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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 04, 2013 05:06AM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

And so it was to be. They now belonged to each other. Their silhouettes continued to move once again, as this time August took her in the knowledge that this was no dream and she did in fact love him. Her soft moans filled his ears, and her body became the instrument on which he played the symphony of their love. Exploring all the uncharted parts of her body with fingers, lips and tongue, he found himself larger than every before. The pain and pleasure of their coupling had both gasping and panting.

Fanny could not get over how his touch electrified her so. She couldn’t help smiling and giggling as his kisses sometime tickled her on her neck and behind her ear. He teased and played, excited her like no other possibly could or has. This day she was not a whole woman, till the night. The night spawned the joy of her becoming a woman to him.

Legs entwined around him, her hips thrusting upwards to meld with his, and the delightful sound of their skin smacking together in a smooth rhythm increased in intensity, as they spiraled higher with their lust, till finally she cried out his name once more. She was lost in the moment, time itself frozen, and when she came down, she kissed him with all she was worth. This was where she wanted to be, and who she wanted to be with. Fanny was home in August’ arms.

When he would lay her down, her green eyes stared up at him and she begged of him.

“Stay with me. Here at the mansion. We can be so happy, I just know it.”


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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 10, 2013 05:09AM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

Through out the night they had continued to make love till exhausted. Though in the very early hours of dawn, Fanny lay awake, knowing that she had fallen in love with another man. August, the man who lay beside her, had captured not only her heart, but her mind and soul. She could not see herself with another, and Fanny knew she would have to deal with the matter of Bart Roxburg.

Slowly, she slipped out from his arms, and left him to sleep, reaching for a robe and placing it over herself. Leaving the room, she headed down the passage to the den, where she knew she would find the paper and quill to write a letter that she never in her wildest dreams ever thought she would write. At first she sat at the writing desk and just stared out as the sun started to rise across the horizon. Dawn of a new day in her life. The start of her journey with August. She couldn’t just not let Bart know, it wasn’t fair to him.

Taking out a sheet of clean paper, she brushed her hand over it, then picked up the quill, and dipped it into the ink. The first word….was to be the hardest.


I know that we have not seen each other for many a day, and for this I am truly sorry. Our time apart has brought me to some conclusions about our relationship, and also where I want to go with my life.

Bart. There is no easy way for me to say this, but I feel I must. I have fallen in love with another man. One that has opened my eyes to what true love is. I have given him the gift of my virginity, and found what I have been searching for all my life.

It was never my intent to hurt you, but you must understand, that when cupid’s arrow strikes, it can happen when we least expect it, as is what happened to me.

With this letter is the ring that you had given me, so that I might be your bride. I can no longer keep it. I do hope you find a love that is true to you, and can give you all that you need. I am sorry to say that person is not me.

I hope one day you can forgive me.


Fanny took off the ring, and set it inside an envelope, followed by folding the parchment and then tucking it inside. Sniffing, she sealed the envelope and addressed it. She had just ended her relationship with Bart, and had a heavy heart for doing it this way. But in her mind, it was for the best. Fanny rang a bell, and a butler came at once, bowing politely.

“See that this is delivered to Lord Roxburg immediately.” Fanny said, rising from behind the desk, and handing the envelope over. The Butler did not question it, taking the envelope and again bowing in respect, before departing the room. Fanny walked to the window and stared out as the glow of orange of the rising sun reflected upon her face. She knew she had done the right thing.

“You will find love again, Bart.” She said softly, before returning to her room with August.


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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 10, 2013 03:57PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room
August and Fanny had made love throughout the night. This woman was all he had ever dreamed of having.
More so in fact as he never thought he would have someone to call his own much less someone with such a wit and kindness.
He was enraptured with her. Looking about the room as the sun was arising he knew she had stirred and done something of some import. He wasnt sure what but he did not pry. She would tell him in her own time if she chose to.
He was not sure what would happen next she spoke of her elderly relative and that it was fine for him to stay, but now things had changed a bit. What would she want to happen now? He wouldnt press her for answers, he was happy to be with her and to have a home.
she had said during the night.. “Stay with me. Here at the mansion. We can be so happy, I just know it.” 

he had told her emphatically ” YES “

He just hoped the rest of her family liked him, or at least could tolerate him. Because he would not be going anywhere, he loved her with his entire mind, body and soul.

