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October 31, 2013 01:13PM
As Xavier landed he watched for potential threats advising the other medics to move in an arc when they landed. He had already assesed casualties before they even landed there were only seven below with heat signatures. three of these signatures were fading fast. He designated one of his aides to mount the turret and told the chopper to wait while he got his patients ready. Immediaitely he was able to assess the scene and determine one had a massive head wound, he would need to be collared and evacuated back immediatedly. using c-spine stabilization and careful procedure he was able to move him out of the wreckage onto the chopper. The rookie was unresposive so he was unable to gather further information to belay to patrol. The second patient was in much worse shape and his assistant already had him collared as he was also grievously wounded however his lung it seemed was punctured. his ribs were protruding with a foiled chest. Using a bulky dressing he was able to open the airway further with and oral pharyngeal airway device and oxygen tank. immediately transferring him onto a backboard to as he was a priority patient. unsure he would make it in time he also delivered a small injection of nanobites. experimental though they were they very well might allow his lungs to regenerate enough to make it to the hospital. radioing into to medical control the stats as he did so.
The third patient legs were entirely crushed, bleediing profusely. At this point his only choice was tourniquets on both legs. He knew most likely upon arrival they most likely would have to amputate as their damage was quite severe. Quickly advising his second of the damage he then handed the patients over to his second aboard the chopper. As he did so they came under fire.
The pilot trying tio take off to save the patients had to make an emergency take off leaving Xavier in the dust…behind.

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October 31, 2013 08:52PM
Aleksis heard the sounds of the medevacs coming in looked around for her brother. She saw him taking potshots at Terminators and Flyers and Tankers left and right, protecting some of the younger rookies as they came under fire.

She looked for Rabbit and Clarissa and didn’t see her commander anywhere, but she did see Rabbit take down a Terminator with nothing but the knife in his hands. And this was after he took bulletfire point blank range.

“ASH! RABBIT DOWN!” she shouted.

“I GOT THIS! GO!” he called back. She took a few deep breaths, readied her weapon and came out of her cover. She was spotted immediately of course and came under some heavy fire. Laser blast caught her across the forearm and she hissed in pain.

“FUCKER!” she snarled, returning fire as she ran to Rabbit’s side. His eyes were closed and he was bleeding heavily. She checked his pulse. It was reedy and slow, but it was there. She pulled out her radio.



“ROGER THAT, ECHO BASE! ECHO TEN OUT!” she reholstered her radio and checked around her for mechanical enemies. Looked as if the surviving team members were thinning them out. “Hang in there, sir. Help’s on the way.” she urged. “Ash! Get over here!” She no longer had to shout to be heard as the last few Terminators were blown apart. She pulled out her field kit and ripped open Rabbit’s jacket to see how severe his wounds were. Her brother was at her side in an instant. There was a large gash at his temple that was bleeding profusely. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Caught a piece of rock to the head when I blew out one hiding behind a door. Another scar for the ladies to check out.” He waggled his eyebrows. She snorted before getting back to work. “How bad is it?”

“He took it point blank range.” She pulled out some bandages and gauze. “Press these down hard then help me wrap them. I can’t get the slugs out and he’s going to need medical attention ASAP.” Asher nodded and followed his sister’s orders and between the two of them, they got Rabbit’s wounds covered. “Have you seen Commander Grant?” she asked him.

“Not since we disembarked. Want me to look around?”

“Yeah. Just in case.”

“You got it, sis.”

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November 01, 2013 04:56AM
Watching the medivac helicopter take off with the injured, as Clarissa remained boxed in behind the blackened bus, she was trying to regain her breath, after nearly being taken out by two of the terminator machines. All around her, the smell of death was rising, and blood was now pooling near her from another fallen soldier. Just how many were still alive, and on the ground in this madness. The rising plumes of black smoke filled with fire explosions, filled the air. Laser blasts, colored purple and red darted across the sky, illuminating it in this sickening spectacle. Machine versus Mankind. Clarissa knew that if she stayed in this one spot, she was done for. Fast running out of ammo, and with no back up, if she were to run again, she may well get a hole blown right through her chest. Keeping her head down, she suddenly hears the crunch of treads rolling over dead bodies and concrete as a Hunter Killer tank, is making its way past the bus. Shrinking down, she tries to keep her position unknown, hoping it doesn’t get a heat trace on her. Instead, it starts opening fire towards a building across the street. With its guns spewing out rounds faster than you can blink, its scanners are face forward. Seizing her chance, she decides on a bold move, that could see her get killed.

