroom…is overlooks the ocean. It’s so peaceful there. It was like you could see God in every little piece of creation…how I miss it.”

The handmaiden looked at the princess as though seeing her for the first time. It had been years since she had seen Selene truly this innocent and sincere. She was heart-broken and her angelic essence was slowly piecing her together again. Standing next to Selene, Magda murmured “It sounds lovely, Princess…” Her words were gentle but her features were saddened by what the princess had to face now.
The princess turned to look at Magda with that dream-like expression in her eyes, a single tear rolling down her cheek“Come…we must leave immediately. Leave everything behind. None of it ever truly belonged to me, anyways.”Turning from them both, she then walked towards the door and disappeared through it. Still dressed in her Saint attire with her runes blazing, she walked out the front doors without a word to anyone and climbed into her carriage. Her own clothes and things were waiting at home.

Magda watched the princess leave silently before her blue eyes flicked to Orion. Stepping towards him, she murmured “I will take care of the Princess…but what of you? I don’t believe it is safe for you here, m’lord…” With that, the mermaid turned from the angel and followed the princess to the carriage. They had to leave immediately.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 07:24AM
That was true, it was no longer safe for any being of light to dwell within the walls of the Castle of Brax. Selene had left abruptly, taking nothing with her but the clothes on her back. But as she did so, the screams and shouts were ringing out over the castle. Gates were being lowered, so those who were trying to escape, needed a miracle to do so. Footsteps pounding against the stone floors, were of troops moving to round up any representatives of the Casterlys, and have them taken to the throne room and laid at the feet of the King, to await their fate.

Orion looked left and right, before making his getaway down the south passage, only to have a maiden step out from one of the small alcoves. She was one of the former playmates of Joffrey, and had been waiting on a moment when she could show him that she was capable of being by his side once more. Elisa sashayed up to the elder Angel and smiled saying.

“Going somehere?”

Orion stammered as he could hear the blast of horns, and the roar of dragons approaching. Time was running fast through the hour glass, and he had no time for this young girl to stop him now. “Yes in fact, to return to the Casterly and warn them of the coming war.” So…he was going to betray the House of Brax and warn them was he? Elisa shook her head and said.

“I don’t think so.”

Clearly Elisa was a vampire, and showed off her treacherous fangs, that slid out from her mouth and rested upon her plump lips.“You need to say goodbye first. Or the King will be upset.” Orion was about to turn and run, when an orc appeared behind him and donged the angel on the head with a huge mallet. Knocking him out cold, and he was spread eagled on the floor. Pleased with this, she motioned for the orc to drag Orion up to the throne room, to receive their reward.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 01:55PM
Selene was in the carriage outside sitting with Magda, completely oblivious to what was going on. She knew being away would do her good…she just hoped her husband and daughter would be ok. While her mistress was worrying silently about her family, Magda was worrying about what was going on inside the castle. Finally, when Magda realized Orion wasn’t following them, she turned to look at Selene “Your grace, something is wrong. You have to get out of here.”
The princess looked up at and stared at her “Pardon?”

Sighing exasperatedly, the handmaiden frowned “The Lord Orion is not here. I am going to go see where he is. You need to go. Don’t wait, no matter what you hear. You must flee while you can.”

The princess still did not understand “But…are you not coming?”
Magda finally snapped and threw her hands up “Something is not right! Can’t you feel it?! Take this carriage, use your magic, and get the hell out of here!” Not waiting for a response, Magda jumped out of the carrige and took off towards the castle.

Selene sat there in silence before it dawned on her that her connection with Joffrey was no longer strong. Gasping, she clutched the sides of the carriage and hurriedly murmured in a heavenly language. Soon her carriage seemed to sprout invisible wings and lifted off the grounds. Closing her eyes, she called “To Haven Castle!” And soon she was gone, the carriage flying back towards her home.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 10:02PM
Throne Room

Brandon had called Minerva shortly after the intial tumult. He wanted her to enjoy the festivities as he was sure she would.
The smith had come down shortly after and both Magnus and him had worked together to measure both Joffrey and the King. Taking care to work around the guests that had gathered as various emissaries were already coming into the realm from throughout the Night Lands. After Minerva arrived he was much pleased. He smiled to her as she assumed her customary position near the throne, lovingly stroking her hair. Thier mutual bond had grown much over such a short time.

Brandon leaned in close to her and whispered to her..
” We may have need of any gifts you have, should you have any ideas for the war effort let me know my dear. We will have time later as well I hope. “

As they were seated Lord Orion was led into the chamber, bound and prostrate by an orc captain and Joffrey’s former friend the vampire Elisa. Clapping, brandon smiled at the pair as he was led in.

Elisa said quickly…
“We caught this one trying to make his escape. Said he was heading to warn the Casterly’s of our impending march. I told him how much our King would love to see him before he left. “ she smirked at the last part.

