Misguided Gull (A Pirates Life Roleplay)

Re: Scene: The Devil’s Mystery
September 21, 2013 07:17AM
A Pirate’s LifeThe Misguided Gull



LadyBelz: It had been a glorious evening. No one had disturbed the two new lovers with petty issues, a credit to the crew that they could function on their own. Falling asleep in James’s arms, Rachael had never felt more treasured or special. And knowing he was the one who’d taken her purity away…it made her smile thinking of it. And so, they curled together on her small bunk. The sun shining the next morning was what woke her. Blinking awake, she wondered why her pillow was so rough. Turning her head, she realized it wasn’t a pillow, but James’s chest. He was still asleep. She took in his features, the stubble on his chin. He was so handsome…and he was hers. She ran her fingers over his chest, touching him at her leisure. Would he regret being with her, taking her as he did without knowing she was a virgin? Would he turn her away now that he finally had her? She tried to keep her thoughts pleasant, but after all they’d been through recently…it was difficult.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The gentle rise and fall of the ship rocked the pair to sleep hours before, but now the sun had come up in the sky, and its rays filtered through the small porthole window into their bunk. James was one that slept heavily, especially after such a night of passion, and found he opened one eyelid, only to see his beloved Rachael stroking his chest. She was taking such gentle strokes of her fingers, as though playing with him as if he were a harp. Course the sounds he made in the morning were not that musical. He started to grunt with the pleasure her touch brought, and he ran his hand down her back, only to cup her ass cheek. “I got the best catch of the day…but what to do with ‘er?” he joked, before planting a kiss on the top of her head. “A man be wanting to stay in the bunk all day with such a fine woman. But we got a port to get tah, and a crew that wonder where we be.” He said with a touch of firmness. He was still the Captain, nothing would changed that. <3>

WatcherThorodan: -the road to port royale had been one that hadnt worked to Ikrim’s favor. He had covered up the kings guard fairly well and escaped their clutches but it was not long before more caught up to him. That leech of a bilgerat had told his name to the watch. He had hidden to the sides of the road and kept out of sight but eventually he was caught. He was led to the local barony near Port Royale. They had planned to execute him though did not know of his true powers. He spoke to the spirits and whispered to them like sirens tell them to dull the ships so as to make things not work as they should. They kept speaking of ill omens in whispers as he was held prisoner by the men. He was not liked in these parts but neither was the watch. He promised one of the guard and told him he would help him find riches if he would but free him. The fool let him free from his manacles. What a foolish mistake Ikrim thought as he slowly choked the man to death. He would have eaten him but for knowing he didnt have the time. He did however cut out his eyes and tongue. They would make a tasty treat later and were quick pickings. Hiding the body in straw he was able to escape and run to a nearby post where he donned his uniform.-
LadyBelz: She watched him come awake, holding her breath. But it seemed her worries were for naught as he reached down to fondle her butt. She smiled a little before asking the one question that plagued her mind. “Do you regret it?” she asked, tone sober. She was of course refering to her former virginal state. “Because I don’t.” she added. [need to get in my pirate groove.]

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Does a man regret losing himself to the charm of the woman he has loved for all his days? Course not. And glad you don’t either. I be a bit disappointed if I failed to please mah woman.” He said, pushing himself up to standing. “Hate people to think I be like Maureen, who only gets those wet eared pansies swooning. Ya made me a ‘appy pirate, lass…don’t you be forgettin’ it?’ He kissed her nose and then got out of the bunk, hunting around for some clothes. “Where’s my piratin’ outfit…I can’t remember what I did with mah pants?” <3>

WatcherThorodan: -having managed to gather on his uniform the pirate wandered past the guards. doing his best under cover of darkness to escape the barony. he didnt think he would be able to make port royale via the kings road anymore. as soon as they found the guards body they would be searching again for sure. so Ikrim instead looked to the harbor. one of the larger boats would go noticed, however a smaller oarboat would not. he began searching and finding an unmanned suitable craft, he commandered it. moving with an agility he began to summon the spirits having them bring winds to move him along his passage, as he drew a thin sail to draw him along his way along the dark ways of the deep near port royale and the barony-

Guest_SweetLittleCrow: *Anna’s head pops up as her little dingly bumps against something. She looks up and sees a large ship. She smiles as she pulls out her rope, tying her boat to it’s side. She slowly climbs up the side of the ship and looks around, barely poking the top of her head over the railing. She glances around, but sees no one. She slowly climbs over the railing and looks around. She smirks as she sees a couple of barrels, deeming it a worthy hiding spot for a while. She quickly scurries to them and sits, peeking between the barrels as she planned her next move*

