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{RP} Alvise Compound
October 07, 2013 07:35AM
Home to the Alvise mob. Darian resides here as well as various members of the mob. 

State where you are in the compound at the beginning of every post.

Example: Kitchen

Don/Capo Famiglia: Darian Alvise
Underboss/Capo Bastone:

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 08, 2013 07:33AM
Eris and Darian’s Bedroom
Eris sat on her bed staring off towards her vanity mirror, her red satin robe draped around her shoulders. Her long black hair was up in a messy bun, dark tendrils hanging in loose curls near her pale face. Reaching up with a black-manicured hand, she applied red lipstick generously to her lusciously pouting lips while her pale green eyes stared towards her reflection. She could have done this in the dark, as it was a part of her morning ritual she had performed for years. Felix, her beloved snake and familiar, came slithering towards her from a dark corner in her room. Crawling up the bed, he soon wrapped himself loosely around his mistress’s waist. He gave her enough room to carefully remove her satin robe, which she soon did after her make-up was properly applied. Standing up slowly, she sauntered over to her armoire with Felix around her waist, those pale green hues looking for what she would wear today. Deciding on a red-laced dress that would surely make her stand out in this century, Eris soon dressed herself as Felix had moved to wrap around her hat-stand. Soon Plague in all her feminine glory stood before her long mirror, looking both ravishing and dangerous all in one ensemble. Glancing towards Felix, she cooed “Come, my love…Mommy’s hungry.” The snake came slithering towards her and soon she was wearing him around her shoulders. Turning towards the door, she headed for the kitchen to see if breakfast was prepared.

The Kitchen

Making her way into the kitchen, Eris saw the professional chefs Darian had hired for the compound busy at work preparing her meal. Seeing everyone doing their job thoroughly, she couldn’t help but smile slowly with satisfaction. She hated laziness, and she was not one to hide her rage. Lifting her head slightly, she asked in her deliciously foreign accent “When will my breakfast be ready?”
One of the live-in maids came rushing over with a warm smile, bowing her head in reverence before speaking “Good morning, miss…please, come have a seat. Your capuccino is ready and waiting.”

Nodding once, Eris allowed the maid to lead her to the dining room table where her morning beverage was indeed waiting. Taking her seat gracefully, she sat in her chair elegantly while picking up her drink. Taking a sip, her eyes fluttered shut as she smiled in bliss “It’s perfect.”

The maid beamed down at her with her happy grin “I’m glad to hear that, Miss. French toast will be ready soon.”

Eris offered a polite smile as she was treated with utmost care and respect from her staff. Taking another sip of her capuccino, she began to wonder what her mate was doing.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 16, 2013 05:04AM
Alfonzo’s Room

The heavy thud of the iron head board slamming against the wall would leave no shadow of a doubt that Squizzy was giving some flapper a damn good time. Down the east end of the compound, the Dark Prince, as he liked to be known had some red head from one of the speakeasies tied to his bed with her own stockings, and pounded her till she could no longer feel her own legs. His insatiable lust and drive meant he could just go and go, often with the woman red raw beneath. Growling out in a great release, he finally finished with the girl, and rolled off her, then stood up and walked to the window, his member still glistening in her sex. The girl was barely breathing, her wrists red and chaffed from being tied up, her body with multiple bruises. Some girls like it a bit rough, but Alfonzo didn’t know when enough was enough.

