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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle

October 11, 2013 10:58AM
Throne Room

Selene had come back from strolling around the castle, her mind at bit more at ease now that she had time to cool off. She was still disappointed with what had occurred with her daughter, but she now realized there was a lot on Joffey’s plate. Tempest was independent and had a fiery personality, whereas Brandon was strict and not to be undermined. As prince of the kingdom, Joffrey had to worry about making the right decision, even if it meant hurting his family. It was a hard responsibility, and Selene wanted to be there for him. As she made her way back to the throne room with hope her husband was still there, Lucan walked with her. “Princess, are you sure you wish to be alone with him?”

The princess laughed softly and nodded, patting his arm “Yes, I can handle my husband just fine…I think.” Though they had spent some time talking, Selene had no idea Lucan was her son. However, the things he said and his mannerisms had set off alarm bells of recognition in her mind, and she knew that somehow this boy was special to her. Seeing Joffrey leave the throne room, she turned to Lucan with a soft smile. “Please excuse me.”

Her son nodded and bowed his head politely “Of course, princess.”
Picking up her skirts, Selene hurried towards Joffrey. Stopping in front of him, she looked into his eyes as concern and love flooded out of her own. She felt horrible for abandoning him like that, but she knew if she did not calm down, ugly words would have passed her lips. Now that she felt calmer, she reached up to wrap her arms around her husband’s neck. Resting her cheek against Joffrey’s chest, she murmured “I hope you are not terribly upset, my love. We must do what we can to keep our daughter safe and in the king’s favor so she is out of harm’s way. We all have duties we must carry out for the sake of our kingdoms.”

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 11, 2013 06:25PM
Throne Room

Seeing the rest had left and his son had handled himself in a manner that he respected more than Joffrey might think, he decided he might do something a bit more for the girl. He was right in his own way Tempest reminded him a lot of himself. However he had also learned at a young age not to disrespect the crown as had Joffrey and this was something she also must learn.
Even in private it might have been something to ask as a request but as a public demand it would not go without discipline.
She had in all reality forced his hand, though she as young as she was might not have realized it.

Minerva felt a lot of his emotion through the collar, as he did hers.
She felt the whole thing to be amusing and he couldn’t say he blamed her entirely. From the outside it was.
Brandon stood up and motioned her to follow him to his private quarters.
Before he left he asked the guards to summon the smith again.
” Please ask him to also bring this Magnus by. Id meet him as well. I may have need of him on this. “ he said gravely to his head guard.

He then turned solemly looking to the ever pleasing Minerva,
” Let’s be off my dear. ” 
He smiled to himself as he thought of his new idea.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 11, 2013 07:38PM
Throne Room

With all having left the throne room one after the other, and Joffrey one of the last, this left Minerva alone with the King. The collar that she wore gained her insight to the King, as it did him to her. She had enjoyed the spectacle of watching the antics of the Family Brax, but now it was just the King that would have her full attention. Watching him, she felt a sense of pride and respect for him that she never felt before. He handled all like a King should. None would doubt his authority again.

She watched him closely, as he summoned the guards to bring him the smith. Minerva raised an eyebrow at his request;

” Please ask him to also bring this Magnus by. Id meet him as well. I may have need of him on this. “

What could this mean? The witch pondered then shook her mind clear, when the King turned to her, and called;

” Let’s be off my dear. “

Rising off the floor in a fluid movement, her hair tumbled off her shoulders, and her silken dress which barely hid her body from view fell into place. Bare feet, she followed behind the King with her head bowed, so as not to look at any others. The collar around her neck glittering in the light of the many candles.

“As you wish, my Master and King.”



Joffrey stood by an opened window, as his wife Selene returned from her walk with Lucan. He can’t have blamed her for taking off as she did. He himself wished to do the same, but he had a role to fulfill, and he had never gone against royal protocol ever. His heart though was torn about Tempest. She was so headstrong and wily. So much like her Grandfather it was truly scary. Butting heads like mountain goats….and all over the right to chose who to spend the rest of their lives with.

Joffrey enveloped Selene in his arms, and just held her, resting his head upon hers and sighing.