Brandon congratulated the pair.
” Oh well, It seems we have a traitor then. We have been a hunting the angels, my son has been especially wanting to taste their blood. I think Its time to see some shed. Joffrey, end this one here and now before the court. Let the first blood be shed before the crown! His body can be used for your witch friends spells, im sure they have many uses they can devise for it. ”

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 04, 2013 10:17PM

Lord Ash realized the atmosphere had become quite unlike what he had expected. Though his friend Magnus held the King’s favor, he was not a creature of the night. Nor of the day either but rather of twilight. He wanted no part of this war or any of the difficulties. He had what he had come for. Reaching the barracks he saw his men who he nodded to. It seemed the gate was shut but he had not difficulty in travel. He found a small room that was not occupied. Leading his small group inside he locked the door and then opened a portal. The portal opened to where his army lay, he then sent his men forward. There was hard knocks heard on the door as he made his way through the portal. Narrowly escaping the notice of some of the dark denizens who had managed to open the door. They couldnt figure out where he or his men had gone..

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 05, 2013 09:25AM
The Throne Room

Oh how much the Castle Brax had changed within a matter of days, for now all that were assembled were the most evil of creatures to dare walk the face of the earth. The rise of their grunts and wicked laughter created an unholy din, as all took their rightful places in what would be a ritual, that would unhinge the pure, and shock those of good will. Minerva had been summoned to take her place at her King’s feet, and she passed through the crowd, wearing the royal collar. Many a female was envious of Minerva, for she had attained a status worthy of one of her talent. She wore the ceremonial silks, and lay at her King’s feet, so she was close enough for him to enjoy. And he did, reaching down to stroke her hair, like she was this prized possession.

” We may have need of any gifts you have, should you have any ideas for the war effort let me know my dear. We will have time later as well I hope. “

“~purrs softly~ “Of course, Master.”

Her eyes glowered, and she held a haunting smile, as Prince Joffrey took his place at his Father’s side. The witches lined up, rubbing their hands together, eager with anticipation of the upcoming event. All could smell it. The tension so thick, and all were to be rewarded.

Being dragged in by the orc warrior, Orion’s eyes were now open wide, as he could see the Court and of course Joffrey, who was now beaming a wicked grin. He motioned for Elisa to come stand at his side, well pleased with her handling of the traitor, from the house of Casterly. All eyes then went to the King as a hush fell over the room.

It seems we have a traitor then. We have been a hunting the angels, my son has been especially wanting to taste their blood. I think Its time to see some shed. Joffrey, end this one here and now before the court. Let the first blood be shed before the crown! His body can be used for your witch friends spells, im sure they have many uses they can devise for it. ” 

Cackles and dark laughter filled the room, while the witches eagerly salivated on getting their hands on the feathers of a Casterly. Joffrey raised a hand as he rose to standing.

“Tonight….oh Court of Brax, you are to witness the first death in this war upon good. Orion has been found guilty of treason and treachery against my Father’s house. The punishment for this…is death. Say goodbye…to all this…and hello…to OBLIVION.” Joffrey’s right hand raised as an orc threw him a large battle axe, which he caught swiftly, and went down the stairs, as another Orc held the bound angel in place. With one foul swoop, he decapitated Orion, whose head rolled off and down the floor, much to the delight of all present. Joffrey released the battle axe and reached for Orion’s head, which he held aloft, to show all, roaring in triumph.


The witches then ravaged the body of the headless Orion as Joffrey dropped Orion’s head into a box, and ordered it be delivered to the house of Casterly, with their WARMEST regards. A small gnome did the honours, scooting out of the hall with the boxed head, as Joffrey turned on his heel and bowed before the King.

“Long live the house of Brax!”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 05, 2013 09:47AM
Outside the Castle

Magda was about to rush into the castle when she saw Lucan wandering around the castle gardens that were off to the side of the entrance. Stopping in her tracks, she frowned and rushed over to him instead. Stopping in front of him, she asked hurriedly “Lucan! What is going on? Have you seen your uncle anywhere?”

Lucan had left his mother hours ago in front of the throne room and was now strolling around the castle gardens with a book in hand. The castle was far too busy for the likes of him and he found he liked to be immersed in nature as much as possible. But when he saw his mother’s handmaiden rushing towards him, he snapped his book shut and offered a pleasant smile “Magda. You look lovely.” When he saw how anxious she was, he frowned with confusion and looked towards the castle “Orion..? I haven’t the faintest idea where he is.”
That made Magda’s heart drop. Snatching up his hand, she began to yank him towards the castle “Something is wrong…we must find him!” The young man didn’t know what to do other than to just nod and hurry after her.