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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 10, 2013 07:50PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

Fanny was making her way back to the spare guest room where she had left August, when her great grandmother’s voice rang out through the hall.

“Stop right there, Fanny.” The sounds of her wooden chair wheeling along with the squeaks had Fanny freeze in her place. Turning around, she could see that the family Matriarch had been up for much of the night. She eyed Fanny’s state of dress and then she coughed as she placed her hands in her lap, while Fanny fidgeted nervously.

“The Butler informed me that you had been up writing a letter to that Bartholomew chap. Care to explain yourself?’ She said with a firm tone, glaring at Fanny and wanting answers. Katarina had never been fond of the Roxburg boy, and she had made it known to Fanny for some time. Fanny chewed her bottom lip, and tugged at the edge of her robe.

“I have a confession. I…”

“You what, dear. Come now, don’t keep me waiting.”

“I’ve fallen in love with another. He…is in the guest room.” Fanny had to tell the truth, for there was no escaping Katarina’s wrath. Katarina held her breath for a moment, and then eyed Fanny again. “You bedded him, didn’t you?” Such a bold question had Fanny fall back slightly, but the old lady it seems was not as surprised as one would imagine.

“I guess I should not be surprised. I did the same thing when I was your age. Course….the lengths which I went to to evade having to tell the truth were such that I faked my own death. Cursed myself….all for love. Or so I thought.”

At this, Fanny sat down on a nearby couch, that lined the halls as Katarina took out the necklace that she wore around her neck forever and a day.

“Long long ago, I was the Princess Royal. Betrothed to a Count. Marulo, I think.”

At this, Fanny bit her bottom lip, knowing that name rather well, too well. Could this be the same Count that was in love with Elvira? Fanny kept her silence, and continued to listen.

“Arranged marriages were all the rage back then. My Father insisted that he was the one that would bring such strength to the monarchy and the lands. And though, at first I was smitten, I came to be enchanted by a warlock instead, by the name of Gervas. He convinced me to run away with him, but in doing so, he arranged for my death to be faked. Little did I know, that he had plans of his own, and it was merely to get me out of the way. He cast a spell on me, changed my appearance, and placed me on a boat to London. I believe the Count searched for many years for me.”

Katarina looked down and toyed with the locket. “On arriving I met a charming merchant. Lord Shamus Prescott, and we wed. He was not my great love, but he gave me all this wealth you now see before you.” Glancing up, her weathered face showed tears that streaked down, as she gave Fanny the locket.

“One thing. I was pregnant with the Count’s child. Your great grandfather raised him as his own son. Lord Thachery Prescott. Who of course had a son, your Father. Remus. And here you are. Oh dear, I feel like I have just released such a burden.” She took Fanny’s hand and patted it.

“If you truly love the man that is in that guest room. Don’t let him go. Don’t be tempted away like I was.” That said, she withdrew her hand, and wheeled off down the hall. Fanny sat for a moment, staring at the locket. When she opened it, the picture inside was of the Count. Count Virgo Marulo. Fannny was stunned. If all this was true, she was the descendant of the Count.

Rising slowly, she wiped away a tear and headed back into the guest room. She slipped off her robe and got back into bed with August. Clutching the necklet, she said simply.

“Please hold me, and never let me go.”


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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 11, 2013 05:48PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

August heard her return to the room, she seemed a bit overwhelmed as she slid back into bed next to him clutching a locket.
She whispered to him.. “Please hold me, and never let me go.” 

He was so happy to hear those words. He looked at her with an understanding, something important must have happened.
He held her close and said, ” I wont let you go. You are mine Fanny, and I am yours. “

Smiling he asked, ” Is everything ok? “
August looked at her with an understanding knowing that something must have transpired.
She seemed troubled, yet content to be with him now.
He didnt know what to expect but in his heart he knew that was ok as long as he had Fanny at his side.

