The Dark Ages -Carrendar Dynasty

a lot of fun this continued story is great

The Carrendar Chronicles

“The Dark Ages”

“Unforeseen consequences” 


Writers: CharlotteCarrendar, Conansilverfang aka TheGorya, ImayrukOdinGorya, WatcherThorodan who is now known as xXWatcherXx

ConanSilverfang: -Conan had got into the lift with Charlotte not saying a word as they went down the foyer. They both walked outside Conan still had not said anything as they had  gotten to the street as Charlotte pointed in the direction to go as she said told him to lead on. He sighed as he said.- “lets get this over with. I don’t know if you have any idea what this could be but I am unsure whether this is just a joke or serious business.” -he started walk down the block beside Charlotte only to wonder what would happen  after they had gotten there.-

-In the outskirts Shika had been talking as Imayaruk asked her about her god. Before she could  even answer she walked past her. She clinched her…

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