She leaps up onto its back treads, making a grab for the back section, just as it senses being hit by something small like a human. Swinging its body around, she takes out an EMT destabilizer and attaches it to the tank, as it starts to shudder violently and then seize up; its treads coming to a complete stop. Working quickly, she uses her knife, to snap off the back panel on the dead of the tank, and quickly rewires the machine as its paused. With the correct wires in place, she snaps the lid back down and rips off the EMT destablizer and it soon powers up again. It’s lights power up a different colour and Clarissa jumps down off the back, as she watches it open fire…on its own. This gives her the chance she needs, to at least make it back to Rabbit and the others, as the new suicide Tank goes on its own mission, clearing the way for her.

Seeing Ash up ahead, looking for her, she races over between the laser fire, and then dives behind a burning car. “Where’s Rabbit? And what happened to your head?”


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November 01, 2013 06:54PM
The Rabbit’s eyes fluttered open as he groaned gently before he slowly sat up which caused a groan of discomfort to escape his lips. Then slowly he raised his hand and waved Clarrisa over to him and Aleksis. Ezekiel would raise his left hand and press it to his temple with a muttered curse before attempting to stagger to his feet showing an iron will and determination to not seem weak nor unable to lead. Once Clarissa had come over Ezekiel would lean heavily against her being slightly drained from the amount of blood coming from his body due to the numerous wounds thanks to the thirty slugs resting in his chest. “Clarissa i want you to take the remaining members of the squad and board the next medivac out with me its time we got out of here and figured out how the fuck the machines ambushed us…I don’t want to lose more then I already have if i have anything to say about it…” With his order being issued Ezekiel would slump against Clarissa as the Medivac heli’s began to land and disgorge fresh troopers to take over the already mauled unit’s positions. Then with a grunt Ezekiel would attempt to limp over to the Medivac chopper without assistance before crumpling to the ground with a shriek of pain as his legs gave and he came crashing to the ground flat on his chest sending a searing pain racing through his body. After falling to the ground Ezekiel would slowly maneuver his body into a sitting position not even five feet from the chopper before sighing softly and allowing a pair of medic’s to take each arm and carry him the rest of the way. Once the choppers numbering four in total where loaded they would lift off under a hail of gunfire before a pair of gunships came in with rotary cannon’s blazing to provide supressing fire so that the medivac choppers could make their get away with both the troopers and the patients as well as the medic who had come with the first chopper in. ~20 minutes later~ As soon as they had landed the duo of medics would take Ezekiel and rush him directly to the medical ward where a doctor awaited them in stunned silence. By this time Ezekiel’s pulse was dangerously weak. The split second Ezekiel’s body touched the table the doctor set to work carefully plucking each of the thirty slugs from his chest one of which had just barely missed his Aorta. It took close to three and a half hours for the doctor to patch up Ezekiel so bad was his condition before finally anyone was allowed to visit the Rabbit. Once the operation was completed Ezekiel would groan softly and stand up slowly before walking from the Operating theater and to his own chambers with directions for Clarissa to meet him there.

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November 01, 2013 07:14PM
-Xavier managed to board the next chopper, assisting with various wounded. the place was a wreck. Their leader rabbit, was a mess, having nearly thirty rounds in him he was surprised he was still standing up. He had counted the holes in his shirt as he was move past him. These people were lucky to be alive. Thinking to himself he needed some coffee, he was hoping the had some left when they arrived back at the medical unit. He had been treating these wounded now for nearly twenty four hours by the time the second chopper had come back to gather the remaining wounded. It was going to be a long night before they landed and more work ahead. He couldnt dare rest. Mounting the turret guns he watched the horizon for signs of enemy machines to allow the wounded to rest as they were strapped in flight position. Any sudden movement might worsen their conditions and some of them couldnt afford it. He prayed they would make it back to the the unit in time.-

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November 01, 2013 08:46PM
“Where’s Rabbit? And what happened to your head?”