Outside the Throne Room

Rushing inside the castle, Magda could see that evil was running rampant. Dark creatures from all walks of life were freely in control now and Magda had to duck her head to be unnoticed. She was a slave girl, after all, and it looked like she was taking the innocent Lucan away to steal his virtue. They stopped outside the throne room and something inside of Lucan forced him to hold back. Grabbing Magda’s arm to stop her from bursting in, he hissed “Wait!” Magda turned frantically to argue but saw the look in his eyes.

Nodding once, she turned to peek through the door. What she saw was enough to make her sick right there. Seeing Joffrey with Orion’s head in hand, she paled and began to tremble. Her voice came out in a shaky whisper “He’s…your uncle…he’s dead…”

Lucan frowned and yanked her back to look. Seeing the prince proudly boasting of the Casterly’s doom, he turned to look at Magda. “We have to get out of here. My mother…my sister. My family.”
Magda wasn’t even sure how she managed to nod and speak, but she did “Yes, we must go, and we must go now. Your mother is already heading to Haven Castle and I am sure your sister is safe. But you must use the power given to you and get us out of here!”

The young warlock frowned as he had never tried teleportation before. But if he didn’t, they would both die. Wrapping his arms around her, he growled “Hold on tight.” And hold on tight she did. Soon a bright light flashed around them as his eyes snapped shut…and they were gone.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 09, 2013 01:09AM
Guards Gate

Drakkar stepped up to the gate and asked for the head guard. The ugly looking knight being in his armor was at first chided by those at the gates. Until he opened his bag and threw up the bloody head at them. The guards looked at each other then called for the head guard who came down to the low end of the gate to answer him through the door.

Head Guard looked out through the narrow slits at the ugly looking battle scarred human thinking he must be something other than what he was. Then he looked down at the Goblin head, knowing it to be one of the new recruits.

” What is the meaning of this? ” 

Drakkar looked back at him, with disdain.

” You have poor control of your army out here. You need to get someone out in the field. These goblins are trying to eat your farmers! Your own people. I killed this one on my way in for butchering a family. I came to sell my sword as it may be done. ” 

The guard was incredulous at what he had just heard and ordered him put under watch.

” You will wait here for now. Prince Joffrey will decide what is to be done with you, it is he and King Brandon who leads the army. ”

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 09, 2013 01:57AM
The Throne Room

Loud cackles and shrieks of laughter followed the beheading of Orion, with his blood stain still on the stone floor of the Throne room, his white feathers now being plucked from wings by the Witches three. Prince Joffrey was dancing with the enchanting Elisa, who was now enjoying the Prince’s attentions, with the Angels now well and truly out of the picture. The full court were raising glasses in celebration, that this was the end of an era. Long live the House of Brax, and the reign of King Brandon.

At Brandon’s feet, Minerva was laying, and being the perfect submissive. Gazing up at him adoringly, as the collar which had her bound to him glinted in the candle light. She nuzzled against his leg, and chewed on her bottom lip, teasing him. She knew he found her to be bewitching, when it came to love making, and even he could be exhausted, from taking her again and again, yet feeling like each was the first time. She cast her gaze to the dancing Prince with the vampire Elisa, who made quite the pair on the dance floor, and she whispered for the King to hear.

“Everything is now as it should be. Evil reigns supreme, and soon you shall conquer all the lands, my King.”

With the witches having collected all the feathers, two orcs came into the Throne room and dragged out the remaining body of Orion, much to the applause of the Court. Joffrey barely gave the orcs and the corpse a second glance, as he smacked Elisa’a backside. “You look gorgeous in that dress, my Dear, but I bet you look a whole lot better out of it.” he teased, with a snake like licking of her neck, pretty much oblivious to everything.

But what awaited outside the Throne room, may have all stopping from their frivolity and paying heed to the fact, the war had already begun.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 09, 2013 02:41AM
Throne Room

Magnus arrived with the smith as the partying guests gyrated throughout the hall. The mood was festive and the House was in full glory. The witches cauldron was bubbling with the remains of the once proud angel Orion and they were picking feathers off his carcass as he stewed. Muttering incantations it seemed this only increased the frenzy of the party goers. The magical advisor was pleased with the scene and the beginning but knew that things might go awry if the king didnt take further action soon. As he had been working with the smith from the battlements he had seen wandering trolls and goblins moving off and attacking villagers. Already there had been reports. Coming down with the glorious armor the king noted that they carried the dual sets each in hand.

“My Lord as you commanded the two sets of armor for both you and the Prince have been made to your specifications. Proof against holy magics.” 

handing them to the guards they were presented to both the Prince and the King.

Brandon took his suit and bringing Minerva with him said..
” Well I better go try it on. Joffrey please handle things for a bit while I try on the armor and see to Minerva’s minstrations. I think you may need to attend to Elisa’s upon my return as well. ” he said with a knowing wink to his son. with that Brandon headed upstairs to give minerva a good ole fucking. He had sat in the chair long enough.