Alfonzo had not seen Darian since the night before, and knew there was dealings afoot with the rival mob gang of New York; the Amatos. Surely he had enough of his men to back him up, as Alfonzo had chosen to take home this broad instead for a midnight cap. Alfonzo scratched the back of his head, arching his back, as the girl behind him on the bed groaned. He would untie her when he felt like it, but now he needed to wash the smell and sex from his body. Last thing he needed was to go smelling bad. Not only that, Alfonzo always dressed up. The best suits his money could buy, he must of had at least ten in his wardrobe, much of it paid for with laundered money and his winnings at the track. If a man was going to be taken seriously, he needed to dress well, very well. It was all about confidence, and Alfonzo exuded it. Not bothering to speak to the girl, he stepped into his bathroom ensuite and started the shower. The steam soon filled the room, along with his voice, as he started to sing, his pitch near perfect. He washed away the stains of sin and stepped out onto the white mat, and rubbed himself down thoroughly, before getting dressed in a dark grey suit with orange tie. He groomed himself impeccably, hair styled and when he was done, he looked a million dollars.

Not even bothering to untie the naked girl, he opened the door to his room, and snapped his fingers for one of the don’s foot soldiers to come untie and get rid of the girl, either by taking her down some back alley and dumping her there, or a short trip off the pier at the boat yards. Either way, she was no longer his problem. Just a fix to his insatiable appetite. He felt no love for the girl, or any girl, he only cared about one being…..himself.


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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 21, 2013 09:46AM
Hallway outside Alfonzo’s Room

Getting no reply from her husband or the staff on his whereabouts, Eris decided to take matters into her own hands. Her mate was so constantly aloof these days it was amazing anything got done around here. Pushing her plate away and standing up slowly, Eris knew she would have to step up and take control of the mob. The family was making little headway when it came to taking back NYC…and that was about to change. A sinister smile crossed her plump dark lips. This family would soon be hers.

As she left the kitchen, the staff watched Plague leave wearily. They recognized that look in her eyes and knew trouble was brewing within her mind. Violence, rage, and putrid deaths were her forte, after all. Strolling around the compound to find just the sort of man who would match her wit and cunning equally without the complication of emotions, she found herself outside Alfonzo’s door. He was the perfect man to help her get things done around here. Alfonzo was a womanizer as she was a man-eater, and they were both cold, calculating masters of manipulation. Who was to say the family, and the entire city, couldn’t be theirs?

Just as she was about to knock, soldiers came out of the room carrying a young woman who appeared to be close to death. Leaning in close to her, she inhaled the tangy scent of her impending doom with a smile “Mmmh…such marvelous work.” As the soldiers bowed their heads respectfully to her, she just rolled her eyes and swiveled around to look into Alfonzo’s room. Seeing him groom himself, she began to laugh “You really are as pretty as a woman.” It was a cruel jest, but was said friendly enough. Alfonzo indeed took good care of himself, and it did not escape her eyes one bit.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 22, 2013 04:53PM
Alfonzo’s Room

“You really are as pretty as a woman.” Ah, the husky voice of one Eris, who was obviously bored and on the prowl again. This was not unusual, and Alfonzo showed a quirky smile hearing her sarcastic quip, making fun of his care in his appearance. Patting down his tie, he turned on the ball of his right foot, and then strolled over to where Eris was standing, the lure of his expensive cologne permeating the air around her.

“If you are going to catch the big fishes, you gotta give em something good to look at.” Brimming with confidence and attitude, he was truly a match for Eris in wit and cunning. Course he had plans for the mob as well, only he was not so bold to go spruking it to the likes of Eris. He grabbed his hat off the hat rack and was placing it on neatly, when he asked off the cuff.

“Must be oh so boring to be left to your devices. I imagine Darian has his work cut out for him against Vinny, and he is spending time building up his operations, instead of…servicing you.” Alfonzo was cutting and to the point. He was not afraid to speak his mind, even if it did earn him the ire of his fellow mobsters. Alfonzo had ambition written all over his face.

Ready to go out and get started on his own plans, he had to wonder just what Eris wanted with him, since she made the effort to come down this far.

“Looking for a fuck?…I’m all out. Gave the last one to the girl you just saw. Nice legs…shame about her face after I taught her some manners.” Taking up his pistol off the drawer, he holstered it under his coat, and then made the move to step past her.

“Time’s money…toots, if you will excuse me.”