“Rock to the head, Ma’am. I’m right as rain. The Commander was hit bad, Aleksis is tending to him now. Medvac is on its way in, so we should head over.” Ash answered. His weapon came up and he shot a Terminator that was coming up behind Clarissa. “Most of the troops are dead and we have a shit-ton of injured, including The Commander. Lost a couple of medvacs in the process. Fucking machines.” he scowled, kicking at the head of the one he shot. There was a slight twitch and he shot it once more before the light went dead in the cybernetic eye. The machines numbers were nearly non-existent and it was safe to be out in the open. “He’s this way, Ma’am.” Ash lead her in the direction of where he’d left his sister.

The Medvac had arrived and two soldiers were loading Rabbit inside.

Once everyone was secure, they headed back to base.

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November 02, 2013 05:44AM
“Rock to the head, Ma’am. I’m right as rain. The Commander was hit bad, Aleksis is tending to him now. Medivac is on its way in, so we should head over.”

Though Ash thought the injury may well have looked superficial, Clarissa knew that a strike to the head could lead to further complications, so it was a good thing the Medivac was on its way in. Crossing over to where Aleksis was tending to her Commander, Clarissa was shocked by the state of his injuries. It wasn’t till he leaned on her and spoke, that she felt the warmth of his blood seep from his injuries onto her hand and skin.

“Clarissa i want you to take the remaining members of the squad and board the next Medivac out with me its time we got out of here and figured out how the fuck the machines ambushed us…I don’t want to lose more then I already have if i have anything to say about it…”

Feeling his slump against her after issuing the orders, she got him into a good lock hold and started to drag/walk him towards the medivac that was landing just a short distance away. It was hard going and her fear that he will bleed out before they reached the craft was really getting to her. Clarissa yelled back at the remaining squad, in particular, Ash and Aleksis.

“We getting out. Order retreat, get your asses on that medivac. Get moving!” she barked, as Ezekiel collapsed to the ground and two other medics came from the medivac and helped him up. Clarissa kept her gun trained now on any possible machines that were going to try and attack as the squad made a run for it. The entire operation had been a shambles right from the word go, and there were bound to be a lot of questions when they made it back to base. Most importantly how did the machines know they were going to be checking that spot in the city?

With everyone getting aboard, Clarissa was one of the last to board, only when she knew everyone was on safely, and the medivac could take off finally, and ferry the injured and dying to safety.

~Hours later~

Back at base, the wait to see if the Commander would pull through his emergency operation had Clarissa walking the halls, pacing back and forth, her eyes darting up to the clock, that seemed today to be going really slow. Why is that? When you are in a rush, time speeds and then when you are waiting for something, it goes so slow. Finally she headed down to his room, to wait for him there, hoping…praying he made it.

Looking up as she stood outside his door, she heard the din of his footfalls, and her face brightened, before she stood to attention and saluted.

“Commander…you are a sight for sore eyes. Should you even be walking around?” Her voice riddled with concern.


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November 02, 2013 09:04AM
I really shouldn’t be but you know me stubborn as always… Ezekiel stated with a soft tone before he opened the door and waved Clarissa in to his personal chambers before speaking softly once again. “Clarissa how long have you known me for? Since the death of John Connor and the crippling of skynet if I’m not mistaken? But less remiscing and onto a more current subject. Clarissa since the day we met I have watched over you as you grew and became the stellar commander you are now. It would be an honor to promote you to my left hand women…though there is one other thing I must confess for you….I love you Clarissa and I want you at my side. If you would agree to the promotion and allow me to court you I would be most pleased.” Ezekiel then looked into her eyes without a word showing that he would accept her decision no matter what it was. As he waited he would move to sit down in a chair and lean back against it to prop his feet up on the desk in his room before motioning for Clarissa to take the other chair if she wanted to.
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November 02, 2013 09:47AM
“Clarissa how long have you known me for?’

“A while now, Sir…few years.” Clarissa answered her eyes questioning where he was going with this. Perhaps the near death experience had left him looking at his life, and what he planned to do with it. Clarissa followed him into his office and listened to him speak or reminisce on how they had met, and how he had watched her grow over time and become a stellar Commander. This had her show a blush to her cheeks, and she looked away for a moment, unsure about these feelings.