Brandon’s Chamber

Brandon kissed her hard as he drew her into the room. Minerva was all he could think about as he had sat in that chair. He grew tired of affairs of state. He wanted all of her he thought as he unleashed his fury into her. Pulling her hair and riding her bareback he entered her from behind lifting her dress as he undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor. His rock hard demon cock filled her. The tendrils of smoke that filled the room as they moved were the culmination of the fear and dominance he felt. The power he emitted was even stronger than before. He was all fire and passion as he filled every inch of her urging her to cum on his cock again and again as he pushed her towards climax.

Throne Room

Head Guard entered into the throne room looking towards the court. When he was finally addressed he bowed and addressed them in honor as was tradition.

” Prince Joffrey, There is a man at the gates. Claims to have killed a wandering goblin who was raiding our villages. He wants to serve in the army he says and warned that the goblins, trolls and orcs are raiding and that something must be done in the field. I have him under guard now and await your command. ”

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 10, 2013 06:35AM
Brandon’s Chamber

The King had a lot of stress in dealing with the current situation, and with the gore and death in the Throne room, he needed a way to release the fear and the aggression in his heart. What better way to do that, then to use Minerva. After all, she was there to bring comfort and joy to him at his beckoning. Taking her back to his chambers, he didn’t waste time, removing her silks, and then ravishing her. Bare back and hard riding, thrusting again and again till she cried and begged him for her to experience her own climax. And she did. Seeping her sexual fluid down her leg, as she panted heavily. His golden haired maiden, faithfully and flawlessly bent to his will. Although to outsiders, it may well look like he was punishing her with his violent fucking, but in fact, this was how a Demon King acted when fully aroused. The black tendrils all around, and the darkness that seeped from his very skin, consuming all light from the room. Minerva finally collapsed, spent from his ministrations, and her hymen again sealed closed, ready for the King’s next erotic encounter.

“My Master…My King…I bow down to you, and serve you as you wish me.” Her voice but a whisper in the darkness.

Throne Room.

Up on the podium, Prince Joffrey was lounging on his throne, with Elisa draped over him, nipping at his neck, as jugglers were performing tricks to amuse the royal court. Joffrey’s hand wandered up Elisa’s skirt, and he was about to tease her lower lips, when the din was interrupted by a Head guard.

Prince Joffrey, There is a man at the gates. Claims to have killed a wandering goblin who was raiding our villages. He wants to serve in the army he says and warned that the goblins, trolls and orcs are raiding and that something must be done in the field. I have him under guard now and await your command. “

Withdrawing his hand up from under Elisa’s skirt, he patted her to rise off him, as he too did so stand up and descend the small podium stairs. “Well, don’t just stand there, send him in. Oh…and go check to see if my Father is ready to return here, I figure he has had a wild time with the Lady Minerva.”

He then snapped his fingers, as Elisa came to his side.

“This is going to get good.”


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 10, 2013 01:11PM
Brandon’s Chamber’s
Brandon was spent from Minerva’s skillful movements. Her body and mind were as always ever present in him. She lay spent next to him, saying… “My Master…My King…I bow down to you, and serve you as you wish me.” 

” You serve me well. I feel quite reshreshed my mistress. My Minerva. ” 

Slowly rising he began to dress. Realizing that though he wanted more time with her they had so very much to do. Both of them were needed. She noted things he might not and saw much. He needed to be directly involved and to move this war ahead. It was time to take action lest they lose the fight against the angelic house of treachery.

“Get dressed my dear. We have much to do and little time. I could pleasure you all day but there is so much to do. I need you with me to see what you can. Help be my eyes and ears in the court. You may note something I do not. ” 

Turning to head towards the door after she had dressed the pair headed downstairs for the throne room.

Throne Room

Drakkar was led under guard to the throne room. The head guard had been silent as they moved down the passageways. They were well lit and everyone seemed in good spirits. There was a large man on the throne whom he assumed was either the King or Prince with a vampiress by his side. He bowed as he made his way to the front holding his helmet in the crook of his arm, his black armor covering most of his deformed skin. The only part showing was his hideously deformed face.
” I came to serve m’lord. ”

Brandon made it down the stairs as Drakkar was being led before Joffrey. Toting behind him was Minerva. The pair watching the exchange from the rear curious how his son would handle the situation, the King waited a bit to watch the situation.

Magnus had already delivered the armor to the pair and The King had dismissed him. The witches had begun a cauldron of magic. Seeing that they were using the feathers well he looked over their work and gave it some admiring works before returning to the battlements. He had to deliver a message to Lord Ash through the gem. He might need his help before long.

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