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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 22, 2013 10:33PM
Alvise Residence Front Door/Foyer

Mags had traveled a long way to get here. When word had gotten to her at the monastery of her brothers need she had been quick to make moves. She had been away only for the extra training the cold had been a bitch. But her sensitivities were less than they used to be. She was glad for the furs when traveling but she hated the thought of wearing any animals fur. She loved to kill. But preferred the rude. She liked to kill people. It was what she was good at. It had been as long as she could remember. She had gotten off the boat and their had been many disapperances along the way of various passengers. Luckily for her she was able to hypnotize anyone who asked to many questions and kill off those who would raise any alarm. She was an efficient killer. Her favorite way being explosives, she loved to make specilized devices and watch things go boom, as she always said. Her brother always caller her sick lil mags. Magdeline tried not to be seen as sick anything but she couldnt help her nature, being possessed by a demon half your life then being turned a vampire does that to a girl.

As she made her way through town tons of people milled about hawking papers talking about the two families, the Amato’s and the Alvise’s having no idea she was one of them. She liked the anonymity of being in the shadows playing the card of the unknown lady. The girl without a face. A few told her where she might find her brothers house so instead of taking a tram she walked her way there. On the way a couple of streetoughs thought her easy meat and tried to have their way with her. She left them with no blood left and a few bones protruding out of various disjointed sockets. It did make life fun playing with the boys.

When she finally arrived at the Alives residence a bit disheveled she smiled at the doorman brushing past him. I’m here to see Afonso, my Brother. The Thug looking aghast quickly let her by running for Squizzy as he let her into the Foyer where she waited patient for her brother to come to and greet her.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 23, 2013 09:04AM
Hallway Outside Alfonzo’s Room

Eris smiled slightly at the smell of his cologne, the scent of impending doom and sickness looming around Eric herself. She didn’t smell sweet and enchanting. She smelled dangerous, and forever of the Plague that she was. Stepping closer to him, she reached up to run a black-manicured nail down his tie. “Mmh yes, you seem fit enough to go fishing.” Tired of playing nice with him, she listened to him blatantly explain that her mate most likely had better things to do than keep her occupied. She couldn’t help but smile slightly at that. Alfonzo wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and didn’t give a rat’s ass for her station in the mob as the don’s woman. It excited her. Stepping back, her green eyes penetrated his as she seemed to fade in and out of sight with a sickly haze around her “A fuck is not what I need right now.”
The horsewomen was not going to sugarcoat her desires or even beg. She would command what she wanted and hoped to strike up a bargain with the smooth-tongued mobster. Waltzing around him in a circle, she purred “There is something I want, and something I will have. You must help me get it, and in return, I will do a favor for you.” It was no secret what she was, nor was it a secret the connections she had with those…down below. Should Alfonzo wish to use her in any way, puppet or not, she would gladly kiss his feet…so long as she stood at his side commanding the family. She didn’t want a relationship, she didn’t want him to be monotonous with her. He could fuck and do anyone he pleased. She wanted the title, and she wanted to bear him a child that would be the bringer of a whole new plague. Raising an eyebrow, Eris eagerly awaited to hear what the mobster would say to her proposition.

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 25, 2013 09:53PM
Hallway outside Alfonzo’s room

“A fuck is not what I need right now.”

Well that was an interesting comment, coming from Eris. Alfonzo actually looked back over his shoulder at the Don’s dame and smirked. “Cheeky bitch.” So, she wanted something from Squizzy. Fuck, all the women did, and usually it was to either be on his arm or riding his dick. Either way, dames were trouble, and none moreso than Eris. He turned fully then stood defensively with that “Well?” look on his handsome face.

“There is something I want, and something I will have. You must help me get it, and in return, I will do a favor for you.”