But looking back at him, focusing with her green eyes, it would seem he was not finished. He had a confession and one that even would take her by complete surprise.

“I love you Clarissa and I want you at my side. If you would agree to the promotion and allow me to court you I would be most pleased.”

Clarissa blinked, hearing this coming from her Commanding officer. He loved her. She let a gasp escape her lips, trying to take in what he had just said. Not only did he want her by his side, he wanted…her. Ezekiel waited, and then sat himself down behind his desk, with his boots propped up on the top of the desk. Suddenly, a smile crept to her lips, and she said simply.

“I thought you would never ask to court me. Yes…yes you may.” She leaned against the wall, and chewed her bottom lip.“I’m too shocked to sit…Ezekiel.”


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November 02, 2013 12:46PM
He smiled softly and slowly stood up before walking around his desk to draw Clarissa into his arms. Once he had her in his arms he would gaze into her green eyes with his sapphire blue eyes before speaking again. “Thank for this chance Clarissa. I won’t let you down as you have yet to let me down.” His words where hushed and reverant before he leaned forward to place his lips against hers in a light kiss. After kissing her Ezekiel would slowly pull away with a soft tender smile on his craggy war worn face before making his way to change out of his blood caked top which revealed a sea of stitchs and a well toned upper body that had been gained through years of hard work and countless hours of physical exercise. He then bent over to grab a white tank too from his dresser before slipping the shirt over his chest as he turned to look at Clarissa. “Don’t think I saw your eyes wandering my chest Clarissa dearest…” He spoke teasingly even though his eyes missed little due to the years of experience gained through his service in delta force.

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November 02, 2013 08:49PM
Back at HQ, Ash was hustled off to the infirmary by the medics to have his head looked at, despite his protests that he was fine.

The doctor wanted to sedate him so the wound could be treated and Ash had a fit.

He was squaring off with the medical team when Aleksis found him a short time later.

“…you are not sticking me with any fucking needles!” Ash growled, looking ridiculous in a hospital johnny with his ass hanging in the breeze. He had yet to see his sister, who was behind him and out of view. Snatching the syringe from the medic, she calmly walked up behind her brother and stuck the needle in his asscheek, depressing the needle as she did.

“What the fuu–!” he stated, turning toward her just as the sedative took effect. She caught him in her arms as he fell forward and easily got him onto the bed.

The medical team were all looking at her in shock.

“Nothing to it.” she shrugged. “Call me when he wakes up because he’s going to be pissed.” she smirked, leaving the room once more. She headed to their shared quarters to clean up and to treat her own wounds.

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November 02, 2013 09:45PM
-Xavier was shaking his head when he saw how she handled the man. she hadnt even put gloves on. Thinking to himself about the chance of infection and then laughing as he yelled… “What the fuu–!” 

Trauma did have those funny moments especially when dealing with the delerious.
He was lucky all he was suffering was gonna be a lil wounded pride as a needle was jabbed in his ass.
Luckily he had more to do with handling the service of his arm. Moving the bodies out of the wreckage seemed like easy work.
Only because he was able to lift so much weight, and now his arm was in real need of repair.

He headed to the back of the unit working with a technical repair unit and the nanobites to begin fixing the arm slowly.
As they spread into his arm he was able to fix its mechanism. The arm once again becoming whole.
He would need it before long they had much more work to do saving lives.

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November 02, 2013 11:00PM
In the midst of the chaos and madness that was the world they lived in, there seemed a spark of hope in the darkness, and this came from Ezekiel and Clarissa, who stood locked in each others arms, Clarissa so happy that he had survived the dangerous mission, but also that he admitted his feelings for her. Yes, it was a shock to her, but one that she was secretly pleased about. Who could not be taken with the Commander, even if it was slightly unprofessional. His kiss to her lips, had her feel an inner warmth, and she treasured that, as he said;

“Thank for this chance Clarissa. I won’t let you down as you have yet to let me down.”

“Goes ditto for me, Commander…or should I call you Eze?” Clarissa said, a warmth in her smile and a twinkle in her eyes. This moment wouldn’t last forever, but she was going to treasure it. Watching him change out of his blood stained clothes, into something cleaner, she couldn’t take her eyes off the scars and stitches that riddled his chest and back. He looked like a stitch doll…well a GI Joe version. She tried to hide her smug look when he caught her staring.

