(RP) Memories Of Time White Tower (1) Carrendar Dynasty

(RP) White Tower of Tar Valon
October 06, 2013 09:07PM

White Tower Of Tar Valon Home of the Amyrlin Seat

Current Amyrlin Cadsuane Melaidhrin

Tar Valon is one of the largest cities in the land and is almost as powerful as any nation.

Tar Valon (pronounced: TAHR VAH-lon) is a city located on an island on the River Erinin, within sight of Dragonmount. It is the center of Aes Sedai power and is also the second largest, most populous city in the Westlands. Tar Valon also controls a small amount of territory directly adjacent to it, although it does not have as much land as it did before the War of the Hundred Years. Tar Valon is ruled by the Amyrlin Seat, although the day-to-day bureaucracy is handled by a council of Aes Sedai sisters and civil administrators. The city is notable as the only place where Aes Sedai have wielded officialized administrative power since the War of the Hundred Years. The population of the city in 1000 NE is roughly 500,000. It has remained independent of outside control for its entire existence, although it has suffered several major sieges and even direct assaults.

Sigil Of Tar Valon

Tar Valon Has Warders, Power Bonded Soldiers. A Standing Army As Well As Full Sisters trained in the one power, Accepted, (half trained) and novices who are just learning.

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Re: (RP) White Tower of Tar Valon
October 15, 2013 02:56AM
White Tower


Cadsuane stood regally at the edge of the balcony, as the cool winds swirled around her form brought up from the rippling waters that surrounded White tower. Her red tresses sweep across her shoulders, but are kept tied up at the top by the prized gift, a set of golden ornament-like angreals and ter’angreals that is worn in her hair. It shows distinction between her and other sisters.
Cadsuane is by far the oldest living Aes Sedai, held in high esteem from the likes of those from Black Tower.

Years ago, fairly soon after she had just attained the shawl she suffered a humiliating lesson from a toothless wilder named Norla, who lived in the Black Hills. Norla’s tutelage helped shape Cadsuane’s composure and skills beyond Tower training, and from her Cadsuane received the precious and powerful hair ornament set of ter’angreal and angreal.

Bringing her hands together, her fingers interlocked, as she mused over the advice she had given to Logain Ablar to bound two new sisters of the red. No word, nor letter had been returned to say that this had been successful, and this worried Cadsuane somewhat. Perhaps they had not succeeded, yet she had a feeling, that to be patient, would reap its rewards.

Cadsuane had kept her silence long enough, and swept away from the balcony, its view no longer having meaning to her, and she glided out of her chambers, to find her way down to the main auditorium. Those that she passed bowed in acknowledgement of her power and station. She did little to even look sideways. This was how Cadsuane was.


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Re: (RP) White Tower of Tar Valon
October 15, 2013 06:09PM
White Tower Of Tar Valon 


Grady arrived in Tar Valon rather quickly through a large gateway. He was accustomed to being one who was usually required to do larger transport and the temptation of saidin to fill him was always sweet. Since its cleansing even more so. He no longer felt the rot and sickness of it rotting on the surface. It didn’t make him want to wrench his stomach as he wanted even more of its sweetness. Saidin was life itself and could make one drunk with power, but that was neither here nor there. Grady was here for a simple task one not given to just any soldier but only a trusted one. Grady walked into the main line past the traveling grounds. Eyeing some of the sisters and the Palace guards with a grim nod they did not seek to reproach him because they both knew him by reputation and they also knew he had been expected.

When he finally made his way to the Tower itself its shining elegance a sharp contrast to the Black Tower’s utlitity, he bowed slightly to the keeper Adelorna Bastine recently named from the green ajah or so he had heard tell.

“I have word for the amyrlin if it please the light, sister. “ he said gruffily.

she nodded quietly.
the keeper of chronicles ushered him in to see the amyrlin following an adjoing staircase. He knew this was an important meeting but he did not want to waste more of her time than necessary. He had to make sure he did as ordered and delivered his missive directly and also awaited any missives she might have in return as traveling was done on a strict and controlled basis now. There were those who tracked movements by the one power. As they made it past the final staircase he saw her finally and dropped to a knee. she was aged even for the aes sedai and they were long lived. he could sense her power and was quite in awe.
” I have a message from Lord Logain of the Black Tower “
he carefully handed the woman a tube with a seal upon it…
as she opened it, it read…

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Re: (RP) White Tower of Tar Valon
October 15, 2013 06:26PM
White Tower Of Tar Valon


A call rang out through the sparse halls of the White Tower of Tar Valon, that one had passed through from the Black Towers, and was on route to speak with Cadsuane. Her ears pricked to the heralds, and a low bass sound rumbled throughout the hall, like that of a dark choir. A shift in the fabric of time, and then settling again. Cadsuane’s dress flowed behind her as she took flight and headed to meet with this messenger, her footfalls light against the stone floor. Eyes darting left and right then locking centre as he finally came into view.

The keeper Adelorna Bastine led the way for Grady, who Cadsuane had not ever encountered before. She nodded in respect to Adelorna, and looked towards Grady expectantly on the news he had brought from the Black Lands.

” I have a message from Lord Logain of the Black Tower “

Cadsuane accepted the tube and undid one end, withdrawing the hand written parchment with her slender digits. The tube handed to Adelorna, as Cadsuane unfurled the document to read. Her face suddenly changed in its demeanor as the contents of the message were indeed troubling. Finishing reading the text, she slowly rolled the parchment up again, her eyes clouded by disdain for the Darkfriends.