LadyBelz: The smile that lit up her face at his words could have put the sun to shame. “I love you, two, ya daft bugger.” she grinned as he slipped from her bed. She couldn’t help but swoon as she admired his naked body. He was well cut…and well hung, if the soreness between her thighs was any indication. She gulped, feeling herself go warm all over as she watched him walk around looking for his clothes. She spotted his pants in the corner and pointed them out to him. He seemed to have no issue with walking around her naked, so she felt she could do the same. She slipped from the bed in all her naked glory, wondering where her own clothes had disappeared to. She turned back to the bed, possibly to look beneath it when something caught her eye…a small pattering of blood on the sheets…proof of her virginity being taken, by one she loved with her whole heart. Smiling, she turned to the wash basin to clean up a little before pulling clean clothes from her trunk. She decided to forgo bloomers, she enjoyed the feeling of being sore and wanted to treasure it a bit longer. She slipped into her pants, tieing the laces securely before donning her shirt and vest. She combed out her hair and put her eye patch on before strapping both sword and pistol to her hip. She turned back to James. “We’re headed back to Port Royale, aren’t we?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Aye, if the wind does good to blow us there faster. I got plans hatching in my ‘ead to run that bastard that did deeds against ya kin up the bloody flag pole and have his testicles fed to the sharks.” He said with a firm nod, finding the pants that his Lady had so kindly pointed out. Seeing her still wandering about with that blush to her cheeks, and the firm roundness of her ass, he had to think of rotten fish to kill the thought of another boner. Tying on his pants, he found his shirt and then threaded his belt. “Be sure to dress, Love. Only man’s eyes to set on your ass be mine, or I be gauging out the next sailor who dares a peek.” With that said he opened the door, and gave her a sly wink before heading up to the top deck. In the crow’s nest the lad cried out. “Sighted a ship moving fast off the port bow!” There was a flurry of movement on the deck, as the Captain took out his eyeglass, and scanned the water. The Ship’s doctor heard the cry and he too came out. Seeing the Captain he grinned and asked. “So…things went well then?” The Captain leered at the Doctor holding down his eyeglass and said. “I ain’t sharing that with the likes of you. Go get ya dirty stories from the Cook. He’s slept with enough wenches to know a few tales of sloppy seconds.” <3>

WatcherThorodan: -the winds were moving him at an alarming rate of speed. though the mad pirate and cannibal Ikrim could conjure them he was working with the spirits and they werent always heeding his wishes might quickly if you understand. he dragged his boat starboard as he was fast approaching a large ship and wanted to avoid a collision. luckily he was able to bring it against the ship and without incident. the cannibal dragged himself up quickly and quietly using the wind to make his approach quiet as he moved up then found a place to sit aboard the ships front deck on one of the cask barrels. nearing the barrels he saw by himself the cook working with the rum, he quickly disposed of the man. throwing him overboard. maybe they might have a use for him now, he thought idly. he called out audibly “man overboard!” hoping to get someones attention-

Guest_SweetLittleCrow: *Anna lowered herself more, seeing men fill the ship in front of her. She quickly covers her mouth, so the men could not hear her breathing behind the barrels. What would she do now? Suddenly, she heard a splash and a man cry out. Her head jerks towards teh water, a bit fearful of herself being tossed aside in the same fashion.*

LadyBelz: Once she was finished dressing, Rachael left her cabin and headed topside, just in time to see a strange man attack Cook and toss him overboard. She drew her sword and rushed him, aiming the tip at his neck. “Ya just killed a member o’ me crew, ya dirty bastard.” she scowled, her voice gone cold and deadly. The crew knew that voice well and gave her a wide berth. “Who are ya?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The great kersplash of the Cook being thrown overboard, did get someone’s attention. The Doctor. “Oh heck…not a tale to be told. Now what do I do for entertainment if the Captain won’t share his bunk adventures.” Just then Rachael rushed the man that had caused the dramas, and the Doctor bobbed his head to see. “Captain…we got company.” The Captain turned as he had his eyeglass up, and knocked out the Doctor as it hit him side on. “Where?!” Then the Doctor tried to come up and the Captain brought down his eyeglass on his head, causing him to collapse a second time. “I can’t see shit.” <3>

WatcherThorodan: –Ikrim realized he had gotten caught but he also had been through far worse and could simply jump overboard himself if need be. they werent aware of the ship he had moored below. he wasnt trying to leave however. “well i come to apply for a job. I am a cook and I make the most succulent foods from all over the isles. I fear that gentleman slipped. I tried to catch the man. Honest I did. But alas he fell into davy Joneses Locker, it cant be helped. In any case I had come aboard to inquire if you need a cook when he fell over helping me. I hope this didnt inconvience you any.”-

