Bizarre Circus Troupe (2)~ Count Marulo’s Estate (1)

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 19, 2013 06:48PM
~August received a note in his tent telling him to travel to this Count Marulos estate. He knew little of the man but heard he was wealthy and he knew there was little left for him in the troupe. HE left to scout ahead however and took the form of the hawk first flying overhead to see what he could see. There were many wolves it seemed on his estate. It also smelled quite familiar. He was intrigued to say the least. He decided the best way to approach would be to blend in. He took the form of one of the pack.
Becoming a black wolf. Strong and lone.

After traveling the grounds a bit he realized that he would not be molested. He was able to walk unharmed. He smelled a few new scents. One was familiar the woman he tracked from afar was near though he couldnt seem to know where. He also felt a strong presence. Looking about he saw a man watching, He boldly walked forward towards him, August unsure what to do quickly shifted back into human form. Naked and fairly sure he was in trouble he announced that he was summoned by Count Marulo.

” I was told to come here sire ” he said quickly, bowing as he did.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 19, 2013 09:04PM
Elvira did not relax until Esme had turned and left the room. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

Sinking lower into the tub, she began to wash her body once more, accidentally brushing her hand across her feminine folds. She moaned softly, eyes closing at the pleasure that moved through her body. She was still swollen and tender from Virgo’s…vigorous…activities. Thinking of all they did then, set her blood on fire.

“Use your fingers to wash thoroughly…and think of me as you do it.”

His words flashed into her head and she tossed her head back with another moan, reaching up with one hand to tease and pinch her nipples.

“Yes!” she groaned, sliding her fingers into her body and massaging hard. Her head tossed back and forth as the pleasure became nearly unbearable. She thought back to the way his hardness filled her completely, feeling an answering throb between her legs as she pushed herself further. She could feel herself getting close and her fingers went faster, pressing deeper.

She peaked, crying out her mate’s name, not caring who heard her pleasuring herself.

It took her a few moments to come down from her self-induced high, after which she finished her bath and stepped out. A servant was there to help her dry off before she took up the robe left for her and slipped it on. It was floor-length, see-through and it cut right up to her belly. She grinned.

Main Foyer Staircase

Elvira leaned against the railing looking down on the small party below. Her gaze narrowed when she saw her standing there with her little boy-toy. She didn’t know who the kneeling, naked man was, but he was showing respect to Virgo and that raised her respect of him in her eyes. Virgo was a man who deserved the respect and prestige of his title.

“Sniveling little beast.” she snorted as she listened to Edward wax poetic about controlling his inner wolf. Watched the way she plastered herself to his side like glue. With a devious glint in her eye, she began to descend the staircase, trailing her fingers along the railing in a sensuous gesture.

“Good morning, everyone.” she announced her presence to all, looking as if she were floating down the stairs. The robe left little to the imagination and she could almost taste Virgo’s arousal. She smirked as she stepped off the last step, moving to Virgo’s side without hesitation.

“And good morning to you, my love.” she smiled with true honesty as she stared into his eyes. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled his head towards hers in order to give him a kiss of such passion, it would make his toes curl.

Once she pulled away, heart pounding fiercely in her chest (for she was just as affected by the kiss as he was), she turned her head to look at Juliette and Edward over her shoulder. “Hmm. Didn’t realize we had company.” she stated in a bored tone.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 19, 2013 09:27PM
Main Foyer

“And what a gift it is.” The Count said proudly, sticking out his chest as he was the Alpha male and asserting himself. Hell, if he was anymore beast like he would have cocked his leg and marked his territory right there, right then. He had listened to the ‘pup’ speak with such bravado and confidence about how we would bring down heaven and earth if anything were to harm his beloved Juliette. The Count raised a well shaped brow, and then wondered about the mate part.

“You’re going to turn her into one of us?” The Count wondered, eyeing Juliette as though she was a slab of meat hanging on a butcher’s hook. Esme took the time to come down, thankfully leaving Elvira to do what was commanded. Her timing couldn’t have been any better, as she seemed taken with Edward, practically latching on and calling the Count grumpy.