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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 11, 2013 06:16PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

Holding close to August, Fanny shed happy tears. Tears that fell down her cheeks because now at least she knew that their love would be accepted. She had cut ties with Bartholomew though not in the way that she would have hoped, but considering all it was for the best. Her great grandmother accepted her choice, and went as far to say not to let go.

” I wont let you go. You are mine Fanny, and I am yours. “

These few simple words, truly hit home. Her eyes upon his face, she said what she had to say, she needed to say;

“I promise to love you wholly, August. I have given myself to you, and now the world knows. There are no regrets.”

She kissed him through the tears, her body clinging to him, as she brought the sheet up around them. The first rays of light now dawned and christened the room. It was the new day. She held the locket tightly in her hand, while she continued to nuzzle and kiss August repeatedly. Any lingering doubts washed away. Breaking the kiss, she uttered;

“When you are rested, we can go get ready for breakfast, and join my family.” Her eyes watching him, to see what he would say.


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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 11, 2013 07:20PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

Hearing her words..“I promise to love you wholly, August. I have given myself to you, and now the world knows. There are no regrets.” “When you are rested, we can go get ready for breakfast, and join my family.” 

He was shocked by her candor but relieved as well.
The way her body moved against his he almost wanted to take her again but it was morning and he knew that they would be waiting. Instead he kissed her and said quickly “Well, I guess now is as good a time as ever. I just hope they like me. ”

He got up slowly looking for the suit he had on earlier.
Begin to dress slowly for her so she could watch, he grinned.

He hoped her relatives were fun as well, they had to be somewhat, if they loved her as much as he did.
She was so fun, he thought if they were even somewhat like her they would be great to talk to.

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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 12, 2013 04:42AM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

Sitting up in bed, Fanny watched with wide eyes, as August got dressed slowly in front of her. It was something of a turn on, and she blushed fiercely even taking a pillow and covering her face, coming down forward and giggling. You have to remember, she had only just given herself to him, so their love and everything about each other was very new.

Peeking out from the pillow, she could see he was doing up the last buttons, and at this she slipped out of bed, and snatched up her robe. Lacing her arms through it, she padded to him, as her hair bounced on her shoulders.

“My clothes are in my room, I will just go and change….if you want to come with?’She teased, pawing at his jacket like a kitten, then offering her hand if he would take it.

To head to her room, was a quick dash across from the guest room to her own, and then she quickly flicked through about ten dresses to find something sweet to wear. A maid came scurrying in and then dropped a curtsey, seeing that Fanny had company.

“Oh…Lady Prescott…you have a man in your room.” Mitzy said, looking up shyly, almost shocked by the sight. Fanny giggled and said joyfully. “He is my man. August, this is Mitzy my maid and Mitzy… August.” Her voice bubbling with enthusiasm. Mitzy smiled and then set to work helping Fanny get dressed properly for the day, all the while Fanny kept stealing glances at August, till she was completely dressed. When done, Fanny was ready to escort August to breakfast, which was bound to be a very interesting affair.

Dining hall

Katarina was already seated at the breakfast table, going over the day’s paper, and eating fruit, when the young couple would arrive, Mitzy in tow.

“So this is the man that has stolen my great grand daughter’s heart? I trust you will honor and take good care of her. She is a jewel of this family.” The elderly Matriarch said firmly.


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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 12, 2013 12:23PM
Dining hall

August followed His beautiful lady as hse led him to her room introducing him to her maid, by the name of Mitzy. He was pleased and reallu unabashed as he was naked so often due to having to shift. He smiled warmly as he greeted her.
With a smile he said, “Well hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
He then took a chair in the corner and watched the maid dress his love in quiet repose as he could, she was such a gorgeous creature he thought to himself. He was more lucky than he could have ever dreamed.
Fanny then led him towards the Dining Hall to meet Katarina herself.
She was already seated and eating fruit as they arrived. He tried to keep his composure hoping not to offend her sensibilities, he had after all just bedded Fanny. He didnt know quite what she was going to say.

then she exclaimed, “So this is the man that has stolen my great grand daughter’s heart? I trust you will honor and take good care of her. She is a jewel of this family.” 