Negotiations with the second in command. Alfonzo had to wonder just what this woman wanted and why he was the one that would be able to get it for her. Sneering at her, he shook his head. “I don’t know. I seriously doubt that you could afford my fee. And besides, if you wanted something so bad…why not ask Darian? He is the Don after all. Not too sure that he would take kindly for you dabbling behind the scenes in mob business. Not a place for dames.” This was a warning. Clear as crystal. If his hunch was right, the dame was up to no good. If she turned on him and then blabbed to Darian that Alfonzo was fucking his broad, the internal strife could bring down the mob entirely. Alfonzo had his men, but time was not right yet for such a bold move. Not one for games, he said simply. “Cross me…and you will get to find out what the un-life is like in the bottom of the Hudson. Are we clear?” He then moved like lightning and seized her throat, pinning her to the wall. Grinning menacingly, he finished with: “Leave your note of instructions on my desk. Nothing gets traced back to me. Okay, Toots?’ Ripping back his claws, he then straightens his jacket and smiles confidently, then turns and walks away.

Downstairs Foyer

Alfonzo was about to make his way outside, when he came across a woman at the door. Thinking at first that it must be on of Darian’s whores, he was about to say something rude, when he recognized her face. One of the door men grunted about her seeking Alfonzo, and he waved the oaf off. “Yeah yeah…I know who it is.” Alfonzo moved across the threshold to embrace her, and then smiled. “I was just going out, and you land on the door step. Strike me lucky. Come on, you look half starved. I’m taking you to lunch.” He then gestured for the nearest mob car, and walked her towards it. Things were about to get interesting.


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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 26, 2013 12:47AM
Alvise Residence Front Door/Foyer

Mags hadn’t been waiting for very long when down the stairs came tromping her brother. in full style as per usual he sounded a bit annoyed with the one she had sent upstairs then she heard him address her once he realized who she was…….

“I was just going out, and you land on the door step. Strike me lucky. Come on, you look half starved. I’m taking you to lunch.” 

Mags thought to herself it was time to plan some real mayhem. She was quite hungry and it would be good to take a meal while they talked. It had been far too long since she had been back. Squizzy ordered a mob car out toward the front of the compound.Mags smiled thinking to herself how much fun this was going to be, images of dynamite and blood and danced in her head.She had been working up a few new devices since they had last seen each other. The chinese had such lovely explosives.

” Sounds like a plan, brother. I could use a bite. “
The glory of black powder, she thought as she stepped out of the compound into the waiting car.
The bridge had been a lot of fun. Ah the memories..

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Re: {RP} Alvise Compound
October 28, 2013 12:03PM
Hallway outside Alfonzo’s room

Eris rolled her eyes when Alfonzo called her a cheeky bitch. She was a lot of things, she wasn’t interested in hearing the obvious from this man. Her teeth grit as this fool of a man had the balls to just talk down to her as if she weren’t the bringer of many deaths. It was clear he was underestimating her to be like every other dame that swooned under that hard gaze of his, and she decided to just let him continue thinking of her in that way. It would be a great advantage to turn the tables on him, but now was not the time. She wanted control of the mob, and she couldn’t do it through her husband. He was so absorbed in his own affairs that she felt left behind by him. That had to change.

Eris watched him belittle her as a woman, but her eyes flashed their horrid green as he threatened her. He really had no idea just who, no, what he was talking to. Plague just batted her eyelashes and purred “Honey, I made the Hudson River.” But then the mobster had his hand around her neck and pinned her to the wall. It took all her power as a horsewoman not to tear his face off right then and there. No, there would be a time and place for that later. As he ordered her around, she just stared at him coldly before spitting in his face.

Soon Alfonzo had released her and was walking away with his cocky saunter. Though she was trying to keep her temper under control, she instead lifting her hand to blow him a kiss with a cheeky smile of her own. Blowing the kiss towards him, she was actually sending an illness that would attach itself to Alfonzo and wreak havoc on those he was around.
Hoping to take down his men so he would be left standing alone, Eris turned around and strolled back to her room to write up her demands.



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