“What kind of Father am I?” he uttered, thinking she might think less of him for how he acted. “Will she ever look at me the same way again?” Joffrey asked of Selene, burying his face in the nape of her neck. He was the one that needed consoling.
“Let us go check her…down in those horrid cells. Hell, I may well join her. A show of solidarity. Though…the rats down there do scare me silly.” He cringed.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 16, 2013 10:40AM
Brandon’s Private Chamber’s

Brandon walked down the halls followed by the lovely Minerva finally arriving in his private chambers.
As he made his way in he took off his coat and took a seat. He had found the whole thing bothersome.
He hadnt really wanted to make things so difficult but such was how they would make it. He would do what he must.
He looked to Minerva. She was ravishing. As she glided in he thought to himself how much he wanted her. He called to her, gesturing to her in a kingly way. The others had already left them alone in the chamber.
Looking towards her she his want and need after the exchange downstairs. They felt so much through the collar.
He knew she too had been amused by the whole affair. He also knew that she was excited by his handling of it.
He wanted her even more as a result. He fed her passion. He though to himself as he went to take her again, undoing her bodice that she was beyond compare.

Taking her again in many ways upon his bed he was surprised by her inventiveness, she had some ideas herself this time. He took bodily moving their bodies in rythmic time. She truly was an amazing creature.
After a long session a knock was heard upon the door. Pulling on his trousers The King went to the door.

” Who is it? ” the king asked from behind the door

A gruff voice answered “Magnus ” 

Brandon then let the Warlock enter the chamber,

” Well come in, we have some things to talk about. ” 

As Magnus entered he bowed slightly to the king.

” Thank you M’lord. Indeed we do. I had heard You summoned me. I also wished to speak with you for sometime. ” 

The king then outlined his plan to the young warlock. How he might fashion a necklace to bring Tempest to heel. a necklace which would bring her temper in line when necessary and in control of his dear Minerva.

Magnus took a bit to reply.
” It shouldn’t be a problem m’lord though I will need a bit of her hair or nails for the spell crafting. I also have heard heard whispers m’lord that we have a common enemy in The Casterly’s. Should you need my service ever in hurting them in any way I hope you know I would love to help in any task that requires it.. ” 

The king wondered a bit how information traveled so quickly but knew also he was one who traded in magic. So information was a commondity he also probably had a commodity in. ” Well I shall keep that under advisement Magnus. ” the king said in reply rather smugly.

He then ordered the guards to check on the condition of Tempest and to offer her some refreshment should she need it.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 17, 2013 05:15AM
Brandon’s Private Chamber’s

Oh how Minerva felt the King’s needs and wishes via the collar she wore proudly around her slender neck. The sparkling jewel that was the center piece, glinted in the light, as she glided into the room, and approached him at his silent request. Though troubled by the altercations with his family, he needed her to sate his desires, and feed his sexual hunger. Standing before him, she kept perfectly still as he undid her bodice, and her ripe breasts spilled out to please his eye. A woman in fine cloth, soon completely disrobed, aside from sparkling hair pieces and of course the collar.

The King took her, up onto the bed and masterfully rode her, enjoying her cries of submission, and the luscious squelch as their naked bodies slapped against each other in rhythmic timing and paced from slow to a faster speed of urgency. For hours, the haunting sound of the King’s requests for new positions, and then the thud of the head board against the wall, his dark laughter as she continued to bring him to experience many orgasms, till finally spent. When done with her, she lay upon the golden sheets, panting, with her collar tight around her neck. Face to the side, she could only watch as the King went to answer the door, pulling on his trousers. Reaching for the top sheet, she drew it over herself, so that whoever wished to visit the King, would not have the privilege to gaze upon what belonged to the King. And so, still recovering, she listened to the King’s conversation with the guest, who was none other than the maker of the very collar she wore.

” Thank you M’lord. Indeed we do. I had heard You summoned me. I also wished to speak with you for sometime. “

The King was curious about what Magnus knew of the rumors that the Realm of Casterly had been plotting to do untoward things to the House of Brax, and would gladly lend his support, should the King need it. Minerva’s fingers toyed with the sheet that covered her and kept silent, not wanting to get involved in the political talks. But this was interesting, in particular, the King’s desire to make a necklace that would have her answer to Minerva. A sly grin formed on her lips, and she wondered just what would happen, if Tempest ever put it on.

Oh the plot thickens.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 17, 2013 01:41PM
Selene stood there in the hallway with her husband, her arms wrapped around him tightly. Though her mind was a bit fuzzy from recent events, she knew for sure what her heart felt and wanted. Joffrey and Tempest meant the world to her, and she had a feeling Lucan did too. Her family was everything to her and she wanted the best for them. As Joffrey tucked himself into the nape of her neck, she smiled gently and threaded her hands into his hair. Caressing his dark locks slowly and with care, she murmured softly “You are the kind of father that would do anything to keep his little girl safe. King Brandon is just that…the king. If you or I were to go against his word in front of the court, her punishment would have been much more severe.”