Guest_SweetLittleCrow: *Anna lowers herself more, seeing a sword. She quickly pulls the tiara from her hair and shoves it into the bag she carried on her hip. She tries her hardest to be quiet, unsure if the others could hear her movement. She watches them carefully, unabl to peel her eyes away from them.*

LadyBelz: Billy, who had taken over helm duties after sending the first mate off for sleep the night before had a perfect view of the action on the main deck. Despite having only a single eye, his daughter was very observant and he knew how she felt about some of the crew, including Cook. He kept an eye on the proceedings before his eye was caught by something moving behind a stack of barrels in the corner. He looked at the first mate. “Here, lad, take over a bit, aye?” he asked, stepping away from the wheel. “Aye, Red Beard.” the first mate nodded as Billy descended the stairs to the main deck. He was quite casual about his movements, but everyone was distracted with the man who’d just killed the cook. He moved closer the barrels, leaning against one and poking his head over the top to see the young woman hiding there. “Ya might have been better off trying ta hide belowdecks, lassie.” he announced his presence to her….Meanwhile, Rachael was itching to gut the poor sod she held at sword point. “What right did ya have ta be killin me crew? He was me family, ya murderin bastard! I have a mind ta slit ya throat.” What started out as a wonderful day for Rachael was slowly turning into a nightmare.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Captain heard the cussing of his lady, and thundered over to where the action was, leaving the Doctor on the floor. “Who ya be guttin”? And…what happened to the Cook? I had an order in for lobster mornay this night? “ He grimaced at the lad who was applying for the Cook’s job, since he just despatched him. “Don’t be getting’ up wind of mah lady. She string ya up by your intestines, and play a tune on ya mangos.” He said with a firm nod, and then sniffed the air. “Is it me…or do I smell fish?” He asked curiously, going off to search for the cause of the stench. <3>

WatcherThorodan: -realizing a better show of his power might be necessary the cook and cannibal known as Ikrim stood on the deck of the ship and called to the spirits. As he did the wind ceased and movement of the ship slowed and lurched. He quickly moved back and said ” I am quite useful. ” raising his hands above him he commanded the spirits silently to begin to blow the winds hard, causing the ship to violent move ahead, not enough to break anything but certainly enough to push things, “though i can do many things, what im best at is cooking. and i can make many things. even weapons. take me on, you wont be sorry mate. ” –

Guest_SweetLittleCrow: *seeing the man poke his head into her hiding place a small squeal escapes her as she starts to scoot backwards until her back hit the wall behind her. Her hands start to shake, unsure if she should speak or not. Suddenly, she hears the other man speak of a fish smell. Her head quickly turns towards him, worried. She glances at the water, debating her odds if she just jumped overboard now.*

T1Legend: Gentle now a tender breeze blows, whispering through the sails of The Devil’s Mystery. Flopping canvas and creaking wood beat out a lonely rhythm to which a sailor’s ear is well attuned. From above, circling gulls join the chorus. One gull cries out louder than the rest—its obscene squawks and erratic flight path are distinct amongst its brethren. Its wings teeter drunkenly this way and that, and there are times when this particular gull appears as though it might crash into the other members of its species. Most of the birds keep clear of the off-white, mottled gull with the screeching cry and molting feathers. Motley (as he thinks of himself) is a lonely creature, outcast from his own kind. He has big dreams, this bird! Dreams of broadway and of people cheering. Ah, but alas, Motley’s daydreaming has caused him to run beak-first into the back end of another bird. He tumbles mid-air, unable to correct his course. He’s going down, down, down, until he comes to an indignant and abrupt halt, having been brought to a skid by the barrel. Wings fluttering, Motley bounces towards Anna’s face. Also, he might have shit himself. Or been in the process of doing so.

LadyBelz: Billy hadn’t meant to frighten the young girl, but frightened she was as she backed herself into the corner. He glanced over his shoulder at Moon as he came closer. “Got us a bit of a stow-a-way, Cap’n.” Billy mumured, keeping his voice gentle so as not to scare the girl any more than she already was. “Can’t get a word out of her, though.”…Rachael lowered her sword with a sigh. “Devil’s teeth! We be needin’ a cook now, no thanks ta ye.” Snarling she stomped away, just as a seagull crashed to the deck in front of where both Moon and her father were standing. “Oh what fresh hell be this now?” she scowled, looking at both bird and the woman trying to hide behind the barrels. “There’s ta be one female on this ship and she be me. Gah!” Rachael growled, stomping away, her wonderful mood from the night before completely gone. Tim joined the motley group near the barrels, looking over the young woman. “Where’d she come from?” he asked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Two women..bleeding heck.” The Captain exclaimed. He had to think and hard, of how they were going to deal with this tricky situation. The Doctor had finally roused and saw the frightened girl who Billy had found. The Captain was scratching his forehead, as he was trying to see a way around this, and then he snapped his fingers. “Arm wrestling!…Yes, which ever wins…stay aboard. The loser…walks the plank.” The Doctor face palmed and then whispered in the Captain’s ear, that he was bedding one of them. “Unless ya fancy having Rachael pull your bum hair up through your nostrils, I think that is a bad idea.” The Captain then snarled. “Got a better plan?” The Doctor snapped his fingers and said. “We….dress her as a lad…and tie down her tits?” <3>