“Don’t think I saw your eyes wandering my chest Clarissa dearest…”

“Can you blame a girl?” She answered and pushed herself free of the wall, readying herself to face the others in her squad. Questions were going to be raised to what happened out there, and the first port of call, should be the med unit.


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November 03, 2013 08:19AM
Ezekiel chuckled lightly as he turned to face her. “No not at all Clarissa dearest.” With that being said the rabbit would speak again as he tossed a file folder onto the desk of his. “Have this person brought to the interrogation room dear i fear he is the traitor we’ve been looking for as the machines left him largely alone save for the occasional pot shot at him….and no matter what goes on behind those doors you are not to enter nor is anyone else am i clear?” The fact was Ezekiel had a darker side to him that he often kept repressed even though it had been brought out during a stint in captivity after being tortured by his captors that wanted him to crack and break which he refused to do,Ezekiel had spent six months in perpetual pain and agony while in their hands. Then once the chance had arisen he had made his bid for freedom. The other moniker he had been given by his captors was Ironclad thanks to his pure stubbornness and refusal to break no matter what they did to him. With his cover blown the young man would begin to walk towards Ezekiel’s chambers before kicking the door wide open creating a thunderous bang as the door slammed open. Of course Ezekiel was waiting having placed himself in front of clarissa before he rose a brow. “Just the person i was waiting…..Daniel…or should i say Terminator 1334 Let me guess you’ve been sent by skynet to eliminate me yes?” Terminator 1344 would grin slowly exposing pure silver teeth before drawing his side arm which was a colt M1911 .45 caliber pistol and taking clear aim at Ezekiel. Ezekiel would merely stand there waiting before he spun aside dragging Clarissa with his as the weapon barked once and a round whizzed by. No sooner had the pistol been discharged would Ezekiel race forward and leap onto the machine’s chest bearing him to the ground with a loud crash before Ezekiel began to unload punishing blows to the face of the terminator which stunningly began to cave under the blows. The reason for such punishing blows? Ezekiel had lost both of his arms years ago during a Delta Force ops only to have them replaced by bionic arms with industrial strength servo’s inside them. Then with a loud crack Ezekiels left fist would rip through the terminators skull and render it useless before slowly standing up. “Seems that was too good to be true when i found him last month Clarissa…..I should have known that any human wandering could have been a machine in disguise….” No sooner had he finished the sentence would the speakers blare to life. “Commander Whitestone and Commander Grant to the Commander center please.”
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November 03, 2013 08:28PM
Hours later, Aleksis was laying in her bunk reading a book when her brother stumbled into their quarters. There were several stitches at the wound on his head and he looked madder than a wet cat on a rainy day. She looked up from her book, eyebrow cocked.

“Yes?” she smirked.

“You stuck a needle in my ass.”

“More like ‘jammed’ a needle in your ass, but that’s semantics.” she shrugged.

“You. Stuck. A. Needle. In. My. Ass.” he stated through gritted teeth.

“I think we’ve established that fact already.” she nodded.

“GODDAMMIT! YOU STUCK A NEEDLE IN MY ASS!” he roared. She stuck her finger in her ear and wiggled it around.

“Can you say it any louder? I don’t think the Terminators on the other side of the planet heard you.”

“ARGH!” Ash cried, throwing his hands in the air in annoyance. Aleksis simply burst out laughing at her brother’s dramatics.

“Don’t be such a drama queen. You got your head patched up. That’s all that counts.”

He glared at her for a moment before his face relaxed in a smile.

“Someday, I will have my revenge on you.”

“So you keep saying for the last 5 years.” she stated, patting the spot on her bed. He lay down beside her with a sigh, placing his head in her lap. He was still achy from the knock he received.

“Any news on the Commander?” he wondered, closing his eyes with a yawn.

“I haven’t heard. But no news is good news in my opinion.” she stated, going back to her book while she rested her free hand on his head. “I’m glad you’re still with me, Asher. You scared me when I saw you bleeding.”