Pulling back to look at her dark prince, the angelic princess smiled affectionately. She thought no less of her husband, but more to see him so distraught over their daughter. He cared just as much as she did about their daughter, and she knew he would do whatever it took to keep her safe and from harm’s way. Linking her hand with his, she brought his knuckles up to her lips to kiss them gently. Closing her eyes, Selene brushed her fingers up and down his wrist before looking back up at him “She will understand with time that we are doing what is best for her. The fact that the king is even allowing her a choice in the matter is a miracle in and of itself. So yes, let us go see our child and offer her as much comfort as we can, my love. I love you so very much and we will get through this together.”

It was clear that whatever ill feelings she ever had for her husband has dissipated, and even her own personal problem of forgetting her own memories were pushed aside to focus on their family. All she wanted was to keep them together and strong. Snuggling close to Joffrey, Selene began to lead him down the hallway so they could try to talk to Tempest together.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 17, 2013 03:10PM

Joffrey’s beautiful Selene was right of course. Sure the King was brash and practically unforgiving, but he had offered to give Tempest a choice of suitors, not simply pointing at one and saying, well marry him. Joffrey was being very hard on himself, taking the full weight of blame for the actions and demands of his Father, and now he was sure that Tempest would place him on equal footing with Brandon, for not disrupting the Court and standing up for her. Selene’s words calmed and soothed his troubled mind, and as he held her, the love he had for her only increased, with the dark times they experienced being but a memory, a blot on their relationship.

” let us go see our child and offer her as much comfort as we can, my love. I love you so very much and we will get through this together.” 

“Yes, you’re right. Let us go down to those cells and speak with her, united.” The Prince said, gripping her small hand in his and taking her down to the dank dark cells beneath the castle.


The executioner was sharpening his axe while the cries of one prisoner being flogged filled the air. The smell was simply disgusting, and even the Prince had to try not to gag on his own rising stomach fluid. He had forgotten how nasty it was down here, and he tread lightly past the jail keeper, who sat at a large oak desk, munching away on an uncooked turnip.

“Scuse me. The Princess and I would like to visit with our daughter, Tempest.” Joffrey asked, like he was registering in at the Hyatt, putting on his best smile, in the face of the jailer’s bad breath. The jailer munched on the turnip and took out a big key ring and went through it slowly, as his saliva trickled down his chin.

“Ere…cell twelve. She’s been a bit quiet, but that’s okay…already enough shouting and groaning down here to drive a man mad.” he handed Joffrey the keys and Joffrey silently thanked him, leading Selene down the hall, past cells with people’s arms reaching out trying to touch the royals.

On reaching the cell, Joffrey undid the lock, but when he pushed the door open…

“Tempest?….Tempest?” There was no sign of her. He started to look under her bed, and then up ended the mattress. Panic set in.

“FUCK..SHE’S GONE!” He exclaimed. Yes, she had gone….but where…and how?


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 17, 2013 04:02PM

Selene smiled warmly when she noticed Joffrey seemed to calm down a bit with her words. She was ready to soothe him further if need be, but she was glad to know that he trusted her words. Her hand was curled under his as he led the way to the dungeons, and her heart felt heavy. Was Tempest all right? Was she still angry with them for not speaking out against the king? With a worried sigh, she turned to look up at Joffrey as he spoke to the guard. She was doing her best to ignore just how vile and disgusting the man was and focused only on seeing their daughter. Her blue eyes looked around hastily as if searching through each cell to try and see her. When the guard mentioned it had been quiet, she raised an eyebrow and turned to stare him down “Quiet? Tempest?” Though she did not remember much, her daughter’s storm off made it clear her daughter rarely did anything quiet. But soon she was being led to her daughter’s cell and for a reason she could not understand, her heart felt heavy.
But soon everything was made clear to the princess. Tempest’s cell was empty. Stepping inside as her husband cursed out loud, Selene could only stare in shock. Her baby was gone. They had not spoken up, and Tempest was gone. Tears formed in her eyes but she did not notice as she turned to look at Joffrey. Her pallor was deadly white as her hands shook “Tempest…is gone.” Her knees felt weak as she rushed over to her husband. Gripping his shirt, she practically shouted with rage intended for the guards “How could those mongrels let this happen?! I hope your father is pleased now! He has driven our daughter from the castle and into the unknown!” The calm collected Selene was gone and the protective Mama Bear was coming out. Whipping around, she stormed toward the guard and gave him a swift kick to his dick. Digging her hands into his neck, she hissed angrily “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?! WERE YOU NOT IN CHARGE OF WATCHING OVER HER?!”. Her eyes flashed a lightening blue as the cells rattled and shook around them with her rage. The Saint had been unleashed…and she was very very pissed.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 17, 2013 05:35PM
The Dungeon’s

King Brandons Personal Guard had arrived down the stairs as he heard the two speaking in excited tones.
He had been sent to check on the condition and health of the lady Tempest and to offer her refreshement of her choice.
As he reached the base of the stairs hearing both Joffrey’s and Selene’s words…
“FUCK..SHE’S GONE!” and “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?! WERE YOU NOT IN CHARGE OF WATCHING OVER HER?!”. he stood aghast with his mouth agape, incredulous.