He looked at her directly with not a quiver of doubt and said,
“Yes M’lady I will treasure her always and defend her with my life. She truly is a rare jewel.”

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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 13, 2013 07:08AM
Dining hall

Fanny must have blushed so fierce, that her great grandmother could not help but notice this. The attention to her, calling her the jewel, had brought out her bashfulness, and it was truly something to see. August was being the perfect gentleman before Katarina, and this was not only noted, but appreciated, considering what the couple had done, by sleeping together in the same room and before wedlock, to be terribly scandalous.

Katarina placed down her fork and watched the pair intently. Fanny had sat right next to August, and though their hands were not visible on top of the table, there was no doubt in her mind that they might well be holding hands beneath. Truth was, Fanny had reached for August’s hand for reassurance. A slight smile behind the veil of curls, as she likened dining with her great grandmother to be like that of standing before the moral police. But there had been a change in Katarina, probably after she had told her own story to Fanny in the hall earlier. They now shared the secret of the Count. That was bound to be brought up, but not right now. No, Katarina wanted to know more about the young man that stole Fanny’s heart.

“I will have to lay down a few ground rules, as you are now living under my roof, August. You are welcome to occupy the guest room for as long as you wish, provided that it is kept neat and the servants allowed to come in and do the cleaning. Also, meal times, I expect people to be prompt and on time. Today you have both shown that you are capable of arriving here as the meals are served and for this I am grateful.”

Fanny kept quiet as this was being said, as she herself knew all this, but this was her great grandmother’s estate and her word was law.

“Would you care to tell us a bit about yourself? Your pursuits, hobbies…what entertains you?” Katarina asked.


Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 14, 2013 10:49PM
Dining hall

August was quite happy to take a seat with his fiancee Fanny. She made him feel whole and complete. As he took her hand beneath the table he knew she felt a bit nervous and he did his best to let her know he was there with her. Her grandmother was a very kind woman it seemed. He was glad she was as welcoming as she had been so far.

The Lady Katarina had said “I will have to lay down a few ground rules, as you are now living under my roof, August. You are welcome to occupy the guest room for as long as you wish, provided that it is kept neat and the servants allowed to come in and do the cleaning. Also, meal times, I expect people to be prompt and on time. Today you have both shown that you are capable of arriving here as the meals are served and for this I am grateful. Would you care to tell us a bit about yourself? Your pursuits, hobbies…what entertains you?”

August, wasnt sure how to answer her at first. Hobbies? He had been on the run since he could remember. He had worked as a circus performer, He had almost been enslaved at the Counts by The Plague Woman and he didnt even want to get started on the Baron. He wasnt sure what or who he was though he had a feeling he was something akin to what that plague woman had been. Their energies had been similiar and familiar. It was truly hard to know where to begin on an explanation. Though he didnt want to lie he also didnt want to explain it all either. He felt quite tongue tied but being an honest man he decided he best explain the best way he could.

Well my Lady Katarina. I am a shifter, and not of the usual variety. I can become many different things, any animal. When I first arrived in London I had been running for sometime. A larger story which honestly is hard to explain. The people whom I believe had a hand in my creation sought to use me. In any case I managed to escape to London with little but the clothes on my back. When I arrived here I met up with a circus and performed there for a time. Later I visited an estate,one owned by a Count. There was a woman who sought to enslave me there, calling herself the Plague. I managed to escape yet again as a raven, thereby landing on your balcony. There I met your grandaughter whom is the very first I have ever loved. I know its sudden but I feel whole for the first time in my life with Fanny. “

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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 15, 2013 04:07AM
Dining Hall

The aging Royal listened intently to August’s tale, while Fanny kept stealing pieces of fruit off her plate and popping them into her mouth, chewing quietly, but eyes wide as the life of August before he came to her balcony was told. A shifter. How wonderful. Even the Princess was impressed, her face showing a lightness of colour as she took a sip of her drink from a crystal glass. To learn that August can become many different creatures did so amuse the room, for not only were those dining listening, but also the wait staff and maids. It was a riveting tale. Sought out by those that created him, practically hunted like a wild animal. He had escaped with only the clothes on his back, and had met up with the circus.