“Really Esme, your taste for flesh is insatiable.” At this August arrived, and in style. Naked to the eye, and on his knees. This was just getting better and better. “Ah yes…I did summon you. Have you met my cousin Esme. The pack slut.” he said with a crude grin. That was a low blow for the little “grumpy” quip earlier. Looking at Esme he then cocked his head towards August. “Handsome devil, isn’t he? Got it where it counts. Perhaps you should entertain my dear friend.” he said with a wink, before turning back on Edward and Juliette.

“This house is my domain, my den…and my pack. I won’t have upsets in this manor, the punishment is death. Do I make myself clear…daughter of Amos?” The Count asked firmly. He was standing right before her, the scent of Elvira’s sex all over him.

But then, the delight of his life appeared on the stairs, and he took a step back, looking up and smiling evilly at what she was wearing. He had to hold himself back from not launching at her and taking her on the stairs, ripping the sheer robe to ribbons with his claws and teeth.

“Good Morning everyone.” She gushed, and swanned down as the Count faced her, sweeping her up in his arms as she placed her arms around his neck. The kiss they shared was enough to melt the very paint on the walls. He audibly grunted into her mouth, and unashamedly tried to dry hump her in front of their guests. Letting go, he licked his lips, tasting her rich saliva, as she went to state she didn’t know they had company. The Count was too busy sniffing her neck, and he could tell that she had bathed as instructed. “Good girl.” he uttered before nuzzling her hair.

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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 20, 2013 10:10AM
Main Foyer

Esme turned to see the naked man and her eyebrow raised. That was a bit bold, eh? Crossing her arms, she looked him up and down and kept the urge to turn around and swipe Virgo’s face off hidden. It was indeed a low blow as she knew he was aware of what happened the last time a man dared to touch her. Biting her tongue, she closed her eyes and counted to one hundred quickly in her mind. They had no idea who she was, and now as not the time to reveal herself. Opening them slowly, she turned to give the count a cold smile before her eyes fell on August again. Stepping towards him, she purred quietly“Come, we must leave the alpha to his bitch and his guests.” The word was a double entendre, as Elvira was the alpha’s mate and could be seen as a female wolf…and yet, Esmeralda’s temper was flaring.
As she turned from the naked wolf, she called softly in Romanian for her two ‘pets’ to come join her. Two well-endowed and completely subservient pack members came creeping from the shadows to stand in front of their mistress. Esme only looked at them coldly as she thought of the horrific things she would do to them before she got her pleasure. The two men were masochists and wanted nothing more than to be punished by the hybrid wolf woman. As thought they couldn’t keep their hands off of her if they tried, they began to grope and nuzzle her, their lips trying to cover every inch of her as they could. Esme ignored everyone else’s presence and reached up to caress their hair. “Mmh…yes my darlings, we shall go play.” Opening her eyes, she spoke sharply to August. “Come.” With that, she placed her arms on her pets’ shoulders and they began to carry her towards her chambers. Thane would have to wait.
Juliette was quite glad when Esme decided to leave, though her eyes remained fixed upon Virgo. She dared not look at Elvira for fear of snapping. Her sister looked so smug and absolutely slutty as usual as she made her presence known, but Juliette was controlling herself. She would not resume their petty arguing as they once had in their old home. Edward needed help and Juliette wanted to see to it that she turned a new leaf. She had to behave and take what was given to her. Bowing her head, she only nodded at Virgo’s command. There was nothing else she could do.

But as Esme walked down the hall, she muttered a Romanian incantation that sent Juliette collapsing to the floor. The witch she-wolf began to cackle as she was carried into her room, and the door slammed loud enough to shake the whole manor’s floor. Juliette now lay in a crumpled heap at Edward’s feet, her necklace glowing a bright red as her demon fought to take complete control. What had Esmeralda done?


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