Gift to the succubus

The Gift to the Succubus

RenessamaeDragomire: Darkness had fallen on the bare meadow that belonged to Nessa’s home. Her house almost seemed as if it didn’t belong where it was, and had just been dropped there. The deep red brick of the manor set off with the large black oak door, screamed ancient. Although it really wasn’t at all, it was solitude to Nessa, it was protection. Nessa stayed inside, having just awoken from her slumber the sinking of the sun began her day. She walked around her home in a black silk robe concealing her body from the cold draft that came unwelcoming. Her long onyx hair hung in loose waves around her face, and over her shoulders. She was flawless, yet her aura was completely dark. The only trace of light and humanity left in her remained in her clouded grey eyes. Walking to the book shelf she grabbed her favorite read, a Tale of Two Cities. She would enjoy it on the large wrap around porch decorating the outside of her home. She never bothered to change from her robe and put clothes on. She was in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by vast forests, who would ever find her home. The only visitor she ever did have was Sorrow, and he was long gone for a while. Sitting on the swing she opened her book and began to read.

WatcherThorodan: -Watcher had portaled to this area through a series of skims. a transport that allowed him to use far less magic than normal yet still traverse great distances. he had been trying to find the source of the crystals resonance. he had felt the crystal hum as he reached this place and felt for some reason he must stop. the crystals never responded this way for no reason. as he moved through the forest of the glade he noticed a home looking from the outside it looked quite exquisitely built. he was curious as to what had created such a beautiful home. walking forward he noticed a beautiful young woman inside, he carefully knocked upon her door so as to make his presence known. “hello.”

RenessamaeDragomire: Turning her head towards the door, she looked curious. “Hello?” She called out walking toward the door, opening it she saw the man standing before her. She was uncertain as to hir presence in her home. She wasn’t sure exactly why he was here or what his intentions were.”Can I help you Sir?” She asked polietly looking around outside unsure if it was a trap of the collectors. Maybe he was working with them, she knew they could pull a stunt like that and trap her forever. Stepping back she waited for the mans reply.

WatcherThorodan: “hello m’lady. I am Watcher. What is this place?” -he looked about as she had opened the door feeling out with his mind he heard the word collector vaguely with his mind. wondering what she was referring to he decided that some things were probably better left to themselves. She seemed guarded and he didnt want to make her feel ill at ease. He allowed her to see him in his garb, dressed in his wizard robes and looking as if he was a traveler and wanderer. he was many things, though not all knew that.-

RenessamaeDragomire: She questioned whether or not to trust him, as many did not come to her home for no reason. “I am Nessa. An this is my home, on earth. You may come in, please make your self at home.” She allowed the darkness to gently touch her incase she needed it to protect herself. She waited watching him for any sign of danger. He smelled delicious though, something she had never tried before and her hunger began to rise. “Why are you here?”

WatcherThorodan: – he decided a more honest approach was necessary with this one. though he didnt trust her fully he knew that she would not fully understand his power either. he held out the small crystal he had been carrying. ” I am a traveler. This tells me of certain things, It led me here for some reason, I am not sure as to why yet. However I mean you no harm. I am a Watcher of many things. My name is more than just one thing. It describes my purpose. I act in certain ways at various times and am led in many directions. Though its usually by instinct or need. I would get to know you Nessa, who you are and what you are and maybe then Ill know why I am here. “

RenessamaeDragomire: Questioning him again the hunger burned within her, he smelled so good. “I am no one you need concern yourself with.” She looked away from him walking towards her lounger reclining on it. “What I am is Succubus. You on the other hand are interesting. Its not very often I have visitors Watcher.” Her grey clouded eyes looked up on him, as a ringlet of her black hair fell down around her face. Having a man in her presence made her heart race, she didn’t know what to make of it.


WatcherThorodan: ” I have heard of your kind in my travels. You are a rare creature. Its interesting to find one of you alone though. When I have seen any of your kind it has been in the lower hells. How is it that one of you has managed to make it here? And where exactly are we? ” -energy seems to move around the crystal between his fingers and through his hand and body as he draws energy directly from the plane idly filling his body with free flowing energy.-

RenessamaeDragomire: Looking down at the floor she thought hard before deciding to give him an answer. “I ran away from the underworld. I was held captive to the collectors, tortured and enslaved for their pleasures. As soon as my captor was killed I ran and I ran here.” Looking to him she stood, noticing the energy with him. She was hungry and she didn’t think she could contain herself around his sweet energy. Her hand fell to his shoulder as she inhaled his scent deeply. ” You smell so good.”