A plot afoot to take on Tar Valon it seemed. Cadsuane released a breath through parted lips, and then spoke with a rich accent.

“While I am pleased to hear of the success of the mission to which I imparted intelligence, it does concern me that Logain has learnt of plans by seanchan to take over Tar Valon. We shall double our efforts to ensure the fortification of the White towers. They dare to cross the battlements, I will be sure to turn the crystal waters crimson with their blood.”

There was no mistaking the determination in the woman’s voice. She meant every word. Looking at the solider; Grady, she then extended her hand to show him where he might find a place to dine before he returned to the Black Towers.

“Your journey must have left you famished. Feel free to dine as you see fit in the great hall.” Cadsuane said, handing the parchment back to Adelorna, so that the message could be archived.

“The council must be alerted at once.” She said to Adelorna, and waited her reply.


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Re: (RP) White Tower of Tar Valon
October 16, 2013 11:35AM
White Tower Of Tar Valon

Though Grady appreciated her hospitality he had much work to do.
” I may eat a meal quickly my lady but it must be in haste. Should you have any missives to direct me with I urge you to write them while I take that meal. Ill be back after to gather them. I cant stay long. I have urgent business that must be attended to back at the Black Tower once I am finished with the delivery of this message though I was urged to take any message back you might give. I am however hungry and would gladly accept a meal since you have offered, and I thank you for the hospitality. “

With that Grady bowed and quickly headed for the mess hall in the adjoining chambers where the soldiers and others gathered rather than the sisters as he did not want to be questioned to directly by any save the Amyrlin herself.

He knew many might be of the Black shawl and they had not been all ferreted out even though many had been named by the last keeper of chronicles Sheriam. She had called out most of their existing numbers but still many remained undiscovered and they were constantly recruiting. Power was an inexorable draw. As he made his way to the mess hall he felt a man in a warder suit draw saidin himself, a wilder he thought but then the source stopped. He tried to spot him but he disappeared
from sight.
He made note to alert the amyrlin later. He found his food roast mutton and potatoes with fresh greens and bread. It was quite satisfactory and well better than he was used to. He enjoyed every last scrap of the meal and washed it down with a right pint of ale. Finishing up the meal he then found his way back to the Amyrlins chambers to tell her more of what had happened and to get the missives she might have written. As he made his way towards her chamber he felt that draw on saidin again. He wondered if it might be the warders he had heard of that were ashaman. There were said to be some taken who were male channelers. Perhaps there were some staying with their consent. he would have to ask.

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Re: (RP) White Tower of Tar Valon
October 22, 2013 04:45AM
White Tower of Tar Valon

With Grady gone to go take a meal in the great hall, before preparing for his return journey to the Black Tower, Cadsuane now had to write a message that would be carried back to Lord Logain. Her mood had darkened considerably, for the weight of burden now rested upon her shoulders. Responsible for the safety and longevity of peace for the White Towers of Tar Valon and its land holdings. Cadsuane’s trust in others outside her borders to assist against the darkfiends was wearing thin. Her green eyes narrowed as she cast her gaze outside a large arch window, and looked to the horizon. Lands beyond their reach, that had Lords that sought to take Tar Valon, like it was the sparkling jewel, a prize to behold. Turning on the ball of her foot, Cadsuane hurried down the long corridor, and back to her chambers, so she may pen a letter that would be sent back with Grady.

Gliding into the room, she made her way to an antique desk fashioned from a rare oak tree, with turned legs that feature leaves other elegant patterns hand carved by master craftsman. She seated herself on the plush red velvet chair and took up her quill, with a yellowed piece of parchment, made from papaya. Her long elegant strokes, fashioned a detailed script that was taught to her at a young age. With her head lowered, she concentrated and then wrote of the state of play, now that she was aware of the possible threat to their sovereignty.


Grady has successfully passed on your message, and we are truly in your debt now that we have been made aware
of the plans by the darkfiends to attempt to take over the Tar Valon for its own. I have already called for a meeting of the
council to start preparations to fend off any attack that the darkfiends may attempt. This is our greatest challenge, and one
I do not intend to lose. Your word has strengthened our resolve, and I shall be in touch again, through messenger as to news
from the war front.



Rolling up the parchment, she then dips her ringed seal in hot wax and binds the parchment together, then pushing it into a hollowed tube, ready for Grady’s return trip to the Black Towers. Summoning her maid, she hands the valuable document to her and advises that this be taken to Grady in the great dining hall at once.


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Re: (RP) White Tower of Tar Valon
October 22, 2013 03:25PM
White Tower Of Tar Valon

Grady had just finished the last of his meal was getting ready to look for a summons when the Amyrlins maid approached him bearing a tube of similiar design to what he had brought her. He took it with a firm nod offering his thanks for the meal.
” Please do thank the Amyrlin for her time. I will be off now. “
With that he put the tube in a secure place in his satchel and headed for the traveling gounds, leaving the mess hall with little else to say. He was detached and somber as was his wont. The Ashaman wer themselves wepons, to be used and he was no different than the others. In fact grady was more highly prized than many others.

As he reached the traveling grounds he weaved a flow that was known to but a few of the Ashaman, more so now as a result of Tarmon Gaidon. He wove a complex set of the five powers to produce a vertical space between the air showing the Black Tower on the other side of Andor. Lithely stepping through the gate he quickly arrived at his destination, the door collapsing in on itself after he walked through.


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