Not knowing what to say to either of them he quickly turned on his heel and went right back up the stairs saying not a word.

Magnus’s Chamber’s

Magnus had fashioned the necklace through much work.
Admiring the finished product he watched the detail of the necklace hoping the king might like the work. He was unsure it would be of use however. His spies had told him that this one had already escaped the castles walls, which is why he deliberatley left the magic capable of being syncronized to whom he wished. It would work but once but to whom it was asked of. He hoped the king chose wisely when he used the object. It was possessed of a truly unique power and could be quite useful in time. He thought to himself if it helped him find a way towards vengeance it was time well spent.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 23, 2013 11:45PM
Road Near BlackFog

Lord Ash:
The Portal opened in a secluded forest glade near the road to BlackFog Castle. The Fae calmly stepped out followed by his loyal guards who remained silent and followed their king grimly.

They each knew their jobs well and each in their own rights were efficient killing machines. Their skills having been hones in the wars of the higher planes. Lord Ash wanted the wars behind him now however he was looking for something and so was Magnus. Magnus desired revenge and he desired to find what had always eluded him as well, true love. What Magnus had promised him was a gem that would help lead him to it. He had but to bring him the object he had sought. It had taken many years to find as they had never left any traces near where any could be found. However he was a walker of realms he could find things at times in the places between. He had found what Magnus had wanted and soon he would have it.

Walking through the trees he found the road and began the journey towards the castle. He hoped Magnus was in favor with the court. It was time to walk into the Lion’s Den he thought to himself, with a smug grin on his face.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 24, 2013 02:54AM
The Cells

Last time on….House Brax…

“How could those mongrels let this happen?! I hope your father is pleased now! He has driven our daughter from the castle and into the unknown!” The calm collected Selene was gone and the protective Mama Bear was coming out. Whipping around, she stormed toward the guard and gave him a swift kick to his dick. Digging her hands into his neck, she hissed angrily “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?! WERE YOU NOT IN CHARGE OF WATCHING OVER HER?!”.

The guard gripped his now very blue balls and collapsed in a heap crying “Mummy!” Twas a sad sight, and even Joffrey winced, for everyone knows, that to strike a man in the goolies, is not cricket. Even so, Selene had every right to be angry, hell, Joffrey was livid. Their beautiful daughter was sent to the cells to teach her a lesson in respect and manners to the King, and now had fled…to God knows where. Joffrey was also livid and now was morphing into the Demon of Desire…all hell fire and brimstone, as he grew so large, so fast he was outgrowing the cell. Fire balls were appearing on his hands, and he was throwing them at guards, prisoners…anything that was standing still or chained to a wall. The small of burning flesh, the screams of dying men and women could not drown out the rage of the Royal couple. Flashes of blue lightning were appearing around Selene, as Joffrey smashed a huge hole in the wall. His voice was like it had deepened ten fold, and he whipped around, his massive spikey tail, taking out another poor unfortunate.


His massive wings erupted from his back, and without another word, he took off into the sky, the cry of the Demon Prince sure to be heard by all, including the King……


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 24, 2013 08:07AM
The Cells

Selene turned around to see her husband was growing larger and larger, his demon taking over. A slow smile spread over her lips as she let out a horrifying shriek, her white wings ripping through her dress and leaving it in tatters around her feet. Her body began to glow heavenly white as she became air born, her electric blue eyes staring down at the pitiful guard with a cruel smile. The Saint was just and cold, a creature of brutal and swift justice. Armor scantily clad her as she was prepared to fight for what was hers: her family. If anyone got in her way, she would end them without another thought.
Swiveling around in the air, a sultry smile curved her lips as she beheld her husband in all of his dark glory. He was beautiful to her, a creature both terrifying and stunning. Her wings flapped around her, causing large winds to rattle the chains throughout all the cells. The sounds of treacherous screams chorused around them…and it only made her rage colder. She wanted vengeance against the king, and she wanted her daughter back. Nothing would stand in their way, for they were both light and dark, and they were pissed.