“Not the Bizarre Circus Troupe? Such a reputation for scandal and debauchery.” Katarina said, taking up her fan and snapping it open. At this, Fanny giggled, and leant next to August saying; “One of the dancers felt her up.” Oh the look Katarina shot Fanny, and Fanny erupted into a fit of giggles. “But its true!” More titters of laughter and Katarina blushed behind her fan, and this only had Fanny laugh all the more.

August continued his story, of how the next place he ventured to was that of the home of a Count. Course, he didn’t reveal the name of the Count, which was probably best, or Katarina might well have blown a blood vessel in shock. Still the news that he had fled there for he was enslaved by a woman who regarded herself as Plague, even had Fanny worried.

“I hope she didn’t do anything horrid to you.” Fanny’s eyes filled with concern and worry. Oh this tale was getting very exciting. And the best was yet to come. He spoke of how he flew away from the Plague woman, by turning into a raven.

“I know this part!” Fanny said enthusiastically. “You landed on the balcony and turned into the naked man I fell in love with and made my great grandmother faint.”

Ah so this was the same man. Katarina put two and two together and narrowed her eyes, only to see how much in love Fanny was with August. She couldn’t deny the couple their happiness, and setting down her napkin, Katarina said.

“I am pleased with all I have heard. You do make such a handsome couple too, bound to be the talk of the society events. I shall have it be known in the papers of your engagement, and start plans for a more organised affair when the season is right.”

At this, Katarina rang her bell, and Mildred her faithful servant came out of the shadows, and helped wheel Katarina back to her room to prepare for the day, leaving August and Fanny alone together once more. Fanny was so pleased with how it went, she could barely contain her happiness. She brought his hand out from under the table, and kissed each of his fingers, purring softly as she was his Kitten.

“I love you so much, my August.” She said, her eyes sparkling as she gazed up at his.


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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 18, 2013 12:36AM
Dining hall

August took her hand in his own as she kissed his fingers purring excitedly. A deep catlike sound was heard from within him and he smirked with a wink as he did his own kind of purr. Much more masculine it sounded much more like a panther.
His form shimmered a bit but he didnt transform. He maintained his true shape. He didnt want to disrupt the meal. Just make her grin. His antics usually did.

Grinning ear to ear he led her over towards a piano he spied in the corner of the room. Asking her with his eyes if it was all right she seemed to say it was ok. No one seemed to mind. So he started to play a tune on the keys. August sang in a clear voice as he played on the ivory keys. The song filling the room. He playfully licked Fanny’s ear and cheek as he sang along, acting like a schoolboy as he sang the lyrics. Because he had foundly found a place to land. He truly was in love.

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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 18, 2013 11:59PM
Dining hall

Sitting beside August at the piano, Fanny listened with an astonished look on her face, mesmerized by his smile, and his magnificent voice. The song was filled the air, the tinkling of the ivories created a magic that her heart beating faster. Like two children, that giggled and touched, teasing and free, they were truly deeply and madly in love. Fanny couldn’t sing a note, and though her version of the song would be comical, she simply kept bouncing on the seat, giggling insanely as he licked her ear and cheek at intervals between his verses.

Even staff were peeking through the door, all smiles to see the star struck lovers enjoying each other so much. The house had become youthful once more, and this would have a flow on affect right throughout the household, as even the maids were dancing as they cleaned, and the cooks were kneading the daily bread in time to the music that filtered down from above.

Fanny started making funny faces as he sang, teasing and poking her tongue out of the side of her mouth, before leaning against him, and resting her head on his shoulder.

“I will love you, till my dying day, August.’ Fanny said with a wide eyed expression as he brought the song to a close.



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