“I’m fine sis. Just need some sleep.” Ash mumbled. “How’s your arm?” His eyes popped open as he remembered the bandage wrapped around her forearm.

“Just a scratch. Sleep, brother of mine.” Ash closed his eyes and snuggled deeper into his sister’s embrace.

“Miss mom and dad…days like this…” Ash muttered as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Aleksis sighed.

“So do I.” she whispered, watching her baby brother fall into dreamland. She shook her head affectionately before going back to her book.

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November 05, 2013 12:13AM
-Having completed the work needed to his arm in terms of repairs, he was again fit for duty. However he was hungry, especially after a heavy dose of the nanobites. Looking for some grub wasnt an easy thing to do with these slugs all about. He managed to find the mess hall but what they called food was really slop. He barely could stomach it but he had to eat. Finishing off a plate of what resembled stew he ate in silence as he hadnt made much in terms of friends here in the unit. Most thought he was some pretty boy or a elite cause of his former experience as a soldier. He wanted only to do the same as them, yet wasnt given the same regard given his history. He was even called out for his arm. They called him Droid or Mech behind his back, yet he was the first they sent out in the tougher areas. He was wondering how that Rabbit character had fared, he was something of a legend in the area and he managed to help bring him and his group in. Thinking to himself he should check in on them he began to walk back towards their stationed area. As he made his way up towards them he finally introduced himself.

” Didnt get a chance to make a formal acquaintence during the battle. I am Xavier, one of the head medics here. So how are you feeling? You look a lot better. ”

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November 05, 2013 05:50PM
“Have this person brought to the interrogation room dear i fear he is the traitor we’ve been looking for as the machines left him largely alone save for the occasional pot shot at him….and no matter what goes on behind those doors you are not to enter nor is anyone else am i clear?” 

Looking at the file, Clarissa’s brow creased and she flicked through the dossier, before answering him promptly. “Understood, Commander. If that is your order, I will obey it.” She was not one to go disrespecting him, even if she did not entirely agree with his decisions. He obviously had a very strong hunch about this one, and if he was right, then god help them. The safety of all those that resided within the compound was at stake, and sometimes, you had to put their safety above your own. Closing the file, she set it back down on the desk, the information within it retained to her memory.

But it would seem that the suspect was already onto Ezekiel and the door to the office suddenly burst open, from a good hard kick. Clarissa jumped back in fright, course the Commander was actually expecting this, coming between the suspect, and Clarissa herself, acting like a shield.

“Just the person i was waiting…..Daniel…or should i say Terminator 1334 Let me guess you’ve been sent by skynet to eliminate me yes?” 

The terminator didn’t wait to answer, instead going to guns on the Commander, who managed to drag Clarissa clear and then in a burst of speed, he went to attack the Terminator head on, using his fists, which were bionic. One fist went right through the machine’s head, much to Clarissa’s amazement. The drama seemed to be over faster than even she suspected, but then there was a announcement on the PA.

“Commander Whitestone and Commander Grant to the Commander center please.”

Righting herself, and still with her heart racing from the attack, she uttered to the Commander.

“Could there be more of them? We better get to the Command center.”