As her husband commanded her in his dark voice, an aroused purr escaped her lips as her sultry smile only grew. Flying closer to him, she stared into his eyes with her own lightening blue eyes “Yes, my love. As my prince and master commands. We will bring our beloved child home.” As he took off into the sky, she did not tell him to be careful. She knew the rage of her husband, and all would be wise to shy away from his wrath. Launching herself into the air, Saint Selene took off towards the mountains in hopes her daughter would think the way she herself did.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 24, 2013 10:54PM
Blackfog Castle Gates

Lord Ash Arriving near the gates with his men he spied the sentries and hailed them as he moved forward making sure his presence was known. He did not want to be shot down in a hail of arrows being thought a hostile party. As he made his way forward he spied a group of guardsmen approaching from the castle. Their armor black and bearing what he believed was the sigil of the house of Brax.

The guard encircled the Lord and his party as they poured out of the gates to greet the newcomers.
Head Guardsman stepped forward towards the would be noble, not recognizing any symbol or crest.
“And whom might ye be?”

Lord Ash replied quickly to the overzealous guard. He obviously was doing his job but also did not know he was in the presence of a king or would not be speaking to him in such a manner.
“My name is Lord Ash FlameWarden. I am a King of a far off realm and looking for a friend, by the name of Magnus whom I am told is in the employ of your King Lord Brax. I would like to speak with both of them.”

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 26, 2013 02:52AM
The King’s Chambers

The guard had yet to return to speak of how Tempest was in the dark dungeons, and in that time, Minerva had been kept in the King’s bed. His erotic temptress was wearing the jeweled collar, and she lounged much like a jungle cat, moving in a fluid motion beneath a simple silk sheet. Minerva watched her adored King with renewed fascination, for his presence did so set off the collar, and allowed her to link with him on a level that few would ever understand.

She toyed with her long blonde tresses and asked the King;

“Shall I make myself scarce while you deal with the Princess Tempest?” Her green eyes like slits, as she let the sheet slip from her ripe bosom and settle at the lower part of her stomach. The King may wish to go to the Throne room and deal with family, and Minerva was unsure of whether or not he wanted her there. After all, she was for the King’s pleasure, not an adviser.


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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 26, 2013 04:05AM
King’s Chamber’s

King Brandon was glad for this work when Magnus asked if he could address him in an official manner.

” I had asked that I get a small request or favor before your highness” said Magnus….

Brandon looked at the warlock and said “What is this favor you would ask?” 

I should like to be named your advisor my liege. said the warlock.

Brandon thought for a moment, it seemed this one had high hopes. Yet he was good at what he did. There was much
work to do and he had need of him. It would do to keep him close for a lot of these affairs.

That would be useful, he mused.. You shall become my magical advisor.

Just then both guards came in to tell of news… seemed they both wanted to speak..

His personal Guard was ranting screaming about tempest… it seemed she had escaped! WHAT!!!!!

His head guard it seemed had this Lord Ash awaiting him downstairs. At this Magnus seemed to perk his ears..

I know this Lord Ash if he is the same I believe him to be. He would be an ally to you Lord Brax. said Magnus.

Brandon was angry and beyond contempt yelling for his guards to find Joffrey.

Magnus take care of this Lord Ash. Minerva and I will await Joffrey. See what you can find out. Im about to lose my mind today. 

Minerva’s calm touch and smell was about the only thing keeping him from going on a killing spree at that moment. The blood was pounding in his ears.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 27, 2013 08:33PM
Main Foyer

Magnus :The warlock made his way down the stairs. Having been promoted to a ranking officer of the court he did not even blink at the guards as he made his way down to the the front foyer. He was a confident self assured man who had long held that the art of appearances meant far more than knowledge in many respects even if one held vast stores of knowledge. He in fact did but he had seen many undone because they thought knowledge alone would protect them. That would not do as he represented Brax. He also had heard the name of who he knew to be a long known friend. Though he wasnt sure If it was him, he had thought him dead, The last he had known his company was assualted by the faceless men in the siege. Though he was sure the Lord had not been a target he thought to himself they might have attacked him for the secret to his power. He knew something of his power. If it was the same Lord Ash, he was not of this world.

Rounding the corner he spied the guardmen and the Lord Ash. He was indeed his old friend.

“You can let him through guardsmen. He is an old friend and loyal to the house. Welcome Lord Ash. We have a lot to talk about I suspect. 

Lord Ash looked out towards his friend after the exchange with the guardsmen he was glad to finally see Magnus.
It had been quite a journey to find him.
” I see you have made a name for yourself here. Yes, I agree, We do have much to discuss. ”

he then followed the young warlock where he led so they could have a more private discussion leaving the guards in the barracks.


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