WatcherThorodan: -realizing her need he channeled some of his energy into her slowly as he touched her body, slowly allowing his movement to reach hers in a grasp that was neither weak nor with force. It was a knowing touch as if they had known each other for years rather than minutes. As he touched her some of his memories poured into her and he allowed their minds to meld in a small way. Feeling each others minds and as they carressed. He wanted in the next instant to kiss her hard and knew there was much more that he needed from her.-


RenessamaeDragomire: Feeling the energy flow through her body she gasped, a tingling sensation running through her body. Deep to the core of her wants and needs, memories flashing through her mind as she saw what he saw his past and what he had been through. She felt like she knew him from some where, her knees began to buckle underneath her from the feel of the energy he gave her. “Oh my..”

WatcherThorodan: -he now knew what had brought him here. her need. for some reason however though he felt an equally matched need to her as well however. she drew him into her. even though he knew her nature, being a succubus he was in many ways less affected. he was aware of her power and though she awoke many feeling in him by virtue of it, there was something special within Nessa. He knew there was more to this. He was brought here for this, to help her and because of it. He fed her well and brought her tight into an embrace placing his lips gently upon her, drawing her into a kiss as the energy crackled around them.-

RenessamaeDragomire: As his lips pressed against hers she lost herself in him. There was no where else she wanted to be then within his embrace, for once she was able to hold back the succubus side to her and enjoy him for her. Her hands found their way around his neck as she deepened the kiss wanting more and more of him. Pulling back gently she whispered to him, “Take me..” Gently she bit his bottom lip jumping up slightly against him to wrap her legs around his waist.

WatcherThorodan: -feeling her move against him and deepen the embrace he was even more emboldened. As she whispered “take me”, he lost a lot of his inhibitions. He knew she was having an effect on him. He began to take her, slowly stripping her clothing, kissing her body and moving his hands across her. his hands moving across her in a more urgent way. probing her body as she also move against him.-

RenessamaeDragomire: Allowing him to remove the clothing from her body, she hopped off him to help undress him as well. Her hand falling to his pants as she felt him wanting him to take her then and there. She un did his pants pulling them down pulling him back towards the pillows as she pushed him down and climbed up on top of him. Slowly she slid herself down on to him, gasping out as she felt him fill her completely. Her heart racing as she moved fast and hard wanting every inch of him, all of him all over her. “Watcher.. oh god.” She moaned loudly never having felt like this before with anyone else.

WatcherThorodan: -As he moved into her he allowed his shaft to fill her, moving deep within her. pumping her body slowly as she moved against him. Feeling her writher against him they moved their hips in tandem working their hips together grinding as he groaned pushing her towards climax. his cock pulsing in her tight pussy as he pounded into her, feeling every inch of her body as they moved together.-

RenessamaeDragomire: She road him until she felt herself about to burst, gently leaning forward she put her mouth to his. Her eyes blackened over as she drank deep of his essence taking energy from him. The succubus side drinking of him deeply, pulling back she screamed out in ecstasy as the energy of him flowed deeply. Her nails digging into his flesh as a ring of dark energy blasted from her. She fell off of him laying next to him, unconcious. Her naked body a display, her breathing shallow. Never had anything like that happened before.

WatcherThorodan: -feeling her cum on his cock and dig her nails into him he came into her throbbing as her eyes went dark and energy burst from her. he had never felt the like either he thought as he lay sprawled next to her.-

RenessamaeDragomire: After an hour had passed she came to she looked over at him unsure of what had happened. “What.. what happened?” She sat up quickly gathering her clothes as she pulled them to her to conceal her naked body from his eyes. She was confused and didn’t understand. Standing she back into the mirror, she turned looking at herself and noticed the dark marks that now covered half of her body. They looked like tattoos. She was confused her breath quicked as she felt faint. “What did you do to me?”

WatcherThorodan: ” I fed you my energy and the energy of this plane and connected to you. As we in many ways were already connected you drew me here. ” As he formed these last words he was flung from the plane as the last of the energy had dispelled. The planeswalker spark had been instilled in her and in the process he could no longer return to this plane of existance for some time.-


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