WatcherThorodan: -it seemed to ikrim that they were not going to kill him and hadnt thrown him overboard as of yet. he wouldnt rock the boat further. he began to make the dish the captain had asked for the lobster mornay. he had some island herbs in his pack and made quite a show of it as he worked. quickly preparing something that would be quite special for the captain as he felt his life might very well depend on the dish. he used some of the finest seasonings the islands had to offer, using curries and spices rare even among the isles. it helps when making things. cannibals know to cook the sweetmeats he thought to himself as he plated the dish and brought it before the cap’n. “here ya go sir Lobster Mornay!”-

Guest_SweetLittleCrow: *Anna screamed as the bird hit her. She pushed and shoved it away.* get off! shoo! *she tried to scoot back even more, but the wall would not permit it. She glanced up at all the men and began to shake more, nervous of what they may do to a woman on this ship. Quickly, she reached an arm out and pulled a barrel down in front of her, for protection*

T1Legend: “Raaaaaaaaaaawk! RAWK! RAWK-RaaaAaaAwk!” The bird flaps beyond the girl, over the ship, hugging the top of the wav—a shark jumps out of the water and eats him in one gulp, giving not one shit for Motley’s dreams.

LadyBelz: The Devil’s Mystery continued to make its way to Port Royale. And this did not go unnoticed as the ship appeared over the horizon….Up at the manor on the hill, someone knocked on the door. “Enter” came the muffled voice. The guard entered the room and bowed respectfully to the man standing at the window. “My Lord…The Devil’s Mystery has been spotted sailing into port.” The man at the window turned, running a finger down the scar along his cheek. “Then we must make sure they have a nice…welcoming party.” the man smirked. “As you wish, Lord Thorne.” The guard nodded, turning to leave the room. Beckett Thorne turned back to the window, looking down upon the grave of his wife in the back gardens. “She will be mine, or she shall be joining you sooner than you think.” he murmured to himself….”Land Ho!” came the shout from the crow’s nest as the coast of Port Royale came into view. Rachael gripped the hilt of her sword, resisting the urge to just jump off the bow and swim for port. Her goal was in sight and she would avenge the death of her mother and the cruelties heaped upon her father if it was the last thing she ever did. James, Billy, Doc and Tim were still trying to figure out what to do with the woman who’d gotten aboard the ship somehow. Rachael wanted nothing to do with it. She had bigger fish to fry and was determined to carry out her plans to the finish.

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Lobster Mornay?” The Captain asked, taking up the dish and sniffing it loudly. The Doctor leaned forward to have a sniff and the Captain elbowed him in the gut. “Get ya hands off.” He then dug in his fork and took a bite, chewing it and closing his eyes, as though he was some fancy food critic. “Nice…yes. Firm meat…not over cooked. *smacks lips and chews more* Light on the spices. No idea where you got the cream for this, but me hat off to ya.” The Captain cleaned the plate and licked it for good measure. “Ya got the job, lad!” He said loudly, slapping the cannibals back and tossing the dirty plate to the ship’s Doctor. “Saved ya a drop. HA!” It was then he heard the call from the crow’s nest about the sighting of Land. “Argh! We got some piratin’ to be done!” He then stomped off to the top deck, to help the first mate guide the ship into the cove. <3>

WatcherThorodan: -Ikrim was glad of the spices he kept from the slavers and the eye of the that guard also had come in handy to make the cream sauce, you nevwer know when things might be useful really he thought to himself. Then the Cap’n said they had sighted land and the Port. In his mid he worried a bit also at the prospect as the kings men and the watch could possibly be looking for him as well. but he had weapons with him. His pistol was close at hand and his saber as well both near to his body. These things gave a pirate some protection he also thought to himself as he sharpened the saber that the winds always helped as well, he could easily bring silence to bare. Silence and stealth were the friends of the cannibal. He prepared himself mentally for their next moves.-


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