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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 05, 2013 07:17PM
The rabbit nodded before muttering softly something about being found by skynet being all the closer. He then looked up at Xavier and nodded his greetings. ” Nice to meet you Xavier I’m Ezekiel Whitestone the famed and elusive white rabbit though Clarissa here has me in her trap which I don’t plan on getting out of anytime soon.” He said fondly as he cast a loving glance over at Clarissa before turning to her not caring that Xavier was watching and placed a quick kiss on her lips with a hushed “I love you” escaping his lips. “Xavier your more then welcome to come with us to the command centre of you want to come join us.” The rabbit left the invitation open before speaking to Clarissa and him both. “Look with Daniel having been a terminator in disguise I fear what was inevitable is already in motion. However we can not tell anyone this at all I don’t want panic to run amuck for that will be our downfall. If I hear that either of you let word out there will be a considerable punishment to be handed out am I clear you two?” No sooner had he finished his sentence would the rabbit begin to walk down the hall towards the command center fearing the worst. After a few minutes travel time through the corridors Ezekiel would arrive in the command centre before he was addressed by a communications officer. (( comms officer )) Sir we intercepted a coded burst from skynet….and we’ve been located sir. It was an order for all terminators in the area as well as several units of flyers and tanks to converge on our location and wipe us out…” Ezekiel’s face paled to a ghastly white before he barked out for all in the command centre to hear. “Alright our time of reckoning has come let’s show those machines what we’re made of!” The command staff would all bark out in perfect unison “sir yes sir!” Ezekiel would then sigh softly to himself before pressing a button causing Klaxons to sound throughout the building as a call to arms. He then picked up a microphone before nodding to one of the comms officers who patched him through the whole building. “This is commander Whitestone speaking and I want you all to listen well…skynet has found us and now countless machines are on their way to wipe this little home of ours from the face of the earth. I’ll need everyone able body over the age of fifteen to report to the armory and ready themselves to fight. This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill….when we drive off the machine menace those left will celebrate by creating a monument to those lost in this hellish fight we have fought and finally ended with the breaking of skynet! ARE YOU WITH ME!!!” Then throughout the warehouse the sounds of boots racing for the armory would fill the halls as the command staff looked at Ezekiel silently. “Many will die in the coming days and we will be hard pressed to repel them. I want each and everyone one of you working on a virus or something that will hopefully buy us time to get the civilians and elderly out and away from here is that clear and in the event of the machines breaking through our lines I want this room rigged to blow at a moments notice we can’t have skynet finding the others we have been in contact with…” Then with a solemn nod the command centre staff would set about the grim order they had been issued. Would this be the end? Or would it be a new start for mankind? Only time will tell and Ezekiel is the key. Does he die protecting the one he loves Clarissa or do he and Clarissa both live through the ordeal coming towards them in mass….

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Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 06, 2013 07:37PM
-Xavier did not expect a day like this would come. He had fought the machines hard. Being a medic is all he cared to do anymore. However watching rabbit and the others re-kindled memories of his soldiering and his knowledge was still there. As he listened to the louspeaker speak of the incoming threat, he knew that this time might indeed be their last. They were one of the last pockets of resistance known to the supercomputer known as Skynet. He was tired of the carnage. He heard Rabbit say he could tag along before the blast on the radio told him he could expect the worst. Heading to the Armory he beagn to pack a heavy backback full of armaments. It was time to ready for anything. He knew he would need more than just his medic skills if he was to help them. He had already packed the nano bites his basic medic kit and then he began to load himself with grenades, a small amount of c4 and detonators as well as guns. a set of XM-25 Alliance TechSystem’s Combination grenade launcher and assault rifle. As well as a set of strapped Magnums for some more point in contact close work should he run out of munitions. A large amount of ammo he also packed. He was ready for combat again. Ready for anything.-

Re: (RP Forum) No Fate
November 06, 2013 05:32PM
Aleksis was still reading, Ash was still asleep when the alarms started going off all over the compound. The lights in their quarters dimmed and red lights began flashing. Aleksis sat up in surprise, dislodging her brother’s head from her lap. He awoke with a start, forgetting where he was for a moment and rolled off the bed to the floor with a pained grunt. There was no time to see if he was okay as the Commander’s voice came over the intercom.!!418442417.gif

“This is Commander Whitestone speaking and I want you all to listen well…SkyNet has found us and now countless machines are on their way to wipe this little home of ours from the face of the earth. I’ll need everyone able body over the age of fifteen to report to the armory and ready themselves to fight. This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill” As he was speaking, Aleksis and Ash were already gearing up and grabbing everything in their aresenal of weapons, slamming their helmets on their heads and making sure their armour was attached securely. They were out the door of their rooms in a flash and heading out to rendevous with the rest of their until in front of the building. The Commander’s voice was still echoing through every part of the compound. “…when we drive off the machine menace those left will celebrate by creating a monument to those lost in this hellish fight we have fought and finally ended with the breaking of skynet! ARE YOU WITH ME!!!”

Aleksis and Ash joined in the roar of the other troops in the affirmative as they began to prepare for the fight of their lives. There was no cockiness to be found within either sibling. Odds were on that this could quite possibly be their last night on Earth and they were going to go down fighting together, side-by-side, brother and sister until the last drop of blood was spilled into the dust.

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