The Dark Ages -Carrendar Dynasty

this was fun to participate in..

The Carrendar Chronicles

“The Dark Ages”
“The Words of a Fallen Hero”


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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 23, 2013 03:47PM heard Charlotte’s insult and knew right away she wouldn’t believe him. He knew to ingore her insults as he said to her.- “I understand that you don’t believe me. My power is limited since the body you see me as now is only a construct of myself. I created Conan’s race. The volfen’s have been around since before you were born. I didn’t create Conan in particular he born naturally for my daughter’s sake. He asked for her hand in marriage.” -Arren looked over Conan one last time as he placed his paw on his chest as he spoke to him as if he was awake.- “Rest easy Conan. Your like a blood son to me.” -he pulled his paw back from Conan’s body as he looked at Charlotte.-…

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