The Gorean Roleplay Investigation, An Undercover Assignment

The Gorean Roleplay Investigation, An Undercover Assignment
November 03, 2013 11:01PM
Well I hear everyone talk about this Roleplay called Gorean or Gor.
A lot of controversy over the whole thing.
Now in real life I lived the BDSM lifestyle for many years.
Played many games with lovers and

girlfiends I have had and have gone through a lot as a dominant.

When I began my journey I started off learning the role of a

submissive and as a young man enjoyed it but found the role

ultimately unsatisfying to my dominant personality type and personal

needs. So you grow, its a journey and you experiment as I am sure

everyone has in their own bedrooms. However in 2012 i find this site

IMVU. Now they have virtual sex on the client. It’s a 3d environment

and avatars always want to get their little bit of “nookie”. It’s

love and such a game, most of the avatars only players. pardon the

shakespearean pun, but people I have seen either take it really

lightly or way too seriously.

In the end I had a few different relationships on here even met some

people from online. It’s been an interesting experience Id’d say.

However ultimately roleplaying on here becomes very different.

Gorean I didnt know a lot about. I had heard of The John Norman


A planet named Gor, slave women serving mens every sexual fantasy.

Now why would they want to live this out versus BDSM?

BDSM as we all know is a lifestyle choice. People live it everyday

and it has some ground in reality. Based on the real world. Gorean

it seemed to me the more I heard to me more like a L.A.R.P. (Live

Action Role Play).

So i began an investigation

Now how does one do that? Research! Well i wasnt going to read all

these Norman Books. They were a lot to take in, so I got summaries

on each of them. Spoke to various people on IMVU. Looked up a

website offline called which had information on

those who professed they attempted to live it as a lifestyle. Asked

them questions. Now like I said to me I still felt and still do feel

Gorean is more of a LARP, as it follows a different kind of set of

rules. You will see more as the investigation unfolds. But I kept an

open mind as I wanted to see what people had to say. I am not one to

judge and I’m coming from the BDSM side of things. Having learned

from people in reallife and lived the lifestyle myself.

Anyways, I started off by learning common terminology. Like Greeting

such as tal. This you can learn by visiting any gorean room and

simply asking to observe. However upon visiting the room I did i was

told to come back, luckily I was given some basic information from a

kajira there. She advised me of some terminology. Such as homestone.

A homestone is the hearth or place where people reside. Now thats

what it was stated as. Is that all it means? No.

As my investigation unfolded I found out Homestones are very

significant in terms of Gor.

In the languages of GOR the word “Homestone” is of critical

understanding. Indeed, without a firm understanding of the word and

the concept, the visitor is in mortal danger.

In Gorean, the term GOR means “Homestone.” The planet itself is,

quite literally, the Homestone of its people. Further, each and

every Gorean who has not been outlawed has a “Homestone,” with

slaves taking the Homestone of their owners. If freed, slaves can

again claim the Homestone of their birth. Although it is not unknown

for a person to change Homestones, it is extremely rare. Since city

warfare is common on Gor, those that change Homestones are often

suspect and those who are newly arrived on Gor are cautioned that

declaring the wrong “Homestone” might prove as fatal as not having

one. Nevertheless, newcomers on Gor will need to find a City and

declared for it. Outlaws, those without a Homestone, are not even

welcome on Port Kar any more.

As Bluto of Treve has said “a HomeStone is the physical, spiritual,

social and emotional anchor of a Gorean. It is a the place a

FreePerson owes loyalty, fealty and honor.. for most it is the place

of their birth.. for others it is an adopted home…for a peasant it

is no more than a rock in his hut, but each defends his HomeStone

with his life.”

So you see Homestones are quite important in Terms of the roleplay.

But in real life could this be called anything else? Look at what

its talking about a planet named Gor. Slaves freed. Now defending

with your life? Once again if I defended with my life anything it

better well be really important in rl, otherwise we have legal

issues. Hence why it is defintely more of what I thought to be a


But i am digressing..

The investigation continued. I had a couple of close friends who

wanted to play the part of kajira. Gathering a large variety of

information online I conducted several R/p’s after continuing to

visit rooms and observe. I also was able to get information from a

couple of seasoned Gor roleplayers on IMVU who advised me on proper


is a great resource for any looking for information relating to

Gorean L.A.R.P. or online Roleplay

It has all kinds of information straight from the books which can be

used to enhance the experience.

Overall what I learned is the differences are vast in some ways and

incosequential in others. Both play on our inner fantasies of

contol, domination and submission. Depending on who you are you may

fit into any of these roles. In other ways its quite different as

the BDSM uses the safe words and control is worked with safe words

to establish the trust between partners. In reality a submissive

holds the true power in any dom/sub relationship as they may stop

that partnership at any time. A true sub wants to please his/her

dom. And a true dom/domme desires to control well and to make the

experience one his/her sub enjoys as well. A happy sub is a good sub. A

vast difference seen in the Gorean where they must submit to all

wishes. However even there a good master is seen to be one who

treats his/her slaves well. So in some respects the roleplay can be said

to be similiar. In the end, one however is a lifestyle.

My opinion in any case.


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